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  1. Does anyone know the reason why, for example, the official map of Braavos isn't featured in the app?
  2. Paddy Considine is a brilliant actor. This is a good first sign for the casting.
  3. Hi, In the introductory paragraph for Janna Fossoway, née Tyrell, she is said to have "an older sister, Janna Tyrell." This should be Mina Tyrell.
  4. Having an amazing mind, giant balls, being the blood of the dragon, and being in a kill or be killed situation all combine to tranform someone who struggles with stairs on an ordinary day into someone who would stove your head in as soon as look at you quite effectively.
  5. Hello. It's quite daunting to engage with a forum in which anything I'm likely to have thought while reading the books has been thought about already and discussed and been made the subject of three hour podcasts by people who talk about this forum in the past tense "ah, the westeros.org days...". I guess my initial small questions are: 1. What's up with some threads being into multi-volumes, ie, 'small questions v.10106'? Or am I misreading this? 2. Are there threads here in which the Bloodstone Emperor / Asshai / Great Empire of the Dawn as original dragonlords stuff ala LML are taken as a given, or would I have to qualify all that stuff before embarking on further investigation and discussion of it? Anyway, hello, basically.
  6. Those Tullys being named after the damn Muppets. It's just too much, you can't put it out of your mind. It's like Tolkien naming Rivendell 'Elfland' or something.
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