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  1. Yeah that makes sense, cheers for clearing that up.
  2. I don't know why how many troops Stannis has, has any relevance to the question. Surely if there was a royal army then it'd answer directly to the Crown? Also I was under the impressions that there was previously a Targaryan army that was loyal to the Crown through the bannermen in much the same way as a Lord Paramount would have, surely Robert would have essentially had the Stormlands be loyal to him to the same degree that the Lannister army fight directly for the Crown currently. I could be wrong of course.
  3. Idk if Cersei would be spared, Renly was distrustful/didn't like her from book 1
  4. That doesn't mean that Tywin thinks Stannis would be a good king, it just means Tywin thinks that Stannis is likely to cause more damage to his rule.
  5. I believe in-universe they're accepted as being a continuation of House Durrandon, I wouldn't argue that they're the same house but people in the books seem to accept that they are.
  6. Maybe but the ironborn have access to huge amounts of Iron which would mean large wealth potential through trading. Besides longships use comparatively few materials.
  7. The Iron Price seems to only really apply to luxuries. They still have farmers, builders, there's merchants/traders mentioned as being at Pyke. It'd frankly be impossible for the islands to survive without trade. I don't think it's fair to call the Ironborn hypocrites though, even during the reign of Black Harren they wouldn't have been able to go around just stealing everything otherwise what's the point in owning the land? Throughout our own history we've seen empires fall, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire all immediately come to mind, the people living through and immediately after that fall are often nostalgiac or otherwise crave the time that their people were the height of the power and oftentimes are adamant that it will happen again. I know many British people that look back on the British Empire or when Britain was the undisputed master of the open seas fondly even though they weren't even born while the Empire was a thing. That's what the Iron Price is, a buzzword or a way for the Ironborn to hold onto the belief that they'll be the most powerful force in Westeros again purely due to their denial.
  8. I don't particularly think that Stannis is a military genius, I just can understand why readers would get that impression as he's one of the only characters that seems to be at war a lot on-page or at least have engagements happen during the books. Tywin for example has a long record but we either don't see these happen or they aren't necessarily indicative of his skills as a military leader and more as a political one. I have no doubt that if we had constant access to Tywins military enterprises through someone close to him at all times in the same way we do for Stannis, through Davos, and Robb, through Caitlyn, then he'd get lauded as really good. Part of the problem with GRRM's writing style is that the battles aren't important or shown in great detail and so what little we do get makes those characters seem particularly capable in comparison.
  9. I think the balance of power is really what makes a difference here, Sansa is essentially a prisoner to both Tyrion, by being a prisoner of the Lannisters in general, and Littlefinger, by not having anywhere else to go partly because of being wanted by the Crown for Littlefinger actions.
  10. I think he's one of the few characters who we read who actively takes part in a long campaign. Tywin doesn't seem to be that great as a military figure, he doesn't seem to be able to outmach Robb, and his most notable victory, the Blackwater, seems to be mostly Tyrion and the Tyrells victory but with Tywin gaining the most prestige from it. Robb seemed very good as a commander from what we see as well as knowing when to take the tactical advice he receives from others to heart, and is probably the most worthy of being compare to old Bonaparte just from how he commands individual engagements, but his campaign didn't really last long. Balon doesn't seem to have made many actual plans for waging war, instead leaving the individual captains to make the actual decisions or just declaring war and hoping for profit. The Ironborn as a whole seem quite capable and I don't think Balon himself is an idiot or bad at war, just not hands on. Renly seemed to know what he was doing but died before being able to show off what he could achieve. Stannis by default has the longest list of military engagements to draw from and so I can understand that comparitively he looks good.
  11. It's likely that a considerable amount of reperations were paid by the Greyjoys to cover costs of the war and Tywin would have got his fair share or at least as much as he could get away with.
  12. I don't understand your comment on cognitive distortion, my first paragraph was to you and then the rest of my response was my thoughts in general on the thread. Maybe I could have structured my response better to make that more clear. I appreciate the discussion, it's fun to talk about two of my passions in one breath and could definitely see a case for Stannis taking after Napoleon on a personality front but not really with the comparison between Russia and Winterfell and I believe they're being compared due to the fallacy that Napoleon lost to the cold or that the snow and ice itself was important to his overall campaign/defeat.
  13. We don't actually know if Tywin got revenge because the Greyjoy rebellion isn't covered in enough detail. We've so far been told the essentials for moving the main plot forward and nothing more.
  14. Renly is seemingly disliked in this community because he didn't live long enough to be liked, his purpose was as a narrative foil for Stannis and so his very short lived appearance was in an antagonistic role. People can argue as much as they want over who was the bad/worst guy in the conflict between the Baratheon brothers but that doesn't matter for how likeable Renly is, people like some pretty crappy people in the books because they are interesting to read or have a decent amount of attention regardless of their actions, Renly has neither.
  15. The battle of Moscow and the Battle of Winterfell are not the same, the majority of Napoleon's campaign did not take part in the winter and the only real impact the snow and cold had was forcing urgency, without the looming threat of winter Napoleon could have strengthened his supply lines and taken his time to conquer Russia. As it turned out he had to rush and outpaced his already weak supply lines which led to attrition losses he couldn't replace way before winter kicked in. The idea that Napoleon lost to the Russian winter is really misinformed. The reasons given for Stannis resembling Napoleon seem to be: Good strategist Loyal followers Battle in the Winter These these I really take issue with. The battle in the winter I've already covered but as for the other points... Napoleon was such a military genius because of his revolutionary ideas to warfare and micromanaging the various parts of his force to attack to attack in cooperation to devastating effect. Stannis seems like a very capable commander but nothing outstanding for Westerosi standards. As for the loyal followers I'll only say that a lot of Stannis' men are religious fanatics or fighting for a different cause, such as the mountain clans fighting for Ned Stark, rather than for Stannis himself. Both are great figures but not comparable in my opinion.
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