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  1. I'm no Christian, but I'm obsessed with Lucifer (Illuminati Lightbringing themes and all...) And of course....SJ's Ezekiel 25:17, no links embeds needed
  2. Kill his father and expect his kid to guard you with his life!? I'm surprised this ..... exists
  3. Thor Stark

    Lit Prizes

    My elementary school English teacher gave me a cup for best story! Does that count as a lit prize? Gosh, seems so long ago
  4. How about he's allowed to a trial by wanking? But milady! I used to use my right one for that!
  5. I'd like that very much. But I hope George doesn't do something clichéd with a psychopath POV
  6. I've enumerated everything that needs to be said as a reply to this quote on the post which you quoted but you either didn't read completely or choose to ignore for your personal likes and dislikes. So I cannot continue with this conversation with you until you are a bit more rational. Good day to you
  7. Oh please leave me out of your war! I'm as neutral as Swiss cheese!
  8. Cersei is more sympathetic than Robert And she'll be the Maiden herself next!
  9. Seems like a war has been waged and raged and died down. Dany ruled and had her moments yet left on Drogon leaving Slavers' Bay no better than it was before her arrival Jon didn't rule on her scale. The problems he faced were more in number and acute than her's and he didn't have her luxury of time and resources and living standards for himself and subordinates. And he had no alternatives like she did. If he abandoned the ship, the Realm would be overrun by the Others. But if Dany abandoned Meereen and chose any of her many suitors like Quentyn, fAegon etc (she'd meet them inevitably if she departed from Meereen with Xaro's galleys), she could claim her 'birthright' and remove the Slavers after coming to power with a whole continent as her army plus more experienced bigger dragons. So near impossible to compare. But I'd say Jon has/had the edge while she was petty, snobby, close minded to uncomfortable truths and idealistic at times like Sansa. Plus no choice vs choices
  10. The Janos Jaclyn episode is minor compared to how he saved the stinking ungrateful city
  11. @Lost Melnibonean @TheLastWolf If Theon Durden/Schizo DID mpd etc is true, can't we also be open to the possibility of an alter ego Theon killing LW. Sure, physically impossible. But as TLW pointed out in some other recent thread/(s), James Mcvoy gets amazing physical strengths when he transforms into the Beast in Shyamlan's Split. This opens the possibility of Bloodraven skinchanging into dic(k)less Theon
  12. Conjugal titles expected! The Hand's tongue belongs to the King
  13. Right. It's Rhaegar or none. IVF like Jesus.
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