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  1. Why you use wikipedia? http://heninen.net/sopimus/1944_e.htm I got confused with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuanian. I did not read history for a long time. Thanks for the correction. The communists were defeated by Romania. The Soviet Union staged a revolt known as Tatarbunary Uprising. Not to mention Afghanistan defeated the Soviets.
  2. USSR could not defeat Finland. Finland Vs USSR Finland Sniper Vs Russia Without the Chechens and Ingush. Russia has no military man power. This is why Russia allows Kadyrov.
  3. The Soviet Union didn't withstood the invasions. The Soviet Union troops retreated like cowards because they were afraid to die. It was the Ingush and the Chechens that helped USSR win the war.
  4. How are the Ironborn are strong? Due to combat training from a earlier age. Ironborn raped and pillaged the free cities.Euron has ridiculous level of combat experience.
  5. China has concentration camps, and not only that but China has organ harvesting.
  6. The Chinese created the virus in their laboratory. When the virus got out. The Chinese government decided to get rid of the evidence.
  7. The Chinese released the virus. It was handled better in China, because of misinformation from World Health Organization, and the Chinese government.
  8. China has concentration camps. I don’t understand why people praise communism? It is a lie. You are sprouting communist propaganda. What communists say and do are polar opposites. If you don’t like America. Why live in the United States? China released the coronavirus.
  9. Governments more for their own interests. You think the government cares about me? No..absolutely not.
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