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  1. My Dear Sansa, Daemon got shot by arrows. He won the battle. Until his honor got the better of him. House Stark got destroyed by a inbreed family known as the Freys. Ned Stark Lost His Head LOL
  2. Robert got stabbed, and he was bleeding all over the place. This is why he ran from Randyll Tarly? You have no proof Robert is faster Daemon Blackfrye. Daemon Blackfrye shattered lines of Arryn's vanguard, and took out Corbray and his reinforcements. Daemon Blackfrye didn't run. Even when his enemy had reinforcements.
  3. Thor was a cross-dresser. Are you implying Robert is a cross-dresser? Robert must had strong homoerotic feeling towards Rhaegar.
  4. 1). I didn't. 2). Tyrion isn't that bright. He made wrong assertions before. Tyrion was a awful hand of the king. Robert got stabbed like a pig, and he was bleeding all over the place. 3). Rhaegar stabbed Robert. Just like how Rhaegar stabbed Lyanna over and over again. Robert couldn't continue to fight, because he needed Ned. 4). Ned was a bad fighter. He only killed Arthur Dayne by sheer cowardliness, because Reed stabbed a defenseless knight in the back. Do you think it was honorable Lady Sansa?
  5. Why you use wikipedia? http://heninen.net/sopimus/1944_e.htm I got confused with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuanian. I did not read history for a long time. Thanks for the correction. The communists were defeated by Romania. The Soviet Union staged a revolt known as Tatarbunary Uprising. Not to mention Afghanistan defeated the Soviets.
  6. USSR could not defeat Finland. Finland Vs USSR Finland Sniper Vs Russia Without the Chechens and Ingush. Russia has no military man power. This is why Russia allows Kadyrov.
  7. We all know what plagiarism is. Communists are excellent plagiarists.
  8. The Soviet Union didn't withstood the invasions. The Soviet Union troops retreated like cowards because they were afraid to die. It was the Ingush and the Chechens that helped USSR win the war.
  9. I didn't misspell it. Robert ran from Randyll Tarly. If he was such a muscular chad like you say he was. Robert would stood his ground. He is very overrated. Both Ned and Renly are both both mediocre fighters.
  10. Walter B Gibson Trolls Dc The Shadow creator trolled Dc Comics by accepting the offer to write a Batman story. Even the creator viewed Batman as The Shadow dressed in clown make up.
  11. Evidence 1 Evidence2 source is from The Shadow Strikes. Credit goes to him, and Dial B Blog. Source
  12. Finger didn’t borrow. I proved the links. You didn’t read them? You aren’t capable of reading something yourself? Bill Finger plagiarized a entire story known as Partners In Peril.The Detective comics has a identical plot.
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