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  1. Dragons is the answer you are looking for. She will bring dragons against the dead. Good argument, yet the answer remained unanswered.
  2. Only one man tought about this, Septon Barth. He wrote it down as a fact, but it is still a speculation, it can not be believed as a fact. Reading F&B made me feel a different way. There were dragons that never layed any eggs, and there were dragons that did. And those that layed eggs, did lay them many times(for example: Dreamfyre), while other dragons never. Is it a coincidence? I don't think so, septon Barth may have been wrong. The other thing: Why would GRRM bring back dragons if they will all die at the end? So they reborn after 150 years just to go extinct again? I don't think so.
  3. Well, madness is a sharp word. Maybe too sharp for using in Dany's case. I never tought of her arc heading to the same direction as Aerys', it would make no sense making her just like her father. The thing I was talking about is the collapsing of her mental health and morality. Developing an ideology, okay, but what kind of? The boy saving the girl (or anyone saving a girl) can be an interesting story, just as any other story. Is the hidden prince more interesting? Or the princess in the tower? Or the hidden beauty? Or the prince They aren't for the first time. But it depends on who writes it. That's all. Sorry for saying it, but it is a little childish to think that someone doesn't need any help. Everyone needs help and support. For now, noone proved to be Jesus himself in our story.
  4. If I was Lord of Harrenhall, I wouldn't deconstruct it, instead I would build a fully new castle somewhere else, far-far away, maybe.
  5. Many topics were talking about Daenerys' arc, and her final fate. Well, she's not only growing up, but already began to fall. My theory suggests that yes, she will begin her journey heading to madness, but someone will help her out of her "mental" sickness. But who? Jon, Tyrion, Ser Barristan, Aegon? Maybe Bran as Bloodraven's apprentice? Or these are the exact people that will push her into madness? I'd like some more suggestions about this.
  6. Maybe just me, but I don't see a chance to remodel it. If you want to remodel it, you gotta deconstruct the parts you don't need, if you don't then those parts left should give a good point to any attackers to hold. Anyway, if I remember well, then the inner castle is a great circle with 5 huge towers. How would you decrease the castle then? The only choice is to leave only 2 out of the 5 towers, and making another two new towers, four towers forming a square. Yet there would be several issues: 2 two towers remained would still be oversized to the castle, not to mention its halls and rooms which still would be difficult to heat. Then there is another thing: Maybe no house hold Harrenhall so long to gain enough wealth foe a rebould, even with a decreased size. Does Petyr looks like his heirs(if he will have any, its questionable) will hold it long enough to do it? Nah. I don't think. Not to mention that it's cursed.
  7. Well, what-ifs are the closest things to fanfic that aren't yet fanfic themselves. Well, I have no serious problem with these type of topics, but wouldn't make more sense talking about how they could make a remark in our later story? Just askin. Anyway, if I was too offensive, sorry for that.
  8. To be honest, I never liked those "what if" situations and topicson this forum that change the past. Things happened this way, there's no need of any more speculation of how thing would come out if Daemon wins. Now, the thing worth mentioning is this: Is there any chance that in the not-so-far future in our story House Targaryen could make peace with House Blackfyre? This suggests that Aegon is a secret Blackfyre ( doesn't matter who his mother and father are), and even if he dies, he could make heirs before it, so: why not? Being a Blackfyre doesn't mean you gotta die. I see a way of future that makes peace between these 2 Valyrian houses, and House Blackfyre could finally be what he deserves: a proud cadet branch of the royal family, with lands and power, often gettig married with the Targaryens, just like the Velaryons did. It may sound like a fairytale, but whoknows, the future isn't written in stone yet. I personally think these things a worth of a discussion, not the "what if"s of the past, because those things won't change. Anyway, if we are discussing Daemon I Blackfyre, I'd like to share what I think about him, because it seems to me that he's hot misunderstood many times: So he's a legitimized bastard of Aegon IV, etc. Let's jump to the rebellion part: He did not rebel against his brother unless he wasn't forced to do it. The Dornish conflict was on top, and those lords of the marches who were against the Dornish alliance used up Daemon to rebel, who did not want to rebel at all. So was he pushed into it? I think, yes. Then what's with the rumours of him and Daenerys (we know which one)? I don't have a f*cking clue, yet it seems to me that it happened this way.
  9. Thank you, my friend. The FM being against House Targaryen only because their Valyrian origin would be a dissapointment for me.
  10. It is written down in the AWOIAF: "What followed in the sudden vacuum was chaos. The dragonlords had been gathered in Valyria as was their wont … except for Aenar Targaryen, his children, and his dragons, who had fled to Dragonstone and so escaped the Doom. Some accounts claim that a few others survived, too … for a time. It is said that some Valyrian dragonlords in Tyrosh and Lys were spared, but that in the immediate political upheaval following the Doom, they and their dragons were killed by the citizens of those Free Cities. The histories of Qohor likewise claim that a visiting dragonlord, Aurion, raised forces from the Qohorik colonists and proclaimed himself the first Emperor of Valyria. He flew away on the back of his great dragon, with thirty thousand men following behind afoot, to lay claim to what remained of Valyria and to reestablish the Freehold. But neither Emperor Aurion nor his host were ever seen again. The time of the dragons in Essos was at an end." Also, what happened to Silverwing? He was almost 100 year old at the end of the Dance, an the only thing we know is that she became a wild dragon. What happened to Sheepstealer? What happened to the Cannibal? We don't know (yet). Those dragons in the free cities(I was wrong about Volantis, but i was right about Tyrosh and Lys) maybe went wild after some people tried to claim them. It is called The Century of the Blood for a reason("full of chaos"). Back to Westeros, the only thing we know is that Silverwing and Sheepstealer had the chance to live 100-120 more years if nothing harms them, yet we have no more resources about them (maybe F&B2). House Targaryen didn't practice slavery for 300 or more years, Dany is especially against it. You see my point?
  11. Jaqen H'ghar is an identity taken by our Westerosi FM, he's acting to his charachter, he doesn't have that kind of accent, as we've seen with the Alchemyst or with Pate. It is likely the Kindly Man knows who he is. The other thing about Valyria: There were hundreds and thousands of Valyrian houses, they lived around everywhere, but the 40 dragonlord houses all lived on the Valyrian peninsula, yet it is said that when the Doom came, not only Targ dragons survived, there was Aurion along a deacent amount of other dragonriders, but they went to Valyria just to dissapear, and it is said that there were dragonriders during and after the Doom in Volantis, Lys an Tyrosh,(2-3 in each cityes), but they got killed off(the dragonriders, if I'm correct, not the dragons). I want to say with this tgat there weren't only 40 Valyrian houses, as house Velaryon was literally nothing compared to dragonlord houses. I'm tryna tell you with this that those other houses did not all live on the Valyrian peninsula. So those people who have the valyrian features or ancestors can be called to be of the valyrian race, yet it doesn't make someone more likely to be murdered by the FM. According to the "the blood of Old Valyria is strong on Lys and Volantis" , there should be at least a few thousand (maybe even a few hundred thousand, or more) people with the valyrian look.
  12. I talked about the valyrian RACE, not the Valyrian Freehold, but a target won't be more likely for them to kill just because it has silver hair and purple eyes.
  13. The FM never proved to be against Valyrian race, dragons or dragonlords. But they clearly were against slavery(Khm....Slaver's Bay). Anyway, after Jaehaerys I couldn't get te dragon eggs back from the Braavosi Sealord, the Iron Bank and the Iron Throne even had an agreement(idk what to call it, since then the Iron Bank gives money to Westeros(tho Targs ruled it) but I bet they didn't had deals with slavers from Slaver's Bay). I don't want to explain why the IB, the FM and the Sealord work together, if you open your eyes, you can realize it. One hard fact: Jaqen did not went to Westeros only for the Book "Death of Dragons", because when he started that journey, dragons weren't even reborn. I don't understand why he goes for the book after escaping, I mean, where did he get the instructions? Maybe here comes in him becoming rougeFMrouge. But here is this: If there is any FM who came from Westeros, then, if they get a job(or wattever) there, they would probably send him, as it would be easier for him speaking the langauage and knowing the lands, culture, etc... than to someone who never sptepped in Westeros. So Jaqen might be Westerosi? Likely. Him being Gerion? Whoknows. We'll seeeee.... For the ones who are lost in this topic: I am lost too, I do not understand why Braavos puts his money on two horses(Dany and Stannis), unless it's not worth it, or might we misunderstood something?
  14. I just see this topic for the first time, and maybe "Child of three" means that he is the blood (not exactly their child) of the three conquerors of Westeros, Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys. In my reread I tried to find what where belongs in the House of Undying, and after realising that "mother of three" doesn't mean she is directly the biological mother of those three, neither could Dany herself be 3 persons' biological mother. That seems obvious to me, it may not to others, but I think it could be the explanation. Edit: Thinking about it a few minutes, and it could also be the reverse of "mother of three", Dany herself could be the child of the three dragons, as they develop and entertain her.
  15. You are right about the swords, and we've got a few Daynes in the story, so whoknows
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