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  1. First of all, I like both houses (Stark and Targaryen too) a lot, but house Targaryen a bit more. Yet these two, from my pov, matter equally. I mean, in the prophetic way. These two are the ice and fire. And yes, the Others are the big threat. I don't know people can see this a different way.
  2. You don't have to teach me about the battles fougth during the Rebellion. It's also not that hard to figure out that there were other fights too, not mentioned. But the thing is, Roberts journey is written down entirely. So may I ask you when could that being 5 to 1 outnumbered battle happened? And if he won a battle like this, how it ain't worth mentioning?
  3. The Trident is the only fight he won outnumbered, and we know the royal army was only a little bigger. This is written down too. Maybe there is another battle we don't know about, or Stannis was trying to fool Jon. Maybe it was a joke from Stannis (now that's not likely).
  4. And not to mention that the only fight he won being outmatched was at The Trident (and the royal army wasn't as trained as the rebel one, and they only break when Rhaegar died, not because of that "so much command skill of Robert Baratheon") In the other cases, Robert's army always heavily outnumbered the enemy, except the one at Gulltown, of which we know nothing, but I doubt that it was that 5 to 1 battle, because you regularly siege with several times more men than the number of defenders. So then, where could that actually happen? When Balon Greyjoy rebelled? So an entire kingdom could not outnumber the Iron Islands? And they did take Pike with five times less people?Alright then. I wonder what Stannis was talking about. Maybe he tought he was dreaming.
  5. I've just tried to make clear for @Lee-Sensei that his arguments are nothing more than nonsense, and he should stop judging a character by how much he does like it. Robert wasn't a mastermind, just an average commander (which was obviously more than enough for him to claim the Throne).
  6. Dude, there's no point of throwing back the dead fish into the lake.
  7. Again, things did not begin when Brandon and Rickard were executed.
  8. So, I don't know how, but I ended up watching videos about komodo dragons on YouTube. And I've seen horrible things, I mean HORRIBLE, but still impessive. It was so impressive that I decided to do a little research. As I've began to read about them, I got the impression that maybe George used this animal as a sample for his dragons. After all, there are many-many differences between these two, but I found some interesting facts too: Komodo dragons, even if very rarely, practice cannibalism (The Cannibal). This made me think this way. And as I've read further about them, I found something about I've never ever heard before. PARTHENOGENESIS: producing fertile eggs without any contact of a male. Do dragons work the same way? Could they? I know Septon Barth suggested that dragons can change sex, but it seems bullshit to me. Here's why:The biggest animals being able to change sex are only a few frogs. And while parthenogenesis is very rare too at the case of big animals (I think comodo dragons are the biggest ones with this kind of ability), it ciuld still be the case. However, parthenogenesis at the case of komodo dragons was only discovered in 2010-2011, It's not stated that George, at that time, already imagined how do dragons reproduce. And again, this ability of female komodo dragons only comes out when they are in lack of males.
  9. Well, after all, I doubt that Randyll Tarly would ever burn in the books because he does not bend the knee to those who he and his lord paramount formerly supported, so it was entirely pointless, unless they wanted to get Daenerys dirty (which is likely).
  10. When I started reading ASOIAF I shipped them sooo much.(It might be because I started reading the books right after the S7 finale) However reading the books made me think like there's just so many different, yet interesting options for these two, but I could still accept it.
  11. True Starks? What are you talking about? As far as we know, not every Stark had been like you say. Ned, Jon, Benjen and mayybe Robb had this kind of nature, but neither Brandon or their father had this kind of personality. Isn't Bran a Stark because he wanted to be a knight and liked climbing just like his Flint ancestor? So neither Arya or Lyanna are worth calling starks because they aren't the melancolic, honorable type? Wasn't Brandon the Shipwright a true Stark bc he wanted to explore, loved the sea and abandoned his kingdom for exploring western regions? Isn't Rickon a true Stark because he has a bit wilderness in his personality? Weren't they Starks? According to you they are not. Wasn't Rhaegar that melancholic, so honorable, silent type that Eddard too had been? Yes, he was. If he is a trueborn son of Rhaegar (I, personally am not sure about it yet), he is half Stark too, but still a Targaryen.l, wether you like it or not. True Starks don't run after tales of knights? Dude, you should stop talking bullshit. Everyone is different,.and has to be different. You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family. Imagine Jon having an inside monologue at some point, like "What is House Targaryen to me?....My own blood." You can't abandon your own blood, especially if you are so honorable. If R+L=J, then I hope that Jon will look at Daenerys as his kin, not as the Mad King's daugther.
  12. Again, he always wanted to be a Stark, but he couldn't be one, because he's someone else. Would you call Sansa a Tully or whatever else just because he isn't a type of Starks? No, you won't. Would you call Lord Rickard Stark not a Stark because of his "southron ambitions"? Ned is the direct opposite of his father. No you won't. People change, dude. The stereotypes that house Stark or any other house currently has might be different from what were several years ago.
  13. If he learned anything in his entire life, that's for sure he learned that he is not a Stark, no matter of his nature. Maybe Robb legitimzed him, but he doesn't need to be legitimized at all. And if you think about it, there is no point of making a Targaryen bastard. That changes nothing, it does not improve his character.
  14. This is what Jon desires the most. To get to know where he belongs and to belong somewhere. That somewhere might be House Targaryen, I hope.
  15. There might be a different option too: Telling two storylines, the first starting with the death of Aemma, and the other one starting with the death of Rhea Royce, or something like that. They just can't begin it in later than 105AC. They need to build it up, but I don't know how. And since George has a bigbig part in the series, I expect it to be 100% accurate to the book. But then the children of Alicent wouldn't even be in season 1, maybe Aegon and Helaena, and a pretty young Rhaenyra(around 7-8), and a Daemon around his twenties. I can see skipping 106-111, and 111-115, but not the year 111, and of course 120-128. The way I imagine it: One or two seasons in 105-106, then another in 111, then three between 115-120, and the remaining (maybe 3 seasons) in 128-130, with a lot of recalling memories of he missing periods. I want it to be canon, or at least semi-canon, bc GOT was only a weird fanfic comparig to the books. But the things I need to see: Viserys and Daemon recalling memories of Balerion, Jaehaerys, Alysanne and Baelon.
  16. Archmaester Marwyn might answer that.
  17. Just one simple question. Jon's story is the story of The Hidden Prince. So GRRM makes him a secret identity that puts him in no different case? Making Jon a hidden bastard prince makes no sense, but making him the secret heir, now that's what makes sense, doesn't it? If he has no birthright, then making him Rhaegar's son is just a meh. Just think about it, guys.
  18. GRRM haven't said about how the writing is going on since August 15. That's two months. If we think the way you do, yea, maybe 2021 Spring, but what if he had more pages done than 400? And what if he writes as fast as he claims it? It might mean Christmas 2020. I've been hoping for this since 2017, but I do feel that the time has come, and he's been so quiet bc he began to rewrite/ correct his story. And we still do have two and a half month until Christmas, so how bout that? He said before that if he would not finish until WorldCon2020, he will let the fans bring him to an unhabitated island til he finishes it. Now, he's been serious, and he went to a similar place by himself. He is so isolated that he doesn't have anything else to do, so I am kinda hopeful.
  19. The population of Gulltown was speculated about that video. It came from the number of population and the army size. To that population most likely matches the population of Gulltown being 50000. I would gladly find you that interview, but I am currently at university.
  20. I am proud of being a Targaryen fan, but why can't I like the Starks then? I think the least you should give to every character and "faction" is respect, even if you do not like or even hate them. I mean, I do not like the Baratheons, the Wildlings (with a few exception) and the Tyrells(with the faith exception of Olenna, and I still hope for Garlan getting more attention ), but I respect them as I have to respect a fictional character. Also, I do think the Targaryen v Stark rivalry and mockery comes from the R+L=J thing. I probably don't have to explain you guys why.
  21. This depends on when would he get those living Targaryen hostages. Before or after Lyanna's death. If he captures for example Rhaella, Dany, Aegon, Rhaenys and Elia before he finds out about Lyanna's death, I don't think he would have been executing them after, but if things happen differently and he finds out about her death before the sacking of KL, he wouldn't have shown mercy. Anyway if he would have gotten any living Targaryens, I think others wouldn't have let him do execute them, maybe sending away all of them to different secret places as captives, and letting them die of old age.
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