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  1. So I think I may have just figured out a massive twist in the series. Let me know what you think. We have been led to believe that the COTF use weirwoods are also cell towers to expand their telepathic reach. But what if we've been misled about the basic nature of this fact? What if it is in fact the weirwoods that are the telepathic species, who control the COTF? Hear me out. 1. George has written past work about telepathic mold taking over the minds of creatures and forcing ideas and visions into their heads. 2. For thousands of years the weirwoods had a telepathic hold over the creatures on planetos. I would argue that this is reinforced by the Empire of the Dawn having existed for thousands of years. Why does that reinforce your theory? I hear you ask. Well...the EOTD was started by the Lion of the Night, and feline humanoids are mentioned as highly significant at two points throughout planetos' history. The Lion of the Night and the Tiger-woman the treacherous Bloodstone Emperor takes as a wife, before switching his civilization's thousands upon thousands of years of Gods to now worship a black stone that fell from the sky. What is the only other creature that is described as having physical cat-like characteristics? The Children of the Forest. The Children have claws, eyes explicitly described as cat-like, and spotted. Their spots are stated as resembling those of deer, but that's just to throw us off the scent. You know what else has spotted fur? House cats, leopards, Servals, etc. Just google spotted cats and you will find dozens of different big cats with spotted pelts. So, what does this mean? I believe that the weirwoods are native to the planet and have been the dominant species throughout its history. They used the COTF who had lesser natural telepathic abilities, as their 'representatives' of sorts. The Lion of the Night was a COTF and the Tiger-Woman was a COTF. The Empire of the Dawn was started through the telepathic control of the weirwoods (this I admittedly don't know why) and thrived for thousands upon thousands of years. However, after thousands of years The Bloodstone Emperor suddenly abandoned the "Gods" (never described as to how they looked, the nature of worship, etc....I think their gods were the weirwoods), took a Tiger-Woman as a wife and interestingly began to worship a strange black stone. My theory is that the black stone is in fact an engineered substance by humans or possibly rogue COTF who broke free from the weirwoods' mental control (or both), and acts as a force field barrier that blocks out all weirwood telepathic control. The Bloodstone Emperor is described to us as evil, but isn't one of the main points of ASOIAF that historical narrators are often untrustworthy? What if the Bloodstone Emperor was in fact the FIRST emperor who was finally set free from the telepathic grip that the weirwoods had over all of his ancestors and all of life? Would you also not abandon 'gods' who had secretly controlled you and instead worship the very thing that set you free? This would also explain why the black stoned were used to build megalith structures scattered through the eastern world (eg. The FIve Forts), to repel the weirwoods. All of the weirwoods were additionally burnt and cut down in Essos to push them back to Westeros. For thousands of years after this, the weirwoods were relegated to the lands outside of Essos...until the First men came to Westeros. The First Men destroyed as many weirwoods as they could find, but were eventually 'convinced' to sign a pact on....The God's Eye, The Isle of Faces.....the central hive mind of the weirwoods. They soon adopted them as gods, just as the Empire of the Dawn had done. This all lasted, until the Andals came. After years of battles and bloodshed, the weirwoods were again pushed back to North and The Lands of Always Winter. As a side note, where do the black stone constructions end...in the South of Westeros (unless the Wall is secretly black stone under the ice). I should also mention that GRRM has written multiple times in his Thousand World stories about a telepathic species who battle humanity for thousands of years....but they have never been seen. I'm talking of course about the Hrangan Minds. These telepaths dominated entire worlds and species through mind control. They specifically had three main slave races they utilized which were: Giant Creatures, as their muscle. Giant bat-like creatures, as their airforce. Githyanki (Soul Sucks), who were lesser telepaths. Now that is interesting....what is the ONLY time in ASOIAF that we have seen those exact three species all together? The Cave of the Three Eyed Raven. But you say, "there weren't any giants or massive bats in the cave". But yes, yes there were...you just didn't catch it. The Children were definitely there (Githyanki), and guess what two other things are specifically mentioned as being in the cave? The skeletal remains of....Giants and hanging Giant bat skeletons. So, the Weirwoods in face ARE the Hrangan Minds! The weirwood cave has the exact same three creatures within, as the three slaves races explicitly described in GRRM's sci-fi works. In conclusion, we are meant misled so many times in ASOIAF. The Children are the master telepaths, Weirwoods are good because their from nature, the black stone is evil because it's black, greasy and sucks in sunlight, the Bloodstone Emperor was an evil mad man. But no, none of those are true. The weirwoods are the telepathic rulers, the COTF are one of their three slave races, The Bloodstone Emperor is a hero...he is in fact Azor Ahai, and the black stone...well the black stone is Lightbringer. The substance that is literally described as sucking up light, is the thing that brought light to the minds of the EOTD to finally break free from the telepathic hold that the weirwoods had had for thousands upon thousands of years.
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