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  1. The Manual of Style on the Wiki says that there should be no external links in the body of an article. Does this apply to TV show articles as well? I'm asking because back with GoT, on the show, season and episode pages, actors got linked to Wikipedia if there was an article about them there and otherwise they just weren't linked. The exception was the List of actors page where there is a Wikipedia link in the text and an IMDb link at the end of the paragraph in brackets. Now, with HotD, all the actors who don't have a Wikipedia page, get an IMDb link right there on the show, season and episode pages. These are obviously external links in the body of the article and it means you have all these little lock icon images in the middle of the cast lists. Personally, I'm not a fan, but I figured I'd ask what others think of this. Should we leave it as it is, should we go back to how we did it with GoT, or should we link the actors to the section of the List of actors page that pertains to them (where there will still be the Wikipedia and IMDb links)?
  2. I also noticed that the Dutch wiki we're interlinking to does not actually interlink to us, but to the Game of Thrones wiki.
  3. @Ran, I've brought this up before, but since nothing's happened yet, I figured, I'd mention it again. The Italian wiki that is listed as one of the Sister Wikis and which articles should be able to interlink to, is at a new domain. It's https://www.labarriera.net/wiki/index.php/Pagina_principale now.
  4. @Ran, I already had this problem on June 29th, when I tried to add Maekar's personal heraldry to the "Tourney at Ashford Meadow" page. Actually, I had the same problem when trying to use a different size for some images on a character's page. The thumbnail size it used before editing kept being just fine, but trying to create a smaller thumbnail by changing the pixel size in the File link caused an error.
  5. There's the Tarth triplets during Aegon I's reign in F&B and Gormond, Gran and Greydon Goodbrother in ASoIaF. The Wiki has both a Twins and a Triplets category. ^^
  6. I would assume, it was whoever was left on the Small Council. So, Barristan Selmy, Pycelle, Petyr Baelish, Varys and Renly Baratheon.
  7. I put a link to the Lineage book page on the GOT wiki at the bottom, since that one has transcriptions of all the pages and therefore all the info about the characters by default. I don't know how to create such a template either, but I've put the information in a format similar to how the appendices are displayed on the wiki, and it already looks much better, in my opinion. About the family trees: I've created new trees, based on the old GOT ones (yours then?), without the links and displaying absolutely nothing more than what the book prop shows. They're at the bottom of the new page, for those people who can better visualise things that way. Do you think, those are superfluous then? Where are the old GOT trees being used? When I start deleting character pages, it would probably be better to turn them into redirects and not delete them completely, right?
  8. I have created a new page for the lineage book characters now. It's still pretty rough, though I'm not entirely sure how to make it look less confusing. Anyone wanting to pretty it up, is certainly welcome. What I'm also unsure about is the amount of information to include. Should it be everything that's currently on their character pages like I did for the first three Baratheons or nothing but their names, or would the family trees have been enough, or what do you think?
  9. Inspired by @Thomaerys Velaryon's clean-up (Thanks a lot, by the way!): The wiki still has all those pages for the GoT lineage book characters. Does this mean we/I should delete those character pages? Like for example Maynard Umber. Another question: Middleton and Yore are considered crownlands settlements, because during the Dance of the Dragons two people coming from the Blackwater Rush, Garrick Hall of Middleton and Moslander of Yore, joined the march from (the way I understand it) the western shore of the Gods Eye to Tumbleton. Could they not also have come from the riverlands part of the Blackwater?
  10. That seems like a good idea. The text could maybe be something like this: "Tom Flowers does not have known personal arms, but it is possible that he, like other highborn bastards, used his father's house sigil with reversed colors." And then put a link in the text, maybe at 'reversed colors'. There is one problem with the sigil Aurane Waters currently has though. It still uses the wrong sort of sea horse. I'd considered that as well. The only mention of Blackshield is the entry for Barristan Selmy in the White Book, which doesn't elaborate on what sort of shield he used. But something like the shield of Bennis the Brown, just in black, would definitely look pretty good. I'm unfortunately not very good at image editing, so it would have to be done by some one else. Another thing, I'm uncertain about: There are now two personal sigils (that is, svg files) which have turned out to not exist. The one for Amory Lorch and the one for Morros Slynt. Should we just delete those or leave them as they are?
  11. Ok, so that's Benfrey Frey confirmed to have personal arms. Thanks, @zionius, apparently I didn't look properly. That would mean, we'd have to change the sigil on the page for their house and where ever else it's used to the one that's currently called 'House Slynt (Morros)' and Morros would have to be removed from the List of personal arms page. My question is now, do we rename the sigil file from 'House Slynt (Morros)' to 'House Slynt'? Because otherwise it might get confusing.. @Thomaerys Velaryon You're right, he was actually on the list I made for myself, but he apparently got lost somewhere when I wrote the post. Do you think, the reversed Mullendore sigil should be replaced by another Night's Watch shield? Because that's what is currently being used to represent the black shield, but it seems a bit misleading when in all other places where it's being used, it actually means the person is a member of the Night's Watch. Otherwise, I can just delete all the sigils for all the bastards on the list, including the black one.
  12. I have some questions about personal arms. For one, Benfrey Frey has a personal arms listed on both his character page and the List of personal arms page, but I can't find a source for that. Then there's House Slynt in general. The house page says "their blazon is a bloody spear, gold on a field of night-black", as per GoT, Sansa V, but the Citadel says it's "a bloody spear, gold on black, with a border of checkered gold and black". As far as I can tell, the only mention of the checkers in the books is in 1) GoT, Sansa V, where Janos Slynt wears a cloak that is "checked black-and-gold" and 2) CoK, Sansa I, where Morros Slynt wears a "checkered black-and-gold cloak", though his shield is only said to have a bloody spear, with no further description. However, on the List of personal arms page, Morros Slynt is listed as having "A bloody spear, gold on black, with a border of checkered gold and black" as his personal sigil, though it does not turn up on his character page. And last, Tom Flowers, Robb Rivers, Cedrik Storm, Rolland Storm and Aurane Waters all have a personal arms on their character pages that are their fathers' house colors reversed, but for which I can't find a source and which aren't on the List of personal arms page either. Does anyone have an opinion or any knowledge for any of this?
  13. Someone's been adding a lot of information about the TV series to various wiki articles.. Is that a thing we do? It doesn't seem to be the right place for that, but I'm not sure..
  14. I did a quick search and it seems that the Italian wiki is now at: https://www.labarriera.net/wiki/index.php/Pagina_principale There is another one at https://iltronodispade.fandom.com/it/wiki/Il_Trono_di_Spade_Wiki, but that's not the one that was linked before. I also found two sites that I think are Polish Song of Ice and Fire wikis, though not the one from before, I don't think. But I don't actually speak the language, so... https://piesnloduiognia.fandom.com/wiki/Pieśń_Lodu_i_Ognia_Wikia https://gameofthrones.fandom.com/pl/wiki/Gra_o_tron_Wiki I have no idea about the Turkish and Thai ones.
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