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  1. assuming this is at the begining of AGOT I would estimate: The North ~35k (based on the estimates at the WOT5K (~20k) the armies that show up in Dance (about 6k with Roose and about 3k with Stannis) and the missing armies (Reeds, Skagos, etc) The Riverlands ~20k (that's the estimate in the WOT5K if I'm not mistaken, and since the war was largely in The Riverlands, I assume they used most of their strength. The Westernlands ~50k Again, WOTK estimate and Tywin seem to be desperat enough for forces that he wastrying to raise more. The Reach ~100k, that's the estimate throughout the story. The Vale, if I'm not mistaken it's ~50k Dorne has fewer forces than 50k, and since they're the least populous kingdom I assume they have the smallest army, so about 20k The Stormlands ~50k, as Renly estimates in the WOT5K The Iron Islands are tricky, as they are small and bleak, they should have little population and a really small army, but they have 1k longships, a longship takes about 40 men to command it, so it would be 40k men? that's a lot, more than The North, twice as The Riverlands, and likely twice than Dorne. Everyone always forgets about The Crownlands, but I assume they have an abysmal force, as Stannis shows. Given it's size and the fact that it isn't a kingdom I feel comfortable estimating 10k, but I'm pulling that number out of my ass. It doesn't matter anyway, as Wyman Manderly and Tywin Lannister show, you can always train more men if you need to, so this numbers could be doubled, even if we don't talk about sellswords and mercenaries.
  2. The smallfolk likely misses them, just because of how fucked up everything is right now. After them I see The Riverlands being the most likely supporters, Doran would support them but he won't call his spears or anything, his strategy has been working out well for him, no Dornishman died in the WOT5K. Maybe The Vale lords would also want to follow Aegon, or Daenerys, as they wan't to rise against the Lannisters and they would be the better choice, but it depends on who's ruling at the time, LF would only go to war if he's sure he can win and has a lot to gain from it. Asha's Ironbron, The North and The Stormlands won't follow while Stannis lives. The Reach and The Westerlands won't follow either.
  3. "Dire & Wolf" was right there! It's also likely that a reason is Targaryen history being wayyy easier to write, as it's a fraction of the length I'm not necessarily disagreeing with your point, but if the show colapsing story lines serves as evidence for something not being important, then nothing would be important (save for Brianne maybe)
  4. I'm way better at english than portuguese, I know enough that I can be understood by and understand (if you wan't me too, but some Brazilians speak too fast and I'm lost). Couldn't possibly agree more, with the caveat that is applies to most good literature.
  5. Let's hope irmã, not so long ago we both had great united presidents, and the whole region worked together, after Macri won I had lost all hope and it still shocked me that a fucking nazi won the election in Brazil, and believe me or not I was in Rio in 2016, my first time there, tho I had been many times to Florianopolis. Now with whatever happened in Uruguay and Ecuador, a fucking coup in Bolivia, I don't know, Cristina came back, let's hope Lula will too (and work for it aswell) Eu falo um pouco de portugues, a Patria Grande voltara!
  6. Honestly? same Yeah, probs. Me too! we actually had elections last year and I managed to 'turn' a lot of people, felt good. Can I ask where are you from? I'm from Argentina
  7. One thing to love about ASOIAF is the amount of fans with political beliefs such as this one <3 This I disagree with tho. Political corruption happens everywhere, Latin American media just tries to convince us that we are the biggest culprits of it so we don't get involved in politics and let them do what they want with us. But hey, is nice to know an hermana latinoamericana
  8. Nope, Targs only came to Dragonstone a few years before The Doom. They didn't built any kingdom, they colonized it, took it by war. It'd be the same problem if the Starks did it, yeah, they are of The North and of Westeros, but them ruling over The Reach, or Dorne just by right of conquest would be colonialism. Now, if some sort of agreement could be reached in which a king is chosen from the lords, any lord ruling would not be colonialism, save the Targs, who conquered the realm by fire and blood. Also the presence of a Targaryen undermines democracy of any sorts, as traditionalist would be inclined to vote for Targaryens regardless of their proposals or capability to rule.
  9. I think he might have been against it, but given the general disregard Walder has for his sons, it wouldn't have mattered. Unless he was able to communicate Walder's plans to the Starks, but I doubt that that would have happened, as I don't think he would have wanted to do it, and if he would have wanted to do it Walder would have imprisoned him until the wedding or just not tell him about it.
  10. that's not equivalent to kicking people out of their lands, waring against them and committing genocide.
  11. I'm not arguing for Stark rule tho I think the best ruler would likely come from Dorne maybe? but it still isn't the point, colonialism is not the answer.
  12. there's that as well, and the fact that half of them seem to be batshit crazy and really into burning people
  13. Nope, I'm not arguing this at all, in a perfect world all the great houses would cease to be, but the Targaryen's rule over Westeros is colonialism, and that's bad. I'm not arguing that the kingdoms should be split, unity is the answer, but unity under Targaryen rule would be colonialism. Also, the common folk have a better chance under Dornish rule, as Dornish law seems to be more about social justice. I agree with everything except the last line, no one should rule over anyone just cause, monarchy is bad and it brought many horrible governments both in Westeros and in the real world, colonialism is also bad, and the Targaryen's is a colonialist dynasty. Westeros should be united because they wish to be united, not because they fear an invader with nukes, and the only way to accept that is to be able to rule without need for war or genetics, being from any kingdom.
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