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  1. who, that would be cool AF too, the only problem is that the IB heard it and nothing happened to them (yet), I suppose they could make horns with different functions tho
  2. but that's not what I said tho, and I'm the one who brought it up.
  3. Bonus theory I like and forgot about: Dragonbinder is a horn made for binding slaves, not dragons.
  4. Yes, is an assumption, like it was an assumption in Euron's mind that he could get the support from the Iron Born, I mean, he could, but he could be as certain of it as he would be of Balon's support. In fact, I think there was something magical happening in the Kingsmoot, based on the parallels between it and the LC election and the whole weird thing with the magical horn. Euron had little chance to gain the support of the IB, he's an exile and the IB had all but lost at this point, why would they support his plans? it makes more sense for them to support Asha's view. But Balon wanted war, and he wanted to win, why would he reject Euron's proposal if it meant a solution to his problems?
  5. Or maybe it's because of what I said here Why do you think it so unlikely that Ramsay killed someone tho?
  6. Yes, and he could've gotten them by convincing Balon.
  7. I don't think he did, in fact, I don't think he was involved at all. What motive does he have for killing Balon? he doesn't care about the Seastone Chair and I imagine convincing Balon to team up with Dany and take over Westeros would be far easier than convincing the Ironborn to follow an exile, and then to convince them of the same plan he would have to convince Balon of. Also, why would you pay an assassin to kill someone else if you where gonna make yourself the prime suspect anyway? Wouldn't it be smarter to wait a few days after the assassin's done it's deed?
  8. Stannis aims to take the throne by conquest tho, the thing about him being Robert's rightful heir is said to give him legitimacy and get him allies, allies he would use to take the throne by conquest.
  9. Yeah, it happens, I think they confess to it tho.
  10. I don't know if famous, but he did create a lot of new topics often, I'm just kidding of course, post as you like
  11. weren't the murders committed by the Spearwives?
  12. Man, if it weren't for the user name I'd say you were @Alyn Oakenfist born again.
  13. He has much to gain from breaking that alliance, he wants the Dreadfort, which is going to Walda's son, not him, so to take it he needs to diminish the Frey forces, because, while the Bolton forces outnumber all other northern forces, they don't outnumber North+Freys, and since the entire North hates him and he would be usurping the Freys, he needs to outnumber them.
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