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  1. Yes, but we should be able to read past that and use some critical thinking of our own. Dany attacking Westeros is not justified, in the end she will only cause more death, same thing with the Starks in the North.
  2. Yeah, but it's fanfiction, it's not 'disgusting'
  3. What's the problem with Margeary? He's a huge entitled dick.
  4. Really nothing to do with anything, but my favorite 'she's evil' quote comes from the great DOB himself. 'She eats babies and poops them out in the shape of swastikas.'
  5. I really doubt it. Do you have any textual support? The freefolk think Craster is a monster for giving his children to the Others. Except that there's a lot of evidence that the Night's Watch used to sacrifice babies to the Others, thise babies couldn't be only Starks. Or a Bolton, or a Magnar of Skagos, an Umber, maybe a Flint, a Norrey, or a Woodfoot. It was him who chased her and caught her, not the other way around. Or because he was the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch? Or maybe he was hot. Or maybe he sought her out, as the story states. It wouldn't and we have no reason to think so. Evidence? Why do you think that? That would mean either there are like five Other's tops, meaning they are really easy to defeat, or that the others don't age, meaning they would be of such a different mindset they'd have no reason to make more Others. Te problem with this, besides all the other problems I mentioned, is that there'd be no way for us to find out, except for Bran, but using Bran as a tool to give exposition about such minor things would be boring and bad writing. The only person in the Wall we know about around Craster's birth is Bloodraven, and tho it's also unlikely, based on that alone there's a better reason to think he's Craster's father instead of a random unmentioned Stark.
  6. Maybe they have it set up, they put a program that jumbles the same words into semi-coherent sentences onces a week and posts it here.
  7. So you keep saying, but it's been 23 pages and all of you were unable to provide a single hint of textual evidence, instead you keep repeating the same thing over and over. To me, that means you don't have any, if you do, please share it. Tho you'll most likely ignore this, like you did so many times before, not only in this thread, because you all know you are lying, but don't worry, we all know too.
  8. I kinda like Stannis, but after all the sinister things he's done, he won't get rewarded, and there's a character similar to him in GRRM's The Armageddon Rag, and his meddling with blood sacrifice ruins him.
  9. Yeah, I can't see George rewarding the guy who killed his own brother. All this meddling with dark magic will take a great cost from him.
  10. Provide any form of evidence, otherwise, you're lying and you know it. Sure you can, keeping Mance alive was the strategically good choice. The Watch needs the freefolk to help defend it, to do that they need for them not to attack the kingdom and to listen to them, the only person who can get all of them to do that would be Mance. Provide textual evidence.
  11. Yeah, I know. even if he bends the knee, there's no way of ensuring his descendants' knees will stay bent, in fact, they likely won't, they'd rebel within a few generations. Warding Aegon is great, making him renounce his kingship is even better, but then he should raise him as if he was one of his children and ship him off to the Wall at age 13. The king will be weak regardless, unless he's a Tyrell, he remains strong because of alliances and people loving him, so he needs to reward his allies. But even if he keeps the Crownlands, it makes more sense to integrate them to the Stormlands. And how is giving a boy with a much stronger claim than you a lordship not a weaker position than splitting the land between your allies? Yeah, it was easier,, but I don't see how it could hurt. Sidenote, another thing Robert should've done in this timeline is adopting Dornish Law, it would bring Dorne closer to his cause, it would make him more beloved by the smallfolk (a priority of his) and it would legitimize his claim even more, both by his grandmother and Rhaenys.
  12. How so? I mean, it's the standard Tywin move, you are not ending a line, you are continuing it through the Baratheons, like what happened to the Durrandons. Why? Her marrying Renly isn't my first choice, that would be her marrying Robert and Rhaenys's son, but that would make her at least ten years older than her betrothed. I wouldn't marry Cersei either, you don't give such a prize to a last minute supporter, specially when you actual supporters got nothing. I would make alliances by marrying Stannis, Renly, Edmure and Benjem (If he convinces him not to go to the wall) to houses Tyrell, Lannister, Martell and Greyjoy, that could make war a far less likely thing to happen. That would be bad, as a couple any descendants of Aegon and Dany would have a way better claim than anyone in the IT and would definitely rebel. But also, the Baratheons keeping Dragonstone is an abuse, the Crownlands should be split between the Vale and the Riverlands, while the Starks should be given a reduction in taxes. Yeah, that would be a good move.
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