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  1. @Lunabricot @Tucu My thinking, and I'm nowhere near sure this is the case, but I find it the most likely, is that the COTF are playing both sides, sending visions to both Men and Other to drive war between them and take Westeros back from them. I think they needed someone to get the Direwolf mother south by opening the Black Gate while simultaneously leading the LOWF to the puppies, so they can have influence over the family of the GOTN. After all, we see the DW alter the minds of the Starks and Ghost is the one who finds the corpses who then try to murder Mormont. Love this observation
  2. The problem with this is that it's really unlikely, bordering on imposible for him to have survived climbing the Wall for the first time without preparation, gear and while shitting his pants.
  3. The thing is he was hastily rushing to escape the Others, and IIRC he was in the mid-east of NOTW, and he was later found near Winterfel, that is, the mid-east of the North. The bridge of skulls is far West, so not only would he had needed to run purposely avoiding the safety of the Wall for many days, which makes little sense in his frightened state, but also, he would then chose to take extra traveling time to go near Winterfel.
  4. I think the answer might be tied to another question: how did he manage to cross the Wall? I don't think hastily climbed over it without the proper gear, or that his brothers let him cross but then he flew them, and his position both before and after crossing the Wall suggest he didn't go throw the shore. I think there might have been some mind controlling so he can send the Direwolves through the Black Gate.
  5. I think no, a lot of people expect Cersei to be worse at ruling and even more mad than before, but that would be a boring repeat of AFFC's plot, and when Jaime lost the main source of his power (hand/swordsmanship) he was forced to reinvent himself and became a wiser, more cautious man, and a better commander, if Cersei follows hher twin's footsteps after losing her main source of power (her beauty) she's going to be much wiser and a more serious threat.
  6. I didn't ask you to know, just to stop behaving like people owe you explanations and responses only to ignore that sentiment yourself.
  7. It has, you go around this forum pressing people to reply to your posts, oh how many times have I seen you comment "I'm waiting..." or some bullshit like that, and you where doing it to me, while I was already replying to that but had to stop because of a work emergency. Yet you fail to reply to most things people ask of you, because mostly you don'thave arguments. It's okay to admit you where wrong, but excusing yourself in this manner makes you look... well, I rather not say. No it's not, he gains nothing from asking them, as he will not trust anything they say and it would make him look real bad in front of them. If your daughter shows up with a new partner, you won't call their partner's parents to ask them what they think of their child, because most parent would only say good things and it also would make you look real bad, and that is excluding the fact that Ned thinks the Lannisters are utter shit. Why? he trusts Tyrion as much as he trusts Cersei. He tried to break it not so long after that, and yes, he should've. But I was never talking about Ned, I was talking about what I would do as GOTN, and since I wouldn't know Joff to be a psycho, then marrying Sansa to him is a greta thing to do.
  8. No, I'm not saying that, I'm saying if we are writing 'what if' scenarios then we have to embrace them. Marrying Sansa to Joffrey is the right move if you don't know he's a psycho, and if you where the GOTN you wouldn't know he's a psycho, so a marriage between both of them is the right move, as far as you know. You can't use knowledge the characters in your position wouldn't have, because then it's too easy, and your 'improving the North' plan could look something like this: 'I invent the steam engine and start building trains and steamboats for the North, with my new factories I increase my economic power as well, then I send a covert force of a thousand northern soldiers to Essos, wait till everyone leaves Dany and while she's in the pyre I slaughter the remaining weak Dothraki, when she emerges I kill her too and go back to the North with three dragons. I send Bran NOTW and command him to use his telepathic powers to aid the powers of the North." or "I command each of my vassals to come greet the king, each should also bring about half their forces, when Robert arrives, I take him to Lyanna's tomb and tell her Joff, Myrcella and Tommen are the children of Jaime and Cersei, the Lannister forces can do nothing, because I ahve much more men."
  9. Before you hurry me into replying to something I'm already replying to, you still haven't answered how is Tyrion different from a real world dude who kills his ex. Ned wouldn't trust anything they have to say to him, so there's no point in that, and likely they won't tell him anything either. He doesn't until way after accepting the betrothal He's a kid, Robb is taunting his future king too, it means nothing.
  10. for all we know, that isn't common knowledge, it's only mentioned once, by Tommen, not even Robert mentions it when he tells Ned about Joff
  11. I don't disagree with you, Ned should've done more, But I doubt he would've found anything worth noting besides him being a dick.
  12. What did he prove there? he's cocky, I assume most nobleborn are, he's a piece of shit, assume most nobleborn are, still no signs of him being a psycho. Yeah, he wants to train with live steel, that only makes him reckless, not a psycho.
  13. The thing is, before he started torturing Sansa, his sadism wasn't well known, there was the kitten incident and how he bullied Tommen, the first thing is really specific and I wouldn't put much stock in finding out, and the second one is something most people would disregard as it being normal for an older brother.
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