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  1. It is amazing to me the degree to which people are willing to live in a separate reality. Dude literally asked the Governor of Georgia to "find" 11k votes.
  2. Interestingly enough, if you distinguish between establishment DNC candidates and the JusticeDem recommendations, progressives did pretty well across the board.
  3. This is like when the Monster turns on Dr. Frankenstein.
  4. Oh I read it, it's a very "Guantanamo Bay Part two, red tape, red tape" vibe. See we go from "Day one changes!" on the campaign trailer, to "it will take time" as the transition is going, followed by four years of blaming the opposition as no changed of real substance are made.
  5. Looks like Biden's walking back his promise to immediately repeal Trump's immigration policies as well.
  6. Aw, look at Biden helping Republicans halve the stimulus bill. Knew they could get along if they tried https://www.dailyposter.com/p/bidens-austerity-zealotry-cut-the EDIT: Oh this bill would also make illegal streaming a felony.
  7. I hold with George Carlin. "Selling is legal. Fucking is legal. Why isn't selling fucking legal?" The porn industry is fucking evil and rapes and exploits women's bodies for the ultimate profits of pimps and (often) male producers, and this environment is made possible because of the social stigma surrounding sex work. And it's not just right wing America. The New York Post just doxxed a NYC medic with an OnlyFans. Our society hates and fears the idea that women can use their bodies to get by, and it's a resentment that I think is largely fostered by the capitalist nightmare we live in where people have pay for things like shelter and utilities that really could, and I believe should be provided to everybody.
  8. Am I being optimistic in hoping the Far Country Shanka stitched Cosca back together?
  9. Oh shit, you know what I just thought of? They've referenced twice now Rikka looking at Shivers' metal eye when she was a baby and that she found it pretty. Maybe he's the Sun? Isn't that kind of what a metal orb would look like if light were reflecting off it?
  10. I guess what bugs me is as a concept I feel like she's really cool, so I always want to like her. But then all she ever does is spout your basic Malazan/Space Marine dialogue. Idk, maybe I'm being nit picky. Although I will say it's interesting that they have less of a problem with a woman fighter in the North than they'd seem to in the Union, despite it not being particularly common. I wonder if we're going to find out Aliz dan Brint was actually happier in the North, like that woman who was taken captive by the Comanche and wound up running back there after she was "rescued" decades later.
  11. Anybody else feel like Wonderful is kind of a lame character?
  12. fine, vampires suck. ... ... I fucking dare you.
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