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  1. I have to be honest, I'm not really sure what you're trying to say here. Making third parties viable by voting for them is part of the electoral system. So is National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. That "Every third party gets subsumed" line is a thing I hear on Bill Maher a lot, but idk what it has to do with our present discussion. Third parties rising and being subsumed has been so rare in the relatively short history of our country, I don't see how it's in any way rational to assume some kind of a pattern. Furthermore, our electoral system is and always has been fluid. Something that changes as populations and technology change. Like I said I don't know what you are trying to argue here.
  2. Honestly, Ivanka Trump would be a huge step to the Left for Republicans. She's basically a scumbag Democrat with a right-wing name. But as much as I'd love to vote for Omar, I don't think she can actually run for POTUS. Sorry for multiple posts.
  3. I think the point is to take little steps to make third parties more viable. Incrementalism, right? If the Obama/Clinton mold of Democrat had ever really done anything of substance to move progressive values forward at all I might be more chagrined at pointing out the 5% threshold is mostly hypothetical. Shit, so is the public option on the ACA, and they've been promising that for over 12 years
  4. No, Tulsi Gabbard had no chance of winning, neither did Elizabeth Warren after that first Super Tuesday. By the same logic that a vote for the Green or Libertarian parties (or a non-vote) is a vote for Trump in the general, a vote for one of the progressive candidates that was never going to be the nominee, especially after the point in the election where they literally had no path to victory, was a vote for the super PAC monolith that settled on Biden.
  5. There is some utility to voting Third Party in a deep red or deep blue state. If they get to 5% of a national vote there's all kinds of extra funding they get, they appear on debates, etc. If you live in Texas or Michigan, vote Blue. But IMO if you live in California or Mississippi or something your vote may well make more of a difference going toward the Green/Libertarian ticket.
  6. Something that I see happening a lot lately that really frustrates me, and I will again remind the thread I'm planning to vote for Biden, are these neoliberal types who come at me and say 'Well, I really want the same end-state that you do!' but voted for Elizabeth Warren or Pete B. or somebody in the primary, then comes at Lefties with this 'A vote for third parties is a vote for Trump!' crap. The fact is a vote for anybody other than Bernie Sanders in the primary was a vote for the centrist arm of the DNC. I find it very disingenuous for people who voted their own conscience/interests when their vote could have made a difference to turn around and demand differently of me now that they need my vote to preserve their values.
  7. I wasn't trying to upset anybody, I'm sorry if I did.
  8. No don't get me wrong, I'll take a liberal rapist over a fascist one. I'm almost certainly going to vote for Biden, but it is fucking hypocritical as shit the way a lot of Democrats in the public eye have dropped the #MeToo act like a bad habit as soon as it was inconvenient. I don't think anybody really cared about the Access Hollywood tape or what Brett Kavanaugh might have done in college. They just cared about their own reproductive rights, the environment, their wallets, which is fair, Republicans are only hostile to this country, but the concern was never really about women or the victims of sexual violence. If I come off as angry that's why.
  9. I'm really genuinely not trolling. I don't know why half the thread trips over themselves trying to call me out when they think I'm wanking off Joe Rogan, but when I actually do take the time to try and explain why I think the way people are reacting to Tara Reade is fucked up I get 'don't feed the troll.'
  10. No it was Kalibear sharing an article straight up calling her "A manipulative, deceitful, user" in the title. Like JFC this is straight out of the right-wing playbook when dragging somebody. The media makes them look like an uncredible, lying, narcissist. It's the same thing that's been happening to Trump's accusers (from right wing press) and Kavanaugh's, same thing that happened to the women Bill Clinton raped (no not Monika Lewinski) when they came forward. It's genuinely sick that people don't see this. I think it takes a lot of courage to face this kind of massive, institutionally encouraged hate, to have powerful financial interests tearing your personal life apart, having articles written about you, looking up people from your past, etc. I don't think anyone would put themselves through that just for attention. I think that victims of sexual violence frequently downplay what happened to them to loved ones, and it's not a surprise to me that she didn't tell her husband or mother that she was raped by her boss, or if she did that they might not want to reveal those graphic details in court documents or on live television. Biden's not on trial, this is not innocent until proven guilty. This is a person who has very little reason to lie coming forward with a story that has not been contradicted by any of the evidence that's come out. What do you want, a videotape of him doing it? She said he assaulted her, and when people looked into it they found evidence of her saying something bad happened with him back during that same time period.
  11. LOL THIS IS GENUINELY SO FUCKING FUNNY TO ME. Like you guys don't even see you go through the same patterns of behaviors that Republicans do when they start tearing up a victim. Acting like unless the act itself was caught on tape the victim is a liar, over-reporting inconsistencies in the story while under reporting actual concrete evidence (like court documents). It really is quite something. We're just we're all just monkeys following the same handful of behavioral patterns. None of us really think for ourselves.
  12. You should click the spoiler-tag you quoted there champ. Anyway I've had enough of this conversation. Yes, enough of her story has been corroborated that I believe the rest of it absent contradictory evidence. I'm sorry you find it upsetting when I point out Joe Biden raped Tara Reade. I mean, we know for sure he voted to go to war in Iraq in 2002, right? Is rapist more upsetting to you than war criminal?
  13. Innocent until proven guilty applies in a court of law. These people are supposed to be public servants. I'm comfortable saying they're both rapists because I think based on the evidence I think it's extremely likely. I don't know for sure though, that's true.
  14. Yeah no that's dumb, petting isn't molestation (necessarily) he's not a pedophile. Just a rapist. Oh, sorry Kalibear, digital rapist. Words matter y'know.
  15. I agree, that's why I said Biden was the lesser rapist, not that they were equal rapists. And since you mentioned evidence, her ex husband also mentioned sexual harassment by her boss in court documents he filed while seeking a restraining order against her at the time. Again, this all goers back to the 90s, and none of it contradicts her story.
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