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  1. Let’s say Ned Stark successfully usurps the throne from Joffrey in the power move of the century. This is who I’d choose if I were him: 1. Barristan Selmy remains the lord commander. Ned would admire his honor and chivalry. 2. Brynden “Blackfish” Tully by influence of Cat. I’d love to see the Blackfish in the atmosphere of Kings Landing; he wouldn’t take anyone’s shit (especially Baelish). 3. Yohn Royce to appease the Vale. Ned would realistically fill the kingsguard with just Northmen but Yohn would be cool to see. 4. Rodrik Cassel is a no brainer. One of the most loyal swords for House Stark, he’d be one of the first chosen. 5. Loras Tyrell because they’d want to get their foot in the door. Maybe Robb marries Marg in this situation and Mace is given a council seat, idk. The last two would be members of his household guard or sons of his bannermen; Manderly, Karstark or Glover (Smalljon is the heir to Last Hearth so he wouldn’t be picked) As a bonus, Jory Cassel is picked as commander of the city watch. In this scenario, he is still alive of course.
  2. He’d be in the control of Tywin at this point. Tywin would know the implications of killing Ned so he’d never do it. Instead, he’d probably trade Ned for Tyrion and force Robb to swear fealty to Joffrey. If Robert still dies, Stannis and Renly still style themselves as the rightful king, but the North likely stays out of the War IF Sansa and Arya are returned home. The war becomes less interesting as The North, Vale and Iron Islands stay neutral. I can see Littlefinger using the stark daughters as pawns to strengthen his own position, but if not, the Stark family stays intact and the banners are never called.
  3. He’d leave to get out of Tywin, Cersei and even Joffs hair. Tywin knows Tyrion is the most politically inclined of his children (in this case he admires this quality). It isn’t too out of the ordinary considering he sent Tyrion to serve as hand “in his stead” and would send Jaime to rule in CR at any given opportunity. Tywin knows Tyrion can be useful to the house, and sending him to CR puts him out of risk from Joffrey. Tyrion was always playing devils advocate for the Starks anyway.
  4. I’d love to hear more about Davos’ perspective of the siege, and the aftermath when the siege is lifted by Ned. It would be interesting to see if Davos interacted with Ned and/or his opinion on him. Don’t remember him ever mentioning Eddard, only Stannis seems to.
  5. I feel as if Varys would have revealed what he knew if he had an urgency to. We’ve gotten some clues from Jojen and Meera about the tourney which means Howland is definitely telling people but just withholding key information. What makes you think Ashara is alive?
  6. Let’s say in an alternate universe, Tywin has just enough respect for Tyrion to give him his seat at Casterly Rock. Tyrion negotiates that he’ll marry Sansa and consummate the marriage, in exchange for the lands of titles of the Westerlands. Tywin of course knows Tyrion will probably make it his “whorehouse” but he respects Tyrion’s intelligence and ability to rule enough to ignore it, and he’d be out of the hair of Joff, Cersei, Pycelle, and others who despise him and would probably support the idea. Olenna would still probably plot Joff’s murder, but without Tyrion and Sansa, who is to blame? How does Sansa’s arc change if doesn’t go north with Baelish? I’d assume Bronn goes with Tyrion to the Rock, which means no “diplomatic mission” in Dorne, and no Oberyn death with no Tyrion trial. How does the rest of the series play out?
  7. Someone already said this, but more citadels. It’s odd how the only Citadel is in Oldtown, which geographically is an inconvenient spot for most of the people of Westeros. It would make sense if each major city had a Citadel; Lannisport, White Harbour, Gulltown and maybe even Kings Landing. They could all even have their own unique name, or specialize in a unique field of study. A citadel in White Harbour could be more we’ll equipped to educate about the Winter, or the freefolk, while the citadel in Lannisport might specialize in the teachings of gold, money etc.
  8. Obviously GRRM would never write a Roberts Rebellion book series, but what if in an alternative universe he finishes asoiaf and begins a trilogy about Roberts Rebellion? If so, how would the books be split up; which events would each book start and end on? I’d imagine the first book would begin after Roberts betrothal you Lyanna, and the events leading up to the Tourney at Harrenhal. Would the trilogy work better as a POV series or more like the Fire & Blood book? Which POV characters would we see in that scenario? I reckon it’d be cool to see a Stannis POV chapter during the siege, or Elia or Ashara when their lives ultimately ended. What do you guys think?
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