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  1. Catelyn Stark is intelligent? I may be wrong but didn't GRRM state that the Tullys are Muppets? I dislike Catelyn because she thinks she is a player but all of her decisions blow up in her face. She should have stayed in Winterfell I think she would have managed the north slot better than Rodrik and Luwin. Wyman Manderly and Barbrey Dustin are very well written. Roose as well they bring a lot more color to the Northern houses than what we saw in the earlier books which sort of made the north look like they were incapable of scheming like the other kingdoms.
  2. Yea I didn't consider magic influencing genetics in Westeros. I think Craster's son with Gilly might be exhibiting signs of inbreeding. It is mentioned several times that Mance's son is stronger and more robust than monster. Of course Craster would definitely leave any children he considered monstrous to the Others.
  3. Elinor is the oldest cousin the other two are pretty young to be having sex. Imagine if poor Lady Bulwer had been dragged into this? I doubt Margaery would risk her family's life by sleeping with Tallad the Tall or the other men who gravitated to the young queen.
  4. Why do people think Jon took a dark turn by executing Slynt? The man was plotting against him with Cersei and was actively undermining his leadership. He had to be dealt with in my opinion. The man would have executed him if he became lord commander. Sometimes you can only achieve you're goals with force in the brutal world of asoiaf.
  5. Honestly I am surprised houses like the Targaryens don't have monarchs like Charles II of Spain who is probably the most inbred monarch ever. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_II_of_Spain Compared to the Habsburgs most of the nobles aren't that bad from what we have seen.
  6. This is why I dislike Catelyn Stark. She abandoned her crippled son and Rickon to go south and make Robb look like a child. The woman was deluding herself. Mos? Catelyn defenders go on about her bein a great mother when she destroyed House Stark indirectly. I expect Skagos to be more like a cross between the Thenns and the Mountain Clans than anything.
  7. I believe both would make excellent lords. Tyrion is extremely intelligent. I also doubt Samwell will be the same ol jolly fellow after winter.
  8. I have been lurking here for a few months and I have never seen anyone refer to the Haitian Revolution. The slaves outnumbered the French ten to one which is possibly a bigger demographic problem than Slavers Bay. Also the French (and the Spanish) never had a taboo against taking a slave concubine and freeing their offspring like in the Anglo colonies. The Code Noir actually gave them and their offspring certain rights. The leaders of the revolution were drawn from this class, which was viewed as a threat to French dominance in the colony that produced the biggest proportion of coffee and sugar in the 18th century. It cracks me up that the same demographic issues in Slavers Bay is viewed as "fantastical" or silly. Its dominance of the slave trade. An international coalition is besieging Mereen in the same manner as Haiti. I hope the history of the most successful slave revolution in world history. I think the only one that can compare is the rock Zanj Rebelliom in Mesopotamia against the Abbasid Caliph are in the 9th century was successful for several years in the Basra region. I have never met anyone who studies these wonderful examples of our drive for freedom it is quite sad.
  9. I believe the slave revolution in Saint-Domingue (modern day Haiti). I believe it is the best example of a slave revolution that was able to humiliate and defeat both Napoleons empire and the British. Saint-Domingue was the wealthiest coLony in the Americas during the 18th century and it was an extremely harsh and exciting slave society. African slaves outnumbered French and creole whites close to the proportion in Slavers Bay much like in other sugar and coffee slave societies during the period. A new book about the leader of the revolution, Toussaint Louverture, is actually called the black Spartacus. I guess it is easy to forget about what the slaves in Haiti achieved. They used tactics that would be on par with Dany. The colony actually renewed its allegiance to France under the Directorate when slavery was abolished and Toussaint even became an excellent general in the French military. It was only until Napoleon reinstated slavery that the full break with colonialism was achieved. Sadly the slaver societies of our world made Haiti pay a huge indemnity. That is why the people who favor the continuation of slavery in Essos sicken me. There weren't any elite eunuch soldiers available in Haiti as well haha. Haiti was reduced to a broken spectre of itself much like Slavers Bays economy was totally dependent on the slave trade. The Europeans were terrified of slave revolts. Dany left the yunkish slave class alone and limited the destruction of Mereens aristocracy. The North should have executed every major slave owner who committed treason during the civil war it would have spared us the pain of racial strife and the rise of right wing extremism in America so yea slave owners deserve one fate only: fire and blood.
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