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  1. Interesting, I didn't think that was a problem. His baby was being held by the Watch; He was under the ruby's power; He easily could have been killed for not complying; Going to Winterfell would let him test how far the ruby's power reached; He might gain some leverage back on Jon. Of course, you're right that nothing I've listed addresses the emotional truth of the situation or the fact that we know Mance feels things deeply.
  2. I had a similar reaction to Mance's attack on the Wall. The brothers 700 feet up are freaking out about the wildings charging the Wall with their chariots and horses. What were they going to do? Run the chariots vertically up the Wall? When you're manning a high wall, the last thing you're worried about are idiots on horseback charging you.
  3. I remember one extended discussion not too long ago about gender roles and gender relations in the books. One poster actually said we can't say Ned and Cat have a good marriage because of the inherent power imbalance between them. I can only assume the person who wrote that has never been married and doesn't know what it looks like when two people actually love and respect each other. That post also ignored the actual story. With one important exception, the story gives us every indication that Cat was happy with her marriage and her family. That exception had nothing to do with Ned being a powerful lord and everything to do with Ned having brought a bastard baby back to Winterfell.
  4. Your first post said there were 3 riddles. Your second post now says there are 4 riddles. Is the new riddle: "How did I decide Benjen Stark is not a Stark?"
  5. I have the same reaction to Harys Swift in yellow breeches and a yellow cloak with a chicken sigil on his breast. It's hard to take that seriously.
  6. When I first read the books, there were a few times when I was pulled out of the story. The biggest, by far, was early in ASOS. I was reading along in Sansa’s first chapter and I got to this line. “He kissed me and threatened to kill me, and made me sing him a song.” What?! That’s not what happened. I was sure there was no kiss but I needed to check to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. I put down the book, went back to ACOK, and read that scene again. No kiss. How could the editors have missed this? This was before I started looking at forums or knew anything about the “unkiss”. I was reading the paperback version of a best seller so it seemed unlikely that this was an editing error. Was this just bad writing? Did Martin just change his mind about how he wanted the story to go, like some bad TV show? I was done reading for the day. The next day I decided to just keep on reading. Six hundred pages and a few days later, I started to get an idea what Martin was up to. This whole unkiss business was one of the reasons I eventually started visiting forums. What moments pulled you out of the story the first time you read it?
  7. A riddle is a question. Is the question "what is hidden in the crypt of Winterfell"? I assume you meant Bael's song is a key to the riddle and not the riddle itself. The song itself is a story and doesn't ask any questions. So, the riddle isn't about what is hidden in the crypt of Winterfell? It's about Jon?
  8. So many questions and possibilities here. Are all the kids in one spot or are they spread out? If they're in one spot who controls them? What if brothers loyal to Jon have them? What if in the chaos the wildings seize Selyse and want to start trading hostages? What if they don't seize Selyse but tell her they want to march on Winterfell to help Stannis? Would she let Bowen stop them from helping Stannis?
  9. I was producing a general garment only, not one custom cut for you.
  10. In the beginning I'm sure Ned didn't tell Cat because he hardly knew her. I always assumed he never told her later because he eventually realized that her clear ongoing anger at Jon was the best cover possible for making Jon really look like his bastard.
  11. Yes, and at some point A Song of Ice and Fire becomes A Song of Tin and Foil.
  12. Notice the emphasis here. “Do they keep a bear down here?” Brienne was moving, slow and wary, sword to hand; step, turn, and listen. Each step made a little splash. “A cave lion? Direwolves? Some bear? Tell me, Jaime. What lives here? What lives in the darkness?” Brienne starts with asking about a bear and only a bear. In fact, it's the first question she asks in the dream. The first verb isn't even lives. It's keep. A bear pit: "Do they keep a bear down here?" A little further on it becomes a list of animals but it ends with bear again, repeating the emphasis. After the dream, Jaime returns to Harrnehal to find they've thrown Brienne into the bear pit.
  13. You mean like Minions stacked on top of each other?
  14. Magic? Maybe Howland Reed whipped up some deep in the Neck kind of magic for making your voice sound deep in the neck.
  15. That would be some amazing irony. Joffrey sounded exactly like an immature adolescent trying to have a macho sounding sword when he chose Widow's Wail. I'm now imagining Widow's Wail as the instrument of Lady Stoneheart's grief and vengeance, a terrifying wail.
  16. You have been here far longer than I have. I haven't come across those posts yet but I believe you. I don't believe, however, that the post being argued about here is one of those.
  17. Installing oneself as head of state is the imperialism part. If Dany had just freed the slaves and moved on she wouldn't be an imperialist. If Dany killed the leaders, took the slaves, and then moved on she wouldn't be an imperialist. The Dothraki sacking cities and taking slaves doesn't make them imperialists. Creating a new government and staying to run the place is the imperialism part. Just to be clear, I don't have any strong personal opinions about Dany starting a new government in Meereen. The quoted comment isn't mine. I do, however, think you are badly misreading the post.
  18. You do realize that no one is saying that it is immoral for her to free slaves? Perhaps some of the slaver characters in the book would think that but no one writing on this forum thinks that.
  19. I agree with you that it probably isn't her children. For Catelyn, clearly her children are everything she holds dear. I've never felt that way about Cersei. If anything, Cersei really only sees her children as an extension of herself. The full quote from Maggy the Frog is "Queen you shall be... until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear." The obvious reading is another queen is coming to take her throne but, as with all good prophesies, that isn't necessarily what is being said. I've always been intrigued by the idea that the "younger and more beautiful" one is Brienne. That would certainly fit the classical mode of a prophesy that the characters completely misunderstand. In this case, it would be Cersei assuming beauty refers to just physical good looks and that "another" refers to another queen. When Catelyn comes to Renly's camp, she witnesses the blue knight defeating Loras. This scene is our introduction to Brienne. Before we know her name, before we even know that the blue knight is a woman, the crowd is shouting "A Beauty! A Beauty!" That is how Brienne is introduced to us. Cersei, of course, is already losing Jaime to Brienne and she doesn't have the slightest clue that it is happening. It would certainly fit the traditional pattern of prophesies if Cersei spends all her time trying to identify the younger and more beautiful potential queen, never once thinking the prophesy could be referring to someone like Brienne.
  20. Dany is not a native to Slaver's Bay. She had never even been there before. Are you saying the Astapori didn't see her as a foreigner? Are you saying the Meereenese don't see her as a foreigner? Just saying she grew up in Essos doesn't mean she's a native to every place in the vast continent.
  21. So you see Jaime ending up with Widow's Wail? Do we know where that sword is right now? It's smaller than Oathkeeper so it would be easier to wield one-handed. Oathkeeper is a serious name and is clearly intended to have significance. I don't know if we're supposed to take "Widow's Wail" seriously or not. If we are then Jaime using it to fight the Others doesn't seem like a fulfilment of the name.
  22. This is a structural problem with the novels. Look at the contrast between the presentation of the wildings and Dothraki. Our first introduction of wildings is Osha. We get time with her as an individual. As the story progresses, we get Castor, Ygritte, Mance, Gilly, etc. We get actual dialog, different personalities, and time spent with each of them as individuals. Even Varamyr Sixskins gets his own POV chapter! Now let's look at the Dothraki. Sure, we get Drogo as an individual. Who else do we have? Dany has three blood riders, Jhogo, Rakharo, and Aggo. Could you tell them apart? What are their personalities? How are they different? Dany has two handmaidens, Irri and Jhiqui. Are they given much personality beyond the catchphrase "It is known"? It is difficult to talk about Dothraki as varied individuals because we are given so little to work with. They are seriously underwritten in that regards. The same goes for the peoples of Slavers Bay, both slavers and slaves.
  23. It's clear in the books that the North considers wildings to be barbaric. In fact, "wildings" is just their version of "barbarians". The Dothraki are at least referred to be the name they actually call themselves. The North doesn't even acknowledge what the "wildings" call themselves.
  24. Just in terms of timing, Tommen seems more likely. He loves the Tyrells and Cersei has already started her own personal war against them. She even sees it as a fight over Tommen. It wouldn't take much for him to get caught in the middle of what's already happening in King's Landing and she's already right there with him. A lot of events would need to happen before Myrcella would be in the same spot as Tommen. Lovely analysis, by the way.
  25. Do the characters in the book ever refer to hordes of wildings? I know characters in the show referred to hordes of Dothraki but I don't remember if that was in the books too.
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