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  1. Not sure how you could say that about Eddard, while at the same time holding the opinion that Sansa is the perfect nice lady. She single handedly got Ned killed by naively spilling her heart to Cersei. That's a huge double standard IMO
  2. Oh wow, that picture's just like their sigil. Maybe I'm way off
  3. In Japanese folklore there's something called a 'Kitsune' that takes the forms of both humans and foxes. They have alot of magic and superstition around them, but most importantly (for this thread) is they have the ability to shape shift. A crucial part of specifically this spell is putting a leaf above their head. --Hey wait, that's the Florent sigil! Has anyone noticed any weird happenings around this house? The only thing that I've come up with so far is that Lady Selyse was the one who brought Melissandre (a shapeshifter) to Stannis. I'm wondering if there's anything else readers have picked up on.
  4. Use of the word 'Valonquar' is because otherwise it wouldn't be a prophecy, it would be a clear statement. Say says Robert will have 16 children, and Cersei will have 3, and without hardly taking a breath she continues to say that the little brother will strangle Cersei. @Lilac & Gooseberries Yeah I read about the younger queen being her. Totally cool with that interpretation. The Valonquar one is what I have a stronger opinion on. The valyrian word is just a distraction from her statement IMO.
  5. @Lilac & Gooseberries @dsjj251 All of Maggys prophecies are multiple part answers to the same question. The Valonquar prophecy is a direct answer to how many kids Robert and Cersei will have. She never changed the topic so by that logic the Valonquar makes the most sense to be either Tommen (I doubt it), or one of Roberts younger bastards. My money's on Edric Storm
  6. Not enough punishment for tearing apart the kingdom. It's not even enough for her off-hand evil doings. like giving Falyse Stokeworth to Qyburn just off the top of my head. Oh and the way the ruined the blue bard. I mean really. Chaining a guy up and torturing him simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Cutting off a nip and poking out an eye is hardcore. Cersei walking around naked and being insulted for an afternoon... Is that really enough? Do readers really believe that?
  7. I'm pretty sure the vision in question is her House of the Undying vision. It's at the time of the red wedding as there are dead guests laying about and hacked up tressle tables. I doubt his body was left mutilated in Walders seat to rot. Not a literal vision
  8. The Lannister cubs deaths being on their conscience is definitely not enough. Their incest tore apart the whole kingdom as soon as two or three people figured it out.
  9. @Kierria Quote by Kierria "A) it was a sudden decision by ALL of the men" Absence of NW members at their posts says otherwise. And then why only four daggers instead of fourty? Desperation yes, improvised no. I don't mind discussing it elsewhere, but the comparison between Jaime Bowen is too interesting to derail this thread.
  10. A) Sorry, but no. It was carefully planned given the timing. Jon reading the letter was either conveniently timed, or just a cherry on top for the Mutiny. C) It wasn't a minor act of disrespect so much as repeat insubordination and slander, (two of each within about 18 hours, more than anybody else in the whole series) *sorry for the double post Mod-gods
  11. Jons assassination was about 5 minutes after he read the pink letter, nowhere near enough time to prepare for the hit in the way they did it. The four killers even had the calm and ritualistic 'for the watch' moment when they did it. BM had alot of other reasons for mutiny, but desertion was not one of them. It almost makes the pink letter seem like part of a setup, a martyr moment to justify what they were up to. Jaime had a very clear reason for what he did. As for if he could have spared Aerys and killed the pyromancer, I can understand why he did it. Part for the off-chance that KL defense was successful, and part because of his disillusionment from serving in the KG and seeing what counted as a 'traitor', and the style of 'justice' that he used (Not the mention his 'champion'). I'm not defending Jaime, Jon or Bowen, just pointing out that they played the hand they were dealt. Jaime and Bowen felt like their leaders had gone off the deep end. Rules sound nice, but they're still just an imaginary construct
  12. For Cersei to not have any source of power or control is probably worse than death. She's already weakened her house to spite Kevan, alienated Jaime, and got herself imprisoned. Her saving grace could have been Tommen, but she's been abusing him through the use of a whipping boy and driving him closer to Margaery. She'll probably survive her trial somehow and be left to wallow in mediocrity.
  13. He wasn't just waiting for Robert to die, nor was he preemptively gathering swords. He went to Dragonstone because Arryn got murdered, for Stannis's own hunch. Stannis fled out of self preservation because he was afraid Robert would kill him at the mention of his kids being bastards. Also I feel like you misunderstood Stannis. He doesn't covet the throne, so much as it is his turn as Roberts true heir. And yes he did his duty to Robert over the year in many ways. Most notably wrecking the Ironborn at (fair isle?) as well as holding off the siege of Storms End. People cite alot of his other fanatical flaws when they hear that he holds the law in high regard. But he really does hold the law as high value (probably as compensation for his poor social skills). Asking "Why not pass it over to Renly" kindof shows that you haven't put yourself in his shoes.
  14. I'd support Stannis. I understand he's not the most popular, but he is Robert's true heir. If people had known the royal children were bastards then it probably would have gone straight to him. Too bad Joffrey had so much momentum right out the gate.
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