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  1. Ice spiders and unicorns oh my! oh man...I never thought I’d say this...I think I’m a little more excited about unicorns then mysterious ice monsters. Curse you Martin! Only he could do such a dastardly bewitching of my love for monsters. My inner child is kicking my elder self’s butt.
  2. Water striders or crabbs. I’m hoping something freaky, and scary, like a Lovecraft musical pageant on ice!
  3. The Mountain: Much Maligned and Misjudged.
  4. R&L=J cannon? You mean from the T.V show? Paper Prince. Im thinking the marriage certificate will be found in Maester Walgrave box. After some faceless person plants the forgery. Wasnt Danny warned against a mummers Dragon and/or paper Prince? Paper puppet dragon?
  5. Yea, I like my leaders who allow their sisters to be brutalized by the murderers of their brother. It’d be really weird if it turned out Jon had someone glammer themselves to look like Jon and this person was the one stabbed.
  6. What about the title Warden. Does that allow you to offer hospitality to an entire region? Prison Wardens of Ward’s warded against guest rights?
  7. Ha! Easy Money. Step 1. Invite all dissenters to a Fray Family planning seminar. Step 2. Don’t give attendees guest right and kill’m all. Easy money. Work both sides of the river and make’m pay to cross you. Am I hired?
  8. Sure. Robert is so big and children are so little. I have a what if for tragedy’s sake. Every night he killed him in his dreams and a thousand deaths are less than he deserves. And They never recovered the body as everyone looked for the Rubies.
  9. Beneath the roof and above the salt is something I can get on board with. But bread is to firey when leavened. Iron is no way to conduct oneself at table, unless it’s under the table. what am I saying? I have no idea. I think out loud. All these words have so many meanings. Bread represents fire and air, yeast. Salt of the sea Salt of the earth. Iron is a conductor that grounds you out from air and sea? Bah, now I’ll be up all night.
  10. Very interesting topic. I’ll have to take another look. Guest rights always make me think of vampires who require an invitation to enter a home. Does it matter who brought, owns, and offers the food? what about the roof and table? What counts as a guest gift? Mayhaps and iron come into play? Can someone post a link to all known guest right laws. Maybe we could all research this mystery together?
  11. Always wondered where his mystery influences came from. Been a long time since I read an AC book. Looks like a revisit is in order
  12. Br-other from An-other M-other. BrAn the MAn. As angry as he was, his father could not help but laugh. "You're not my son," he told Bran when they fetched him down, "you're a squirrel. So be it. If you must climb, then climb, but try not to let your mother see you." Yea, I know...I’ll take my tinfoil hat and follow camiorp out the door
  13. Can we say water magic? That could open up some comparisons. Would cited speculations be acceptable to contribute? What about possible other non-humans not north of the wall? Save that for another post?I always got the impression Smallwood was talking about the others. I’m probably wrong. If you think I may be correct could we say religious? Hovel: -religion : TABERNACLE Howling : DESOLATE, WILD Also to chant, lament, or rave. Hero : an object of extreme admirationand devotion : IDOL (-Hierophant? -Hero? Heron?) from Latin heros (plural heroes) "hero, demi-god, illustrious man," {{Hero: Greek mythology) priestess of Aphrodite who killed herself when her lover Leander drowned while trying to swim the Hellespont to see her}} "And I mean to have their heads, every one. These are wildlings. No soldiers. A few hundred heroes, drunk most like, amidst a great horde of women, children, and thralls. We will sweep over them and send them howling back to their hovels." "And this great host of his is a shambling horde, full of useless mouths who won't know what end of a sword to hold. One blow will take all the fight out of them and send them howling back to their hovels for another fifty years.” Nine wide steps had been hewn from the stony hilltop. Behind rose the howling hills of Old Wyk, with mountains in the distance black and cruel. Aeron paused where the doors once stood, pulled the cork from his waterskin, took a swallow of salt water, and turned to face the sea. We were born from the sea, and to the sea we must return. Even here he could hear the ceaseless rumble of the waves and feel the power of the god who lurked below the waters. Aeron went to his knees. You have sent your people to me, he prayed. They have left their halls and hovels, their castles and their keeps, and come here to Nagga's bones, from every fishing village and every hidden vale. Now grant to them the wisdom to know the true king when he stands before them, and the strength to shun the false. All night he prayed, for when the god was in him Aeron Greyjoy had no need of sleep, no more than the waves did, nor the fishes of the sea.
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