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  1. Rheaya Royce. Was that Deamon? Looked more like a silent stranger. Bah! I never thought she could have been a cripple like Bran. What if she couldn’t move because she was unhorsed and not because of a broken back. “ I knew you couldn’t finish. Craven!” Finish a mercy killing? Finish what? And who or when did it start? ! I’ll have to watch, reread, and think it some. I was hoping to see more screen time of the the Bronze Bitch. Imagine expressing the emotion of that scene’s dialogue atop a horse. Not easy. Talented little firecracker.
  2. When I saw the casting choice of Corlys Velayron I slapped myself a fool. I never considered The Greens and The Blacks divide at the wedding as a family one. Maybe history has white washed it to be about dresses and not skin tone or blood lines. Im unaware of it being a Westerosi custom but the division described in the book at the wedding, one side Black and the other side Green, may be the brides family and grooms family.
  3. I like this thought. What if Dunk and Egg never met? What influence would another squire or a different knight have upon each of them? Unfortunately my mind immediately went to.. Dunk losing his horse, sword, and armor in his first tourney. So Dunk decides on a “brilliant” plan, a perfect plan, to win it all back… The Pillow House Plan. If you have the coin then he’ll fill your loins. He’s thicker than a castle wall and makes small cloth’s fall! He’s a knight walker and all night peach socker! He’s Dunk the Hunk and his plan is to be your courtes-man! years later. An old and used Dunk is tied to a four-poster bed. His whore’s paint is smeared with tears and fluids. Dried pus of sailor sick sores clump in his small hairs. Dunk the once Hunk laughs sadly. “I had a plan…dreams! I wanted to be a just knight! I wanted to win tourney’s!” Spittle drips from his mouth. “I ended…just turned out. You wanna know what it feels like to take a life boy? Ha! There ain’t nothing left to take!” A crossbow sounds. Prince Joffrey exits.
  4. How can we get GRRM nominated as a Honorary Member of the Royal Society ? I know they only allow entrance of the world’s greatest scientists but maybe as an honorary member he could be included? Honorary Fellowship is intended for those who have given distinguished service to the cause of science, or who have brought great benefits to science, but who do not have the scientific achievements of the kind required of those who could be elected as Fellows or Foreign Members. Honorary Fellows include Bill Bryson and Melvyn Bragg. Prior to 1996 there were no Honorary Fellows, but there was a way to be elected to the Fellowship under what were known as 'Statute 12 arrangements'. Unfortunately literary works currently do not fit their requirements, but it should! There have been a few scientific studies of GRRMs work. One of which determined the maximum number of characters the human brain can manage and how different regions of the brain interact, relate, and store said information. ( If that’s the maximum one can read than that’s the maximum one should write. Proof of max effort from a writer. ) The society was founded as a fellowship of Natural Philosophy with the motto of “Nullius in verba” . I say his work embodies that original spirit of the society as well as being scientifically artistic and philosophical,…naturally. Lose the Ravens Call the Banners Can we do a petition? It would be an opportunity for publicity and funding for the Royal Society.
  5. Shame on you my good sir! To impugn a work blessed by the GRRM himself! I know thee to have clever eyes for I have seen thy posts, but thy ears are found wanting You mock a fun deed
  6. I love it. I had not considered the possibility when reading certain lines in F&B. Aemond’s remarks I think, Look at you and look at us. Implying that his features are pure and his nephew’s are impure bastards. When it could just be racist. Makes you think. A great threat from the north comes to end humanity. People up north are so white they’re red headed. Targaryen’s are the whitest. Looks like that prophecy has come and gone “You only lost one eye, how could you be so blind?”
  7. Good stuff a lot to consider. I’m gonna have to look at the Summer Islands. Ty
  8. Omg all this time I thought it was frith but it looks like firth. With The Friend making it Vargo’s First?
  9. Roose Bolton. I’ve always been perplexed by his name. Roose defined as Praise or to praise. Roose= Ruse? Or Rose? Bolton. Bolt defined as a bolt of wool. Bolt of lightning. Bolt as to Bar something. Bolt as to Bolt away Bol. Weakly defined as apodiabolosis. A lowering to the rank of devil. The opposite of Apotheosis. Ascending to become a god. Ton. Defined as pitch of voice or Tune. If we look at Ton as Tune and Bol as Bole: The trunk of a tree. We can gleam a few thoughts like: The pitched voice of a tree trunk. Praise on Wool. Sheep or skin worship? A ruse in wool. Wolf in sheep clothing? Praise on lighting. Ruse on lightning? Worship Bar or lock. A Fake Lock? The appearance of Roose is unlike other Northern men. Northern men are dark of hair, hairy and thick featured? Roose appears Targaryen-ish. His son Domeric is described as what you would not expect. With a like of the harp and a kind demeanor. There is that suspicious scene where Roose appears to know of and accommodate Arya’s plan to leave Harrenhall with a map and dagger. Then there’s the first time we meet Roose with Robb and Catelyn. There is also a map and dagger. He was seated at a massive stone table, a pile of maps and papers in front of him, talking intently with Roose Bolton and the Greatjon. At first he did not notice her … but his wolf did. The great grey beast was lying near the fire, but when Catelyn entered he lifted his head, and his golden eyes met hers. The lords fell silent one by one, and Robb looked up at the sudden quiet and saw her. "Mother!" he said, his voice thick with emotion. Catelyn wanted to run to him, to kiss his sweet brow, to wrap him in her arms and hold him so tightly that he would never come to harm … but here in front of his lords, she dared not. He was playing a man's part now, and she would not take that away from him. So she held herself at the far end of the basalt slab they were using for a table. The direwolf got to his feet and padded across the room to where she stood. It seemed bigger than a wolf ought to be. "You've grown a beard," she said to Robb, while Grey Wind sniffed her hand. The lords were anxious to question her further, but Catelyn raised a hand. "No doubt we will have time for all this later, but my journey has fatigued me. I would speak with my son alone. I know you will forgive me, my lords." She gave them no choice; led by the ever-obliging Lord Hornwood, the bannermen bowed and took their leave. "And you, Theon," she added when Greyjoy lingered. He smiled and left them. His look grew stubborn. "There was no one else." "No one?" she said. "Pray, who were those men I saw here a moment ago? Roose Bolton, Rickard Karstark, Galbart and Robett Glover, the Greatjon, Helman Tallhart … you might have given the command to any of them. Gods be good, you might even have sent Theon, though he would not be my choice." "They are not Starks," he said. This scene always bugged me. I thought Robb wasn’t yet able to grow a beard but Theon could. It read as if they knew this lady was not the real Catelyn and played a swop of Robb and Theon. The wolf seemed bigger then it ought? She doesn’t know it’s a dire wolf?She wants to speak to her son alone. Theon waits until he is dismissed her son Robb? The no one else comment and not Starks makes me think Starks are the only ones who can truly be a faceless man. Side note. Tohbo Mots smithy is described like a temple of black and white isn’t it? If the men around the basalt table are aware of the trick then Bolton is apart of it. Maybe Bolton has acted the part he needs to play or in truth is a Stark with to much wolf blood and needs leeching when compared to the Arya map and dagger moment both appear to have more going on
  10. Made me think pie as math Hot Three Point One Four= -Tother rune on Hot pie - The Tor Rune On Hot Pie -True North One Hot Pie Needs polishing and more numbers? Or The Hot Three point one four? 3.1415926535 8979323846 Hot Pie the baker’s orphan? Hot Pie The Baker A Baker’s Orphan? Does baking bread make him a Lord? Fire unleavened bread?? It’d be hilarious if he’s the only little orphaned boy prince kinda tropes. Not a warrior but a smith of bread. Who doesn’t like pie? Well Frays I guess. Tom: “Will you give us your names like honest men?” Hot Pie: “I'm Hot Pie.”
  11. I’ll have to try the seven star. It was one of your post’s that made me see ringlets of hair. That part at Sanaa’s wedding? Had bugged me and still does. Stupid Sansa! But it got me thinking of spirals, whorls and ringlets. Maybe two for brindle? I need to find something more solid. It’s just like: The Friend or The Friends The Friend = Free hint, D The Friend+D= Find the red. Find The Red+The Friend= Reed in fifth then ridden. (rid Ned, rid Den?) Or could it be. The Friend+Free Hint D= Freed Ned in the Frith? …but The Friend= Need Frith. So…The Friend+Firth? Could it be something like on the fifth multiple of The Friend add R example: Fifth “The Friend” Need R? So add Frith to The Friend, or add Frith to, The Friend+Find The Red+ Freed Ned in the Frith? Or do we stop when we get to Frith? Because it can keep going! Are Roman numerals used? Dear god is it math! It can go on and on leading to a muddled mind of madness! I like posting stuff at the end of threads. No one reads this far in. Makes me feel like I still am a good friend to His work. Plus no snarks and grumpkins to flame in
  12. Not very far unfortunately. It started with looking at rivers as all melted Wall water and having a unique color. Each area as it’s own biosphere, colony, or realm. Next was viewing Westeros as a Maker Breaker board. The simple game of tic-tak-toe. Where the purpose is to make a vertical or horizontal line or break the opponent’s line. Example: South to North Castle Salt Shore. Castle Stonehelm. Castle Felwood. Village Rosby. Castle Antlers. Town Saltpans. Castle Strongsong. Island Long Sister. Castle Oldcastle House Locke. When attempting to make a line I encountered a strange combination of Salt, Stone, Wood or Sky, Long or Strong, and an Iron or Oak theme. If the Castle or House name didn’t fit usually the House sigil, like Mallister an eagle for sky, would sort of fit?? Following this came the thought of threads being woven across Westeros. Each color (of White-roygbiv-Black. Paired in 3, 3, and 3=9?) or family tree being woven by 1 of three Hands. Flint, Gardener, Allyrion? ( Whoops forgot Harlaw Kind of a dead hand 10 finger Grim Reaper thing going on ) Anyway, I occasionally would come across possible anagrams or direct names related to weaving such as Heddle, Weft, and Archon=Anchor or Old Anchor. ( I need to revisit that Sansa chapter when Pyter is transporting Sansa around the Fingers.) The color of thread may be denoted by a person’s hair color. I found something good , possibly, for brindled hair weaving twice or twist I can’t recall what the sentence was tho.
  13. I had this idea of the weaving of Westeros. Elements of a foot-treadle floor loom https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loom When I was looking at the map and trying to define borders of domains. Looking at the wall as the back beam of a loom and running a thread down from each gate. With the Gods Eye as the heddle. Kings Landing as the seat. Frustration trying to fit in Essos and all the other types of looms and knitting circles (( I call it the Grey circle)) kept not panning out. I’m either completely wrong or missing something. I’m now looking at ploughing or plows and furrows. I didn’t see the teeth thing. That was another thing that bugged me. One tooth three teeth etc. teeth being a gate or portal is spot on I think. Teeth could be the teeth of a comb on a loom with words representing thread? Raven teeth, The 100, century?? Anyway it was the Lamb men and widow that made me think of wool and spiders.
  14. Could the wool of sheep be considered their fruit? Twisted into yarn or spun on a loom? Fate? Peach of a family tree? Fruit of loins?
  15. Brilliant! Never thought of the shy shireen as Stone cheeked. Or patches and peaches. This is totally wild and I’ve yet to find any true evidence but If Danny’s peach wasn’t a peach but her miscarriage, or something along those lines, then Stannis’s daughter having a bite? On her cheek and patches having a patched face, Roberts peaches picked from his own peach brothel, Stannis’s and cannibals, the child preserves of Slyse.(was that her?or only TV?) Slyse calling Edric storm the foul fruit of fornication. Gaaah! Nooo~! It’s soylent green! and How to serve man! All over again! You blew it up! You damn dirty apes!!!….this is a rabbit hole of creepiness I must get to the bottom of!
  16. I can’t nail this one down. My impression is that, sheep, people, or souls are being exchanged across domains for gold, wine, honey? and peaches for an ambrosia of power. I still haven’t found the Arbor gold wine phrase.
  17. Gah! That joke has bugged me forever. Why twisted? What’s the Sable Hall castle connection? My old theory didn’t pan out. That and the “head on a black iron spike” “mounted on a wall”. Making a stone gargoyle of them is my impression but… Is it like beheading the Head of a House and incorporating them to a physical house? I love the the tale of the Whispers of Crackclaw point. bugs me because I know there’s something I’m not seeing. Side note: The name Crackclaw is just awesome. The way it rolls off the tongue and naturally makes you add an exclamation. CrackClaw! …sorry. I need to research that.
  18. I love it. I don’t care if it’s off or on topic. Everything is connected. So much to comment on. I really like this Royce or Rune blade being broken and reforged anew? It’s got that, old Death pays for new Life Motif. Like Dawn is the blade and the sword of the morning is the man who wields it. Or the blade and man combined becomes a sword of the morning. Bah! I always thought it was the same guy reincarnated wielding the Sword. I gotta find other things other than weapons. Maidens like Margaery? Mother’s? Crones. Expecting Fathers? Like Edmure, Robb, Bah! Mother Sansa to little Robert! sorry kinda thinking out loud
  19. Nice ty. That has been a question in my mind for a while. Mirri Maz Duur chanted words in a tongue that Dany did not know, and a knife appeared in her hand. Dany never saw where it came from. It looked old; hammered red bronze, leaf-shaped, its blade covered with ancient glyphs. "No. I brought you these." Ser Jorah produced his pair of gloves, and slapped them down on the table beside the other gifts the widow had received this morning: a silver goblet, an ornate fan carved of jade leaves so thin they were translucent, and an ancient bronze dagger marked with runes. Beside such treasures the gloves looked cheap and tawdry. That dagger always stuck out to me. I wonder if it’s the same knife as Mirri’s and if Jeor had given it to the widow earlier or someone else had left Danny’s group…with even more treasures.
  20. Oh no’s! I can’t get link to work. Got it open. Thank you.
  21. I’m exactly the same. Expressing and exchanging exciting ideas is cool by me. I welcome floods of thoughts. Floods tend to water new seeds of thought or aid an existing one in growth.
  22. when I think of shaving I thought it had something to do with bug bites or leaches. The Red priest dudes conversation with a BHWOB guy. But that may only apply to shaving the head.
  23. “The First” thing is the argument of: The original inhabitants of Westeros were in the Stone and Bone Age, and were fighting against a Bronze Age people? Then later, Bone & Bronze vs. an Iron Age people? What about Valyrian Steel? And the old House Mudd of Oldstones? (( I thought house Mudd had a Bronze crown. It’s semi-canon gold. I always felt that there is a connection between House Mudd and Royce. Why House Mudd and not House Last?)) is it a House Lake)) And when battle was joined upon the shores, mighty kings and famous warriors fell before the reavers like wheat before a scythe, in such numbers that the men of the green lands told each other that the ironborn were demons risen from some watery hell, protected by fell sorceries and possessed of foul black weapons that drank the very souls of those they slew. Could this description be of what would later be known as Valyrian Steel? Would this have been during the reign of: The Grey Emperor Har Loi? The Green Sea Emperor Jar Joq? "Here lies Tristifer, the Fourth of His Name, King of the Rivers and the Hills." Her father had told her his story once. "He ruled from the Trident to the Neck, thousands of years before Jenny and her prince, in the days when the kingdoms of the First Men were falling one after the other before the onslaught of the Andals. The Hammer of Justice, they called him. the kingdom was lost, and then the castle, and last of all the line. With Tristifer the Fifth died House Mudd, that had ruled the riverlands for a thousand years before the Andals came." The Hammer of Justice was succeeded by his son, Tristifer V, or Tristifer the Last, who proved unable to stem the Andal tide and failed even to hold his own people together. The lid of the sepulcher had been carved into a likeness of the man whose bones lay beneath, but the rain and the wind had done their work. The king had worn a beard,* they could see, but otherwise his face was smooth and featureless, with only vague suggestions of a mouth, a nose, eyes, and the crown about the temples. His hands folded over the shaft of a stone warhammer that lay upon his chest. Once the warhammer would have been carved with runes that told its name and history, but all that the centuries had worn away. The stone itself was cracked and crumbling at the corners, discolored here and there by spreading white splotches of lichen, while wildroses crept up over the king's feet almost to his chest. Taken unawares by a band of Painted Dogs, King Roland I Arryn was pulled from his horse and murdered, his skull smashed in by a stone maul as he tried to free his longsword from its scabbard. Its a thin connection to a possible ancestral family weapon that could be Stone and magic’d with Runes. Maybe making them one of the Eldest family’s of Westeros. Last-Mudd-Royce? The Hammer Ice? The Just Hammer of Ice?? maybe JUSTin’s Ice Hammer???(shrug) * Beards, I need solve that meaning. Stupid bloodlines of bearded and smooth faced people. Post it if ya got something. I’ve assumed it was a legitimacy heir thing or hairy men IB. Now I gotta consider Norvosi? It’s to much!
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