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  1. Bah! I love this. But now I gotta go dig up Mole’s Town and mine for new thoughts. Stupid sable and moleskin and iron and oak and iron wood?, iron-oak tree? Bah!
  2. Love this. I’ve been looking at the Royce sigil and it’s unique design. The number of studs, bolts? and the possible meaning, or use of the runes. I can’t think GRRM would design anything without meaning or importance. At work can’t wait to finish reading this.
  3. Bah! Now I got look at the sun is the shield of Dorne quote. Ive been looking at plows or ploughing. How the CoT could see the blade of a plow as a sword. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plough beam hitch (British English: hake) vertical regulator coulter (knife coulter pictured, but disk coulter common) chisel (foreshare) share (mainshare) mouldboard Tilling and harrowing. The Traces of a plow. The different types of plow like Mole plow, Chisel plow, and Ridging plow.
  4. If we imagine The Hammer of the Waters striking the Arm, Neck and maybe the wall, Could that hammer represent a smith’s hammer? Twice the forging fails or breaks but successful on the third? It would be similar to the Azor Ahi and Nisi Nisi story. The Forging representing the bonds, or links, that bind a diverse community together. The peace pact fails twice but holds on the third attempt.
  5. It could be read that wherever the Qaathi go that they cause desertification. If a tribe was known to severely alter a local ecosystem, that may be cause enough for a drastic quarantine. If the Arm breaking didn’t stop the contamination at the sea, try breaking the Neck? Or take a bite out of it? If that fails, entrench behind a moat from the Bay of Ice to the Shivering Sea. Then build a wall. Is Dorne’s climate different because of its geographic location or something about the people of Dorne, or something they practice, have a disastrous effect that scourges verdancy into sand?…they are almost all immigrant families with a foreign culture…and Dorne does keeps a suspicious part of the population under their city in shadow…. Was Nymira and her 10,000 ships filled with women sent to breed in a calamity? Or to breed out a calamity? Are there nefarious species of monsters that look like men? Or just parasites and viral sickness infecting people? Demons and killer mages or asymptomatic plague bearers? Are the claims of some noble bloodlines, “We are not men” or “Sheep”, “Start Ups” and “Blood of the First Men”, not a claim of supremacy or arrogance of their higher social station, but a simple statement of fact?
  6. The Broken Arm of Dorne. or The Breaking, of the Broken Arm Land Bridge of Westeros and Essos?,I forget Makes me wonder about Garin the Great and Garins Curse. And the possibility of the curse causing the Doom. Nymeria and her voyage to Dorne. The mysterious Island of Ghaston Grey. The spears of the merling king in Blackwater bay and the sinking Moat Cailin Storms End and Ship Breaker Bay. Brandon the Breaker. And finally, The Stepstones. The Disputed Lands. Located between Westeros and Essos, below the North and above Sothoryos. At the very heart of the world. Bloodstone. Tyrosh. Myr. And Lys. The Stepstones are barren rocky islands. So many wars fought just to tax or pirate the shipping lanes? Could there be hidden mines like the Iron islands? Valyrian ruins filled with secrets and treasure? Maybe once an actual bridge was built connecting the islands? Like that grand bridge in Volontis? is believed that their cold breath is still said to rise from the murk to make the fogs that infest the ruined city of Chroyane, and their flesh is said to have turned as stony as their hearts. It is believed by some that Garin rose from his watery grave and became the Shrouded Lord.[2] Some say Garin's Curse brought the Doom of Valyria.[3] The Smoking Sea is the place where the sea flooded into the shattered remnant of the Valyrian peninsulaafter the Doom of Valyria.[1] Filled with volcanoes and smoking stacks of rock, it is said to boil in places and to be haunted by demons.[1
  7. Larence Snow? Ramsey Snow? Snow of sept or Snow of the eyrie? Why does she only want a glimpse?
  8. Could her vision have been of the harvest feast with Bran?
  9. I really like Mya Stone. I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things. Mya is a very interesting character and I do hope we see more of her and learn of her upbringing. She’s a sure footed climber and I hope she doesn’t fall.
  10. :Jon Arryn’s voice: “The case is strong”
  11. I just feel there may be another reason. Something with the number of people that climbed the wall was the same number in another event. Like maybe beyond the wall is the land of the dead. They have to climb up the well to enter the land of the living. The frozen tunnel representing a well and coming into this realm. Or something I don’t know
  12. It just makes me think there may be more reasons for his attack plan. Like why do the wildlings want to go through the castle black gate when going over it would have been much easier. Blackwater castle black?
  13. I kept asking myself why is it so important for Stanis to breach the mudd gate? Why risk a naval landing? A naval approach to KL that was not scouted? All of KL blacksmith were hammering out chain links and no intel about this? Better military options would be available to Stanis wouldn’t there? There are theory’s of peoples emotions being manipulated in the book along with illusions. Maybe on a mass scale?
  14. I think he’s protecting his family and his own bliss of ignorance he has created for himself.
  15. Matthew Mahr is the the perfect cast as deputy Matt. The best gaoler in all of the eerie state of Wyoming
  16. Noah Reid as Billy performs expertly as the childish bard. His yellow mustard on roast beef sandwich served with a song is beautifully performed. When he offers Amy a ride in his Ranger pickup truck its a creepy and tense moment. Until he sings her a song.
  17. You know nothing Jon snow that line made me roll my eyes at first. Then the repeated use made me blow raspberries. The last ones made me curse myself a fool.
  18. *Outer Range True orange gore nature To rue anger. * Nah I’m square. Her Quasi man. *Fritos.…fortis
  19. Fritos Juice Newton sandwich. The coors light prop. So much I’ll need to watch again.
  20. Just watched episodes 2-4 If you’re a fan of GRRM’s work I highly recommend this show.
  21. What marriage ritual did the green priestess lady want to perform on Dany? Fertility or something
  22. Anyone know if GRRM worked on the Amazon Prime show Outer Range? I’ve only watched the first episode so far.
  23. Thank you. I thought I was the only one. It’s always a series recommended to me. I really tried several times but I just can’t pick the book back up after a while
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