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  1. I could never get past the first 100 pages. I’ve tried several times. That intro man….I get it, no need to inform me that time is a wheel, I’m alive and have eyes. let me see the cogs turn and grind in this world before explaining the plot.
  2. GRRM will surprise us with growth like Tyrion in a brothel Shocking!
  3. Wow, you picked a tough book but a great one for a first foreign language read. Was it in English? His work is like some of the classic books, best read in the original language.
  4. He will outlive all of us who read his work. The enigmatic "Fra. F.R.C." in the vault (the "R.C." in the narrative
  5. Zomg I’m old. You may live long enough to see the end. Ha!
  6. I need to start a thread, Love Letters to Martin. Silly short stories of the fictional phantom of GRRM living in my head. His fingers paddling through the shallow thoughts of my mind may be entertaining for him to read on the pooper. He could then use them to wipe if they be worthy.
  7. Lol just made myself think of zombie like fans chasing a naked GRRM through the woods. Undead hoard desperately attempting to succor from his tits. GRRM punching out dead dudes and dudettes. GRRM: sreaming, “I do not consent!” Hoard: speaks in unison, “Then we shall pick through your notes after death.” GRRM: “ What the fuck?! You sick man boob sucking, grave robbing, mannerless mass of an undead nerd herd! I do not consent!” Hoard: “But we love you~”
  8. Hilarious if this was the case. The ultimate unfinished work: Unknown to the public the work is finished. The story in its entirety has been published. Only the reader must SEE what tales are being told. Peek behind the curtain in all works to find the finality. Artist goes to his crypt with a shining smile, “Now stay off my tits you mewling public. The milk is gone and dry!”
  9. I did not know that. Now I feel bad about using King Kong as my pic. It was love that killed him. Did his fans kill the mighty story he wanted to tell?
  10. Oh man I saw this thread and stood excitedly erect from my seat! :que slide whistle effect: …and softened depressingly back down. Unreleased book giving me the blues. This is how you make me feel GRRM! You to OP!..Bah! I completely sympathize with ya. I felt your pain when I read your title and I too count myself as one of GRRM’s banner men. I shall defend him eternally and come to any cause he calls for. We shall persevere through this winter, untill the wind blows my friend!
  11. I’ve had this silly idea of geometry word use, plumb, square and level, used for navigation or construction. The use of the word elbow was once used for a square. Coordinates maybe, reminds me of a classical phrase that’s bugged me to no end. “Thus leaning on my elbow…”. Most likely means below in GRRM world. Corruption from below taking hold of his hand? His corrupted hand reaching below? Ive been looking at the map and golden company landing, 90 angle? It’s a very weak and baseless thought of mine. A thought is a seed planted and GRRM has mastered the subtle planting into ones subconscious. Maybe I’m reading to much into it but your quote sparked something similar in me.
  12. I’ve been wanting to look at all things elbow. Didn’t think of this
  13. He did? That would be cool. I love nautical story stuff and mining/prospecting. Ten 10towers story would be exciting. Wind, salt air, plumbing depths and mining deep. Not sure of the question. True. I loved the fourth book but I know I’m the exception. I must admit I did hunger for the usual POV Dick Crabb gives the best tour’s of the seven 7Kingdom’s but the worst dining I love Dick Crabb, the Reader and Aeron. But not many are fans of WillIam and Dante. Areo I need to revisit. Never thought oh his POV as common but more foreign. His axe as well. Had this silly 7 or x=10 idea. Kept going in circles tho. Honestly If GRRM wrote a limerick on a shithouse wall it would be great and we’d all rush to read it. He has proven himself to be great. I wish he did not feel the need at this point to be clever or appeasing. If he does at all. Any way he puts the story forth will be good. Gap or no gap.
  14. A thought is a seed planted. Some like to watch them grow and others just want the harvest. Meh, mine rarely bare fruit. Whatever comes I’ll still be vexed.
  15. Could GRRM still implement the 5 year gap? I’ve heard him lament the lack of perspective of the story from the bottom of society. A slow swap of viewpoint to, commoners, peasants, and small folk could bridge a new gap. We all know GRRM is a tricky cheater! He could deal from the bottom of the deck. Just made myself think of a ship and “below deck”…bah! I have other books to read Martin! (Shake fist at sky.) Why you gotta have me keep coming back!
  16. House Frey Downfall -Downfall of the Twins? Or just one of them? -Downfall of House Frey? If by downfall you mean extinction, Could a House as populous as House Frey be extinguished by -The Red Wedding Revengers?- What could cause the downfall of the startups? Rat Castor maybe? Or a hungry goat?
  17. I like the idea of a “General Discussion”. Where you can chat back and forth on anything. Sometimes I feel like I spam on a thread, off topic but on a parallel subject. Kinda like what I’m doing now…
  18. Ha! Branch,Dead end. I Don’t know why I find that funny…Bran-ch?
  19. Foot note: Was gonna do an honest allusion on The Fred Astaire Dance Book and ASOIaF. I wanted to write a little story of Foot prints with a witty puzzle included but I’m getting to sleepy to finish
  20. I collect old and unusual books. One book I love is the Fred Astaire dance book. I’m more of a Gene Kelly guy but I couldn’t resist this book. The Fred Astaire dance studio method book comes with an illustrated foot guide to many different ballroom dances. Along with the instructions on the many dances are some histories and cinema references. What sold me on the purchase was the coupon cut-out of two free dance lessons at any Fred Astaire studio. The Illustrated foot guide is black and white. One pair of black feet for the lead (Male) and one pair white feet for the partner (female). Each printed foot may have a number or mark to insure correct sequence. Black step, White step, each movement between partners is the same, just the facing opposed. Two pair feet opposed and yet entwined as one dance. The illustrations can appear as a foot war at times. Each step an attempt to stomp the other. It may look like many white covered feet were attempting to trample and tread their own shadows. But it is, one black, one white, one dance. Working together. All the best dances have a partner. Never no fun to dance alone. Could you imagine? One boot black, one boot white, what motley that would make. Best be a wall flower than dance a fool? Grey as slate, and black as pool, as white is snow. But then again what do I know?
  21. I never noticed the depth of how descriptive all the teeth are in the series.
  22. The captains of the king's warships Wildwind, Prince Aemon, and River Arrow were honored next, along with some under officers from Godsgrace, Lance, Lady of Silk, and Ramshead In my head I always see a lamb when thinking of Godsgrace and Graceford. I always confuse the two and can’t find any lamb imagery connection.
  23. Guests were rushing headlong out into the night, some weeping, some stumbling and retching, others white with fear. The bells were ringing out across the city, more and more of them joining in. She kept her head down and stayed in the shadows, close behind Dontos. While descending the serpentine steps he stumbled to his knees and retched. My poor Florian, she thought, as he wiped his mouth with a floppy sleeve. "You killed him." Clutching the rail, Sansa turned away and retched. Had she escaped the Lannisters to tumble into worse? Hobbits! It’s an infestation of Hobbits! Smuggled in by Penny Pig and brother dog by way of PennyTree! How could Hobbits resist 77 courses and Melons?!
  24. Lord—Old English hlaford is a contraction of earlier hlafweard, literally "one who guards the loaves," from hlaf "bread, loaf" (see loaf (n.)) + weard "keeper, guardian" (from PIE root *wer- (3) "perceive, watch out for"). Lady—Compare lady (literally "bread-kneader"), and Old English hlafæta "household servant," literally "loaf-eater."
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