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  1. Rhoynar taught the art of making iron in Essos? I can’t recall. Rhoynr-Royce? The Nymeria are old Ghis so real Rhoynar maybe went north. Mudd Anyway, I’ve always thought The Outsiders and The Others had a connection. I’m not a fan of 1-1 thinking either. It’s a very short story that I’m sure GRRM magnified with his magnificence, if influenced by.
  2. The outsider by H.P. Lovecraft. A great short story. About climbing and the fall. The rise and the withdrawal. I’d love an opinion or discussion on this.
  3. Yea, I was hemming and hawing over or not about him. He’s a litter rider but we see him ambulate,first time?,(make a move?) with Davos. Plus he sits a throne and not a chair at White Harbor. *I know after White Castle I need to sit a throne too. Ha! I need to put Illyario and Cersei in. Illyario is definitely a move maker. But I still haven’t concluded if Wyman and Illyario are the same guy or do they play each other’s role? Is it one guy two or three? Durran is able to stand suspiciously well at times. Bah! So many cripples and mounts.
  4. I really like this. Now I gotta buy it. A new book to feed my thoughts, and double bonus my own creative imagination. Ty ty.
  5. Bah! I forgot about him. Now I gotta tinker my “seed is strong” angle. I really enjoyed this character. I Don’t even recall the prince Joffrey leg. :sigh: I only read that book once, looks like I gotta read a lot more.
  6. Oh, I wanted to see if a thought would pan out. I completely forgot about Lord Frey having to be carried and his cool chair. I had assumed it was only Bran and Duran. The Sun in the north (Karstark), and the sun in the south Martell (Nymeria). The words of Martell, unbowed, unbent, Unbroken, I always thought of as their family tree, unboughed, unbent, unbroken. Anyway, something may be ascending through descendents. Crippled equals dead? Crypt? Not moving is important to chess and other games. What people “mount” in book may have a meaning. Just wanted to gather information before posting. I need to look at chair and throne. Some other people and etc
  7. From the wiki The silver stags are known for the stag they bear. Note, they were not minted for the Baratheon dynasty only, but had already been in use during the Targaryen reign.[16] Silver stags were used in the stormlands before Aegon's Conquest, whereas silver moons were used in the Vale. After the Conquest, the Targaryens co-opted them as denominations within their new unified currency system So maybe not a mistake?
  8. The Crippled Masters Or The Crypt-ILL Masters ? I wanted to make a list of all the crippled who must be assisted in moving. Please add any you feel should join. Also anything you feel or think their inability to move freely may represent. I shall post more later. ——Lord Wyman Manderly Lord Wyman Manderly had arrived from White Harbor two days past, traveling by barge and litter, as he was too fat to sit a horse. On the dais, Lord Wymanattacked a steaming plate of lampreys as if they were an enemy host. He was so fat that Ser Rodrik had commanded that a special wide chair be built for him to sit in, but he laughed loud and often, and Bran thought he liked him. Nor did he find any welcome in the pale blue eyes of Wyman Manderly. His lordship's cushioned throne was wide enough to accommodate three men of common girth, yet Manderly threatened to overflow it. His lordship sagged into his seat, his shoulders slumped, his legs splayed, his hands resting on the arms of his throne as if the weight of them were too much to bear. Gods be good, thought Davos, when he saw Lord Wyman's face, this man looks half a corpse. His skin was pallid, with an undertone of grey. Kings and corpses always draw attendants, the old saying went. ——-Prince Bran Stark Bran had welcomed them to Winterfell from his father's high stone seat with the direwolves carved into the arms, and afterward Ser Rodrik had said he'd done well. Hodor hummed tunelessly as he went down hand under hand, Bran bouncing against his back in the wicker seat that Maester Luwin had fashioned for him. Luwin had gotten the idea from the baskets the women used to carry firewood on their backs; after that it had been a simple matter of cutting legholes and attaching some new straps to spread Bran's weight more evenly. It was not as good as riding Dancer, but there were places Dancer could not go, and this did not shame Bran the way it did when Hodor carried him in his arms like a baby. Hodor seemed to like it too, though with Hodor it was hard to tell. The only tricky part was doors. Sometimes Hodor forgot that he had Bran on his back, and that could be painful when he went through a door. ——-Lord Walder Frey Lord Walder was ninety, a wizened pink weasel with a bald spotted head, too gouty to stand unassisted. His newest wife, a pale frail girl of sixteen years, walked beside his litter when they carried him in. She was the eighth Lady Frey. They shifted Lord Walder from his litter and carried him to the high seat of the Freys, a tall chair of black oak whose back was carved in the shape of two towers linked by a bridge. ———Prince Doran Martell Bowing, he took the chest from the hands of the white knight and carried it to the dais, where Doran Martell sat in his rolling chair between his daughter Arianne and his dead brother's beloved paramour, Ellaria. The prince turned his chair laboriously to face her. Though he was but two-and-fifty, Doran Martell seemed much older. His body was soft and shapeless beneath his linen robes, and his legs were hard to look upon. The gout had swollen and reddened his joints grotesquely; his left knee was an apple, his right a melon, and his toes had turned to dark red grapes, so ripe it seemed as though a touch would burst them. Even the weight of a coverlet could make him shudder, though he bore the pain without complaint. Silence is a prince's friend, the captain had heard him tell his daughter once. ——-Willas Tyrell Willas is crippled, with a bad leg.
  9. "Would that we could," Ned said, "but we have duties now, my liege … to the realm, to our children, I to my lady wife and you to your queen. We are not the boys we were." "You were never the boy you were," Robert grumbled. "More's the pity. And yet there was that one time … what was her name, that common girl of yours? Becca? No, she was one of mine, gods love her, black hair and these sweet big eyes, you could drown in them. Yours was … Aleena? No. You told me once. Was it Merryl? You know the one I mean, your bastard's mother?" "Her name was Wylla," Ned replied with cool courtesy, "and I would sooner not speak of her." Jon felt anger rise inside him. "I'm not your son!" Benjen Stark stood up. "More's the pity." He put a hand on Jon's shoulder. "Come back to me after you've fathered a few bastards of your own, and we'll see how you feel."
  10. I always thought Stanis fit the description of Young Ned better then the father Ned. Mad axe a Baratheon? I haven’t done the work on Mad Axe. I always assumed he was Stanis or Robert. It was obvious on first read, the previous chapter described him, if I recall correctly.
  11. When the longaxe caught the blue knight's hand on the backswing and sent the morningstar flying from his grasp, the crowd screamed like a rutting beast. The Knight of Flowers raised his axe for the final blow. The blue knight charged into it. The stallions slammed together, the blunted axehead smashed against the scarred blue breastplate . . . but somehow the blue knight had the haft locked between steel-gauntleted fingers. He wrenched it from Ser Loras's hand, and suddenly the two were grappling mount-to-mount, and an instant later they were falling. —- Brienne brought the king's gauntlets and greathelm, crowned with golden antlers that would add a foot and a half to his height. "The time for talk is done. Now we see who is stronger." Renly pulled a lobstered green-and-gold gauntlet over his left hand, while Brienne knelt to buckle on his belt, heavy with the weight of longsword and dagger. —- "Not to you, perhaps," said Ser Cortnay. "I have heard your proposal, Lord Stannis. Now here is mine." He pulled off his glove and flung it full in the king's face. "Single combat. Sword, lance, or any weapon you care to name. Or if you fear to hazard your magic sword and royal skin against an old man, name you a champion, and I shall do the same." He gave Guyard Morrigen and Bryce Caron a scathing look. "Either of these pups would do nicely, I should think." And Lord Caron and the others who like to kick will want to take up ser cortnay’s gauntlet and hazard all upon a single combat.
  12. I can’t believe I didn’t think of a man dressed as a woman. Mustached women makes me think of Florents. Florents=Flower?
  13. CoK Bran4 He tried to recall all he had been taught of the crannogmen, who dwelt amongst the bogs of the Neck and seldom left their wetlands. They were a poor folk, fishers and frog-hunters who lived in houses of thatch and woven reeds on floating islands hidden in the deeps of the swamp. DWD Bran1 They lived on crushed acorns and raw fish. The woods were full of frozen streams and cold black lakes, and Meera was as good a fisher with her three-pronged frog spear as most men were with hook and line. ——- Off topic here just a side thing that bugs me. I always found this “gift of” peculiar. I’ve been wanting to apply it to things. CoK Bran4 The girl, Meera, got to her feet and helped her brother up. The boy stared at Bran all the while. "We bring you gifts of fish and frog and fowl," he said. The “Little Grandfather” needing help to stand and just stared at Bran all the wile. Gifts I think poison. Fish=Sea or Salt, Frog=Land & Water, Fowl=Sky or Air?
  14. Hodor was nothing to him. "If he does not fight us, we will let him live." Theon pointed a finger. "But say one word about sparing the wildling, and you can die with her. She swore me an oath, and pissed on it." Last night I pissed on a king's foot," Osha went on. "Might be it was morning, who can say? I was sleeping, but now I'm not." They all slept a lot, not only Bran. There was nothing else to do. Sleep and eat and sleep again, and sometimes talk a little . . . but not too much, and only in whispers, just to be safe.
  15. When Hodor came bustling in, smiling and humming tunelessly, he found the boy resigned to his fate. Together they got him washed and brushed. "The white wool doublet today," Bran commanded. "And the silver brooch. Ser Rodrik will want me to look lordly."
  16. Dream of a dream. Event 1 takes place. Has dream 1A of event. Event 2 takes place. The Ned has a dream. B. Inside this Dream B is 1A. Dream B may contain its own events B2 The Neds B2 dream containing 1A may muddle the waters. Confusing the time and place of the two dreams. If someone was invading Neds mind to gain information of the events, this could explain the discrepancies. The invader is trying to see through the lie of what took place.
  17. Yea I getcha on that. I feel the same way. I’m squinting my eyes a bit thinking maybe he was unaware of the “others” piggy backing on either of the two.
  18. I like this. It needs the “little grandfather” included somehow. IMO
  19. "It's a GoodLife" From time to time I thought of the above classic Twilight Zone episode and Forbidden Planet. I’ve been waiting for this post. Thumbs up op
  20. Forbidden Planet must remain forbidden. Good friend speak not of these things. Robby robots and ships of space are madness. Keep eyes on standing feet. There is nothing in the up but clouds.
  21. The 227 may have more to do with one of the games in the books than an accurate accounting. Could be 2 and 2 and 7. A point system 110 vs110 with the 7 as pot? Map coordinates would be cool but no evidence of that other then my love of treasure maps. Someone probably has a post. No one, The Seven 3-3-1, All one, Pentos-5? and Tyrosh-3? I’m just spitballing.
  22. My older brother told me I couldn’t play with him and his friends because it was Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. I had to just watch and wonder why they rolled dice to hit tacos. (Tacos=THAC0) I had to contend myself with their old regular D&D books. Dreaming of when I’d be cool enough for Advanced. Thank you for the memory.
  23. "Dead is dead." I do not want to know this. "Brandon was different from his brother, wasn't he? He had blood in his veins instead of cold water. More like me." "Brandon was nothing like you." "And there's my grandfather, Lord Rickard, who was beheaded by Mad King Aerys. His daughter Lyanna and his son Brandon are in the tombs beside him. Not me, another Brandon, my father's brother. They're not supposed to have statues, that's only for the lords and the kings, but my father loved them so much he had them done." "The maid's a fair one," Osha said.
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