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  1. Is there another example of someone in the books refusing a command and threatening someone? I can’t remember. I just recall the mutiny at crasters. Any other chapter characters? I always assumed Tyrion sent him to the wall for Jon to kill like a gold black dead thing. I don’t know if Tyrion did so to help/harm Jon. I thought the two of them got along at the wall. After the bloody root and bloody snow.
  2. No idea if this is relevant to ASoIF. Possibly insightful tho. The ecology of The truffle the Hartig net the fruiting body can be identified as generative, skeletal, or binding hyphae. If a fungus contains all three types (example: Trametes), it is called trimitic. Hyphae are described as "gloeoplerous" ("gloeohyphae") if their high refractive index gives them an oily or granular appearance under the microscope. These cells may be yellowish or clear (hyaline) hyaline substance is one with a glassy appearance. The word is derived from 'transparent', and ὕαλος, hýalos, 'crystal, glass'.[1][2] Felted mushrooms are interesting when thought of combined with hyaline felted and often anastomosed hyphae. Well known EcM fungal fruiting bodies include the economically important and edible truffle(Tuber) and the deadly death caps and destroying angels (Amanita). In most fungi, hyphae are divided into cells by internal cross-walls called "septa" (singular septum). Septa are usually perforated by pores A mulberry tree with silk worms plus an ectothermic or phillothermic spore would be cool Flint and limestone can contain large amounts of phosphorus. A much needed nutrient for trees and fungi. Bones are a very good source. Bone valley is a large producer of phosphorus due to its high content of fossils. The structure of the EcM network depends on the availability of nutrients. When nutrient availability is low, the investment in the underground network is high relative to above-ground growth.[42] Phosphorus is another typically limiting nutrient in many terrestrial ecosystems. Evidence suggests that phosphorus is transferred largely as orthophosphate.[40] Some mat-forming ectomycorrhizas contain ribonucleasescapable of rapidly degrading DNA to obtain phosphorus from nuclei.
  3. edit: nevermind same game different name
  4. I always assumed Tyrion sent him to the wall for Jon to kill like a gold black dead thing
  5. Now I want to create a set of wooden toys charred or burnt. A hatchling flying dragon charred black sounds cool but getting all that detail…just thought about the paint! I’d have to paint them most like a fool’s work. A natural wood grain maybe stained bah…charred black mouth? i honestly pulled my grandfather’s carving knives out of the garage. Ordering wood with Amazon. Lol
  6. Brilliant question! I’ll be thinking of this all night. Off the top of my head I’d say, 7- fool Something like a walking dog on a strangled leash choke chain or whatever. Lot to think about with that old mans woodcarvers toy gifts
  7. Made me see something I’ve been looking for. Ty. One flute will serve only to unstop your ears and dissolve the caul from off your eyes, so that you may hear and see the truths that will be laid before you." The drums were pounding, pounding, pounding, and her head with them. Pipes wailed and flutes trilled from the musicians' gallery at the foot of the hall; fiddles screeched, horns blew, the skins skirled a lively tune, but the drumming drove them all. skirling always makes me think of a banshee and the pass
  8. Any theories on a mix of bloodlines producing a particular ability? Example. When house X breeds with house Y you get ability1 children. House V breeds with House Z you get ability2 children. A child of ability1 blood breeds with a child of ability2 creating a power1 child? Has anyone done the research on breeding recipes? Any examples of the incarnation of an ancestor from a family tree? Would that be a sacrifice to a weir wood?
  9. What was the first comic con like? Who was there? What was “big” then etc. All the other conventions his gone to over the years and what drew him. Favorite childhood movies and books. Twilight zone episode. Honestly he just seems like a cool guy to hang out with.
  10. Gray roots. Could be a dye job? That book was a 15th century poem or song. The first letter of each chapter spells out My name is Padre….and I love Philomena? Very much. The book was anonymous. But the name fit a family of cardinals. Was about the Bible being based on a lie.
  11. What if the Brandon in question in the tale of Bael the bard was Eddard’s older brother? What if the Tower of Joy was in the North? Just trying to conjoin the opposing thoughts on the thread There is that old book about a man enters a dream then falls asleep in the dream and has another dream. “ My name is padre…I love Philo…” It’s a lie based on another lie.
  12. Bael wrote his own songs, and lived them. I only sing the songs that better men have made. More mead?" The singer changed the words, though. Instead of tasting a Dornishman's wife, he sang of tasting a northman's daughter. "A fool sings what he will," the maester told his anxious princess. "You must not take his words to heart. On the morrow he may remember another song, and this one will never be heard again." He can sing prettily in four tongues, Lord Steffon had written . . . whenever he came back he would bring a song. When you heard him play his high harp with the silver strings and sing o . It happens I know the song. Mance would sing it of old, when he came back from a ranging. She shrugged. "Might be it did, might be it didn't. It is a good song, though. My mother used to sing it to me. She was a woman too, Jon Snow. Like yours." She rubbed her throat where his dirk had cut her. "The song ends when they find the babe, but there is a darker end to the story. Yet Robert was Ned's king now, and not just a friend, so he said only, "Your Grace. Winterfell is yours." I betook of your lord father's meat and mead, had a look at Kingslayer and Imp . . . and made passing note of Lord Eddard's children and the wolf pups that ran at their heels." Who’s meat was it? Neds or Roberts?…”Look at Imp and Kingslayer”. Not Jamie and Tyrion. He took note of Lord Eddard’s children. Is he not including Jon as his son nor Lord Eddard’s?…Musical note of the children?
  13. Ha! Something fishy in the river lands Never had the thought about the Blackwood sigil. I need to reread the Jamie Blackwood chapters. I had a thing about elbows. I believe the Blackwood boy was described as all elbows.
  14. Maybe brackens? Woodland fungi such as Mycena epipterygiacan be found growing under the bracken canopy. Both Camarographium stephensii and Typhula quisquiliaris grow primarily from dead bracken stems. Bracken is known to produce and release allelopathic chemicals, which is an important factor in its ability to dominate other vegetation, particularly in regrowth after fire. In cattle, bracken poisoning can occur in acute and chronic forms, acute poisoning being the most common. Milk from cows that have eaten bracken may also contain ptaquiloside, which is especially concentrated in buttermilk.[21] In pigs and horses, bracken poisoning induces vitamin B1 deficiency.[23] Hydrogen cyanide is released by the young fronds of bracken when eaten by mammals or insects.[24] Two major insect moultinghormones, alpha ecdysone and 20-hydroxyecdysone, are found in bracken. These cause uncontrollable, repeated moulting in insects ingesting the fronds, leading to rapid death.[25] Bracken is currently under investigation as a possible source of new insecticides.[26]
  15. We are given the impression of Maegor’s conception as something sorcerous and foul upon first reading. His name is used as the high mark of vileness. That the title “The Cruel” was well earned. I’ve never been convinced of his cruelty. Killing cats and cutting half a face off a stable boy? could be cruel if true. But Cruelty may have not been his motive. (Attacked by a horse and cut half a face off? Suspicious.) I’m partial to believing Maegor was maligned by those who opposed him. Possibly because he was the only true born son of Aegon. Makes more sense, his father’s sword given to him by his brother, Baleon, taking the Throne, etc. Three wives or hostages? Would wives be kept in a place called “maiden vault?” I’ve never toyed with the idea. Has the sound of “No sex. None. Uh-uhh. No foolery with toolery allowed.”
  16. Ha! It’s the cut of his jib, In the square and on the level. Big builds many bricks. Attentions all angles of every word and desires to impart his view to its manifestations. May Muses make Mercury quick his quills panache.
  17. The scene that has given me a literal recurring nightmare, a truly difficult feat for a book to impart, are the Sansa chapters that occur around that long night when the Blackwater is burning. There is so much to see and interpret within the chapters that I find myself reflecting upon them, usually wile I lay in bed attempting to fall asleep. The night of the Blackwater burning has vexed me repeatedly. Especially when Sansa discovers the Hound waiting for her within her bedchamber. What my conscious mind has failed to see in the shadows of the story, maybe my subconscious mind has attempted to enlighten. As dreams may have a meaning to one’s mind that is suppressed wile awake. I shall attempt to recount my nightmare in the following: Sansa’s bedchamber night of Blackwater burning. Eerie green light illuminates interior. Old Nan knitting besides bed. Click click click. Sansa sitting upright in bed. Naked. Bloody sheets between her legs. Sansa with three pairs of six teats descending her chest. Each older than the next, wrinkled and grey haired. The bloody menstrual stain on the sheet begins to coagulate. Blood takes form of a dwarfed minstrel with harp. It begins to sing and dances into the fireplace. Hound stands in corner watching with manic and rapey eyes. “Sing for me. Sing for me little bird.” Old Nan knits. click. click. click. Thee pairs six. click. click. click. One bloody sheets. click. click. click.
  18. Harren the blacks line ended at Harrenhall. Butterwell tried for a new line with Whitewalls? So maybe just as cursed but from the other team.
  19. Winter Comes Hot Amidst salt and smoke the Prince shall come. As he shall rise, bleeding stars shall fall. All men must die, and all men must serve. There is not seven nor three but only one, true God. The one true God shall create his ritual rebirth with salt and smoke. The blood of stars shall make it rise. His Laurel crown will be of flour and ash. The one true God shall serve all men, and all men shall be served Hot. The Hot Pie shall rise, in smoke, leavened with blood and salt. All men will serve Hot Pie all men must consume Hot Pie. Oh, ye mighty, look upon him and despair! The baker has awakened! and All dreams end! The promised one, none other then King Hot Pie. The bedeviled baker. Hell’s Kitchens master. Serve or die.
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