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  1. Darkstar Next: Andrew Garfield
  2. But there was no evidence of plotting, non whatsoever
  3. It may also be the sword the 13th Lord Commander of the nights watch had (the one who Gran nan said was a Stark), perhaps a Mormont played a key role in his defeat hence why the sword might be gifted to them and why it's history isn't known ,because of its shameful past.
  4. Hi am kinda new to this but am really curious ,so is it possible to use dragon bone as a weapon against the others/wights ,I read somewhere that it has high iron content and you know it's a dragon(magical creature) so it may have an effect on them.
  5. I actually believe they hide behind "Duty" rather than "Honour"
  6. Before, But most of those who voted for him were green boys right?
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