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  1. So I passed the part where Daenerys' khalasar invaded the Lamb Men's village, took slaves and so on. Daenerys is close to giving birth. I'm curious as to what you think of the Daenerys and Drogo relationship. Personally I am squicked out by it. Young brides are normal in the series but yea no, I just can't get behind it even though they are close now. She's 14 and he's around 25-30? Correct me if I'm wrong. He was basically raping her and her POV said how she'd rather die than carry on living in the khalasar. Their whole relationship kind of gives me Stockholm Syndrome vibes. I can't decide how I feel about Drogo himself. He flips from "badass" (really liked Viserys' coronation) to "monster" to me.
  2. A simple thread. What did you think of Robb Stark?
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