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  1. my small council would include the following members: Hand of The king: Kevan Lannister. He has the wit of Tywin mixed with the honor Ned Stark, two of the best hands in the books Lord Commander of the King's Guard: Gerold Hightower. he has age experience and a wealthy family behind him, a decent choice if I say so myself. master of coin: Vayon Poole. He has a duty to his work, with experience in a similar field Master of Whisperers: Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers, I feel no need to explain this one. Master of Laws: Davos Seaworth. he has a more of a heart than most of the characters, and has seen the worst of Kingslanding. I think this could allow him to make good choices on how harshly or kindly the populous will be treated. Master of ships: Stannis baratheon. A capable military commander with much experience on a ship. Grand Maester: Aemon Targaryen. he is wise and dutiful. And that concludes my small council.
  2. this posts as my previous two is purely based around how curious I am to see all of your replies. As the name suggests your choosing your small council. the seats of the small council include: Hand of the king, Lord Commander of the Kings guard, master of coin, master of whisperers, master of ships, master of laws, Master of ships, and Grand Maester. that's it, have at it
  3. House Kerri Sigil: A Golden Chalice filled with red wine over a blue river on an off-white field Seat: The Chalice, A Short walled in castle resembling that of the letter C Words: Bitter, Sweet Location: The Reach, just over the water from Starfall Founder: Kere, A Wine merchant hailing from Qhohor Current Lord: Lawrence Kerri Lore: founded by a Qhohori wine merchant who fled to Westeros in fear of Khal Temmo and his hoard. Kere won his life by sampling his wine to The Gardener King, who enjoyed the drink so much he rewarded the merchant with land in which to build a vineyard to continue making this wine. The Vineyard would eventually become the castle now known as The Chalice. Kere's great grandson Steffon Kerri would fight on The Field of Fire where he would be gravely injured by dragon fire, and earn himself the name of The Half Burned. Steffon would later die of his injuries. Nothing too notable has happened to this family since, but their lord Lawrence Kerri does plan to change that by establishing the first Kerri Fleet. The fleet is to used for the purpose of exploration into old Valyria.
  4. Simply put I'm interested to see what people think when it comes to their own noble house. when creating your house some things to keep in mind are: House Name Sigil house words house seat Location Banner Ancestral weapon (If any) And any additional lore you would like to add
  5. my kings guard (if you really care) would include the following. Gerold Hightower, as lord commander Aemon "The Dragon knight" Sandor "The Hound" Clegane Jorah Mormont Beric Dondarrion (simply because I like his character) Robar Royce (again because I like his character) With Mandon Moore, as food tester
  6. I know this question probably gets asked a lot, but none the less I am doing it for the first post. So if you could choose anyone (within set parameters) who would you pick? the basic rules are as follows. 1. you must have seven total members of your kings guard 2. all most be native Westerosi, and human. Meaning no giants or dothraki. 3. it must make sense for them to join your KG. For example why would Robert Baratheon willing go celibate? that's it, have at it.
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