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  1. He is a future Smiling Knight, like all others who have wanted to be "like Ser Arthur Dayne". The Choice is Yours. No wonder Darkstar drinks unsweetened lemon water and is so "sour". Like Lemoncloak.
  2. I mean anyone is free to try and take his helmet off. But I think Qyburn would be smart enough to make more than difficult. Good luck. Until then: Gregor the Blessed.
  3. The first Dayne followed a fallen star, so they are more likely to tie into the Bloodstone Emperor story, especially since he was the Amethyst Empress’ brother and they look like Targaryens.
  4. Hmm, so it may yet come into play at some point. Is it believed she burned it? I feel like if she had done anything with it other than stuff it in the chest we would have known through her POV.
  5. Robert was smashed drunk, just like his “son” Joffrey, it says so in both stories. Robert still “loves” Lyanna and doesn’t want to remind himself he lost her because of his stupid drunken actions, so he still tells himself that Rhaegar kidnapped her and was the real monster. He might well believe she was really kidnapped, but what he won’t accept was that she didn’t love him. Edit: for those wondering about the crowning, Rhaegar is basically taunting Robert, because if Robert made a scene he would risk causing Lyanna to openly stand up for herself in front of everyone. So Robert knew better and pretended Rhaegar was rightfully honoring her beauty, so to save face he just shut up and stayed sitting down.
  6. Right actually it is unlikely Sansa would have just left the cloak in there forever, there is too much time between the battle and her disappearing. Interesting points nonetheless about the birth notion. I have no doubt they will meet again.
  7. So recently I made a post on Reddit about how much every single woman named Wylla echoes Lyanna, as well as Arya herself. Obviously, it's always controversial, but I felt I was on to something. The scene where Arya play-fight with Mycah "the butcher's boy" I was sure echoed some other event, likely at the Harrenhal Tourney, but I couldn't quite figure out how it would fit. Now I realize that a likely great fit would be Lyanna play-fighting with Howland. At first I thought maybe this is when the squires stumbled on them, but that doesn't quite work with the story Meera speaks of. But then note the following: This is really important: the knight was not trying to hide from everyone at this point. They literally came to him and the knights chastised their squires, after which their horses and armors were returned to them. We usually imagine the knight hurrying away never to be seen again, but the above indicates otherwise. But we know that suddenly, he disappears. Then it hit me when I noticed the following: The two men who vow to find the mystery knight are Robert Baratheon and Richard Lonmouth! That's quite an interesting duo! And then the mystery knight disappears. Who is Richard Lonmouth? And what about House Lonmouth itself, who are they? A squire to Rhaegar, a close companion, but sworn to House Baratheon! Note that we have no idea what Richard Lonmouth did during the rebellion. But back to my original point: Lyanna playfighting with Howland could have totally happened AFTER the joust! And it could have played out extremely similarly to the Arya VS Joffrey scene! Imagine the following, with Arya being Lyanna, Mycah being Howland, Sansa is Richard, Joffrey is Robert, Nymeria is Brandon. And remember Lyanna was already betrothed to Robert! So why did Rhaegar go on to put the crown of winter roses on Lyanna's lap? Why did Brandon get so outraged? Why did Robert stay quiet? Because the very next day Rhaegar was told to go look for the mystery knight, AND RICHARD LONMOUTH TOLD RHAEGAR ABOUT ALL THAT HAPPENED! Rhaegar crowned Lyanna for having beaten up Robert. Rhaegar was telling Brandon and Robert that HE KNEW that Lyanna FOUGHT Robert! He knew their relationship was screwed! And above all, he knew who the knight of the laughing tree was. This is why Robert did not go to King's Landing calling out for Lyanna when she was supposedly kidnapped. Lyanna and Robert's relationship was already over. Robert never wanted to admit it, never wanted to believe it. Who knew the truth? Robert, Brandon, Rhaegar, Lyanna, and Richard Lonmouth. And as many have theorized, Richard Lonmouth may still be alive, he might be Lemoncloak. edit: Another hint of Howland = Mycah parallel. Mycah is the one leads Arya to collect purple and green flowers, known as "poison kisses", which gives her a rash. She is all muddy like "some bog woman", and Mycah tells her to rub mud to make the itches go away. This is very "Crannogman"-like. edit2: potential remorses not towards Cersei
  8. Ah I had forgotten about that. I guess that rules it out then!
  9. I have long suspected that Gregor will be celebrated as a champion of the Seven when people find out he survived the trial, especially if he wins a second, as surely the Seven favor him if he survived not only once but twice. After all, people of King's Landing likely hold no love for the Red Viper, nor the Sand Snakes if they ever go on to cause trouble in his memory. The High Sparrow would never equate beauty with being favored by the Seven, in fact he would likely support the opposite, so as scarred as Gregor might appear it would not play against him in the High Sparrow's opinion. And as for Sandor, I feel that his conversion (if he is the grave digger) will never be accepted by the people, no matter how true his faith is, unlike his brother which is only superficial (fake vow of silence, rainbow feathers on his helm, etc.). I wonder if this cloak might not come back to haunt him. While Cersei and co. could spread any rumor that suits them at any time, someone finding his bloodied cloak among Sansa's chest could be interpreted quite horribly by those who find it, even if they didn't mean to lie about it. They could believe he hurt her and kidnaped her, killed her, or raped her, and stashed the bloody cloak in her chest before leaving. No one would believe Sandor, unless Sansa vouched for him herself. Somehow, I feel like George didn't write this for nothing, and it will come back as a plot point. Who could find it, and confront Sandor about it, who wouldn't be seen as a likely liar like Cersei her one of her agents?
  10. He would not chastise Elia, it would be the boy/man. This scene very likely echoes something that happened at the Harrenhal tourney: Aegon might do the "right thing" and not repeat what Joffrey did, which may serve to show us "another way" that things could have gone if Joffrey hadn't been an awful person. But there is also the possibility that being with Arianne, the first woman he has ever been as far as we know, that he might try to act like a "man" and screw up big time in the process. Basically, it could go in many ways, but I believe a repeat of this scene is very likely, another sort of crossroad of destinies that would shape the future based on what actions they take, maybe similarly to Rhaegar stumbling on Lyanna as he looked for the KotLT, or Joffrey and Sansa stumbling on Arya/Mycah. I don't think George would just do a 1-1 repeat of a previous scene, but I do think this will once again by a cyvasse-like moment for those involved. Aegon's move will be key. Green dragon can be thought of as a young inexperienced dragon, the golden field being the Golden Company. Biting its own tail can imply a repeat of the past.
  11. Arianne and Aegon have a walk, stumbled on Elia having sex or play-fighting with some lowborn who Aegon chastises, Elia gets really angry at him, Aegon snaps, and everything falls apart for Aegon and Arianne from here on out.
  12. If it's Mel then the theory that Euron will take over Jon's body and lead the Night's Watch (red eye crowned by crows = Night's King type of figure) is somewhat likely. She could be his Corpse Bride, who he would likely eventually sacrifice. She would get a "king" who is not afraid of doing anything whatsoever, and like Old Nan said the Night's King was fearless. Only Euron is as fearless. Mel would get to make plenty of shadow babies. Chances are Euron would eventually forge some Lightbringer-type of weapon and beat the Others into submission.
  13. I think people really misunderstand Euron's goal. There will be no eldritch apocalypse. He isn't going to make himself be the Evil Dark Lord for all of the realms to rise against in union. Euron isn't stupid, he's not Ramsay. George has made it really clear that "Dark Lord" type characters are stupid tropes that he is going to challenge. If Euron summons anything, it is to destroy it and be celebrated as a hero. And then when Euron is celebrated by the people throughout Westeros, Aeron will lose his faith.
  14. Also remember if she came as a wetnurse, she already had a child. This works with Rohanne. With not-Rohanne you have to assume Old Nan had a child already when she came to Winterfell too. Could be, but with Rohanne that bit of history is already filled-in, especially the motivation if it’s Duncan’s son. Duncan who she probably wish she had hooked up and give up her lands to be with if necessary considering everything that preceded and followed her meeting him relating to her affairs with nobles, which appears to have been awful all the way. Who better to throw everything away, even a marriage to Lannisters, just to raise the bastard orphan of her former (fake) hedge knight of a lover.
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