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  1. Never was a big fan of the costumes in GOT, felt they overdid it, and these look pretty much identical. But still looking forward to this. Velaryons being black if I feel something George would do if he rewrote the story, I think it will have been a good move.
  2. Everything I listed before points to Mance being the only good candidate for writing it.
  3. I think Mance always knew the wildlings would not survive south of the wall without blood alliances, and Val knew as well, and it's why she is high-born-like and not married yet. The plan was always for her to marry south of the wall. He probably never knew exactly how he would work that out, but it still would have been his plan. He now believes Jon would make a proper king, with a blood alliance with Val. So Mance knew they would have to change, but he could never tell them or they wouldn't follow. Now, he needs to help Jon become one the wildlings would accept as their king, and the north needs a king they would accept themselves too. It's hard work, and it obviously won't go smoothly as the north will have trouble accepting them to begin with. But that would be the plan, and he wants Jon to come and take Winterfell, because if Manderly or others do the wildlings are likely screwed. To do that, Jon needs to break from the Watch. When Rickon shows up, more wildling-like than highborn, Jon will probably push for him to be king as his regent, and chances are Rickon will be opposed because of that.
  4. Why write as if Mance wrote it? It's written as if it was Mance who was speaking. It's not that some information that Mance knew is written in the letter, it is that it is written exactly like Mance speaks and has references to things only Mance or wildlings said.
  5. The language of the letter implies it's Mance. No one ever said "black crows" in all of the books except wildlings, and they said it many times. Mance made a reference to cutting out someone's heart. The repeated "bastard" usage as Mance did. "False king" is what he was called while being "burned", so he's throwing that back at Stannis. Mance said "Ask your red witch".
  6. I think the CotF have been wanting a Targaryen + worshipper of the old gods heir as king to bring the Targaryens under the faith of the old gods, because they foresaw the destruction of the weirwoods by a dragon. The prince who was promise, his song is the song of ice and fire, it was an attempt to unite the ice (old gods) and the fire (Targaryens). This is seemingly how they neutralized the threat of the First Men before, through a blood alliance. The Pact of Ice & Fire would have been an attempt to produce such an heir but it didn't come to fruition. Jenny of Oldstones + Duncan the Small would have been another attempt. Ultimately it was fulfilled by Rhaegar and Lyanna, but I think they have misinterpreted the future, and it won't be a Targaryen who controls the dragon that burns the weirwood. Bran is supposed to just replace Bloodraven and help fulfill their plan, but he won't do what they expected. He will be the one skinchanging Drogon to burn the weirwood, and they misinterpreted the future, they assumed it was the Targaryens because they saw a dragon. In doing so, he would forget himself, unable to return to his body, so Drogon would also have to then be killed too (probably by Tyrion, killing his childhood dream by killing the last dragon). And like that magic is gone.
  7. Could be the vision is of a dragon eating the other wounded one, allowing George to justify speeding up the growth of the remaining dragon.
  8. The implication is the NK's name was Brandon and he was defeated by another Brandon, Brandon the Breaker, and Jon is the future NK and Bran Stark the future Brandon the Breaker
  9. From Lyanna's point of view it's not complicated like you make it out to be. She and Rhaegar had a child. Rhaegar probably thought he would live, so we can assume he probably didn't pick a name yet, but may have, doesn't matter. Jon is born, and Lyanna knows Rhaegar is dead by then, news travel faster than knights. So she names her child Brandon, the brother who died looking for her. Done. It has nothing to do with "secret names" lol. She didn't give Ned instructions on how to keep Jon from knowing who he is and all that, that was Ned's doing. She ask Ned to protect him. Ned then decided to give him another name afterwards as Brandon would be a problem back home.
  10. Depends on why Rhaegar left, which was for war. So quite a different situation and he may well have chosen a name ahead. If people believe he no longer thought that Aegon was the prince who was promised, no longer going to be king, that his song was no longer the song of ice and fire, they are saying we don't know at all what he might have been thinking or what he might have foreseen at that point. And if no name was chosen and Lyanna knew Rhaegar died, why wouldn't Lyanna name him? In that case, no way would she name him Jon lol. Would she name him Benjen? Aemon? Or Brandon?
  11. It’s exactly why we have character arcs.
  12. Stretching TWoW in two years seems like... a stretch. If it ends with some sort of peace/calm before the storm, you could fit close to a year between Dany and co. getting ready to sail and landing in Westeros. You don't bring a huge army over the sea easily. Oh, the Golden Company did. I guess not. But still, all we would really need is some sort of victory/ending to many plot lines, to set up the calm before the storm, and then you can throw a year of nothing between the two books. At this point, I don't think it really matters.
  13. Catelyn's desire to revive Robb could end up being impossible to accomplish for various reasons, and if so she would realize as much once she finds Robb's corpse/head at the Twins most likely. So then it's just a matter of her finding out at least one of her sons remains. Rickon would seem to be the most likely to emerge first, which could draw her north, maybe even bring an early end to her revenge plot in the Riverlands as she hurries off to reach him. Next would be Bran, if Rickon dies. But who knows when Bran would return if he does. Which would then leave only Jon. That might be one conflict for LS' heart ahead; what would she do if the only son the Starks have left is Jon? King Jon is Robb's will.
  14. I just think she will give up on it all, not wanting to go on, and give Jon that kiss, hoping that maybe this is what she is meant to do, but not wanting to find out if she was wrong again.
  15. I think she dies because she would be insufferable to the readers by then. She screwed up too many times, while acting all-knowing. Her POV chapters revealed she knows nothing, that she has been raised by fanatics and is a victim of it. She's about to commit the greatest of offenses all because she was so sure about what she didn't understand. Time to move on, either by dying or going far away.
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