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  1. It became too civilized, essentially like a bustling colony. The CotF could not allow that, just like Harrenhal.
  2. She is at risk of becoming “the Hound”. Could be that as she seeks to “become a knight” she just ends up becoming what the Hound had become. Her disfigurement is a hint of it. Will she start wearing a helmet to hide her face? Will she pick up the Hound’s helmet? I think this is the risk that lies ahead of her. But ultimately I think she is going after Stannis. Kill him with Oathkeeper. Sadly Cat did not promise.
  3. But there are no hints of long ship culture in Essos. Where we have long ships is actually on the west coast of Westeros. Andals existed in Essos, but the historical claims tying the "Andals" of Westeros to them are extremely dubious; as in, they may be descendants of those who once lived in Essos, but the written history does not fit whatsoever with what we know of Essos vs Westeros, it all only makes sense if it was written about events and people in Westeros.
  4. The Andals existed in Essos, but the historical claims made in Westeros about historical continuity from Essos to Westeros is false: the Faith, knighthood, tourneys, etc., that all emerged in Westeros over time.
  5. Hugor of the Hill. What hill? The Andals are not really from Essos, at least not the ones actually mentioned in history. Knights, tourneys, the faith of the Seven, all of that emerged in Westeros over time. Hugor of the Hill = Casterly Rock. Uthor of the Hightower is Hugor of the Hill or related. The first Hightower was built of timber. It was probably made of the cut down wood of High Heart. Hightower was torn down to make 44 ships of weirwood. The 44 masts on Nagga's Hill are from those ships. Hugor had 44 mighty sons, who wore plates of iron, and who would conquer far away lands. They conquered the iron islands and more. Uthor of Hightower married Maris the Maid, but Argoth Stoneskin had crowned her at the first tourney, and Argoth left and "roared outside the walls of Oldtown". Stoneskin, grey skin, or full plate iron armor? "King Theon Stark" is said to have defeated the Andal warlord Argos Sevenstar in the Battle of the Weeping Water. The King of Winter then sailed across the narrow sea to the coast of Andalos with Argos's body displayed on the prow of his ship like a figurehead. Theon burned a score of Andal villages, killing hundreds and capturing three tower houses and a fortified sept. The king displayed the spiked heads of his victims along his coastline to deter future invaders. This likely did not take place in Essos, it is probably literally the Three Towers island right outside Oldtown. Agos Sevenstar was probably Argoth Stoneskin, and Theon Stark just went and took revenge on where he came from, outside of Oldtown on Three Towers island. Azor Ahai Huzor Amai, the Amazing Huzor Amazing, or the Great? The Great Huzor, the Great Hugor, the Great Uthor, the Great Other. You have the Fisher Queens too Silver Sea, like Greywater. Floating palaces, like Greywater Watch. Favored by the gods. Either they eventually fled to Westeros, or it was always a story set in Westeros.
  6. I think Ygg was the original Hightower, made of timber, so it may have been made of weirwood timber. Hightower's sigil is a white tower with red flames above, which is weirwood-ish. Uthor of the Hightower, Hugor of the Hill, fourty four masts on Nagga's hill, Hugor's four four mighty sons armored in iron plate.
  7. I imagine that Jaime would fight him, kill him, and then discover his identity (he might know he's not the real Hound just from looking at him but curious to know who is under it). I think it would be interesting from Jaime's POV as he would remember where they came from, in their youth, and how they ended up in the situation they were in now. It's always possible that Jaime might not kill him and discover his identity beforehand, and maybe somehow manage to "save" Lem like in a way he has or has been trying to lift up Brienne. In any case, too many people forget Ilyn Payne in all this. He's coming to save Jaime and Pod!
  8. Or this! Totally became Darth Vader in the dream.
  9. Lem has become the new Smiling Knight. He is probably very similar to Jaime in some way, both having once looked up to be like Arthur Dayne (Lem was Rhaegar's squire and a close friend, but Arthur was Rhaegar's BFF). He's wearing the Hound's helm, and Jaime said the Hound is now the Smiling Knight of his youth. I'm thinking he's going to keep the helmet on to not have Jaime recognize him, but they might end up confronting one another, Jaime might be the one to kill him. In doing so, Jaime would figuratively take Arthur Dayne's place. All that is missing is for Jaime to lead the smallfolk against the BwB, but right now he doesn't seem to be in a position to do that and he refuse the opportunity to join the Freys in doing so at the dinner.
  10. I think it's just a Valyrian Steel sword equivalent with a glamor like Stannis'. The reason only those "worthy" can wield it is because otherwise it would ruin the sword's reputation if it was ever used by average swordsmen that inherited it just because they're heirs. The Daynes are basically a family of rich privileged people with fake history to back them up. They are probably descendants of the Bloodstone Emperor, who is also said to have founded the Church of Starry Wisdom, and probably use blood magic to light up the sword.
  11. Not only that, Jaime said the Freys should do like Arthur did against the Kingswood Brotherhood and get the smallfolks to turn against the Brotherhood. I think this is what will finish the brotherhood.
  12. In any case, LS won't let her go, breaking her own promise to Brienne, so Brienne will break her oath to her.
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