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  1. But I didn't say she was Ashara's daughter. Babies go in swords. Fire and blood. Dawn was alive with light.
  2. People always forget the dark ending not told in Bael’s song: when the head of Bael is brought to the mother by her son (Bael’s son) she jumps out of a tower in grief. Exactly like Ashara. And Bael the Bard’s song is totally the Rhaegar+Lyanna story, so the parallel is even stronger. Then the son supposedly died soon after and his skin was peeled and worn as a cloak. Ashara is said to have given birth to a stillborn daughter. And Barristan believes Ned (or Brandon, it’s not clear) was the father. Could be. Or not. If the dark ending to Bael’s story is a continuation of the Rhaegar+Lyanna story, the son of the grieving mother who brings her Bael’s head is Ned Stark bringing news of the death of Rhaegar to Ashara. Where is the “skinning to make a skin cloak out of her son parallel” of the story? Barristan sees Ashara in Daenerys’ eyes, as if Ashara could have been her mother. Daenerys has memories of a house with a red door and a lemon tree. A kind of tree which grows in Dorne. Darkstar drinks unsweetened lemonwater and his house is next to Starfall. A stillborn daughter. Let it lie. A cloak of skin. Let it lie. Daenerys flew.
  3. I believe the story ends with the north and Winterfell lost to a long winter with no end in sight, with the Starks dreaming of a spring, longing for the day they'll be able to be home again. Aegon, the beloved king, but Sansa would have learned much through her journey and become the true power behind the throne, working to secure the Starks' future above all, as they long for home. A time for wolves. A dream of spring. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths.
  4. As soon as Dawn was returned by Ned, Ashara jumps out of the Palestone Sword into the sea. Palestone sword = SWORD Sea = WATER Now Ashara lives on in Daenerys. Another tempering coming?
  5. Why is there a permanent snow storm on Winterfell that isn't moving away now that the Starks are no longer there? Like, you'd think the blizzard would happen further north if anywhere. It's on Winterfell, just staying there, to the point where it's unlivable. Why?
  6. Now that there are no Starks in Winterfell a permanent snow blizzard sits on it, did you notice? As if it is becoming hospitable to the Others. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell? If not, Winter is coming? Is it becoming inhospitable to prevent anyone but the Starks to live there, are the Others coming like they’re the first responders? Are the Others coming to take Winterfell now that the Starks are gone to reclaim it for themselves? Why is there a cave system where humans could likely still live in and fish and survive if they learned to love darkness like the CotF or like Bloodraven said? A cave system much like the one where Bloodraven is?
  7. Someone tell me why the dragons/Targs in Dany’s dreams try to stop her from remembering who she is every time Quaithe tells her to, as she thinks of the red door and the lemon tree or gardening? And in all those dreams it ties to stars, stars that fall/disappear, etc. Ashara=In Daenerys head, but she has forgotten. Ashara knows something no one else knows or that some don’t want her to know. Why? Quaithe tries to make her remember, but then she is pulled away by the dragons, and their wings shadow her dreams. We know skinchangers forget. Faceless men masks also hold memories. Glamors work with items people owned which hold memories. What did Ashara know?
  8. Remember who she is? What do the dragons know? That she is NOT Daenerys. She sees HOME in the distance, but when she tries to go back to it Viseris threatens her, so she is taken back to being Daenerys in Drogo's arms, yet she then calls for home again, but home disappears: the stars disappear as wings appear. Stars disappearing, Starfall, in Dorne, where the lemon trees grow, home disappears from her twice when threatened by the waking dragon. The dragons know. Their wings shadow her dreams. Different skins are easier to change into than others. So what about a baby? Was Ashara told to fly? Like Bran? Like Euron? And Ashara can still be seen in Daenerys' eyes. And even with Faceless Men, the face remembers:
  9. Regarding the long night: And beyond, where the Honeywine widened into Whispering Sound, rose the Hightower, its beacon fires bright against the dawn. From where it stood atop the bluffs of Battle Island, its shadow cut the city like a sword. From a smoking tower, a great stone beast took wing, breathing shadow fire. . . .
  10. No no. I've come to the conclusion in my Hightower = Lightbringer post that how magic is expressed in the books is always: magic = light/fire in "a higher dimension", but shadow/blue flame when it actually impacts the world (all figuratively of course). So for example, Leaf speaks of their former dawn and how now their own long night is coming, all the while speaking of a future where humanity rules, which would seem to contradict a coming long night. What is a light to one is a shadow to another and vice-versa. So all magic is light which casts a shadow, it is always double-edged.
  11. Who says all magic is cast by the same person? A fire wight is a flame animated so that its shadow can be "SWORD!" against others. I didn't say fire wights are mummered by the same who mummers the Others. As to why would one want to unite the kingdoms of Westeros, why not? Why not for the same reasons others wanted to before? You just have to find out who is the mummer to know why.
  12. The Others are a mummer’s trick, a shadow on the wall. Fire and light is never the outcome of magic, the shadow is each time. Shadows, blue flames, they are the sword cast by the light of magic. A fire wight is a living flame inside a corpse, the corpse and those who follow it its shadow and the shadow is its weapon. Hightower is seen as a beacon of light yet it stands against dawn, its shadow cutting the city like a sword. The Others are made to appear as evil incarnate so that all unite against them. It’s a trick to unite the kingdoms. The Boltons are an example of how such dynamics play out, and how more is needed than just a common enemy to forge peace; divisions must be eliminated, compromises must be made. In time Bran will learn to love the darkness, the shadows, the mummer’s tricks.
  13. Very interesting. I always saw Jorah as a hypocrite, an obsessive and possessive man, sexually obsessed with Daenerys, and I believe he is the one who will kill her in the end with Heartsbane. But, let me put some unsubstantiated tinfoil on... Imagine if Jorah’s greatest gamble of all was... Daenerys Targaryen. By that I mean that Ilyrio is repaying him a favor by banking Daenerys. His bet was Aegon, but Jorah pushed Ilyrio to fund Daenerys’ rise for himself. A debt of affection to a friend, a friend who may have helped Ilyrio get rich through slavery before?
  14. Lightbringer is Hightower, just made a thread about it today
  15. What is Dawn for the old gods is a long night for humans, and a long night for the old gods is dawn for humans. Leaf said it literally. The dark trees with blue leaves are the "shadow" of the white trees with red leaves which are light to the old gods. A light casts shadows. Hence the very existence of the weirwood causes the existence of the opposite sort of tree, and humans have drunk from it, which may give humans the equivalent of the "stolen fire of the gods" of Prometheus, figuratively speaking, knowledge they should not have, powers they can abuse. It may have been in a way the original "sin" through which humans sought knowledge. Lightbringer, Lucifer, Light Bearer, you get the idea. By now, humans have built a literal monument to all knowledge, which ultimately stands like a shadow against the monument of knowledge of the old gods: If humans adopted cremation, the weirwoods would no longer have anything uploaded to them. The old gods would know nothing. Burning blood, burning people and trees and so on, it may all serve humans, but it casts shadows against the old gods. Hightower is said to have a beacon burning AGAINST dawn, with its shadow cutting the city like a SWORD. Yet it is a place of knowledge and fire and light. Light always casts shadows. The Azor Ahai prophecy where dragons are awaken out of stone is about Hightower, which specifically sits in the island surrounded by salt water (the books specifically tells us Honeywine empties itself in the Whispering Sound, the former being fresh water and the later being sea water), and it is a smoking tower. Think of the stories about Bran the builder: he is responsible for structures which allowed humans to survive against the gods, such as in Durran Godsgrief' story where he advised on how to build Storm's End which ultimately succeeded in stopping repeated attacks from the gods, the Wall which stands against the Others, Oldtown's Hightower which holds so much knowledge. So dawn and light and shadow can have the same meaning for and against humans, and for and against the old gods, in reverse. The Others look like ice with blue-fire eyes because they are, from the view of the old gods, a shadow cast by the bright light of the gods. The Others are the opposite of what Hightower represents, they are dawn for the old gods, a shadow cast against the dawn of humanity. From humanity's point of view they are night, cold, blue fire, but from the point of view of the old gods they are day, hot, red fire, against humanity. The weirwood are white and red because that is their very selves, their own image, they look as such to anyone because they literally are the light of the gods. But whenever someone shadowy is created, it is created from a light. Mel's shadow creature is born out of the light she uses. An Other is born out of the light of the gods. Light can cast a shadow against humans, just like humans can make light to cast a shadow against the gods. Leyton Hightower will likely hatch a dragon, or a beast of some sort, from Hightower, using secret knowledge or magic, as seen in Daenerys' vision. He has not been seen since the Greyjoy rebellion, and is now with his daughter preparing the defenses of Oldtown using magic. Dragon eggs are constantly referred to as stones: When you start to think in those terms a lot of the stories about dawn and light and fire and shadows and red and blue and fire and ice it starts to make more sense. Magic is light, and it casts a shadow, and it is the shadow which is the weapon itself which cuts like a sword. You drink shade of the evening? You end up with blue bruised lips, because you are drinking a sword, figuratively speaking. Fire wights? They are living fire, their shadow is their SWORD, their sword is the people who obey them. Bloodraven? His eye is red like burning ambers, those who he used were his shadow, his sword. True for Beric too. True for Lady Stoneheart.
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