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  1. Macey was killed the Red Wedding, Maege is with Robbett Glover and the other sister must needs defend their borders surely?
  2. The 600 men from the Rills were probably defeated by the Freys after the Red Wedding when the Freys sent men to defeat Seaguard and bring them to bay. The Karstark men in the Riverlands probably joined the Boltons in betraying the Starks after Roose Bolton sent them a raven to explain the situation. The expedition to the Neck will probably yield a rather large army of Crannogmen (they are the only Northern House at 100% strength) who will join the new Stark Army lead by Jon, Lyanna Mormont and Ned Umber
  3. Where is 3500 soldiers Robb brought to the Twins? Will we see them later? They can't all have been killed as historically only small numbers die in battle and 90-95% flee. Can the Boltons and Freys really have killed all the 3500, how would they even know who to kill and how would no one let it slip if ALL the Boltons and Freys knew?!?? I imagine the majority of the 3500 (3000 I predict) will form the bulk of Jon's Stark Army vs Ramsay. I imagine them arriving to help Jon to tell them that fought with the Young Wolf and now they will loyally fight and die for him if needs be. They will have great battlefield skill being veterans of half a hundred battles like Whispering wood, oxcross and more.
  4. Oh yes that's when he tells Tyrion that even though Robb Stark has more men he can still be defeated by a single arrow at dinner. Robb was a skillfull warrior but even the mightiest fighter can be slain by an arrow and Robb was pierced by many
  5. But why do we not see these men like who are very humble but extremely skilled fight or behalf of say Tywin Lannister or Loras? Were they exclusively yew bow archers or just swordsmen?
  6. Is it not more realistic for the noble houses to all have average or slightly below average fighters? If they command from the rear then surely the warriors in the vanguard would be elite and should rise to prominence and feature more in the books? E.g. should someone like Loras Tyrell not have a champion to do his fighting?
  7. I think it's pretty strange the different houses don't have signature attacks, considering they are all marital houses and many have valyrian steel swords. GRRM is usually pretty accurate about things historically but think he may have overlooked different moves and fighting styles. The Starks generally use greatswords and would probably use honourable tactics and great sweeping motions with their blades, making clear their intentions in a fight and not misleading the opponent. The Boltons would specialise in blazing speed, utilising razor sharp knives in battle wielded with both hands to slash at an alarming rate. They would trick opponents, exploit openings, inflict bleed damage in conjuction with acrobatics and light armour types like chain mail and leather. Heirs of House Lannister could use a battlecry that mimics the roar of the Lion - their sigil - to double attack power, speed and ferocity but at the cost of stamina (Hear me Roar) Tyrells use horses in Battle and lances to make up for their slight builds and practice against three men in order to bring their skills up to the level of the other great houses. Greyjoys are thought to be great archers and also use impenetrable iron armor with helmets shaped like krakens to inflict fear against opponents. They never back down from a fight and have massive defense, endurance and are fast learners when it comes to improvising in a fight. Their massive plethora of weapons is axes, swords and spears but they prefer axes which most are very deadly with. House Martell use throwing spears but also regular spears that they coat in poison (Oberyn Martell - aCoK) which is thickened basilisk venom for a quick or slow death depending on the quantity used. They use a darting motion like the snakes of Dorne with spear jabs and they use metal shields that while heavier than oak sheilds can be used to reflect the sun at opponebts in a fight. They are also proficient swordsmen but are quite rash. Their blades include longswords and scimitars. Baratheons use massive weapons like Hammers with deadly effect in conjuction with exquisite green amd gold stag shaped armor. They have huge attack, strength, stamina and endurance and can increase these attributes in allys with a battle cry. Excellent leadership and lightning fast reflexes make a fully armoured baratheon truly a nightmare made real. Thoughts on other houses?
  8. Do you think the firewyrms killed the dragons? Maybe infecting them all. After Balerion went to Valyria I think he was infected as he got really slow
  9. They could have escaped and it is shown they can fly very fast especially Meleys and Caraxes is said to be very lean so very fast. Why can they not fly away from the eruptions and surely it would have taken at least an hour for the eruption to happen? Even the slowest of Dragons should have flown away..... GRRM needs to be more realistic
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