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  1. Do you think the firewyrms killed the dragons? Maybe infecting them all. After Balerion went to Valyria I think he was infected as he got really slow
  2. They could have escaped and it is shown they can fly very fast especially Meleys and Caraxes is said to be very lean so very fast. Why can they not fly away from the eruptions and surely it would have taken at least an hour for the eruption to happen? Even the slowest of Dragons should have flown away..... GRRM needs to be more realistic
  3. Team 1: Aberdeen - unmatched swordsman, acrobatics, Rapier, myrish stilleto leather armour, inspires loyalty, trained hard with unsullied, fighting pits, beyond the wall, yi-ti and some other places Wensleydeen - Aberdeen's good friend, stout of body but steadfast in his loyalties, pinewood shield, shortsword, rolls to dodge attacks Okoye- Summerislander, valyrian steel spear, acrobatics, deflecting arrows by spinning spear, fabric clothes and fearless Floki - fighting axe and knife, 7 foot tall, worships strange gods, from a distant land, not afraid of a fight, fast reactions, 3 throwing axes Tygett Lannister - discovered by Aberdeen and Wenslydeen in Valyria fighting demons, wields Brightroar but feels immense guilt for being a Lannister, does the right thing, blonde hair Aberdeens Squire - Flail with spiked ball, 13 years old, below average warrior but acrobatics and doesn't give up easily, plate armour with Greathelm and red streamers Vs Team 2 The Pride of Westeros Jaime Lannister - gold armor, gilded longsword and war lance made of goldenwood, warhorse, will fight dirty, high stamina and strength Ned Stark - plain steel armour with high defence, Ice the sword, honorable man and direwolf familiar Theon Greyjoy - weirwood bow and 25 weirwood arrows, can be revived if submerged in water and returns more powerful, dagger, longsword, wears hunting greens but also ringmail Loras Tyrell - jewelled armor, lance, slim as a sword, forget me not flower Cape, beautiful female horse, longaxe stored on horse, sword, dagger, love of the commons Stannis Baratheon - red gold crown, light bringer, studded brigadine, unwavering discipline Edmure Tully - Rash but a good man, longbow, 25 arrows, red beard, full plate armour, greathelm with fish on it, red and blue Cape, warhammer Can do a hypothetical battle if interest high enough
  4. But surely enough people knew that they fought and Ned came out alive while Arthur didn't? Cersei knew and would have heard from either Jaime or Robert and Jaime thought Arthur was a god with a sword. From what Jaime said and thought about him, Arthur should have beat Ned and his friends by himself.
  5. He beat Arthur Dayne who everyone acknowledges was the best, not to mention Whent and Hightower. No one knows Howland Reed helped him or played major role. Why the heck does Westeros not hail him as the best now? Ps. He should have kept Dawn.....
  6. This actually makes quite a lot of sense. Thanks!
  7. Obviously they only do it if they are super fit which if you train every day you will be?
  8. General consensus seems to be if used well, an acrobatic fighting style using knives and maybe even a spear would defeat most knights as they don't know how to react to maneuvers. I don't recall Bronn using any spins or flips so I think whoever wrote that is confused a bit....
  9. Swords generally can penetrate the gaps which is a real worry which happens when Oberyn got the Mountain that time they found so I'm saying maybe just shed the armor for the extra speed as competent swordsmen know exactly where all your weak points are. Maybe using knives to increase slash speed in combo with light armor like leather/studded leather
  10. I suppose that makes sense but would not wearing armor not make it very easy to dodge sword slashes and even arrows? I know warhammer blows could be dodged wearing armor as they are famously massive and cumbersome but I definitely agree that I wouldn't be pulling off spin attack but someone with Jaimes skill could as it increases the strike force
  11. Only 3 rode dragons but he had 10? Seems like a no brainer
  12. Is it just me or a bit weird none of the main characters utilitise speed and agility to win their battles? They mostly just armor themselves and rely on big swords whereas it would be more effective to use light armor and be more mobile? Backflips are non-existent and spin attacks aren't a thing? Can someone shed light or am I being silly?
  13. I actually wrote him to be the same age Rhaegar would be so actually it is him and Rhaegar Frey is the same person because after his body was washed away down the Trident he was found by Walder Frey who raised him as his son as he was impressed with his wits and swordplay.
  14. Rhaegar Frey or Targaryan? Both would explain his presence at the ceremony......
  15. Grey Wind is named because that's the colour of the icy blast emitted from the palms of a patriarch of House Stark?
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