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  1. Is it GRRM subverting our expectations? Ned is defeated by Dayne except for Howland Reed defeating Dayne to save Ned. Ned is also defeated by Lord Royce alongside Ser Rodrik who has jumped on to defend Ned as he owes Ned his allegiance and the Bronze Yohn is an old man at this point. Ned is also unable to defeat the Lannister guards who attack him in KL despite him and his best soldiers being mounted and he is unhorsed. He just appears to be quite pathetic and he also doesn't wield Ice as he feels he is unworthy which tells a lot. Robb fights Joffrey who is stated to have swatted him away but Joffrey is exceptionally tall for his age so this may have been a factor. Robb and Catelyn also state that Robb would be no match for Jaime Lannister and if not for Robbs bodyguards Jaime would have killed him. Robb then is wounded by an archer at The Crag which is a weak castle and he is unable to fight anyone effectively at the Red Wedding despite his party being highborn warriors (Although the Smalljon and Dacey Mormont do quite well until they are defeated). Jon only defeats the Halfhand when Ghost bites his calf which would be excruciating otherwise he was going down. Jon also almost loses to Halder during the 3 vs 3 in AGOT and he loses to Iron Emmet often and he is also defeated by Mance even after being promoted to LC. Terrible showing from all the Stark men... But Arya is shown to be very powerful. Generally in fantasy the main guys are very powerful swordsmen like Aragorn, Geralt and Obi Wan but Ned Jon and Robb fall short.
  2. Stannis only brings Melisandre to treat with Renly at Storm's End in OTL and he doesn't exactly need guards because he thinks Renly is giving him his army. Renly knows about politics enough to know that Stannis would never suspect this as Stannis would never kinslay.... Stannis only had 5000 in ACOK but he leaves them at outside Storms End to speak with Renly. Yes Renly bought the rumours using Mace Tyrells coin and he paid for info on how to capture her by contacting other people who know about magic... Yes the chains exists and Renly learns about them from Lord Hightower as he rules Oldtown and knows about stuff like this probably.
  3. Stannis only brings a small number of guards so he can move faster as larger forces attract too much attention. I already knew about Melisandre and have the chains that dampen magical abilities which I obtained from the Citadel. They are probably made from silver which is known to hurt magical beings and Iron which is toxic to supernatural creatures and possibly meteor ore like from what Dawn is made of.
  4. Attacking Robb from behind is crucial because it teaches the people of KL that Renly would never let the smallfolk suffer as remember the people of KL will know about Robb's Western campaign and he is also teaching all potential rebellious lords that he does not suffer other people claiming to be king and that he will not be disrespected. It was the only way into KL without harming team smallfolk. Also he is not personally slaying Stannis so how exactly is this kinslaying? I find it hard to believe Loras couldn't pull off an easy assassination of Stannis as he is the finest lance on Planetos? Stannis would only bring a small amount of guards who aren't exactly gonna wamt to get revenge for him as incase anyone forgot he is stated by Cressen to not be loved. Didn't think people would not know stuff like this?
  5. Quite an easy one to be honest. Renly lost but if had done some things differently he wouldn't have had a problem. I assume Renly's character for this essay but I am in character as lots of people forget you have to stay in character. A major problem I immediately identify is that Renly needs to be marshalling his full power available to him. House Hightower is absent from his host which shouldn't be tolerated. I would tell ALL the Reacherlords to send me their maximum power because their king commands it and anything less is treason. If this failed I would use my charisma to persuade them. House Hightower is a sleeping giant and Renly needs must blow the horn to wake the giants from the earth... The Reach alone should be giving Renly 100,000 men. The Stormlords have a maximum strength of 30,000 so again they would be told they have to send all their men with no exceptions or they are dishonourable. From the get go I have an even more larger army than OTL through political skills. The next massive error is that Renly is not considered a powerful warrior as he was defeated by the hound at jousting. To fix this I would train with the Rainbow Guard and have them drill me on all types of weapons like Jaehaerys the first did. I wouldn't stop until I was able to defeat all of them at once and then I would send out ravens to all the lords of westeros to tell them how powerful I have become because I can beat the Rainbow guards all at once, winning me their respect. I would also send a Raven to Stannis inviting him to Highgarden and telling him that he can be king and I will support him with my massive army so come quick. Once Stannis arrives outside the walls of Highgarden I would give the signal which would be me eating a peach and at that, Loras would run at Stannis with a horse and drive a lance through his heart, killing him before I give the second signal which is me blowing a trumpet which causes the Raimblw Guard to jump from the ramparts and arrange themselves in Rainbow order behind me before they pose and them rush at Stannis' men, defeating them with their skill. Brienne is given the task of locating Melisandre and capturing her with chains that negate her abilities that I obtained from the Citadel as she will be able to help me later. I will send raven to Robb Stark at Riverrun and say that I only want to be the Rose King and that he can have the North and Riverlands so can he share his battleplans so we can co-ordinate. Robb complies and sends me his battleplans as he doesn't feel threatened. I will then dispatch Loras northward at the head of 20,000 good cavalry men who will intercept Robb and his 6000 men, taking them unawares from behind just as they finish defeating Stafford at Oxcross. Loras knocks Robb out with a headstrike of his longaxe on the helm and he captures him, ordering the Northerners to drop their arms and clothes and dismount as they are outnumbered and if they don't Robb will be decapitated. Grey Wind will be captured with nets. The Northerners are then commanded by Loras to return to the North and to speak nothing of this. Loras then has 6000 of his men put on the Northmen's outfits and to savagely pillage the Westerlands. Loras then sends a raven to Renly telling him step one of the plan is complete. Loras dispatches a raven to Harrenhal pretending to be Stafford, telling Tywin that the Northerners are raiding all over the place and the day is lost and he overheard all the Northerners boasting about how they will steal all Tywin's gold. Loras will then send a raven to Edmure Tully, saying he has to throw his full power at Tywin or Robb will be decapitated (Tywin has taken the bait and is returning West). Edmure and Tywin's forces clash and while Tywin is distracted, Loras at the head of his 14,000 Cavalry swing around and take him unawares from behind. Loras captures Tywin, Kevan, Tyrion and all the other Western lords present and awaits Renly who approaches with his army. Renly tells all the Western Soldiers to return home in peace but once they are almost out of sight he dispatches Loras at the head of 20,000 (my 6000 men in the Westerlands have returned) mounted lances to take them unawares from behind and kill them by penetrating them with their lances and he has Tywin watch and he then explains to Tywin that he is way more tactical and clever than him. I (Renly) then speak with Robb and Edmure, explaining to them how powerful of a warrior I am with lots of different weapons and how smart I am. I go on to tell them how charismatic I am and how everyone likes me and I am very politically minded and I have been playing Game of Thrones for a long time and know the rules very deeply. I show mercy when I can like that time Loras spared the 6000 Northerners and I am very generous with stuff sometimes. I then pummel Robb and Edmure with a flurry of blows, bringing them to their knees with my strength to show them my power but I then offer them a hand of friendship and they take it, their voices thick with emotion as they agree that I am a good king and they are my leal King's men. Robb and Edmure give me Jaime in exchange for Grey Wind and the Riverlords join my army, bringing my total to 150,000. I then dispatch a raven to Dorne, offering Tywin, Amory Lorch and Gregor Clegane in exchange for Dorne's support. Enroute to King's Landing we are joined by Roose Bolton's 10,000 men who were camping at The Twins and outside Kings Landing we are joined by Oberyn Martell and 25,000 Dornishmen - my army totalling 185,000. Joffrey and Cersei can't believe this and are in serious trouble, but all they do is instill panic in KL while hiding in the Red Keep. I send Loras and 20 good men into KL to rescue the Redwyne twins under cover of darkness and then when they are safe the Redwyne Fleet is safe to block Blackwater Bay. I now have a plan to enter KL. I send Robb at the head of the 10,000 Northerners to attack the city, but then when their backs are turned I take them unawares from behind, charging personally at Robb with my Rainbow Guard, Garlan Tyrell, Randyll Tarly and 20 good men, yelling that he will not repeat his savagery of the Westerlands on the good men and women of Kings Landing! 'They are innocent!' I would yell as me and my men leap into the fray. Robb at this point knows he has been politically outsmarted and prepares to make a last stand. Robb draws his sword but just then Roose Bolton draws his Valyrian Steel knife as he is loyal to me (We had discussions the previous night and found we had a lot in common as Roose enjoys polite speech, fashion and looking after himself to make himself look fresh and it was his idea to volunteer to help take down Robb) and they begin a deadly duel. Roose is about to get defeated as while he is very skilled Robb has a sword which is better than a knife but then I switch to my bow and shoot Robbs sword from his hand before switching back to my sword. Robb kicks Roose Bolton away who backflips away and then Robb orders 3 guards to come at me at once but then I choose Garlan Tyrell to engage them and I explain to Robb that Ser Garlan has been preparing for this his whole life by training against multiple opponents. By this point Garlan has decapitated all 3 guards in one swing of his sword. Robb then sends 6 guards at Renly and says 'Deal with this Ser Garlan' but Renly explains that he has trained against all 7 of his rainbow guards at once and he is widely considered to be the finest sword in Westeros now, 6 men are no match but maybe if he had've sent 8 it would be a different story. With that Renly cuts through Robbs Guards like an axe through cheese. Renly then tries to engage Robb in combat but Robb orders Grey Wind to attack! Renly dodges it with a backflip and Grey Wind crashes into Galbart Glover. Renly quickly orders Grey Wind to be captured by nets which is carried out by Robar Royce and Brienne. Robb tries to pick up a knife to stab Renly in the back by throwing it but Oberyn Martll throws his spear and knocks the knife out of the air. Loras then appears and Renly says 'Quick Loras!' And Loras flips off his horse to take Robb unawares from behind with a mighty kick. Renly finishes it by punching Robb to knock him out. By this point the Stark Loyalists have been subdued by Renly's army with minimal casualties. The people of KL see Renly is a good man as he cares deeply about them and open the gates, and Renly heads straight towards the Red Keep to finish this. Loras, Oberyn and 20 good men are sent to scale the walls and open the portcullis gates and then the 20 good men are equipped with bows and also they are selected as they are expert archers. So Loras opens the doors while Oberyn stealthily handles anyone who sees Lorad and the Kingsguard and the Lannister Guards go to fight the Rainbow Guard who are first through the gates and arrange themselves in Rainbow order and then Renly gives the signal which is a fist into the air and then his hidden archers disarm the Kingsguard and Lannister guards by shooting the swords out of their hands and they are quickly arrested. Cersei and Joffrey are captured in the throne room and before Cersei can kill herself with the poison from Season 2 (The Strangler) Loras knocks the chalice from her hand with his lance as he rides down the throne room on his stallion. Before the Hound can intercept him he is defeated by Renly who defeats him in single combat before sparing his life as he knows he is an honourable man, offering the hand of friendship. The War is officially won but for the Greyjoys. Renly then sends the Redwyne Fleet augmented by the Royal Fleet to burn the Iron Fleet and Greyjoy Fleet and it will then ferry a massive Army who will defeat Balon and besiege Pyke before forcing him to swear fealty once more. Roose Bolton is named Warden of the North and tasked with repelling any remaining Ironmen and then aiding the Night's Watch against Mance - his reward apart from his new positon as Warden will be legitimizing Ramsay and marrying him to Sansa. Bran is named Lord of Winterfell and Robb is executed in front of a crowd by Renly as he who swings the sword has to carry out the sentence and as he does it Robb is chastised by Renly for trying to be a King and his father would be ashamed. Renly would scream 'He was my friend!' To teach the Kingslanders how close he was to Ned before he defeats Robb with Ice before sending it to Bran as it now belongs to him and Ned's bones are also sent as a token of friendship. Grey Wind is released into the Kingswood as it is what Robb would have wanted. Catelyn is released but Bran is fined a massive amount of silver for her actions. House Tully is stripped of Lord Paramount of the Riverlands and Garlan Tyrell is named in their stead, Forming House Tyrell of Harrenhal, which will be his seat. Harrenhal will be renovated and restored using the gold of Casterly Rock to fund this project. I will explain to the Riverlords that Garlan is so gallant and he is a good man and will be a fine overlord worthy of the title. All the Westermen Lords captured along with any Lannister soldiers captured will be sent to the Wall or offered a quick clean execution. Jaime Tyrion Lancel and Kevan along with all other Lannisters are all executed and House Lannister is stripped of all titles, gold and lands as punishment for cuckholding Robert, invading the Riverlands and then not bowing before me. Any remaining in the West are exiled to Essos while Casterly Rock is taken for the Crown to possess as it's personal property. Renly's second Heir can have his seat here in time and rule as Warden of the West, and until then it is garrisoned by men of the Reach under the heir of Lord Hightower, Baelor, who will govern Lannisport as he will have experience from Oldtown. Joffrey and Cersei are executed by Renly personally. Tommen and Myrcella are sent to Storm's End as wards and are stripped of their surnames and given the name Waters. Janos Slynt is arrested publically and then tortured for information on Neds betrayal and reveals it was Littlefinger who bought him and betrayed Ned and I have then both executed. All members of the Kingsguard are executed or given the choice of the Wall which I imagine they all (Trant Blout Swann Oakheart Moore - Jaime already executed, Selmy is gone already, Greenfield dead) take. Pycelle to my knowledge is neutral as is Varys. Small Council Hand - Mace Tyrell Master of Ships - Paxter Redwyne Master of Whisperers - Varys Master of Coin - Matthis Rowan Master of Laws - Randyll Tarly Grandmaester - Pycelle Lord Commander - Loras Kingsguard - Rainbow Guard - Loras, Brienne, Robar Royce, Bryce Caron, Emmon Cuy, Guyard Morrigen, Parmen Crane Commander of City Watch - Hyle Hunt - serves under Tarly who is Master of Laws and doesn't stand for corruption and is harsh but fair. I forgot about Melisandre - at the Battle of Winterfell against the Others she will be utilized to light the trench to defend against the wights.
  6. This one is very difficult to do but then again what war is ever easy to win? Balon Greyjoy makes a few fatal errors which I would not have done if I was him. I think with some careful changes to his plans and he could win WOT5K. I would begin by eliminating my rivals to the South, the Redwyne Fleet. I would dispatch Victartion with the Iron Fleet (10,000 men) who ]' ]'would get close by making all my sails be green with golden roses on them and the Redwynes would think I was the
  7. They both served under a maniac who burned innocents alive, raped his wife and was just generally an evil man. They chose to stick to their Kingsguard vows rather than their knightly vows which was to protect the weak and uphold justice. They didn't do the right thing, they didn't want to besmirch themselves the way Ned did when he claimed Jon was his son to save his life at the expense of his reputation. Selmy is worse in my eyes than Jaime, swapping from Aerys to Robert to Joffrey to Dany. He should have been executed or sent to the Wall, and should never have accepted Robert's offer and is a hypocrite for calling Jaime a false brother considering he swapped sides before Jaime did. Yes Dayne fought the Kingswood Brotherhood and Selmy killed Maelys and rescued Aerys but they only chose honour when it suited them and turning a blind eye to Aerys is unforgivable - change my mind.
  8. A very tough one but honestly doable if he did a few things differently. First - gather my swords and set sail asap. Arrive at Storms End and call the banners before Renly gets a chance. Tell them it's a training exercise but then when they arrive say that Robert has been probably murdered and we need to defeat the bastard Joffrey. They will all join together to get revenge for Robert, any man that doesn't agree gets thrown in the dungeons of Storm's End. Go straight for King's Landing, breaking down the doors and arrest everyone on the spot. Send the pirates to block Blackwater Bay so no one can escape judgement. Now I will enact revenge for Ned Stark by executing Joffrey with Lightbringer. Cersei executed for cuckholding the king/treason/murder, Littlefinger executed for conspiracy, Janos Slynt as he is corrupt and Stannis knows this. Pycelle remains in office. Lords Celtigar and Velaryon made Masters of Coin and Ships, with Renly retaining Master of Laws. Moving quicky enough removes the threat of Renly making a claim, and winning the Stormlands means the Tyrells won't back Renly even if he did as they won't go it alone. Melisandre would make a good Master of Whisperers, I'd say Varys would either slip away or simply be dismissed - he wasn't guilty of anything and Stannis wouldn't have grounds to execute him. I would have a Stormlander in charge of the goldcloaks - Rolland Storm is my choice. The Kingsguard are all executed or sent to the wall depending on their choice. Once Blackwater Bay is secure pay Sallador San from the royal coffers and then hang him for being a pirate, hang all the other pirates and claim their ships for the Crown. Tywin will be at Harrenhal. Kings Landing has fallen, he must retreat to the West. Roose Bolton lies to the North. Robb to the West, Stannis to the East. Tywin retreats to the West through the Southern Riverlands, doomed if he stays. Tywin will run back to Casterly Rock by going Southwest to prepare to defend the Westerlands, knowing he has lost King's Landing. Robb will harry his retreat with his mobile cavalry, and he will lose thousands of soldiers on the march home. Roose Bolton will move South but he will be too slow to hinder Tywin. Stannis will meet Roose at Harrenhal at the head of his Stormlands army and explain to Roose that Robb declared himself King which means he is a traitor. Roose is a traitor by extension and clapped in chains along with every other Northern Lord there. The 10k Stark infantry are commandeered by Stannis who marches for Riverunn. Stannis demands talks with Robb. Robb meets Stannis at Riverunn and Stannis arrests Robb and all lords present for treason, unleashing a storm of arrows to slay Greywind and anyone else who try to intervene. Bran can suceed him as Lord of Winterfell if he can come down to King's Landing within a moon's turn to personally bend the knee, otherwise he will be deemed a traitor and arrested. Robb's cavalry along with the army of the Riverlands will be encorporated into Stannis' army as he marches into the Westerlands. Stannis is able to take the Golden Tooth by sending in shadow assassins to all the castles, replenishing his stamina each time to make sure his fires don't burn too low. Stannis would then march to Lannisport, moving his cavalry through hidden goat paths to take any resistance unawares in the rear. If Tywin offers open battle Stannis can send a shadow assassin to kill all the commanders but I doubt Tywin will be in a position to offer a pitched battle having just retreated back from Harrenhal. Stannis will then offer Tywin single combat to prevent Lannisport from being reduced to ash but Tywin will refuse. Stannis will then send twenty good men and a shadow assassin into Casterly Rock to challenge Tywin in his bedroom to single combat with orders to spare him, defeating him before opening the gates. Tywin is delivered to Stannis who also arrests every Western Lord and brings them back to Kings Landing. At this stage Renly reappears and rejoins the council, bringing with him a retinue of Tyrells who will help keep the peace. Davos is named as Hand of the King, and anyone who is openly against this will be defeated in single combat by Stannis and sacrificed to the Lord of Light. Now for the punishments. As a penalty for claiming to be King, Robb has his crown nailed to his head to remind him of his mistake but has leave to claim all lands North of the Wall as his reward for his aid in supplying men to the King to help beat down Tywin. He may also choose the Wall, exile, or being decapitated. All Northern Lords must surrender 25% of their current wealth and 2 hostages each, or go to the Wall if they refuse. Tywin must pay for the total cost of the war, surrender 10% of his land to the Tyrells and Tullys, give all his boats to the Royal Fleet, accept blame for causing the war and surrender Fair Isle to Stannis who claims it for the Crown. He must then execute Jaime himself before being offered to the Martells to answer for his crimes. Jaime is burned alive in his gilded armor if Tywin refuses. Casterly Rock goes to Tyrion who is then confirmed as the Warden of the West. All Western Lords must donate 50% of their current wealth and surrender 50% of their family as hostages, with one being released every 5 years. Gregor Clegane and Amory Lorch are sent to Dorne with Tywin when he is picked up by the Dornish as his honour guard. Edmure Tully must shave his beard and be only allowed to grow it back once he no longer acts the boy. House Tully and all Riverlands houses have suffered enough but they must pay for the restoration of Harrenhal which will be the seat of Davos. The Crownlands encorporate all the land from Harrenhal to King's Landing, to increase it's personal power. Walder Frey is arrested for extortion of Robb Stark for trying to make him marry his daughter to cross a bridge. Balon will have attacked the North at this point, capturing Moat Cailin and Deepwood. Robb and the Northerners, enroute home will defeat Victarion at heavy costs and ask for leave to invade the Iron Islands. Stannis will say yes and if you bring them to heel he will remove Robbs Crown and let him be Lord of Winterfell once more. Robb will build a massive fleet at White Harbour, sailing around Westeros to invade the Iron Islands, linking up with Stannis and the Royal Fleet on the way. They defeat Balon once more, removing his head and giving Lordship of the Iron Islands to House Stark, Theon stays with Robb in this timeline so he is given Pyke to hold in Robbs name. Robb thanks Stannis and they part as friends, with Shireen being engaged to Bran. Stannis returns to King's Landing to hear of fAegon invading the Stormlands. He meets fAegon for a parley at Storms End but then has Davos, 20 good men, Melisandre and a shadow assassin sneak into the castle, defeat fAegon in single combat and Jon Connington given his lands and titles back as Stannis feels he was treated unfairly by Aerys but he also rebelled against his rightful king so he is then hanged. Several years later Dany lands in Dorne at the head of a massive army and 3 adult dragons. Stannis can't believe this nonsense and gets ready to roll. Dany has a khalasar of 30,000 Dothraki, 8000 Unsullied, 2000 half-trained unsullied that she also got at Astapor, the Second sons, the Windblown, the Stormcrows, a massive rabble of several thousand freed slaves and also Dorne who has declared for her. Dany flies to the Reach and successfully defeats the army marshalling there with her dragons in the Field of Fire 2.0, burning Randyll Tarly, Mace Tyrell and Garland Tyrell before naming the Hightowers Wardens of the South as they are the first to declare for her. The khalasar meanwhile sweep North then Northeast towards Kings Landing, burning and pillaging the Stormlands as they go to draw Stannis' men away in pursuit. The Dornish attack and besiege the Marcher Lords to further scatter the Stormlands. The Redwyne fleet is ordered by Dany to besiege Storms End while Jorah Mormont and 20 good men infiltrate the castle and defeat the Castellan before opening the gates. Stannis is livid, marshalling an army of Riverlanders, Crownlanders and Westermen (Lysa Arryn sits out which annoys Stannis). The Westermen are burned enroute to Kings Landing by Dany and they surrender, declaring for her while Edmure Tully panics and retreats. Stannis is in serious trouble as his crownlands army is crushed outside Kings landing by the Dothraki. Stannis escapes by the timely intervention of Davos who saves him on his smuggling boat and they go North with Melisandre who has a plan. Dany takes Kings Landing and prepares to invade the North. Stannis arrives at Winterfell after being utterly defeated. Melisandre says he must believe in himself and she asks Stannis to ask Robb to have Jon Snow executed so she can resurrect him. Robb is told by Stannis to trust him and he dispatches Roose Bolton, Melisandre and 20 good men to the Wall who kills Jon with a Valyrian Steel Flaying Knife that is Roose' price. Jon is quickly resurrected by Melisandre who explains his watch is at an end and to come quick before Stannis loses. Meanwhile Euron Greyjoy meets the Redwyne Fleet in open battle, wanting to claim a dragon and he uses sorcery to summon an army of Krakens who defeat the Redwyne Fleet. This distracts Dany long enough for Edmure Tully to go North with an army of 11,000 Riverlanders (3000 Horse 8000 foot) to link up with Robb who by now has marshalled an army 30,000 strong of fierce loyal Northmen. Stannis also is tasked with going North beyond the wall to treat with the Others who he offers his hand in marriage to their Queen in exchange for knowledge and power. He is granted an Ice Spear, Necromancy powers and an Ice Spider mount along with 20 Others. He arrives back just in time, Dany has crossed the Trident. Dany's army is massive, outnumbering the Northern-Riverland Army 5 to 1. But as the dragons descend, Jon commands them all to halt, which due to his Targaryan ancestry, they do. He then mounts Rhaegal who swiflty defeats the riderless Viserion by biting his head off. Drogon slams into Rhaegal but Stannis quickly resurrects Viserion and leaps into the fray, climbing high on the dragons back. Viserion can't see but Stannis needed only the height. He throws his Icy Spear which pierces Drogon, defeating him and saving Jon. Dany falls off but Robb steps in her way as she tries to flee, defeating her with a massive kick. The 20 Others defeat lots of Dany's army but then they are weak to the Valyrian Steel Sword of Randyll Tarly who slays all of them with Heartsbane. Stannis howls in anguish and gets revenge for Robert's Defeat at Ashford by decapitating Randyll where he stands with Lightbringer. The Dothraki are a problem but the Northmen use a shield wall to stop them dead in their tracks before they are all killed by Jon on Rhaegal. The unsullied are tearing apart the centre of Stannis' army as they won't retreat but Stannis brings all the dothraki back from the dead and they take the unsullied unawares in the rear. The Dornish see the battle is lost and try to surrender, but Stannis is not in a forgiving mood and orders all of them burned to dust by Rhaegal. Stannis then orders the Dothraki to pursue all the fleeing Reachermen. Dany is brought to Stannis in chains and he offers her a chocie - be defeated in single combat right here right now or mayhaps you can be my Queen. She chooses Queen and Stannis explains how mayhaps works and she is swiftly defeated in single combat. Rhaegal is then executed by Lightbringer as he is too powerful and a threat to Stannis and Jon is then sent to The Wall as his claim threatens Stannis. Robb is given the thanks of Stannis who has defeated all challengers. Stannis marries the Other Princess and also Melisandre who isn't pleased but he explains this is the Song of Ice and Fire and Melisandre understands now. Stannis has Selyse thrown into the sea upon his return as she is the worst and House Florent has 2000 men which is pathetic.
  9. Executing Edmure is integral to the plan. He has to die because once he has been dealt with Riverunn can be claimed once Hoster dies of sickness. Tytos Blackwood would agree to the single combat because it shows him that Jaime is honourable and willing to stand up and fight. If he loses he will think he will be captured and spared and if he wins Jaime would agree to lift the siege, it's a win-win and the best way out of a bad situation. I would command Jonos Bracken to be the leader of the spies since as a Lord the Northerners would believe his word to be true. Now the Starks can't know about the march to the Twins this is correct but they are separated by the Green Fork at this point and have no way to know what is going on. But to ensure the plan goes ahead I would screen my march with outriders to defeat any and all of the Stark scouts if any made it across the Green Fork. The important part of the plan is that Robb is captured by the Freys, also you forget that he is not King in the North at this stage so Walder Frey would know this. He is giving Robb 4000 men for Robbs to marry his daughter, Robb can accept and marry her on the spot or run back to Winterfell with his tail between his legs or risk battle with Tywin and risking the Freys attacking his rear. He has to marry a Frey or he has lost before he has even begun.. While the Starks are drunk the Lannister host of 15000 sneaks over while the 3000 Boltons take up positions in the woods and then upon the signal of the Rains of Castamere, the battle begins in earnest. Every major lord is captured. Also as a side note the spies are told to make sure the Boltons are definately on board with the plan.... Mallister is well known to be honourable and he will want revenge against the Freys so he will definately accept. Patrek is hot-blooded and rash and the Freys will threaten to destroy Seagard with catapults if he refuses, offering to pull back the siege if he is victorious. Killing the garrison isnl to ensure they can't rebel when the Freys turn their backs and return to the Twins. No because if Jaime joins with Tywin the host will be too big to feed with around 50000 men (Freys, Brackens and Boltons have joined don't forget). If he goes North he can ensure the Starks are removed from the equation whilst Tywin deals with Renly and Stannis at this stage isn't a factor as he has no real army to match the Lannisters. Also Jaime's invasion of the North happens simultaneously to what Tywin does I should have been more clear apologies. Barroton and White Harbor must burn as it is crucial to distract Winterfell whilst Roose Bolton commandeers the Manderly fleet to go North and subdue the Karstarks and Umbers and then gain the Northern Clans. Roose and Ramsay are doing this whilst Jaime remains South at White Harbor, feeding his host off the fat of the land, taunting Rodrik Cassell and offering a pitched battle in 3 months time, giving Roose enough time to strike from the North. Jon Snow will want revenge for Robbs capture so he has to be killed FAST and LC Mormont will try to warn Winterfell that something is not quite right. Alliser Thorne is not a Targ loyalist as you shed all prior loyalties when you join the watch and as a Knight he is a capable commander but yes he can be replaced if he brews trouble. Jaime isn't doing the part with the Northern Clans that is Roose who does this part as he is the one who knows that the clans can be won over by listening to their songs and stories and sharing meat and mead. The Glovers wouldn't know about the prior engagements as the plan is based around not letting word spread until the war is won, only a fool would do otherwise. The Glovers are too close to the Starks and have to be eradicated or they can all maybe take the Black, bolstering the Wall to help with the increased presence of the Others? Rodrik doesn't know anything about the Boltons, he's been distracted gathering am army to fight Jaime and he has no reason to think them enemies as they are Northmen. Bran has to die because if news gets out about him and the Queen the realm will know Joffrey is a bastard born of incest. Ok so now the Boltons cannot be trusted as they are proven turncloaks and quite frankly a loose end. They have to be silenced and the other houses follow them only out of fear. Once they are defeated the Karstarks Umbers and Northern Clans can return peacefully to their homes, greatful for liberation. Sansa is still engaged to Joffrey so that can't work.... Rickon will remember what the Lannisters did and will try to raise the North. He will be sent to the Faith. Arya is still missing as per OTL so the only logical choice is Tyrion and Jeyne Poole pretending to be Arya. Robb can stay married to the Frey but it is explained to him this is only until a son is born to inherit Riverunn and then he is to be executed for treason. Walder Frey becomes Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. Blackfish is offered to take the Black or he can be challenged to single combat by Jaime. Catelyn marries Walder Frey to make peace once more and Walder has his current wife killed in a hunting accident. Renly will accept as he knows not to underestimate Tywin and his formidable host. Renly doesn't know anything about Jaime's Northern campaign so this is not an issue. It is customary to bring a few guards as a gesture of good faith. I meant that Tywin would ensure Gregor is present so he can taunt Loras who will start a fight. If Gregor fails to provoke Loras he will challenge him to single combat which Loras would never refuse. All the guards Renly brought would ne defeated by the crossbowmen hidden up high on the towers at Harrenhal. Mace doesn't realise Loras loves Renly so he of course would believe this and the guards deaths can be covered up by saying Brienne was ordered by Renly to kill them all. The Martells of course will join in return for justice for Elia, they are being lead to believe they will be given Gregor Clegane, The Mountain who rides. Tywin would hire expert sailors who can safelt sail the ships and then they can escape on lifeboats. Tywin will also build enough Wildfire to destroy all the boats but incase there are any survivors Tywin will hire Myrish pirates to pick off the Redwynes with a storm of crossbow bolts and they have dirks for closequarters. The Tyrells won't see Tywin coming as he will send Adam Marbrand ahead to screen his march and defeat all the Tyrell scouts. The Martells will be caught unawares I am confident as they are in a foreign land and they think the Lannisters are friends. I will then send a raven to Doran explaining the Tyrells killed the Dornish army but they were avenged, earning the love and fealty of Dorne. Well yes I concede Oldtown is a good city and they are useful so they could be left unmolested but they will be paying a hefty fine and will send 1 highborn hostage to Casterly Rock like Lord Hightower. Stannis would have no choice but to accept the challenge as he has been infiltrated and caught unawares in his solar. Kevan will be commanded to build the fleet in time and to divert local craftsmen, blacksmiths etc. to build ships for the attack on the Iron Islands. Once defeated Kevan will be ordered to get them to bend the knee or be defeated for good. Jaime has no choice it was an order not a request. Jaime is warden of the East and West - South makes him far too powerful. Wilas and all the Tyrells left can take the black or be defeated in single combat as Tywin has no lack of champions. Highgarden will be Kevan's seat whilst Jaime returns to Casterly Rock to consolidate his power and assist Kevan in building the warfleet to fight the greyjoys. Cersei is regent as per OTL Varys is useful this cannot be denied Tyrion reveals Littlefinger set him up and is too untrustworthy in general and Tywin has him defeated in single combat Janos Slynt is a known traitor he is stripped of Harrenhal and executed which will be then given to Lancel. Tommen will be Lord of Storms end and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands and engaged to Arianne Martell. Tyrion is in the North he is busy consolidating his power Kevan makes sense as he is building the lannister fleet so will be experienced at naval battles. Littlefinger had to be cooking the books as I have read posts by finance experts who state as much. He cannot be allowed to stay also he was defeated in single combat after his arrest upon Tywin's return. The Hound is an excellent choice? He can fight with literally any weapon, doesn't afraid of anything and is devoted to the King. Hope that clears things up!
  10. Pretty much in summary Stark - 3600 (+Glover+Tallhart+Cerywn - direct vassels? 1000 each) - 6600 Bolton - 3200 Karstark - 2750 Umber - 2800 Manderly - 6500 Mountain Clans - 3000 Mormont - 1000 Dustin - 4000 Flint (both branches) - 2000 Reed - 300 Hornwood - 2000 Total - 34,150
  11. Yes they won but they made massive errors which I wouldn't have made both tactically and politically. - Jaime - if I were in his shoes I would smash Piper and Vance at Golden Tooth as he does and then put Riverrun under siege after smashing Edmure's host outside the walls. I would execute Edmure as a message to Catelyn and then I would challenge Tytos Blackwood to single combat. Once he loses he has to open the gates as per my request and then I would put the garrison to the sword. I would then put some lannisters in Tully armor and send them across the Green Fork in boats to the Stark host and they can infiltrate them and learn their plans. I would then make for the Twins, explaining to Walder Frey to invite Robb in but he has to marry a daughter on the spot. Once the wedding is underway the entire Stark army will be incapacitated with wine provided by Walder Frey. This is when the Freys slaughter all the Starks, except for the Boltons whom I have reached out to with my spies from earlier as I know the Boltons hate the Starks and that Roose is an untrustworthy vassal. My spies explain my offer, turn on the Starks and help the Freys defeat them all or they will die at the wedding too. So once the wedding is on, the Freys, Lannisters and Boltons all defeat and kill the drunk Stark army with ease. Robb and all the lords are taken captive. I will then dispatch a force of Freys to siege Seagard and make the Mallisters surrender. I will send Black Walder to challenge Patrek to single combat and if he wins his father has to open the gates and all garrison will be put to the sword. I will then make my plans to imvade the North. I will go North with 3000 Freys, 2500-3000 Boltons and the 15000 Lannister Army. The Boltons can take Moat Cailin by subterfuge and the Frey-Bolton-Lanister Alliance descend on Barrowton and then White Harbor, burning both to the ground. I will then send the Boltons North to get reinforced by Ramsay and the 600 Deadfort men. Roose will take Karhold by threatening to kill Rickard and his sons and force the 450 Karstarks left to join him, doing the same with the Umbers to gain 800 more men. The Boltons would then move to Castle Black with the Umbers and Karstarks who must prove their loyalty by killing Jon and LC Mormont, installing Alliser Throne as LC. The force will then visit the mountain clans, sharing their meat and mead and winning their loyalty to bring the Bolton Army up to around 7500. The Bolton Army then moves South through the wolfswood to Deepwood Motte, where the Glovers will be given the choice to bend the knee or die. Once they surrender they will be executed for being too loyal to Starks. Rodrik Cassell is oblivious to all of this as he is mustering an army to fight Jaime's army which is advancing from the South. The Boltons arrive to meet Rodrik who thinks them reinforcements. Ramsay does a sneak attack, chopping off Rodriks head, which is the signal for the Boltons to attack the Stark Army, destroying it. Jaime then captures Bran and Rickon, slaying Bran in the process so that it doesn't get out that he pushed him out of the tower several months prior. The Boltons are tired from all the fighting and they don't expect it when the Lannister army cuts them down in a one-sided battle alongside the Freys. Tyrion is named Warden of the North and engaged to 'Arya Stark' who is actually Jeyne Poole and is dispatched to Winterfell with a force of Westermen. All the Northern Prisoners are sent to the Red Keep to pledge fealty. North defeated and subdued. Tywin - With the Stark army successfully defeated I turn my attention to Renly, dispatching a Raven to him to invite him to Harrenhal for peace talks but he can only bring a small guard detail. Tywin knows he will bring Loras so he ensures Tywin is there, who will be ordered to mock Loras and Renly savagely and make Loras start a fight. Gregor will defend himself and cut Loras in two, and then Tywin can safely order the execution of Renly and his other men with a storm of arrows as Renly broke guest-right. Tywin will send a letter to Mace explaining that Renly killed Loras because he didn't return his feelings of affection and then the mountain tried to save him but was too late. Mace Tyrell will be offered a pardon if he agrees to send the Redwyne Fleet against Stannis immediately and then Tywin will send an anonymous letter to Balon to tell him The Arbor is undefended. Balon will then begin to sack the Reach, weakening it and distracting Mace long enough for Tywin to send a raven to the Martells, offering them justice for Elia by giving them The Mountain in return for attacking the Tyrells. Stannis will then be stranded at Dragonstone by the Redwynes but then Tywin will orchestrate a fleet of Wildfire boats from Kings Landing to crash into Stannis' Fleet and the Redwyne Fleet, destroying both. Tywin and the Martells will attack the Tyrell host from the North and South, taking them unawares, executing Mace Tyrell and Garlan Tyrell. Then Tywin will agree to give Oberyn Martell the Mountain in chains but then the Lannisters will turn on the Martells too, defeating them as they were caught unawares, executing Oberyn Martell. Tywin will then send a handpicked team to take a boat to Dragonstone to infiltrate the castle to challenge Stannis to single combat which he will lose against the handpicked team. With the Reach being raided at the coast, Tywin will then unleash his army against it to teach them to never go against the Lannisters again - burning Oldtown to the ground and installing Kevan as Warden of the South with Randyll Tarly agreeing to turn his cloak to the lannisters because he respects power. Kevan would then be tasked with defeating the Greyjoys once and for all with a mighty fleet being built at Lannisport. Tywin will then return to Kings Landing as Hand to reforge the small council, releasing Jaime from the Kingsguard and marrying him to Margaery to claim Highgarden. Hand - Tywin Master of Whispers - Varys Master of Ships - Kevan Master of Laws - Randyl Tarly Master of Coin - Orton Merryweather Lord Commander - Barristan Selmy Commander of City Watch - Adam Marbrand Grandmaester - Pycelle Kingsguard - Meryn Trant - Mandon Moore - Boros Blout - Arys Oakheart - Preston Greenfield - Sandor Clegane - replaces Jaime - Barristan Selmy
  12. Walder Frey needs to do his duty because that is literally his job as Robb's bannerman as Robb is part Tully and the heir to both Riverrun if Edmure is killed and also Winterfell. Robb could have Edmure placed in the vanguard and direct his archers to fire on his position. This way he has direct control over the Freys and he now has the power of two great houses. Robb could have the 4000 Freys plus increase his army further through constant reinforcement from the Freys. I said to trick Tywin because yes I'm aware he is a clever man and would probably be able to defeat my forces in a straight fight, that's why I suggested hoodwinking him. No I didn't mean challenge Jaime to single combat why would I do that if he's already my prisoner? I would chop off both hands as revenge so he cannot harm a member of House Stark ever again. What I meant was I would enact the Whispering Wood plan the same way Robb did as to his credit that was a pretty good idea besides the glaringly obvious flaw of not just shooting the lannisters with arrows as then Jaime cannot charge at Robb and kill his guards which loses Robb the Karstarks.
  13. This will be a series of essays on how each Kingdom can win the WOT5K through careful changing of the military and political tactics. I will start with the North. Robb made massive errors the whole way through the series and frankly I'm surprised he lasted that long. If I was in his shoes I would do a lot differently i.e. Gather the FULL POWER of the North - It is widely known the North has 45000 soldiers. I would gather all my power before descending on the South. People will take him more seriously if he has an even bigger force and he can defeat bigger armies this way. Get better terms from Walder Frey. Walder Frey needs to be made to understand Robb Stark is the heir to Winterfell and cannot marry beneath him. Offer Lord Walder his pick of one of your bannermen to marry his daughter and agree to foster his grandsons but that's it. Leave one of your bannermen to watch over him and instruct him to gather more reinforcements and supplies for the army because that's his duty. Convince the Vale to attack Tywin from the East. Explain to them they need to help defeat him or else victory isn't certain. Praise their honour and say how chivalrous they are. Automatically you get the full power of the Vale - +45000 Mounted Knights and few thousand clansmen. Send a raven to Balon Greyjoy offering an ultimatum, if he doesn't take Lannisport by moon's turn you will send him Theon's head and then you will go and route him from his keep. If he takes Lannisport he can call himself King of the Iron Islands but this plays into the bigger plan. The Iron Throne won't suffer a rebellious lord and will dispatch the Royal Fleet to put down Balon. While they are distracted send a massive Fleet from White Harbor and Gulltown and time this well with an attack on Kings Landing. First Tywin needs dealth with however. Send him a raven offering battle on a battlefield of his choosing, offering him the high ground. First offer single combat which he will refuse and his men will ridicule him but then the night before the battle perform a night march and defeat the Lion while it sleeps. To deal with Jaime do the same thing that he does except don't let him kill the Karstarks this time because then Lord Rickard won't kill the prisoners. Ideally you now have Tyrion Kevan Jaime and Tywin all prisoners at this stage. Next I would command the Riverlords to invade the Westerlands as revenge and to prevent a counter attack as Stafford Lannister is still in the field... I will then fuse together the Vale and the North Army and lay siege to Kings Landing. I would have around 90000 men vs 6000 city watch. I would challenge Joffrey to single combat to humiliate him because he will refuse out of fear. Next I would execute Jaime, Tyrion and Kevan and then send a raven to the Martells saying I will give them Tywin for their support against Renly if he proves a problem. I would then send in 20 men to open all the gates and invade the city, killing all the city watch but no civilians. I would execute Joffrey with Ice and disinherit Tommen and Mrycella and foster them with a bannerman like Roose Bolton, claiming Casterly Rock by right of conquest. I would throw Cersei in the black cells and then I would challenge her to single combat and defeat her with Ice or she can take the black if she so desires. Renly and Stannis are out there however. I would offer peace talks to give the throne to Renly but then I would reveal that since Robert was the usurper Renly is a traitor too and Jon is the real heir to the Iron Throne but since he took the black he can't be king so as his next of Kin I must needs take it. I would capture Renly and offer a marriage alliance with the Tyrells if they let me marry Margaery. I gain all the power of Highgarden, the Vale, the Riverlands, the North and Dorne. I offer Renly to repent his treachery or be defeated in single combat and sent to the wall whole or in pieces. Next I offer Stannis the throne. Stannis then comes to meet me at Storm's End but I first capture Melisandre to stop her from killing me with magic then I have Stannis shot with arrows which he won't suspect. I offer his men to bend the knee or be shot with arrows too. I dispatch a raven to Pyke, telling Balon to lay down his crown and send me 10 highborn hostages. 7 kingdoms are now one once again. I scourge the court of corruption by executing all of them and send all the kingsguard to the Wall or of they choose they can have a trial by combat against me. My small council Hand - Jon Snow - release him from his vows. He won't want to be king but will give good advice. Marry him to Arianne Martell. Master of Whispers - Bran - 3 eyed raven powers very useful Master of Laws - Randyl Tarly Master of Ships - Paxter Redwyne Master of Coin - Mace Tyrell Grand Maester - Luwin Lord Commander - Blackfish Commander of City Watch - Janos Slynt (but then publically execute in trial by battle then replace him with Rickon when he comes of age but in the meantime Rodrik Cassell) Kingsguard 1. Loras Tyrell 2. Robar Royce 3. Brienne of Tarth 4. Lyn Corbray 5. Wendel Manderly 6. Lyle Crakehall 7. Blackish - Lord Commander
  14. Yeah I'd figured that too you're right. The North can field 60000 men but it was because that Roose Bolton betrayed Robb that almost half of that army was killed and then the 10000 Karstark deserters and the Frey Betrayal where he lose 5000 men. I wouldn't be surprised if Jon is able to field at least those 60000 swords against the others but he has to convince the Boltons to give up power or else everyone is doomed.
  15. But the Bolton men knew how to defeat men who formed up in sheild walls. They were most likely men who fought in the battle of the bells, trident, greyjoy rebellion etc. Because the Boltons are taxing more they have probably even more money than the Manderlys to equip and train their soldiers. I think we are both right because you have to take all the sources and combine them as the different accounts of all the characters are varying because Reek thought there was 1400 Freys but Cersei said 2000.
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