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  1. Executing Edmure is integral to the plan. He has to die because once he has been dealt with Riverunn can be claimed once Hoster dies of sickness. Tytos Blackwood would agree to the single combat because it shows him that Jaime is honourable and willing to stand up and fight. If he loses he will think he will be captured and spared and if he wins Jaime would agree to lift the siege, it's a win-win and the best way out of a bad situation. I would command Jonos Bracken to be the leader of the spies since as a Lord the Northerners would believe his word to be true. Now the Starks can't know about the march to the Twins this is correct but they are separated by the Green Fork at this point and have no way to know what is going on. But to ensure the plan goes ahead I would screen my march with outriders to defeat any and all of the Stark scouts if any made it across the Green Fork. The important part of the plan is that Robb is captured by the Freys, also you forget that he is not King in the North at this stage so Walder Frey would know this. He is giving Robb 4000 men for Robbs to marry his daughter, Robb can accept and marry her on the spot or run back to Winterfell with his tail between his legs or risk battle with Tywin and risking the Freys attacking his rear. He has to marry a Frey or he has lost before he has even begun.. While the Starks are drunk the Lannister host of 15000 sneaks over while the 3000 Boltons take up positions in the woods and then upon the signal of the Rains of Castamere, the battle begins in earnest. Every major lord is captured. Also as a side note the spies are told to make sure the Boltons are definately on board with the plan.... Mallister is well known to be honourable and he will want revenge against the Freys so he will definately accept. Patrek is hot-blooded and rash and the Freys will threaten to destroy Seagard with catapults if he refuses, offering to pull back the siege if he is victorious. Killing the garrison isnl to ensure they can't rebel when the Freys turn their backs and return to the Twins. No because if Jaime joins with Tywin the host will be too big to feed with around 50000 men (Freys, Brackens and Boltons have joined don't forget). If he goes North he can ensure the Starks are removed from the equation whilst Tywin deals with Renly and Stannis at this stage isn't a factor as he has no real army to match the Lannisters. Also Jaime's invasion of the North happens simultaneously to what Tywin does I should have been more clear apologies. Barroton and White Harbor must burn as it is crucial to distract Winterfell whilst Roose Bolton commandeers the Manderly fleet to go North and subdue the Karstarks and Umbers and then gain the Northern Clans. Roose and Ramsay are doing this whilst Jaime remains South at White Harbor, feeding his host off the fat of the land, taunting Rodrik Cassell and offering a pitched battle in 3 months time, giving Roose enough time to strike from the North. Jon Snow will want revenge for Robbs capture so he has to be killed FAST and LC Mormont will try to warn Winterfell that something is not quite right. Alliser Thorne is not a Targ loyalist as you shed all prior loyalties when you join the watch and as a Knight he is a capable commander but yes he can be replaced if he brews trouble. Jaime isn't doing the part with the Northern Clans that is Roose who does this part as he is the one who knows that the clans can be won over by listening to their songs and stories and sharing meat and mead. The Glovers wouldn't know about the prior engagements as the plan is based around not letting word spread until the war is won, only a fool would do otherwise. The Glovers are too close to the Starks and have to be eradicated or they can all maybe take the Black, bolstering the Wall to help with the increased presence of the Others? Rodrik doesn't know anything about the Boltons, he's been distracted gathering am army to fight Jaime and he has no reason to think them enemies as they are Northmen. Bran has to die because if news gets out about him and the Queen the realm will know Joffrey is a bastard born of incest. Ok so now the Boltons cannot be trusted as they are proven turncloaks and quite frankly a loose end. They have to be silenced and the other houses follow them only out of fear. Once they are defeated the Karstarks Umbers and Northern Clans can return peacefully to their homes, greatful for liberation. Sansa is still engaged to Joffrey so that can't work.... Rickon will remember what the Lannisters did and will try to raise the North. He will be sent to the Faith. Arya is still missing as per OTL so the only logical choice is Tyrion and Jeyne Poole pretending to be Arya. Robb can stay married to the Frey but it is explained to him this is only until a son is born to inherit Riverunn and then he is to be executed for treason. Walder Frey becomes Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. Blackfish is offered to take the Black or he can be challenged to single combat by Jaime. Catelyn marries Walder Frey to make peace once more and Walder has his current wife killed in a hunting accident. Renly will accept as he knows not to underestimate Tywin and his formidable host. Renly doesn't know anything about Jaime's Northern campaign so this is not an issue. It is customary to bring a few guards as a gesture of good faith. I meant that Tywin would ensure Gregor is present so he can taunt Loras who will start a fight. If Gregor fails to provoke Loras he will challenge him to single combat which Loras would never refuse. All the guards Renly brought would ne defeated by the crossbowmen hidden up high on the towers at Harrenhal. Mace doesn't realise Loras loves Renly so he of course would believe this and the guards deaths can be covered up by saying Brienne was ordered by Renly to kill them all. The Martells of course will join in return for justice for Elia, they are being lead to believe they will be given Gregor Clegane, The Mountain who rides. Tywin would hire expert sailors who can safelt sail the ships and then they can escape on lifeboats. Tywin will also build enough Wildfire to destroy all the boats but incase there are any survivors Tywin will hire Myrish pirates to pick off the Redwynes with a storm of crossbow bolts and they have dirks for closequarters. The Tyrells won't see Tywin coming as he will send Adam Marbrand ahead to screen his march and defeat all the Tyrell scouts. The Martells will be caught unawares I am confident as they are in a foreign land and they think the Lannisters are friends. I will then send a raven to Doran explaining the Tyrells killed the Dornish army but they were avenged, earning the love and fealty of Dorne. Well yes I concede Oldtown is a good city and they are useful so they could be left unmolested but they will be paying a hefty fine and will send 1 highborn hostage to Casterly Rock like Lord Hightower. Stannis would have no choice but to accept the challenge as he has been infiltrated and caught unawares in his solar. Kevan will be commanded to build the fleet in time and to divert local craftsmen, blacksmiths etc. to build ships for the attack on the Iron Islands. Once defeated Kevan will be ordered to get them to bend the knee or be defeated for good. Jaime has no choice it was an order not a request. Jaime is warden of the East and West - South makes him far too powerful. Wilas and all the Tyrells left can take the black or be defeated in single combat as Tywin has no lack of champions. Highgarden will be Kevan's seat whilst Jaime returns to Casterly Rock to consolidate his power and assist Kevan in building the warfleet to fight the greyjoys. Cersei is regent as per OTL Varys is useful this cannot be denied Tyrion reveals Littlefinger set him up and is too untrustworthy in general and Tywin has him defeated in single combat Janos Slynt is a known traitor he is stripped of Harrenhal and executed which will be then given to Lancel. Tommen will be Lord of Storms end and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands and engaged to Arianne Martell. Tyrion is in the North he is busy consolidating his power Kevan makes sense as he is building the lannister fleet so will be experienced at naval battles. Littlefinger had to be cooking the books as I have read posts by finance experts who state as much. He cannot be allowed to stay also he was defeated in single combat after his arrest upon Tywin's return. The Hound is an excellent choice? He can fight with literally any weapon, doesn't afraid of anything and is devoted to the King. Hope that clears things up!
  2. Pretty much in summary Stark - 3600 (+Glover+Tallhart+Cerywn - direct vassels? 1000 each) - 6600 Bolton - 3200 Karstark - 2750 Umber - 2800 Manderly - 6500 Mountain Clans - 3000 Mormont - 1000 Dustin - 4000 Flint (both branches) - 2000 Reed - 300 Hornwood - 2000 Total - 34,150
  3. Yes they won but they made massive errors which I wouldn't have made both tactically and politically. - Jaime - if I were in his shoes I would smash Piper and Vance at Golden Tooth as he does and then put Riverrun under siege after smashing Edmure's host outside the walls. I would execute Edmure as a message to Catelyn and then I would challenge Tytos Blackwood to single combat. Once he loses he has to open the gates as per my request and then I would put the garrison to the sword. I would then put some lannisters in Tully armor and send them across the Green Fork in boats to the Stark host and they can infiltrate them and learn their plans. I would then make for the Twins, explaining to Walder Frey to invite Robb in but he has to marry a daughter on the spot. Once the wedding is underway the entire Stark army will be incapacitated with wine provided by Walder Frey. This is when the Freys slaughter all the Starks, except for the Boltons whom I have reached out to with my spies from earlier as I know the Boltons hate the Starks and that Roose is an untrustworthy vassal. My spies explain my offer, turn on the Starks and help the Freys defeat them all or they will die at the wedding too. So once the wedding is on, the Freys, Lannisters and Boltons all defeat and kill the drunk Stark army with ease. Robb and all the lords are taken captive. I will then dispatch a force of Freys to siege Seagard and make the Mallisters surrender. I will send Black Walder to challenge Patrek to single combat and if he wins his father has to open the gates and all garrison will be put to the sword. I will then make my plans to imvade the North. I will go North with 3000 Freys, 2500-3000 Boltons and the 15000 Lannister Army. The Boltons can take Moat Cailin by subterfuge and the Frey-Bolton-Lanister Alliance descend on Barrowton and then White Harbor, burning both to the ground. I will then send the Boltons North to get reinforced by Ramsay and the 600 Deadfort men. Roose will take Karhold by threatening to kill Rickard and his sons and force the 450 Karstarks left to join him, doing the same with the Umbers to gain 800 more men. The Boltons would then move to Castle Black with the Umbers and Karstarks who must prove their loyalty by killing Jon and LC Mormont, installing Alliser Throne as LC. The force will then visit the mountain clans, sharing their meat and mead and winning their loyalty to bring the Bolton Army up to around 7500. The Bolton Army then moves South through the wolfswood to Deepwood Motte, where the Glovers will be given the choice to bend the knee or die. Once they surrender they will be executed for being too loyal to Starks. Rodrik Cassell is oblivious to all of this as he is mustering an army to fight Jaime's army which is advancing from the South. The Boltons arrive to meet Rodrik who thinks them reinforcements. Ramsay does a sneak attack, chopping off Rodriks head, which is the signal for the Boltons to attack the Stark Army, destroying it. Jaime then captures Bran and Rickon, slaying Bran in the process so that it doesn't get out that he pushed him out of the tower several months prior. The Boltons are tired from all the fighting and they don't expect it when the Lannister army cuts them down in a one-sided battle alongside the Freys. Tyrion is named Warden of the North and engaged to 'Arya Stark' who is actually Jeyne Poole and is dispatched to Winterfell with a force of Westermen. All the Northern Prisoners are sent to the Red Keep to pledge fealty. North defeated and subdued. Tywin - With the Stark army successfully defeated I turn my attention to Renly, dispatching a Raven to him to invite him to Harrenhal for peace talks but he can only bring a small guard detail. Tywin knows he will bring Loras so he ensures Tywin is there, who will be ordered to mock Loras and Renly savagely and make Loras start a fight. Gregor will defend himself and cut Loras in two, and then Tywin can safely order the execution of Renly and his other men with a storm of arrows as Renly broke guest-right. Tywin will send a letter to Mace explaining that Renly killed Loras because he didn't return his feelings of affection and then the mountain tried to save him but was too late. Mace Tyrell will be offered a pardon if he agrees to send the Redwyne Fleet against Stannis immediately and then Tywin will send an anonymous letter to Balon to tell him The Arbor is undefended. Balon will then begin to sack the Reach, weakening it and distracting Mace long enough for Tywin to send a raven to the Martells, offering them justice for Elia by giving them The Mountain in return for attacking the Tyrells. Stannis will then be stranded at Dragonstone by the Redwynes but then Tywin will orchestrate a fleet of Wildfire boats from Kings Landing to crash into Stannis' Fleet and the Redwyne Fleet, destroying both. Tywin and the Martells will attack the Tyrell host from the North and South, taking them unawares, executing Mace Tyrell and Garlan Tyrell. Then Tywin will agree to give Oberyn Martell the Mountain in chains but then the Lannisters will turn on the Martells too, defeating them as they were caught unawares, executing Oberyn Martell. Tywin will then send a handpicked team to take a boat to Dragonstone to infiltrate the castle to challenge Stannis to single combat which he will lose against the handpicked team. With the Reach being raided at the coast, Tywin will then unleash his army against it to teach them to never go against the Lannisters again - burning Oldtown to the ground and installing Kevan as Warden of the South with Randyll Tarly agreeing to turn his cloak to the lannisters because he respects power. Kevan would then be tasked with defeating the Greyjoys once and for all with a mighty fleet being built at Lannisport. Tywin will then return to Kings Landing as Hand to reforge the small council, releasing Jaime from the Kingsguard and marrying him to Margaery to claim Highgarden. Hand - Tywin Master of Whispers - Varys Master of Ships - Kevan Master of Laws - Randyl Tarly Master of Coin - Orton Merryweather Lord Commander - Barristan Selmy Commander of City Watch - Adam Marbrand Grandmaester - Pycelle Kingsguard - Meryn Trant - Mandon Moore - Boros Blout - Arys Oakheart - Preston Greenfield - Sandor Clegane - replaces Jaime - Barristan Selmy
  4. Walder Frey needs to do his duty because that is literally his job as Robb's bannerman as Robb is part Tully and the heir to both Riverrun if Edmure is killed and also Winterfell. Robb could have Edmure placed in the vanguard and direct his archers to fire on his position. This way he has direct control over the Freys and he now has the power of two great houses. Robb could have the 4000 Freys plus increase his army further through constant reinforcement from the Freys. I said to trick Tywin because yes I'm aware he is a clever man and would probably be able to defeat my forces in a straight fight, that's why I suggested hoodwinking him. No I didn't mean challenge Jaime to single combat why would I do that if he's already my prisoner? I would chop off both hands as revenge so he cannot harm a member of House Stark ever again. What I meant was I would enact the Whispering Wood plan the same way Robb did as to his credit that was a pretty good idea besides the glaringly obvious flaw of not just shooting the lannisters with arrows as then Jaime cannot charge at Robb and kill his guards which loses Robb the Karstarks.
  5. This will be a series of essays on how each Kingdom can win the WOT5K through careful changing of the military and political tactics. I will start with the North. Robb made massive errors the whole way through the series and frankly I'm surprised he lasted that long. If I was in his shoes I would do a lot differently i.e. Gather the FULL POWER of the North - It is widely known the North has 45000 soldiers. I would gather all my power before descending on the South. People will take him more seriously if he has an even bigger force and he can defeat bigger armies this way. Get better terms from Walder Frey. Walder Frey needs to be made to understand Robb Stark is the heir to Winterfell and cannot marry beneath him. Offer Lord Walder his pick of one of your bannermen to marry his daughter and agree to foster his grandsons but that's it. Leave one of your bannermen to watch over him and instruct him to gather more reinforcements and supplies for the army because that's his duty. Convince the Vale to attack Tywin from the East. Explain to them they need to help defeat him or else victory isn't certain. Praise their honour and say how chivalrous they are. Automatically you get the full power of the Vale - +45000 Mounted Knights and few thousand clansmen. Send a raven to Balon Greyjoy offering an ultimatum, if he doesn't take Lannisport by moon's turn you will send him Theon's head and then you will go and route him from his keep. If he takes Lannisport he can call himself King of the Iron Islands but this plays into the bigger plan. The Iron Throne won't suffer a rebellious lord and will dispatch the Royal Fleet to put down Balon. While they are distracted send a massive Fleet from White Harbor and Gulltown and time this well with an attack on Kings Landing. First Tywin needs dealth with however. Send him a raven offering battle on a battlefield of his choosing, offering him the high ground. First offer single combat which he will refuse and his men will ridicule him but then the night before the battle perform a night march and defeat the Lion while it sleeps. To deal with Jaime do the same thing that he does except don't let him kill the Karstarks this time because then Lord Rickard won't kill the prisoners. Ideally you now have Tyrion Kevan Jaime and Tywin all prisoners at this stage. Next I would command the Riverlords to invade the Westerlands as revenge and to prevent a counter attack as Stafford Lannister is still in the field... I will then fuse together the Vale and the North Army and lay siege to Kings Landing. I would have around 90000 men vs 6000 city watch. I would challenge Joffrey to single combat to humiliate him because he will refuse out of fear. Next I would execute Jaime, Tyrion and Kevan and then send a raven to the Martells saying I will give them Tywin for their support against Renly if he proves a problem. I would then send in 20 men to open all the gates and invade the city, killing all the city watch but no civilians. I would execute Joffrey with Ice and disinherit Tommen and Mrycella and foster them with a bannerman like Roose Bolton, claiming Casterly Rock by right of conquest. I would throw Cersei in the black cells and then I would challenge her to single combat and defeat her with Ice or she can take the black if she so desires. Renly and Stannis are out there however. I would offer peace talks to give the throne to Renly but then I would reveal that since Robert was the usurper Renly is a traitor too and Jon is the real heir to the Iron Throne but since he took the black he can't be king so as his next of Kin I must needs take it. I would capture Renly and offer a marriage alliance with the Tyrells if they let me marry Margaery. I gain all the power of Highgarden, the Vale, the Riverlands, the North and Dorne. I offer Renly to repent his treachery or be defeated in single combat and sent to the wall whole or in pieces. Next I offer Stannis the throne. Stannis then comes to meet me at Storm's End but I first capture Melisandre to stop her from killing me with magic then I have Stannis shot with arrows which he won't suspect. I offer his men to bend the knee or be shot with arrows too. I dispatch a raven to Pyke, telling Balon to lay down his crown and send me 10 highborn hostages. 7 kingdoms are now one once again. I scourge the court of corruption by executing all of them and send all the kingsguard to the Wall or of they choose they can have a trial by combat against me. My small council Hand - Jon Snow - release him from his vows. He won't want to be king but will give good advice. Marry him to Arianne Martell. Master of Whispers - Bran - 3 eyed raven powers very useful Master of Laws - Randyl Tarly Master of Ships - Paxter Redwyne Master of Coin - Mace Tyrell Grand Maester - Luwin Lord Commander - Blackfish Commander of City Watch - Janos Slynt (but then publically execute in trial by battle then replace him with Rickon when he comes of age but in the meantime Rodrik Cassell) Kingsguard 1. Loras Tyrell 2. Robar Royce 3. Brienne of Tarth 4. Lyn Corbray 5. Wendel Manderly 6. Lyle Crakehall 7. Blackish - Lord Commander
  6. Yeah I'd figured that too you're right. The North can field 60000 men but it was because that Roose Bolton betrayed Robb that almost half of that army was killed and then the 10000 Karstark deserters and the Frey Betrayal where he lose 5000 men. I wouldn't be surprised if Jon is able to field at least those 60000 swords against the others but he has to convince the Boltons to give up power or else everyone is doomed.
  7. But the Bolton men knew how to defeat men who formed up in sheild walls. They were most likely men who fought in the battle of the bells, trident, greyjoy rebellion etc. Because the Boltons are taxing more they have probably even more money than the Manderlys to equip and train their soldiers. I think we are both right because you have to take all the sources and combine them as the different accounts of all the characters are varying because Reek thought there was 1400 Freys but Cersei said 2000.
  8. Following on from my post about the North, I'd like to clarify the Westerlands Army size. It is impossible to determine the exact size of each house as Tywin keeps sole command of his army and all the Westerland soldiers except the Generals wear Lanniater red armor. Tywin does this to show his complete control over his vassals. Jaime has an army of 30000 men to attack the Riverlands. He defeats the lords Piper and Vance, going through them like an axe through cheese. He then has twelve thousand foot surround and lay siege to Riverrun while he takes 2-3000 of his finest knights to defeat the remnants of the Piper Vance host. He lost around half his men as the riverlords vowed to water the soil with lannister blood, fighting to the last man. Once Jaime is captured, all his men are killed by Robb except 4000 who retreat to the Golden Tooth. These 4000 join with Stafford Lannister's 10000 but they are all killed agaim by Robb. Then Daven Lannister sieges Riverrun again with 1000 men who are survivors from all those battles. Tywin has 30000 men but then he loses 10000 in the quick march through the Riverlands as he has 20000 when he links up with Tyrion, who augments his force with 300 mountain men. He loses 1000 plus 150 mountain men in the battle of the Green Fork and a few hundred afterwards on the way to Harrenhal. He and Tyrion then claim to have 20000 to the Red Viper but this is a bluff as far less are left as he lost thousands against Stannis as he led the Vanguard with Garlan Tyrell. 2000 go to Dragonstone (1000 die) plus 800 with Jaime so roughly 15000-16000 died against Stannis (500 left with Tywin's body). In summary the Westerlands are completely spent, and overall are the weakest Kingdom left
  9. Sorry but I don't think I am? Which part did I make a mistake?
  10. Seen a lot of debating so thought I would clear things up as to exactly how many soldiers each of the main Northern Houses can muster. House Stark: We know they have 12,000 men at Winterfell and that was when Robb only had 2 weeks to arm his men. He also is stated by Ser Rodrik Cassell to have 4000 knights or near enough to make no matter. Rodrik then musters a further 2000 men to repel Theon before he is betrayed by Ramsay. Therefore the Starks have around 14000 but probably more when they scrape the bottom of the barrel. Makes sense since they are the lords paramount and also the Warden of the North. Total Strength - 15000 House Karstark: Possibly the 2nd most powerful because we know Lord Rickard brought 2300 men to Winterfell but that was him moving fast to save Ned because I think I recall the Karstarks being given Karhold by Ned so they owe the Starks a life debt. We know from the show when Robb tells us the Karstarks make up exactly half of the Northern Army so at one point the Karstarks must have gotten reinforcements of around 8000 men because Robb had 19500 at Moat Cailin. Robb knows how important they are which is why he tries to hard to keep them. Arnolf Karstark then is able to gather 450 men to join Stannis which is probably mostly the survivors from the 10000 men who abandoned Riverunn to look for Jaime. Karstark strength - 12350 House Bolton - 3rd Strongest House in the North. Known as the Red Kings before the Starks defeated them sometime before the main story. They bring an unknown amount to Winterfell but we know Roose Boltom has 3500 at the Twins but Theon says he has 4000 at Moat Cailin so probably closer to 3500 because Roose is a General whereas Theon isn't as experienced as the older more cautious Roose. Some of those 3500 are said to be Karstarks but I'd say at least 3000 are Boltons. Ramsay later brings 600 Bolton Veterans to Winterfell, easily killing all the Stark Army of 2000 men like an axe through cheese. The thing people don't realise is numbers aren't important, it's how powerful your soldiers are. These dreadfoot troops are high level swordsmen with equipment exceeding even the Starks e.g. lances for knightly charges and longaxes for close quarters. Free Northman Reborn said once that the Boltons tax their people more and this means they are the richest house except maybe the Lannisters, Hightowers, Freys etc. Because of their wealth they can more than likely double their army with sellswords like the second sons. An interesting thing that shows their strength is that they suffer next to no casualties at the Green Fork despite Roose being the commander and having his men engage Tywin. Roose lost around 6000 men at the Greenfork (mostly untried Manderlys, Rills Spearmen and Karstarks with a few knights to stiffen them) but the skill of the Boltons meant they won their skirmish but lost the battle because the Karstark right lost to the Mountain, routing the Starks when they were on the verge of victory. Total number - 13000 (6000 plus 6000 sellswords). Manderly - Most powerful navy in the North. They are said to have 50 ships hidden up the White Knife to repel Ironborn assaults or Iron Throne counter attacks. Wyman sends 1500 Manderlys to help Robb but then he has the 50 boats fight Ramsay for control of the Hornwood lands and then he also commands more heavy horse than the Starks because he says he has more Knights than Ned. Robb has 4000 knights at Winterfell so its safe to assume Wyman has equal or double this. Wyman also brings 300 Mermen Knights to Winterfell as his personal bodyguard when he goes to pledge fealty to Ramsay. I will do a separate video on the various fleets of the seven kingdoms but I don't think it's fair to count his marines, therefore I put the manderly strength at 6800 which makes sense considering the other houses are older and more respected by the Northern people. They rival the Boltons but the Bolton army is more experienced as they fought in Roberts Rebellion and also the Greyjoy Rebellion whereas the Manderlys had just arrived at the Wolf's Den. House Umber - The Greatjon is the strongest Northern Warrior and thus the Umbers have a very powerful presence. Even their green boys and greybeards are feared as Ramsay needed their 800 troops to force the Ironborn at Moat Cailin to surrender. Greatjon doesn't state his numbers exactly but as he was able to leave 800 men under his brothers Crowfood and Whoresbane I'd say he brought at least 1000 men south. Ramsay mentions in Season 6 he has 5000 men but 4000 are Boltons so 1000 must come from Karstarks and Umber. We know Arnolf has 450 so the Umbers must have numbered 550. The Umbers warred with the Horned King Beyond the wall so that is why they have lower numbers in recent times but their ferocity is unmatched. Total strength - 2300 House Mormont - Lady Mormont stated that Mormont warriors are worth 3 regular Northern Warriors because they are naturally stronger e.g. Jorah. They are stated to have 62 men equalling 186 regular men as reserves in their castle garrison plus Commander Mormont stated each Northern House has at least 1000 men. Mormonts also join Stannis to fight against the Bolton-Frey army which swells his numbers to 5000 and he previously had 1300 at Castle Black Total strength - 3200 House Glover - House Glover has stood behind House Stark for exactly 1000 years and because of this they have the best armor signified by their sigil, a mailed fist. They send 900 men to Ser Rodrik to help and another key piece of evidence is the Greatjon hates being placed behind them in the March. This means he has more men than the Glovers but they likely have better armor with more defensive capabilities than the Umbers who utilize boilet leather and greatswords. The Glovers rule the castle of Deepwood Motte and the entirety of the Wolfswood is their domain which means they have huge resources to trade meaning they have one of the deepest coffers of the northern houses. They excel at Woodland combat and they have huge defense and specialise in mail. Being a knightly house means they are looked down upon by lords but they are strong enough to keep lords at bay but given they give 900 men to Ser Rodrik that would mean they sent at least 1000 with Robb. They also contributed a few thousand men to Stannis (2000?) and Galbart Glover had 3000 men to attack Duskendale. House Glover total - 5500 - more powerful than Umber yes but Umbers have more prestige with the lordly status. Northern Mountain Clans The Wulls and Norreys are very hard to calculate as Jon says that they have 2-3000 men but this has been the subject of debate. There is no way to know is it 2000 or 3000 but GRR Martin is notorious for discrepencies. Total - 2000-3000 House Hornwood This is a funny one. We know they are defeated by the Dreadfort Garrison of 600 but we also know the Bolton men can defeat armies many times their size. Rodriks army of 2000 was defeated but Theon stated Rodrik has him 5 to 1 meaning Rodrik had 3000 men which messes numbers up somewhat (where did Rodrik get 1000 more men? Possible Karstarks returning from Riverlands?). I put the Hornwoods at 2000 because the Boltons defeated them very quickly and it took the Manderly fleet to drive them back to the Dreadfort. They also sent men with Robb and in medieval times a muster was normally 27% of all fighters so House Hornwood total - about 2500 House Dustin - The Horselords of the North. They have a massive cavalry called the Winter Wolves consisting of 2000 heavy horse who can defeat Southron Knights with ease as shown in the Butcher's Ball. They excel at icy combat and they can swing swords whilst ahorse to attack or defend. Rodrick Dustin rode a magnificent blood red horse that he would have bred with all of his mens' to give them the fastest horses which means they are even more formidable. Lady Dustin refused to let the Winter Wolves ride as she loved Ned and was bitter about him marrying Catelyn but she sends her Castle Garrison of at least 100 men with Robb who no doubt made a massive difference in the Whispering Wood. Dustin Strength - 2100 House Reed - Arguably the most powerful house due to their alternative abilities. Their soldiers can move through swamps in a way no regular soldiers could. They use poisin arrows and are expert stealth archers. Some Reeds can warg and use greensight due to interbreeding with the Children to control local flora and fauna. They send no men with Robb so they can defend the neck incase Tywin defeated Robb so they are full strength and the only Northern House to not lose a man in the war of the five kings. Total strength - unknown. House Talhart - 3025 - 3000 men who attack Duskendale plus 25 Wild Hares House Cerwyn - 1225 - 900 men who join Ser Rodrik plus 25 wild hares + 300 with Robb as Tyrion sees the Cerwyn Battleaxe at the Green Fork. Flint - The Flints are a tough one to speculate. They control vast lands that are warmer than the Starks but they are constantly at war with the sisterfolk and Ironborn. They may have needed every man to fight at home and Robb needed to move fast so I doubt they gave any men to robb. If they can match the Ironfleet they must be able to field at least 10000 men but this is pure speculation and the real number could be much higher or a little lower. I think that is all of them but feel free to let me know if I missed one!
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