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  1. The Mountain Clans have been a thorn in the side of house Arryn and the Vale for a very long time, yet the only thing the Arryns have been doing is sending Knights to patrol the roads and hunt small groups of these clansmen, which has proved ineffective. I propose something a little bit different: would it be possible for the Lord of the Eyrie to assemble the Leaders of these 10 clans in a single location, perhaps under the pretext of negotiating a treaty and giving them land or smth, and then murder all of them and their retinues. The survivors could be captured and tortured to reveal the location of the rest of the tribespeople, which would then be slaughtered. Now I got the inspiration from the medieval ruler Olga of Kyiv, if you’re interested. I’m hoping to receive any criticism regarding this plan and also any other ideas. In terms of how exactly the ambush will work: the leaders will be sat in a wooden hall with the Lord of the Vale among them. In order to lower their guard, a feast will be arranged with as much booze as they (leaders and their retinues) can drink. Then, when everyone is drunk, the Lord leaves for a piss or smth and the doors will be locked and the building set aflame. At this point the drunk clansmen outside will be slaughtered. Hurray! Job done. Your thoughts?
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