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  1. I agree with Ghostlydragon, I can't imagine that Game of Thrones will stand the test of time (even in an alternative reality where the last seasons weren't so bad). The popularity of the series was mainly due to the very high production values and scale that were unseen for a TV series at the time. Game of Thrones is at times soulless and has no personality of its own - they didn't even try to capitalize on the strengths that the book series had. The book series is of a high level because of the emphasis on the characters and how they grow as a person. With the POV perspective you have a view on the mental state of the characters, you see how they struggle with certain choices and how their thoughts evolve. This was always what George R. R. Martin wanted to achieve, according to him the central theme of ASOIAF is "The human heart in conflict with itself". Breaking Bad is highly regarded because Vince Gilligan knew to realize how Walter and Jesse evolved. Because of Walter's POV, the viewing public tends to rationalize or justify his morally unacceptable actions by his seemingly good intentions. The viewer is likely to support him to a distant stage, until one realizes that Walter's actions ultimately have a disastrous impact on his immediate environment. The same applies in ASOIAF. The reader also tends to understand/pity these characters, will justify their controversial actions (and is generally blind to the bad influence they have on the outside world). For example, we are supportive of all the deeds that Jon does, even if the violation of the political neutrality of the Night Watch means breaking the oath (political interference can mean the end of the Night Watch). We have similar situations with Tyrion, Daenerys etc. David Friedman Benioff and D.B. Weiss have never been very good at realizing character development. They prefer superficial characters and that led to some radical character changes in the TV adaptation. Catelyn loses her ambitions from the books and becomes the average sad housewife in the TV series. A narcissistic Cersei who tries to resist a patriarchal society becomes just a mother who loves her children. Stannis loses the characteristics that make him "gray" in the books. Tyrion has been completely whitewashed in the TV series and has never really done morally unacceptable deeds (e.g. the murder of Shae suddenly becomes self-defense). This is equally more evident in the later seasons, when characters become cold, soulless caricatures (Sansa, Daenerys, Bran etc.). However, it is incredibly difficult to transfer the internal thinking of a specific character to the visual medium, especially if it has an important function. Experienced scriptwriters already have trouble with it, let alone David and Daniel who have hardly any experience. But it's a damn shame how they can't even create rich characters that evolve in a natural way, even in the first four seasons in which they relied on book material. Characters are central to ASOIAF, not the action as in the TV series. Game of Thrones has no themes, personal style or focus and that is extremely noticeable. The actors and crew have put a lot of effort and have worked with passion, but everything stands or falls by how the showrunners work. It is mainly thanks to the decisions of David and Daniel that Game of Thrones resembles an upwardly falling soap show.
  2. As far as Jon Snow is concerned: he has continuous daydreams that he is lord of Winterfell (or that he is the only descendant of Eddard in Winterfell). He tries to suppress these thoughts at times, but after, for example, Stannis' offer to legitimize Jon Snow and elevate him to Lord of Winterfell: Let's examine how Jon Snow reacts to this traumatic memory, in the present and now. He hits Iron Emmet very hard, even after he surrenders. Is it because he is distracted? Or is he trying to react off his inner anger? I believe it is the second: This is one of Jon Snow's dreams. Don't take it too literally. But here again see how much Jon wants to become Lord of Winterfell. Nothing will stand in his way to achieve this. A lot depends on how he will change after his resurrection. He will be much more aggressive and vengeful (I believe), should something similar happen to Catelyn Tully (probably less serious, but still noticeable). If he would have priority in Robbs Will, I think he will stand up for his own interests anyway. Jon will not just accept Rickon as a lord if it is something he has been longing for all his life and has the chance to seize it. He won't hurt Rickon (although a succession conflict can have nasty consequences). But should Robb's Will Jon Snow appoint him as his successor, he will defend himself and consider him as Rickon's equal. He will no longer accept a subordinate role to the pureblood Starks. I can't immediately expect a scenario in the books in which Jon thinks: "I don't want it. I never have. He is my overlord". Especially if he has a different personality and no longer has a Night Watch Oath to abide by. I still believe that Robb's Will appoints Jon Snow as his successor. Robb Stark married Jeyne Westerling because he was afraid to produce a bastard who would have to go through the same prejudices as his beloved half-brother. Robb Stark fiercely defends his decision to legitimize Jon Snow against Catelyn and shouts that she doesn't have to obey her because he is king. He was determined at the time - I would be surprised if he changed his mind. In any case, the question of succession in the North is very open to discussion. There are many factors that make this difficult. But knowing George R. R. Martin, this issue will not be without problems. The question now, however, is to what extent it will affect Stannis, who is the ruler of Winterfell
  3. I rather believe that Bran in A Song of Ice of Fire becomes a kind of mythical creature, or rather a kind of god who is worshipped (and has administrative power). I think the greater role of magic towards the end is very important. I don't expect Bran to be appointed as the leader in the way it happened in the TV series. Know that the showrunners do not care about the magic elements of the ASOIAF book series (they minimize it as much as possible). For example, the Starks in the TV series are not wargs.
  4. Who is the "Hooded Man" in Winterfell? To be honest, the role of the Hooded Man is very limited, so I can't tell who this person would be. I have no idea. Who wrote the Pink Letter? I believe Wyman Manderly wrote it. We know that Wyman uses tricks to manipulate others, see the storyline of Davos in A Dance with Dragons. Rickon Stark, Shaggydog and Davos return alive from Skagos and Rickon is presented to Stannis and/or House Manderly. Yes, they will return from Skagos and Rickon will be appointed Lord of Winterfell. Jon Snow will not accept this on his return because Robb in Robb's Will appointed Jon as his successor. So there will be a succession conflict in Winterfell. Jon Snow after the mutiny at the Night Watch Jon Snow is dead and is brought to life by Melissandre. Ghost will also be involved. I believe that Jon Snow will be much more aggressive and colder in personality (and possibly convert to the faith of R'hllor himself after Melissandre has proven her power). Arya's killing of Raff the Sweetling (or someone from the entourage of Harys Swyft) was done on the orders of the Faceless Men. I can say with 100% certainty that it is an act Arya committed herself according to her own agenda. In my opinion this murder will not go unpunished: Arya will have to bear the consequences. Arya hears or or meets fArya (Jeyne Poole) I would be surprised if there are no rumors about "Arya" in the bars of Braavos. I'm almost sure Arya will hear about her. I don't know if Justin will take Massey Jeyne to Braavos (the Wall is unsafe at the moment and Jon Snow is not the driver anymore), but if that happens - I believe Arya and Jeyne will meet. I think it is the first and best chance for Arya Stark to return to Westeros through Justin Massey. Jamie/Brienne Lady Stoneheart I believe both characters will survive - however, they will be forced by Lady Stoneheart to participate in the planning of, for example, a second Red Wedding against the Freys - which is against their honorable principles that both Jaime and Brienne aspire to. The boy with Jon Connington landing in Westeros in ADWD is Aegon Targaryen, the second child and only son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Princess Elia Martell. It will never be officially confirmed whether Aegon is a Targaryen or Blackfyre. There will be rumors that he is not a Targaryen, fired up by Daenerys Targaryen for her own agenda in the Second Dance of Dragons. Jon Snow's true parentage Jon Snow is the son of Rheagar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, but it wouldn't surprise me if he remained a bastard. However, it is also possible that Elia Martell allowed polygamy. Grey Scale will be transmitted by Jon Connington and/or Shireen Baratheon to other people. A few people will get in touch with Jon's Greyscale anyway. Whether it will be an epidemic, I can't say for sure. The outcome of the Battle of Ice (at the Crofters Village), the capture of Winterfell is not included. Stannis is expected to win this battle (possibly according to the Night Lamp theory) and later to conquer Winterfell for the Starks. There are few other options: it is unlikely due to distance and weather conditions that Stannis will lose, march back and burn Shireen, who is now at the wall. This will only happen later in other circumstances. That Shireen will be burned on Stannis' orders has already been confirmed by George R. R. Martin. Who is the Harpy in Mereen? I think it's Skahaq mo Kandaq. Maybe he's not the Harpy, but he's involved. Robb's gonna disinherits Sansa Robb Stark himself indicated this in A Storm of Swords. Winterfell will not be inherited by Sansa "Lannister". If Victarion orders the dragon horn ("dragonbinder") to be blown, Victarion itself gains control over at least one dragon. I believe so. In any case, I expect Victarion to stay alive for a longer period of time, as he may be driving the fleet that Daenerys is taking to Westeros. Are Barristan and Victarion going to win the battle of Mereen? I think this battle will be won. Both characters will survive it. Is Arianne going to marry FAegon? Aegon can forget about marrying Daenerys now. Arianne seems most likely, but a marriage to Sansa Stark can also be very interesting, I must admit. Is Mace going to be defeated at Westerosi Agincourt? Anyway, Aegon will win this crucial battle. This would provide him with many new allies and after that, all that remains is King's Landing - controlled by Cersei Lannister who plays with wildfire. is FAegon going to take the Iron Throne? I'm quite sure of that, but he won't keep the throne for long. George R. R. Martin has already named him in a blog post Aegon VI Targaryen (only ruling monarchs are allowed to use regnal numbers) and in 2003 he hinted at a Second Dance of the Dragons, a war of succession between Aegon and Daenerys. Is Euron going to summon some Lovecraftian tentacle hentai monster? Possibly (I hope not), but I am not particularly interested. is Euron going to win the Battle of Blood? Probably, Euron's endgame has to do with the Others (I believe he is a greenseer just like Bran). Euron will have to win this battle to remain relevant.
  5. I am completely convinced that Aegon will sit on the Iron Throne: We know that by the following: George R. R. Martin has hinted at a Second Dance of Dragons, a war of succession between two Targaryen pretenders (in an interview from 2003) . Know that he hinted in a 2000 interview that Aegon might still be alive. We also have several hints in Daenerys' storyline about the role of Aegon. For example in the House of the Undying: "A cloth dragon sways on poles amidst a cheering crowd". In blog posts by George R. R. Martin, Aegon is mentioned with a regnal number: Aegon VI Targaryen. Regnal numbers can only be used by ruling monarchs. This may be a potential hint that he will sit on the throne at some point. Anyway, I think that when Daenerys lands on Westeros, she needs serious opposition. With Cersei as regent you don't have that at all, it's a corrupt government with butt lickers and a lot of enemies within King's Landing itself. Cersei could not even unite her own "allies" against Daenerys because of her own incompetence. Under Kevan it might have been possible, but he is no longer there. With Aegon on the Iron Throne (which he can only keep for a short time), Daenerys ends up in a conflict that is personally intertwined with her. Anyway, a conflict between Aegon and Daenerys is more interesting than a conflict between Cersei and Daenerys. According to the current state of affairs it is mainly Daenerys who will be badly received in Westeros, with her barbaric Dothraki, slave soldiers, Tyrion (who has a reputation as a kingslayer and kinslayer - he is Tywin writ small), Victarion (the Ironborn will be widely hated after their attacks in the Reach), Moqorro (his religion is seen as satanistic in Westeros) and monstrous dragons that everyone would fear... One of the few good advisors is Barristan, of whom I believe he will question his loyalty to her when he discovers that Aegon has a better claim and when Daenerys embraces her Targaryen mantra Everything seems to have turned against Daenerys. However, it is also unrealistic that Aegon's government will be accepted without resistance (even if he would be loved as king, as is claimed in prophecies). We still have Baratheon claimants with Stannis and Shireen (although they are almost a non-factor in the South), so Aegon's government will not be recognized by everyone. Aegon VI won't even manage to unite the entire Seven Kingdoms against Daenerys.Jon Connington will be the disgrace during Aegon's reign as a result of his dishonorable way of operating... With him we actually have Tyrion's equal, who also has a similar way of doing things and will be detested. Jon Connington also has Greyscale, which can also have interesting consequences. So, you now have an idea of what to expect from a Second Dance of Dragons.The houses have good motives to join one of the two claimants. For Stannis... He can forget the Iron Throne. Stannis is expected to win The battle of Ice (possibly according to the Night Lamp theory) and later to conquer Winterfell for the Starks. There are few other options: it is unlikely due to distance and weather conditions that Stannis will lose, march back and burn Shireen, who is now at the wall. This will only happen later in other circumstances. I assume Stannis will install Rickon as Lord of Winterfell after Davos brings him back from Skagos. Rickon's reign, however, will be disputed by Jon Snow when he discovers Robb's Will (Robb wanted Jon as his successor). So there will also be an inheritance conflict. Know that Jon Snow will probably not have the best reputation after he is brought back to life. He will be considered an oathbreaker after his interference in the game or thrones as Lord Commander of the Night Watch (violation of political neutrality). As far as Stannis is concerned, after the conquest of Winterfell, the situation on the wall (in connection with the Others) will be very worrying. Maybe he will support the fight against the Others and then sacrifice Shireen there without result. Or Stannis will confront Daenerys (see vision "A blue-eyed king who casts no shadow raises a red sword in his hand" in the House of Undying), with the potential support of mercenary armies from Essos and the North (e.g. the Manderly fleet). This is a hopeless mission, with the sacrifice of Shireen in a desperate attempt to bring the Stone Dragon to life, without success. After that, Stannis will give up all his ambitions for the Throne.
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