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  1. I'm not completely dismissing his character, his takes on events started to become annoying as the story unfolded. They could write him as a bawdy fool in public, but an intelligent political schemer in private. That would be funny actually, unlike Tyrion, Mushroom leans into the dwarf stereotype because it protects him, while Tyrion was always fighting against it because of his pride and status as a Lannister. Mushroom could showcase what life is like for a non noble dwarf. I've convinced myself he should be part of the cast. LMAO.
  2. Besides coming up with the disastrous dragonseed should be riders idea, what does Mushroom actually do?
  3. That's not the impression I got. For Rhaenys to die for kids who are not her grandchildren and Driftmark to be inherited by bastards?
  4. I think you and Lord Varys are both right. On the one hand Westeros is kind of racist, but a different kind of prejudice born of ignorance/superstition of the other, different from our modern form of racism. On the other hand a eWsterosi noble can marry foreign royalty/nobility and that itself isn't the problem, but the spouses do face prejudice (Lara Rogarre and Lady Darklyn) for being different, their children are almost always accepted. Unless the children look different, case in point Baelor Breakspear-the very image of a noble knight, his Dornish coloring was constantly brought up as a negative by his detractors. The more I think about it, I'm convinced that's the route they are going with this Corlys casting. Why make Corlys black of all the characters if you didn't want to explore this aspect of Westerosi society? Rhaenyra's sons alleged bastardy, Rhaenyra herself as a woman wanting to her rule in her own right and her heir looking not Westerosi- all work to make her and her line unfit for the IT-at least according to the Greens. I could be completely wrong here, but I feel this specific casting choice is pushing me to go there. I guess we'll find out once they cast The Strongs and the Velaryon siblings. Edit: If the boys are mixed race and could plausibly be Corlys' grandsons, it explains why Corlys and Rhaenys are all in for Rhaenyra, instead of the unexplained weirdness we got in F&B.
  5. Xho was a beggar king like Viserys, plus if I remember correctly, he was a prince of an island in the Summer Isles, not the entire nation. He was a royal nobody, I don't his race or the fact he was a Summer Islander hand anything to do it.
  6. In book world you're absolutely right, show world is a whole other beast and could go either way. They may want to expand on how Grey Worm and Missandei were treated by Northerners. We'll get some sense once they cast the Strongs and the Velaryon siblings. Like I said I could be completely wrong here, but something about the casting of Corlys says to me that is the route they are going.
  7. Yes, it'd be so awesome! I more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that Corlys will have silver hair and purple eyes; but the Strong boys although mixed race like their father, will have brown hair and eyes to set the boys apart, and give some kind of plausibility to the Green's accusations-at least to other characters. I could be completely wrong, but it just makes sense to me considering Corlys' official character profile on HBO states the Velaryons are an ancient Valyrian house. The casting of Corlys is also deliberate considering the Danny Sapani rumor back in December, so there's a reason why the writer's decided to take this route. I think they're trying to expand the definition of Valyrian in show world, we've never seen non-Targaryan Valyrians in the show, and the first two we get happen to be POC is not a coincidence. It also makes me think race will be part of the rejection of Rhaenyra's boys, not just the alleged bastardy, but the look of foreignness as well.
  8. That's a strong case for that set being Velaryon related.
  9. RIGHT?! They better have the Velaryon siblings, especially considering the time period the show starts in. How disappointing would that be?
  10. Castles will be CGI heavy, hopefully they look better than Casterly Rock and High Garden. I don't know what that shit was.
  11. Someone with a keen eye thinks it could be High Tide. https://preview.redd.it/jjdf3vs22fu61.jpg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=c65376de78368913e7f3b2d5e71d3061eb6ca10c
  12. Wow this is happening. Seeing these photos makes it real.
  13. Thats funny because it has the same description of the Variety article I posted last Thursday. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/game-of-thrones-prequel-series-house-of-the-dragon-cast-fabien-frankel-hbo-1234952650/
  14. That`s right! The show is its own universe.
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