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  1. At this point I don't know what would be more of a headache, constant flashbacks where audiences (who won't remember names) are trying to figure out who is who, or have a quarter, or half the season be in the past and then do a flash forward.
  2. That's what I thought. They should've kept Mizuno tbh.
  3. Ugh I have to learn how to do multiple quotes in one post until then I will just reply lol. I did notice the other Velaryons when the camera is facing the high seat and Viserys and Rhaenyra. I just thought they were walking in front of them kind of like heralds. I did not notice Rhaenys was not wearing the bullet necklace. Yes young Leanor and Laena have been confirmed in a press release by HBO, the actor's name is Theo Nate.
  4. It looks like Rhaenyra is wearing white, so I assumed it was the wedding feast.
  5. I get what you're saying, but Tommen and even Joffery were minors. It made sense that others were running the show. For Rhaenyra to sit around Dragonstone and send her sons and former mother in law to die makes no sense considering she has a dragon. If she was a dragonless Queen, it could work. Even Aegon II gets into it at Rooks Rest. It was weird, but ultimately fine in the text, I don't think it will work on tv.
  6. Aegon II as the leader of his faction can't just disappear, or be out of commission for most of the war. It would make sense to delay the battle of Rooks Rest to deep into the war, that way the King isn't effectively neutralized and Rhaenys who I predict will be a fan favorite doesn't die so early on. Viserys they can treat like Rickon in the show, he disappears for a long time and pops back up again, only he doesn't die. They can even expand on what happened to him in Lys, so the audience knows he's alive, but his family thinks he's dead.
  7. That's a sure fire to lose an audience. One middling season and people won't care after two years.
  8. I'm excited to see how they answer this part. And now that Vaemond has been changed to Corlys' brother instead of nephew, its even more of a question why is he still with Rhaenyra after she murders him? Assuming of course they keep the Driftmark succession (crisis? argument?) issue and the Silent Five.
  9. This is an excellent point. Maybe Westerosi legal minds can help me out here, but if the children were born in wedlock and Rhaenyra's husband has claimed them as his and given them his name, aren't they legitimate, legally speaking?
  10. Jace confronting his mother would be a powerful scene. There is also something sweet about the boys being the only ones who don't know. I'm interested to see which direction they take.
  11. Not sure if you saw the pics in the link below. From their costume (red and black with the same dragon clasps as Daemon) I think they're the Rhaenyra's sons, and they have the brown hair. Seeing that they are Harwin's sons and not Laenor's won;t be hard, they kind of look like Ryan Corr (Harwin). https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E_RaIXdXMAICNhB?format=jpg&name=large
  12. Isn't the point of the story that Rhaenyra can't sell it because everyone knew she was sleeping with Harwin Strong? From what I remember Harwin was a gold cloak, he had no business being around Rhaenyra all the time and becoming her sworn shield. And she rarely spent time with Laenor. So when Jace is born looking like Harwin, no one is surprised.
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