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  1. I have to find time to re-read F&B, I remember Laanor being gay, but Joffery? Wasn't he a little kid?
  2. I'm excited for this show, but at the same time if it does fail I won't be upset; it will validate my feelings/opinion that D&D irrevocably damaged this franchise
  3. I have a feeling this is where they are going. They could also keep their options open at least in the first season and give Corlys a Summer Islander mother, and then decide to expand the world. Unless I'm mistaken Corlys and Mysaria will be the first non-Targaryen Valyrians on screen. That in of itself could be a clue.
  4. We know that, but these nuances would've gone over most of the general audiences heads unless they did some reading or maybe watched the lore videos online. The show is its own parallel universe separate from the books, and for most fans the show is all they will ever know.
  5. The joke is for many show watchers a multicultural Valyria is somewhat set up already; you have white, black, brown and even the Asian priestess in Volantis all Valyrian speakers. People don't know enough about Valyria to care let alone get angry. Average show watcher if they remember anything will connect it to the language Dany, Greyworm and Missandei spoke, a black dude being from that culture won't be this controversy some book readers think it will be. Maybe I'm totally off base, but I see the success of The Witcher (despite it not being very good) and Bridgerton and I think the general audience won't care.
  6. I get book readers being annoyed that a character they imagined a certain way will be completely different in the show. At the same time, you're absolutely right, the general audience will not give a fig about a black Corlys because they have no idea who he or his family are, or even what Valyrians are. The only play Valyria got in the show besides Dany going on about being the blood of old Valyria, was that scene with Jorah and Tyrion in the ruins of the old city. But the audience's main interaction with anything Valyrian was the language, spoken by Missandei, Greyworm, Melisandre, and the various actors some of them POC in Slavers Bay and Volantis. Now we know that Valyria was basically the Rome of that world and their language was dominant, how many people in the general audience cared to put that together? I know people that thought that Dany's hair was a Targaryen thing and not a Valyrian thing. Seriously. The reason is besides Dany and her brothers, we never saw any other Valyrian descendent characters with "the look". For good or ill the show is going to define what a Valyrian is, and guess what? Its whatever the writers say it is, and for the vast majority of audiences it will be their first serious interaction and for them cannon.
  7. What I'm trying to say is that fans who were deep into the books, games etc cared, but the vast majority of viewers watched it and either liked it or didn't based on its merits, not the ethnicity of the actors. There's always grumblings online, but if the show (HOTD) is done well and manages to be a success no one will pay any mind to people screaming about white Valyrians. It won't be a thing, success has a way of drowning out noise like that.
  8. And The Witcher was Netflix's most successful show before Bridgerton LMAO. At least Briderton is supposed to be set in the Regency era and the color blind casting didn't make sense, but guess what? People went with it and it is Netflix's biggest show/film EVER. And even though I've conflated these two shows, one is based on a real place and the other based in a fantasy world inspired by specific culture, so not the same thing, but both were huge successes. What I'm trying to say is that HOTD will not collapse because they have POC characters in Westeros, it will rise or fall based on the writing and acting, and if the wider culture still cares about GOT after Season 8.
  9. You don't know that Corlys being black is because of the protests this past summer. It could be because the original show got a lot of flack for being 99% white and portraying POC as slaves, former slaves, or a bunch of savages. Or it could be because HBO clearly wants to build their own MCU (Martin Cinematic Universe) and they see the success Disney has had with its diverse slate, that is even more diverse with upcoming shows, movies etc. Or it could be because GRRM and the writers wanted to shake things up. Either way you don t know. Wakanda is a fictional country set in a real continent. its not the same as Westeros or Valyria which exist in a fictional world. I wish you would stop making these comparisons because they don't fit. As for enslaved whites in America, unfortunately there were in enslaved white people in the 17th century in North America, its just not focused on because they were transitioned into "indentured servants" sometimes for life (which is just like slavery) and the practice was mostly done away with when slave trade started booming.
  10. I was surprised to hear his involvement at all considering what went down with GOT, then I read HOTD was the show GRRM and Condal pitched to HBO. So George is in this.
  11. Which makes my point. Most of the audience won't know, or care for the most part. HOTD won't just be explaining what a Valyrian is (in the show universe), but defining for audience who they are and what they're about.
  12. I'm in Canada and talked to a few friends who were fans of the show about HOTD, only 1 knew what a Valyrian is supposed to look like, the rest gave me blank looks. I bet most viewers who are not familiar with the lore just go with it.
  13. Holy shit thats crazy! Imagine all this time people were speculating on a show about the conquest and you knew all along! LMAO
  14. It sounds like a narrative nightmare. It worked on the page, but on screen I personally wouldn't like it.
  15. Majority of the viewers don't know what a Valyrian is. Only book readers, and hard core fans will know, or really care tbh.
  16. I said the same thing in the other casting thread. To me this seem like something GRRM would pull, he considers the original show to be like a parallel universe of the books, I can see him playing around with it to explore options he can't in the books.
  17. Lets not forget the pug nose George kept going on about. I wonder if they'll hire a black or biracial actor to play Harwin Strong, and make him, say, a cousin or half brother of the Strong siblings. That way the boys could be played by biracial actors. It would be interesting to see Rhaenyra, Daemon and the rest of the the blacks (unfortunate name now lol) fight for the rights of these boys considering the setting and GOT's history with race. I just hope they don't make the Greens come off looking like Klan members.
  18. No we don't. But the fact that Rhaenyra protected herself with having ancestors wih this look and some people actually believed him makes me think they had brown hair. There are a group of readers who believe the boys are legitimate and that they received their hair and eye color from their Arryn ancestors. I hope the show gives us an answer.
  19. I don't think they would've went in this direction if GRRM was dead set against it. This seems like something maybe even Martin himself came up with because he considers the television adaptation of ASOIAF to be a mirror universe to his own literary work-the same, but fundamentally different. I can see him trying out things in the show he wanted to do/never got the chance with the books, especially one he is heavily involved in.
  20. I loved your whole post, but this part blew me away. I'm going to reread F&B now. Corlys seems very modern considering the time/place he lives in, same for Laenor; gay nobleman/monarchs usually married and reproduced. The only one I can think of that eschewed marriage and had his male favorites around him was William Rufus of England-a son of Willian the Conqueror who succeeded his father. As for Rhaenyra's sons, for all we know the boys received their hair color from their Arryn and Baratheon ancestors. There is just so much rich material here, no wonder they decided to adapt The Dance.
  21. I'm really curious to see how that plays out. On the one hand like you said, the whole paternity plot like is a rehash of Cersei's, but it does create juicy drama between all the main characters. I'm excited to see what they do with it.
  22. Wow I really thought I forgot a crucial piece of info, from what you're telling me it looks like it was never really explained how Corlys and Rhaenys felt and why they supported Rhaenyra and her boys. The show is going to have to explain that.
  23. I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but most readers believe that Rhaenyra's boys are Strongs, due to the brown hair and the pug nose; is there any explanation why Corlys and Rhaenys accepted the boys as their grandchildren? Its been a while since I read F&B, so I may have missed/forgotten something. If it was so obvious that the boys were bastards. what were the motivations of the Velaryons? Rhaenys died defending their rights! It just seems crazy to me, unless of course I missed something.
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