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  1. @Lord Patrek I'm sure you're even better at writing than reviewing. Anyway, I think the website we're planning to use (Lulu) decides the price. (Kyle's used it before so he'll be guiding me through that part of the process.) I try to back up my files once a month because I have so much stuff on my laptop. (I'm a compulsive hoarder of video game music.)
  2. @Derfel Cadarn Sorry to hear that. And yeah. Backup files are serious business.
  3. @Lord Patrek Total cost for everything was around $500, which includes paying the editor. Thanks for the well-wishes btw. If you'd like to read the book and possibly review it I can send you a copy once its finished. And if you have any tips for indie marketing I'd love to hear them. Best of luck with your own writing. (You're off to a great start with the title if you ask me!)
  4. Oh, and Spoon has finished editing his portion of the anthology so now we're 11/13 complete! In other news, I've been made co-author of "Scotland's Heir".
  5. @Lord Patrek P.S. Only three of the thirteen stories are set in the Mistland Metaverse. Here's a (slightly outdated) overview our editor linked to: https://twitter.com/gbm_games/status/1370466787293298690?s=20
  6. @Lord Patrek I honestly doubt a traditional publisher would be interested in either the anthology or a new shared setting, especially when you throw in the artwork. (Pretty sure they'd change the cover to something banal at the very least.) Also, a few of my co-authors have been published before. Kyle has had poems and short stories published in magazines. Spoon has also been published in one or two magazines and Jim was one of the authors behind Tower of the Hand: A Hymn for Spring. All that is to say me and Felix are the only first-timers. Our marketing strategy is a bit more complicated. I've made a list of sites (such as this one and Tumblr) where I have a presence that I can use to drum up publicity. Beyond that there's also reaching out to all the people I've stayed in touch with over the years. Finally, my co-authors and editor can do the same where they live. I don't expect the book to be a meteoric success (though one can certainly hope) but for me its more about the sense of accomplishment and closure. All my life friends and teachers have told me not to waste my talent so that's what I'm doing and with my own two hands nonetheless. I hope that makes sense.
  7. Received the final, editor-approved draft of Jim's story "Cold"! 2691 words, 7 pages Total page count: 89 pages Number of complete short stories: 8/13 I've also begun rewriting "Scotland's Heir" with Felix's approval. So far 3/26 pages have been rewritten. Oh, and I spontaneously wrote yesterday a 1.25 page vignette (370 words) in my Mistland Metaverse setting! Debating whether to include it in the anthology as further bonus content or to save it for a potential sequel...
  8. Finished editing my portion of the anthology! Final results are as follows: 1) Dead Man’s Trial (3215 words, 11 pages) 2) Sorrow’s End (3665 words, 13 pages) 3) The Mahdi’s Final Death (2591 words, 9 pages) 4) Promontory (870 words, 3 pages) 5) The Dragonslayer (1205 words, 4 pages) 6) Girl in Blue (2604 words, 9 pages) 7) Anathema (Part I) (7953 words, 33 pages) Total: 82 pages Bonus content will now include: 1) Alternate versions of each map (1 for map 1, 2 for map 2) 2) Black-and-white versions of the 2 colored pics 3) A list of Mistland's monarchs 4) Poems written by me and Spoon
  9. Trouble logging in with Facebook again.
  10. @Toth You just reminded me that I can't watch Spring Song in theaters or buy the blu-ray. :(
  11. Worked out with our editor all the changes for "Girl in Blue" (my personal favorite) and "Anathema (Part I)", which concludes my portion of the anthology. (Haven't had time to implement anything yet sadly.) Also commissioned artwork for "Anathema (Part II)" (and yes, I know I am getting ahead of myself but I couldn't help it). Sorry about your mother @Lord Patrek. P.S. Trouble logging in with Facebook again, hence the new account.
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