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  1. The fact that according to F & B none of the pre-Conquest kings ever bothered to implement a uniform law, tax, or road system within their domains is especially egregious. Btw, was Geoffrey of Anjou really that hated? Guy was like 10+ years younger than his wife. (If I recall correctly she was 28 to his 15 when they got married. Also, I find it kind of funny that Henry II had two brothers but no one remembers them because they died in their 20s without having sired any children.) And just how many nobles died in the White Ship Accident? I always got the impression it was a rather small, if intimate affair comprised of William Adelin and his closest friends/kin.
  2. I wouldn't say nihilistic so much as depressingly realistic but to each their own.
  3. @C.T. Phipps If I remember correctly, Stephen wasn't even the eldest son. He had one older brother who was mentally disabled and another brother who Stephen basically beat to the punch. (Once you're anointed there's no going back.)
  4. I get the feeling we've put more thought into this era than GRRM ever will.
  5. While I disagree on this point I appreciate having an opposing view. :)
  6. Honestly, the lack of royal bastards outside of Aegon II and Aegon IV is implausible as well as disappointing. I could understand Baelon, Viserys II, Maekar, etc. remaining lifelong widowers if they'd taken mistresses but nope.
  7. I fully agree. He should have taken Alicent as a mistress and if she refused to be one some other noblewoman instead. Given the existence of Trystane Truefyre and the rumor that Viserys cheated on Aemma as well as his fun-loving personality its clear the man had no qualms about sleeping around or potentially siring bastards. Nonetheless, the birth of a healthy male heir would be reason enough for Viserys to publicly go back on his decision considering Westeros is a male-dominated military aristocracy.
  8. Why the hell not? To use the example of Henry I, do you genuinely believe that if he had had a son by his second wife, that he would not have named said son heir despite having already made his lords swear fealty to Matilda as a contingency?
  9. I see. The thing is, the birth of a healthy son IS enough cause.
  10. Season 1 should have ended with Rhaenyra and Laenor's wedding, season 2 with Lucerys' death. By your logic, Jon Arryn, Stannis, and Ned had no cause for investigating the paternity of Cersei's children. A Trial by Seven would have been amazing!
  11. Yes, I meant Henry I. Facepalm. Neither of those monarchs had living sons either so my point still stands.
  12. The Widow's Law does not apply to matters of succession. Otherwise, we would see other examples of daughters from first marriages inheriting ahead of sons from second marriages, which we empathically don't. Viserys I has not "basically done [that] already". In order to legitimize a bastard, it first needs to be acknowledged as such and to do so is, as stated in the text itself, tantamount to admitting to treason, one of the highest crimes in the realm, so Alicent is well within her fits throw a fit over it. (The only reason other people don't speak up is because Viserys can punish them for it to a much greater extent than he can Alicent, on account of her being his wife.) I don't think Criston is jealous nor is he an incel considered he joined the Kingsguard willingly. What's obvious to me is that he's bitter over the fact Rhaenyra got him* to break his vows for what was, from her perspective, a one-night stand, which really tells you something about Rhaenyra's political acumen (or lack thereof), not to mention basic human empathy, when she thinks she can proposition her bodyguard, a knight sworn to celibacy, for sex and then genuinely believe things will go back to the way they were before with nary a hitch. It may be hard for us to understand in the modern day but back then oaths MATTERED. Honor MATTERED. Especially for someone who came from nothing like Criston. Just to be clear, I'm not condoning the way Criston insults her or treats her sons in episode 6 but I can understand why he's come to hate her so much. *When I say she "got" him to do it I mean that she was the one who initiated it and when he displayed hesitation didn't pull back. Seeing as she's also his social superior/employer's daughter and an adult both in-setting as well as out-of-setting whether Criston consented or not to me feels a little moot.
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