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  1. Saw it a few hours ago. Agree with almost everything said here.
  2. For whatever reason, I can't send/submit messages/replies when using Firefox.
  3. Here you go @The Dragon Demands! As for the Fishfeed, I think GRRM just screwed up his numbers. (To be fair, the Dance is not well-plotted as far as Westerosi conflicts are concerned.)
  4. @The Dragon Demands I've made this same complaint multiple times and somewhere in this thread have listed all the battles of the Dance that have yet to have their numbers updated as well as what those updates should be.
  5. Sorry to hear your book is being rejected @Derfel Cadarn. Hope someone picks it up sooner rather than later.
  6. Finished writing two new vignettes and am now working on an interlude to "Scotland's Heir" titled "Where Our Lives Do Part".
  7. Yeah but couldn't they have dyed their hair instead this time? Or just gone with the actors' natural hair colors? After all, if they're willing to forgo purple eyes why not ditch the silver-gold hair too?
  8. The converse is also true though. (That is, under Rhaenyra, the Greens would be the De La Poles to her Henry VIII.) Later kings got around this to an extent by simply not remarrying, however unrealistic that is in and of itself.
  9. Saw the first episode. Very atmospheric. Very moody. A lot different than the usual MCU fare, which I hope continues in future episodes. Never been too hung up on accents so that personally didn't bother me.
  10. That's honestly how I felt after watching Turning Red in comparison to other movies by Pixar, which is not to say it wasn't well-done, just less universal.
  11. @SeanF I put in "say what you will about the merits of each individual proposal" precisely because people will disagree on that point. (I, for one, do but to be fair I also lean towards the Greens.) What doesn't change is the fact that what was offered in that proposal was more than Rhaenyra was ever willing to offer in response, which speaks in Alicent's favor and not in Rhaenyra's.
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