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  1. Here's the theme song for the protagonist of Scotland's Heir:
  2. If anyone is looking to get a little extra exposure, I've received two reviews from this site as well as two additional requests for reader copies: https://sandrasbookclub.blogspot.com/2020/08/submit-your-book.html
  3. Got another review on Amazon and Goodreads, which was a nice surprise. Been working on a longform vignette I hope to be done with this weekend. Goal is to finish one short story a month going forward. Also tried my hand at writing a two-sentence horror story. Oh, and I hired a formatter to prepare a print file for Volume I. Commissions (art + music) are starting to trickle in as well.
  4. @The hairy bear Rhaenyra married Laenor when she was 16 so Daemon's grooming and seduction had to have taken place when she was 14 or 15. Also, its said that Daemon liked to deflower virgin prostitutes, some of whom would undoubtedly be considered minors* in and out of setting. *minors meaning below the age of majority
  5. According to F & B Morion Martell broke the peace if Deria using the First Vulture King as a proxy doesn't count.
  6. @The hairy bear Daenora was the younger (but only surviving) daughter of Prince Rhaegel and Alys Arryn. Aerys I was (probably) asexual (to Aelinor Penrose's detriment).
  7. @Centrist Simon Steele Finished reading the prologue. If you want, I can share my thoughts via DM.
  8. Borros led 6K against that random Vulture King but when he marched on KL he had only 4K foot and 600 knights, which means the Lads probably outnumbered him at the Muddy Mess. That being said, it doesn't do one any good to dwell on numbers with regards to the Dance because they really do lend credence to the meme, "GRRM can't math."
  9. The worst part of med school for sure. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. And feel free to share the artwork on your other socials, etc. Incidentally, if all goes according to plan, a print version should be available for purchase within the next two to four weeks. I'll try to read your book as soon as possible btw.
  10. Louis XIV and Louis XV were both well into the early modern era so not quite the same thing.
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