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  1. Can anyone give me advice regarding how to format artwork (maps, full-page illustrations, etc.)?
  2. @Lord Varys That's why I said I think no one source got all the details right. My other point wasn't about the quarrel specifically but more about how the cast in general is too young across the board.
  3. @The Bard of Banefort Sandor is mentally unwell and Sansa was the first person to treat him with decency in probably a long time. Anyway, I honestly don't think any one source has the full picture. In my opinion, either both had feelings but rejected the other's offer or Daemon groomed Rhaenyra under the guise of helping her seduce Criston but when she actually tried to put her lessons into practice got shut down, thus causing her to seek out Harwin for comfort. Also, men can be a bit touchy about matters of honor, especially in medieval times, and even more so if they have a traditional view of sexuality, which is another reason why Criston reads less to me like a jilted lover and more like, for example, a teacher from the 50s railing against the licentiousness of his students after they hit puberty in the 60s. Having said all that, we'll see how the show plays things out. No harm in disagreeing about a fictional character's motives after all. @Lord Varys A big part of that problem comes from the timeline. There are simply too many children and too few cadet branches. The "Strong" boys should be closer in age to Aegon II and Aemond, with Joffrey being around Daeron's age. Also, Aegon II's children should be around Aegon III's age, in part so that them having dragons of their own actually matters. In fact, it might have been a good idea if GRRM had kept Aegon II one year younger than Rhaenyra the way he originally was meant to be. Unfortunately, that would then run into the problem of Aemma and Daella's dating, which frankly make little sense. Why on earth would Jaehaerys, Baelon, Alysanne, or even Viserys consent to him deflowering Aemma when she was just thirteen? The maesters know better and its not like there was a war or plague with which to justify the haste. Honestly, things would work better if everyone was moved two years back (Daella born in 61 AC, Aemma in 79 AC, Rhaenyra in 94 or 95 AC, Aegon II in 104 or 105 AC, etc.). Its not like Aemma Arryn is all that important to GRRM anyway given the fact he couldn't be bothered to write literally anything about her. Also, I absolutely hate how he uses children dying as a way to sideline only female characters (Rhaenyra, Helaena, etc.). And even that doesn't explain why Jaehaerys insisted on seeing his physically and mentally disabled daughter wed by sixteen when the freaking Hightowers have no trouble with spinsters or marrying at an older age (e.g. Patrice Hightower, Ceryse Hightower).
  4. @Ran That isn't the same as carrying a knife or speaking in full sentences. Another example of children not behaving like children would be Benjicot Blackwood. Seriously, not even Carolous Rex was that young.
  5. This.^ As for Criston Cole: The way he talks about Rhaenyra reminds me more of Jaehaerys I and Saera than a spurned suitor. Also, fathers, uncles, and adult male figures developing sexual feelings for women they've known since they were children isn't normal. Finally, the fact we don't get more on Rhaenyra's view of Criston has more to do with GRRM refusing to expand either the Dance or Heirs of the Dragon, which also makes Jaime's line about Criston being "the best and the worst" of the Kingsguard ring incredibly hollow. If the man had a heroic death, won a few meaningful victories, or even switched sides such a reputation would make more sense.
  6. @The Bard of Banefort Except that doesn't explain how or why a grown man would fall in love with someone they've known since said someone was a child, which is one of my issues with the theory that Cole was a spurned suitor. Then again, if the knife fight between Aemond and Lucerys is any indication GRRM really doesn't know what children are actually like.
  7. @Lord Varys We don't know if the child Alys claimed was Aemond's actually is. All her other children were stillborn after all. In fact, its rather suspicious that Gyldayn refused to describe the boy's appearance...
  8. In the course of editing “Anathema (Part I)” I ended up writing an additional 4.5 pages so now the story is 37 pages and the anthology as a whole 164 pages sans artwork, title page, etc. Waiting on my editor and beta-reader to finish going through it one last time. After that, I’ll make a publisher’s account on Amazon, go through the tutorial, and upload the file, at which point y’all can finally buy it!
  9. @Daeron the Daring Have to disagree. Given Daeron's reaction to Maelor's death, Aegon II's desire to build statues of his brothers, and Aemond's continual loyalty to Aegon II after Rook's Rest I'd say there's room for an interesting dynamic. Same with Helaena if her response to being asked where Aegon II is when Viserys I dies is anything to go by but then again GRRM just had to make her another broken mother like Cat, Lysa, Alannys, etc. (*eye roll*) Also, just because Daeron was fostered at Oldtown doesn't mean he didn't stay in contact or visit from time to time, especially with the benefit of faster air travel. At least Aerion got a namesake. Valaena got none whatsoever.
  10. But nobles were betrothed at that young of an age in RL, especially when there were matters of inheritance at stake. Also, does anyone else find it a bit strange that Jaehaerys didn't name one of his kids Aenys, Daemon, Barth, Aethan, Corlys, Vaella, Rhaena, Rhaenys, or Valaena? Oh, and Aemond's relationship with Criston Cole would have been interesting to explore. Same with the relationship between Alicent's children.
  11. I honestly wonder why Aegon and Aemond were left to their own devices instead of being actively groomed by Alicent and Otto. Likewise, I wonder why Aemond and Daeron weren't betrothed or Aemond fostered prior to the Dance. Same regarding Jaehaerys, Jaehaera, and Maelor. Sure they're children but in real life that never stopped anyone. Also, why would Mysaria stay in KL after Rhaenyra fled? Ugh. So many questions because Heirs of the Dragon was never given the expansion it needed to really work as a prelude to the Dance.
  12. @Lord Varys That doesn't explain why Aemon never addressed the issue with his father seeing as Jaehaerys I's decision to name Baelon his heir angers Jocelyn, Alysanne, Boremund, Rhaenys, Corlys, etc. Hell, we don't even know how Baelon felt on the matter. Nor does that address the other points I brought up, which are, in part, based on the fact that Jaehaerys I had too few grandchildren and the Dance being nowhere near as detailed as Aegon III's regency or the first twelve years of the Old King's reign.
  13. @The Merling King I'm ambivalent about that. On one hand, it is a much more plausible scenario. On the other, it would be much more of a direct adaptation of the Anarchy and we know GRRM prefers to mix things up to keep the proceedings fresh. Re Aemon and Jocelyn having a son: I should have said from Jaehaerys I-Baelon because in that case it makes sense that the succession wouldn't have come up before 92 AC whereas in OTL it never did despite Aemon lacking a son for twenty-two years.
  14. I find it interesting that the one time Rhaenyra and Aegon II are both on-screen (so to speak) Rhaenyra refers to him as "brother" despite Gyldayn earlier telling us in Heirs of the Dragon that she always referred to Alicent's sons as her "half-brothers". Then again, "dear half-brother" does sound a great deal more forced so maybe that's why. (Also interesting that the use of the word "sons" precludes Helaena getting similar treatment from Rhaenyra.) A few random thoughts: 1) I'd like to believe Aemma Arryn rode Dreamfyre and that Helaena claiming that particular dragon was a deliberate insult from Alicent 2) I think the entire succession issue from Jaehaerys I to Viserys I would make way more sense if Aemon and Jocelyn had had a son who died young shortly before his father (For bonus points, he could have been named Aenys because it makes little sense that Jaehaerys would honor his mother but not his father given his repeated insistence that he didn't need a second father with regards to Rogar, which comes off as pretty Freudian to me, not least because in RL incestuous dynasties didn't shy away from parent-child relationships, plus the fact that though Aenys was a weak king he remains an ancestor of Aemon, Baelon, etc.) 3) Alyssa's third daughter, Vaella, should have been named Daella so that Targaryen names come off as less random (Looking at you Valerion and Maelor.) 4) Aegon, son of Baelon, should have lived to take part in the Dance, either as a wild card who both sides try to recruit or as a schemer playing both sides against each other as Larys may well have in OTL 5) The sons of Saera should have played a part in the proceedings 6) Someone should have tried to crown Vaegon, with hilarious consequences (Almost everyone: WTF are you? Vaegon: Can I go back to my star charts please?) 7) What was the point of having a Master of Ships when the royal fleet was practically nonexistent seeing as even with the Silent Five the Sea Snake sailed right on into KL? 8) When did Viserys I reinstate the position of Master of Whisperers and why? (I once read someone theorize that Otto convinced Viserys to restore the office by arguing that he couldn't know who was calling his grandsons bastards if he didn't have a spy network) 9) Why do the Redwynes repeatedly do nothing despite having close ties to Oldtown and Starpike? 10) The lords of the Vale argue that the laws of succession cannot be put aside by the "whim of a dying woman" but apparently have no problem with the whim of Viserys I 11) I think one of the problems with the Dance for me personally is that the depiction just doesn't match the description The Dance is nowhere near as destructive as it is said to be, both in terms of casualties and the fact hardly any houses or locations get wiped out permanently (Plus it has fewer battles than it should because for some bloody reason only the Riverlands can field multiple armies and most castles just exist to fill out the map) The Dance is said to have deeply divided Westeros, pitting brothers against brothers, fathers against sons, and neighbors against neighbors but you hardly see that (The overwhelming majority in each region except the Reach support one side) It is said that many hope "the ills and hatreds" of Aegon II's reign will be burned away with his body but based off the regency there doesn't really seem to be much animosity between the former Blacks and Greens unlike the aftermath of the First Blackfyre, where it is explicitly said "red or black was a dangerous question even now" A big deal is made of the "Strong" boys paternity yet it never comes up during the Dance as a reason for or against Rhaenyra (Then again, we hardly get any info on why half the houses that support the Greens do so) Likewise, we're told that no man was as loved and reviled in his day as Daemon but never actually shown people supporting Rhaenyra because of him or people opposing Rhaenyra for that same reason We're told the Greens have an overwhelming advantage due to, among other things, having the might of the three biggest cities behind them but the Greens consistently throughout the Dance have fewer ships, fewer dragons, fewer supporters, less page time, and less numbers on the whole The way the Dance is written comes off to me as being unintentionally pro-race/blood purity (Rhaenyra's greater amount of Targaryen blood is brought up as a point in her favor by Beesbury, the entire Green line is wiped out root and stem so that none of the later Targaryens (including present-day Dany and Vis) are descended from them, and Aegon/Aemond/Daeron are all to varying degrees unpleasant while Jaehaera is clearly autistic and Jaehaerys malformed (In fact, poor Jaehaerys is the ONLY Targ we know as of right now who is physically deformed in that way) (Oh, and all the Green Targs die horribly)
  15. Finished updating the world bible for Mistland. Still on track to self-publish by the end of this month.
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