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  1. @Jaenara Belarys Doesn't have to be childbirth. Fall from a horse, a hunting accident, poison, disease, trying to claim Silverwing, a shipwreck, there are so many possibilities.
  2. @Lord Varys Thank you for expanding on my critique. I just hope GRRM doesn't have Daenaera Velaryon, Jena Dondarrion, Alys Arryn, Dyanna Dayne, Kiera of Tyrosh, etc. die giving birth. (For the record, my headcanon is that Dyanna died of whatever pox marred Maekar's cheeks.)
  3. @Ran Anyone could see Aegon IV and Naerys were incompatible. If Viserys II had actually cared about his children he would have wed Naerys to Aemon or allowed Naerys to become a Septa. After all the dragons died out marrying into other great houses only became more important, not less. As for heirs and second spouses, I find your arguments lackluster. Four sons between two brothers, one of them sworn to celibacy, is not "plenty of heirs". (The direct line of the House of Capet and Valois both died out when three sons in a row failed to have living sons of their own to succeed them.) Furthermore, there are always exceptions so Philip IV being a lifelong widower doesn't address my broader point, which was that many kings and princes did not stay widowers unlike the Targaryens. To give one counterexample, Edward I was a widower for nine years before marrying his second wife. (Incidentally, Philip IV was also nine years a widower when he died.) I understand why GRRM simplified the genealogy but that doesn't change the fact that it was simplified. Oh, and if your child, regardless of how you raised him or her, turns out to be as shitty as Aegon IV, it is your duty as a good, responsible parent to make sure he never, ever has the power to hurt his siblings or anyone else. Viserys II did neither of those things. If anything, he enabled and empowered Aegon IV. First, by making Naerys his wife and second, by never making Aegon suffer any meaningful consequences for his actions. He sleeps with Falena? Marry her to Lothston and give them Harrenhal. He sleeps with Megette? Send her back to her husband. He sleeps with Casella, a bloody hostage from a newly-conquered state, and what happens? Nothing. To summarize, Viserys II was the Tywin of his house. A man who was as brilliant a Hand as he was a terrible father. (In fact, given what F & B V1 revealed of Jaehaerys I's character, the comparison of Viserys II to him by Yandel makes even more sense now sadly.) @The Bard of Banefort Lara died at the age of 30 and she was 7 years older than him. Viserys had plenty of time.
  4. @Ran @The Bard of Banefort I'm referring to the Aegon-Naerys match, which he absolutely arranged, and the Baelor-Daena match, which he probably had a hand in to some degree. Furthermore, he failed to reign in Aegon IV or permanently sideline him once it became apparent Aegon IV was set in his ways. Finally, for a guy all about duty, refusing to remarry and sire more children is pretty egregious. Then again, kings and princes being lifelong widowers in general makes little sense. P.S. Aegon IV being a brute from infancy is what I mean when I say GRRM's histories flanderize characters.
  5. @Sotan I got the impression that Daemon organized crime in the city by turning the Watch into his own personal protection racket so you're not alone. The only good thing Daemon Targaryen ever did was raise decent children. (Baela was unnecessarily mean to Marston Waters though.)
  6. @Lin Meili Thanks. Started going through it despite classes heating up. @Lord Patrek Best of luck with the new agent. @Ordos Congrats!
  7. Can anyone tell me what kind of tax information I need to set up a publisher's account on Amazon? The resources I found on the site itself were not helpful.
  8. @StarkInTheNorth Only if they make the Greens out-and-out villains. Personally, I'd prefer one of three directions: 1) Everyone is the a**hole they are in canon but the story focuses on sympathetic minor characters like Addam Velaryon such that it becomes a tale about good people on both sides dying to put two spoiled brats on the throne 2) Everyone starts out being reasonable and honorable but as the war progresses the characters become more bestial, with, for example, Aegon II's spiteful and hedonistic personality being the end result of the story rather than who he is from beginning to end 3) Everyone gets new arcs wherein the tragedy becomes a family full of potential tearing itself apart instead of coming together For example, Daeron's could be about learning to become more assertive with regards to keeping the war chivalrous, his behavior at Bitterbridge thus becoming a catalyst for character development (To elaborate, they could have Daeron only set fire to the Hog's Head but from there the flames spread out of control, leaving him feeling very guilty about unintentionally burning down the entire town) Another idea I'm rather fond of is Aegon II becoming both a parallel and inversion of Aegon III, broken in body but not in spirit, such that he learns from his mistakes and actually tries to do better than before (For instance, when he captures Rhaenyra on Dragonstone he could at least make a reasonable offer (Marry him now that they've both lost their spouses, marry Aegon the Younger to Jaehaera and both of them abdicate so that said children could start their joint-reign with a clean slate, etc.) before then executing her when she inevitably refuses)
  9. Already worked that out with my co-authors.
  10. Not as much as I am. As for the number of copies you're probably correct.
  11. 125 if I had to guess. Editor and cover cost roughly $250. Artwork another $250.
  12. Here's a link to my latest overview of the book: https://hiddenhistoryofwesteros.tumblr.com/post/664151623765999616/overview-of-my-upcoming-book
  13. Thanks. That could work. Sorry for asking so many questions of you. Finished editing the last story and wrote a fifth vignette titled "Vanitas". I have a blog on Tumblr that I update from time to time. (Hardly use my Facebook account and refuse to use Twitter.)
  14. Was thinking of including at least the map but you make a good point.
  15. Is uploading a separate manuscript more difficult than converting one to the other?
  16. I agree wholeheartedly. (Then again, I was the first person to make that suggestion so far as I know.)
  17. @Lin Meili I'd be cutting it close even if I did raise the price that high and since this is going to be my first book I'd like to keep the price low to attract a wider audience. Therefore, I've decided to include at most the map as well as the four pics that go with "Sun Tiger" and "Anathema (Part I)", which would add up to roughly 2.3 megabytes. Since the text is less than 200 pages I assume the final size of the file will therefore clock in at around 3 megabytes. Of course, if I pick only the map or the four pics that'll go down to 2 megabytes. Decisions, decisions...
  18. Facepalm. This is what I get for posting late at night.
  19. @Lord Patrek Thanks for the advice. Now I have to decide between the story-specific artwork and the map (because the latter's huge in terms of pixels).
  20. Just checked. Including everything is impossible. On the bright side, I can include the four pics I commissioned for "Sun Tiger" and "Anathema (Part I)", which add up to 1.2 megabytes after resizing. On the other hand, that still leaves me with a bunch of unusable artwork I'd like to share with fans and followers.
  21. Thanks. I have 17 pieces of artwork to go along with roughly 164 pages of text so hopefully that won't be an issue.
  22. Can anyone give me advice regarding how to format artwork (maps, full-page illustrations, etc.)?
  23. @Lord Varys That's why I said I think no one source got all the details right. My other point wasn't about the quarrel specifically but more about how the cast in general is too young across the board.
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