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  1. Saw it a few hours ago. Agree with almost everything said here.
  2. For whatever reason, I can't send/submit messages/replies when using Firefox.
  3. Here you go @The Dragon Demands! As for the Fishfeed, I think GRRM just screwed up his numbers. (To be fair, the Dance is not well-plotted as far as Westerosi conflicts are concerned.)
  4. @The Dragon Demands I've made this same complaint multiple times and somewhere in this thread have listed all the battles of the Dance that have yet to have their numbers updated as well as what those updates should be.
  5. Sorry to hear your book is being rejected @Derfel Cadarn. Hope someone picks it up sooner rather than later.
  6. Finished writing two new vignettes and am now working on an interlude to "Scotland's Heir" titled "Where Our Lives Do Part".
  7. Yeah but couldn't they have dyed their hair instead this time? Or just gone with the actors' natural hair colors? After all, if they're willing to forgo purple eyes why not ditch the silver-gold hair too?
  8. The converse is also true though. (That is, under Rhaenyra, the Greens would be the De La Poles to her Henry VIII.) Later kings got around this to an extent by simply not remarrying, however unrealistic that is in and of itself.
  9. Saw the first episode. Very atmospheric. Very moody. A lot different than the usual MCU fare, which I hope continues in future episodes. Never been too hung up on accents so that personally didn't bother me.
  10. That's honestly how I felt after watching Turning Red in comparison to other movies by Pixar, which is not to say it wasn't well-done, just less universal.
  11. @SeanF I put in "say what you will about the merits of each individual proposal" precisely because people will disagree on that point. (I, for one, do but to be fair I also lean towards the Greens.) What doesn't change is the fact that what was offered in that proposal was more than Rhaenyra was ever willing to offer in response, which speaks in Alicent's favor and not in Rhaenyra's.
  12. I personally headcanon Alicent as having black hair and gray eyes, mainly because it would pit JRRT's beauty standards against GRRM's and I find that funny. While the Greens are written as being less nuanced and competent the fact most of the Blacks are also horrible people makes me think its more of a "plague on both your houses" on GRRM's part. I hope they don't make Alicent or Rhaenyra neurotic, especially because their children die. Its plain sexist, not to mention a waste of a character, how women in Westeros always seem to lose their grip on sanity or isolate themselves (Rhaenyra, Helaena, and even Alicent by the very end in F & B, Lysa, Alannys, and to a lesser extent Catelyn as well as Cersei in ASOIAF) when they lose a kid while the men get to rage and act on their feelings (Daemon and Aegon II). Furthermore, I actually like how Alicent is essentially an older Margaery in Cersei's position as queen dowager and stepmother to someone she despises. Furthermore, it speaks in her favor that she's pretty much the ONLY person to try to make peace throughout the war. Her first terms, which Glydayn understandably labels "generous", guarantees Rhaenyra, Jace, Luke and their descendants financial independence from the Iron Throne (the fact it was considered "an article of faith" among the Greeens that the Velaryon boys were bastards makes it a big deal that they'd be willing to accept them as trueborn to avoid conflict), Aegon and Viserys places at court as well as opportunities for future advancement (albeit with the caveat that they'd also be unofficial hostages), and grants amnesty to ALL of the Blacks while the best Rhaenyra can bother offering in response is "surrender and I'll spare my half-siblings lives". No mention of amnesty for the rest of the Greens, no guarantee of a place at court for the Hightower-Targs, etc. Later, Alicent offers to call a GC when KL falls and, around First Tumbleton I believe, she even offers to split Westeros in half between Aegon II and Rhaenyra (which would make for a fascinating what-if in my opinion). Say what you will about the merits of each individual proposal but at least Alicent tries to come up with a solution. Rhaenyra's response is always "total surrender or nothing". (The fact she was only willing to send terms to the Lannisters, Hightowers, etc. AFTER all her half-brothers were dead and even then only at Corlys' urging in response to Daemon's inane suggestions, which would necessitate the death of thousands, considering Daeron was in the field with an army and the Ironborn plaguing the coast of the Westerlands, speaks to her desire to pile up the casualties.) As for Rhaenys, I really hope they give her something to actually do. Glydayn describes her as having lived "fearlessly" and that Meleys was "no stranger to battle" but where are the details? Did she take part in Daemon's Stepstones campaign for example? This is where GRRM's unequal focus in F & B (the first ten years of Jaehaerys I's reign as opposed to the other forty-five to give one example) as well as his refusal to go back and expand The Heirs of the Dragon + The Dying of the Dragons the way he did The Sons of the Dragon really diminishes the material and, conversely, gives the show an opportunity to elevate what exists rather than worry whether or not it can live up to said material as was the case with AGOT.
  13. Those wigs look horrible. The only one that doesn't seem fake to me is Rhaenyra's.
  14. The White Book of the Kingsguard or Daeron I's The Conquest of Dorne.
  15. According to Ran the book will contain "several maps, a cross-section of a famous tower from a creator we’ve personally long wanted to work with (and hope to work with again in the future!), and some truly amazing work from a bevy of artists, some that may be familiar (Magali Villeneuve, Marc Simonetti, Chase Stone, René Aigner), and some that may not (such as Ertaç Altınöz who provided the cover and the image of the dragons over the Red Keep, Sven Sauer of the Unseen Westeros art exhibition)".
  16. @The Bard of Banefort Where did you hear that because whenever I look up medieval princes/princesses that were stillborn, whether French, English, Spanish, or something else, they're almost always named? As for Alicent, the reason I asked is because Jaehaerys I mistakes her for one of his daughters and later Saera in particular, which stretches credulity a bit if Alicent is a brunette since Saera, so far as we know, had the typical Valyrian appearance.
  17. @Lord Varys I agree with you but at the same time one man is only capable of so much world-building.
  18. Was hoping we'd get an "official" look for Alicent, Harwin, and Aemma but oh well.
  19. Just remembered we also lack a name for Gael's stillborn son too.
  20. I really wonder what the one or two new details (apart from dragon colors) are. Not sure artwork alone justifies the $60 price tag for those of us that already own F & B. As for family trees, its a crime that we still don't know the names of Daemon's stillborn son by Laena and Viserys's first living son by Aemma. @Ran If the artwork includes depictions of characters' lacking an official description (Harwin Strong, Alicent Hightower) should we take those to be canon?
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