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  1. I always got the idea that it was pretty much an unspoken threat and demand situation from the Lannisters. Where Robert thought the Lannisters would be less aggressive with a Lannister queen.
  2. Ok, im starting to see what this game is. Play this game without me, im not running around doing extra work of creating a new email for you to play stupid about it.
  3. Of course i am, my only exposure to that person is a couple of internet posts. How would i know about the guys reputation? He did seem a lot less aggressive and hostile than the axis of 100% unadulterated bullshit though.
  4. Sounds like a possible case of 100% unadulterated bullshit
  5. No, you called it bullshit because you really dont want it to be true. Things dont become true or false based on how much evidence you are personally exposed to. You already made your commitment Ill send it to you but weve already established that you are running with the unadulterated bullshit narrative until you die. I agreed to send it Fury guy because he wasnt slinging out guarantees about how its total bullshit. Im not really interested in your opinion of it because you made it long ago and are not going to just admit to being wrong. But ill still send it you.
  6. I tried to prove it through multiple incidents including but not limited to violent attacks. Repeating...... Nobody put a percentage rate of the unadulterated bullshit of this so I guess thats being taken as possiblilty of actually happening.
  7. Its the only part of my post that was challenged as being "100% unadulterated bullshit". Nobody challenged any of the other claims such as this: The narrative Im trying to push is that not wanting to be called racist isnt just a case of unnecessary fragility. Youd think that people who are so concerned with removing white supremacy would consider mobs of white men attacking people for wrongthink like modern day brownshirts to not exactly be the best way to get rid of white supremacy.
  8. see here.... these people dont give a shit about evidence, theyve already made their commitment
  9. Absolutely ill show them to whoever wants to see them but I already know this guy.... and this guy.... and this guy..... ......are going to keep calling it 100% unadulterated bullshit no matter what it is. Theyve made an emotional commitment and they will die before ever admitting they are wrong in such an aggressive and hostile way. The most they will do is acknowledge that it happened but go on to explain why mobs of people who arent police, judges, lawyers, or juries are righteous and justified in their violent attacks. But for anybody else that actually cares here is what happens in the first video. @2:17 Is when the mob of WHITE males becomes irrate and violent White male attacker says to white male victim: "so you think people should be able to say racist shit just because of the 1st amendment!?, Fuck that! Fucking racist shit". This is where the attack starts. And i know other videos of this particular incident exist because you can see at least 3 other people filming it on my video. This is 1 instance, i have 1 other that clearly shows a person being attacked due to being called racist. Aside from those 2 i have 3 other instances of people being attacked but there isnt evidence on the video that they were attacked due to being called racist. Edit: when i say "white" they all looked like white people to me. I dont know what the current social rules are for racial self identity.
  10. Agreed, but it isnt. yes, the weird reason is it gets immediately removed from everything i put it on. Though the relentless insistence and guarantees that its 100% bullshit make it not seem as weird. You really really really dont want it to be true. Its looks like people who moderate social media might share your desire.
  11. You can say it a million times if you want. Its not going to make it become bullshit. Sorcery isnt a real thing. it was, i caught it. That coulour was white, or pinkish or whatever color you think "white" people are. The vast majority of violent rioters were white. Great, Im not lying through my teeth or at all so save that tip for someone needs it. People do believe me, lots of people saw the same thing I saw. Some even filmed it themselves.
  12. Thats fine and a completely different assessment than "this is 100% unadulterated bullshit". The important thing is that it happened multiple times regardless of your level of belief.
  13. eventually he should become at least competent at everything with his left hand as long as he keeps at it. Isnt he already writing left handed? that sounds just as awkward as swordfighting. Or maybe he just attaches the pen to the gold hand?? He should attach a weapon to his right arm to still have option of that right arm strength. Like a mace or something.
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