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  1. Im thinking the Iron Bank. Ive only read the main novels but from reading the wiki it looks like in other material the IB is shown more actually doing some of the shady banking practices weve seen in the real world. instead of being merely hinted at. I would guess that Stannis is not the only faction of the war that was supported by the Iron Bank. After Cersei refuses to pay them Im guessing thats when they started plotting to remove her. They could be lending gold to every remaining faction other than Cersei who knows. LF could be an agent of the IB since he has familial ties to Braavos. And he did have a hand in starting the war
  2. Theon(not Reek) and Viserys. Both feel cheated out of their birthrights and have huge chips on their shoulder because of it. Always a seething undercurrent of impotent rage every page they are on. Incredibly easy to troll, the slightest little thing gets under their skin.
  3. Does the Iron Bank issue note/paper currency to clients? Surely they arent still loading up boats with the literal amount of gold that they lend out?? Or are they?
  4. as a reader, Robb In real life id probably support whatever the current administration is so the Baratheon line with Joffrey having an accident.
  5. Hello, new here. My favorite part of i&f is the religions but I've only read the main novels. My question is of the other canon material, how does it deal with the religions in comparison to the main novels? About the same? Less? More? Is there any that gives a much more "insider" view of one or more of the religions? Think Arya with the Faceless Men as a bar.
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