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  1. The OP may be askign about the interval between the Red Wedding and the Siege of Riverrun.
  2. Joffrey was worse than spoilt. Robert isn't responsible for Joffrey's psychopathic nature.
  3. Claims don't work that way. Stannis and Robert's "children" come first. And Renly wouldn't?
  4. Renly was twice the usurper, against both Stannis and Robert's children. The army was their to do his bidding. The next morning Renly would use his troops to destroy Stannis. Don't really get the outrage over the topic. Killing Renly was fine for moral and pragmatic reasons.
  5. Conveniently ignoring why that army was brought together at Bitterbridge. Stannis has needed an heir for a long time but he has never tried to get a new wife.
  6. Renly was trying to usurp him, and would not mind if Stannis got killed. Stannis had years to get a new wife yet he didn't, but he will murder Selyse?
  7. He doesn't have leverage over Robert, as some in this thread believe. Robert should have given him his son back and nothing more. A treacherous character like Tywin Lannister shouldn't be allowed to get too close.
  8. The crown was in a good situation before the Rebellion. Refusing to marry his daughter or taking his money does not count as "twisting in the wind". They are already in the fold. If Tywin Lannister wanted leverage then he shouldn't have gone ahead and sacked KL or stayed at his home through modt of the rebellion. Why should Robert only marry a daughter belonging to a great house? IT without dragons is unstable.
  9. He routed a gathering army at Oxcross. Tywin Lannister was still safe within Harrenhal's walls. Stannis and Renly want to rule the 7K like Robert did, so ofcourse they care about the capital. Robb's aim was to destroy the Lannisters ability to wage war. You do not engage with my questions, instead you reply with something completely different. If KL were threatened Cersei would require her father's armies. If Robb had totally destroyed the Lannisters in the field then Cersei would not be able to stop Stannis. KL was only a symbol, on its own it did not give military power to the Lannisters. The Lannisters won by joining the powerful Tyrells. Stannis also got destroyed during the battle. The alliance and destruction of Stannis is the real issue, not the security of KL. Roughly half (or more) of the manpower in Robb's armies is taken from the Riverlands. It also makes up a very large part of Robb's kingdom. The Riverlands is his mother's home. Philipines did not affect the US's fighting capabilities nor was it ever a part of the US. The Bolsheviks were never meanigfully resisted by any of them. The Czechoslovaks never marched on the heart of the Bolsheviks. They chose to leave once the new Czechoslovak nation came to being. The Japanese only attacked the far East and chse to settle. The US, UK and France sent a token number of men. Nobody wanted to fight another war after the end of WW1. We are discussing Mace's options before he joined Renly. Mace Tyrell is pragmatic enought to not fight for the Lannisters against four great houses. Mace got to keep all his privileges and lands after the Rebellion. Why would he risk his men for Tywin Lannister's vanity? Tywin Lannister sacked the capital by treachery. He will not be able to hide his involvement. Renly has no reason to believe the old alliance would favour him over Stannis. Mace does not need the throne. Glad that you agree. Robb doesn't need to seize the Crownlands. Littlefinger is not Renly. He could never take direct control of the throne. Knowledge of the incest does not logically follow from advocating for a regency. Sieges happen when an army must remove a garrison from menacing its lines of communication. Mace could have screened Storm's End with a tiny force and marched north to fight.
  10. Once he has murdered the Targaryens Tywin Lannister cannot go elsewhere. What if Robert chose not to marry Cersei?
  11. Your timeline is incorrect. After Oxcross, before Blackwater. Robb wasn't trying to seat himself on the Iron Throne. Probably. George's writnig is full of such mistakes. Another spurious analogy. Because George doesn't understand why sieges happen. When did an undefeated faction bigger than the Bolsheviks join them ? Your cmoparisons don't make any sense. How will Renly defeat and kill Stannis if the Starks and Tullies are following him? Tywin Lannister had nowhere to go. Who is going to reward him? The exiled Targaryens who family he murdered? Renly is a Baratheon without Robert's alliance. Why should Mace put Renly on the throne? Mace can get the same result without fighting any of Renly's battles. Robb doesn't have to claim the throne to ruin the Lannisters. This doesn't explain how Renly knew about the incest. If he knew about Joffrey's origins he would not have tried to prop up a regency after Robert died.
  12. Mace decided to crown Renly independent of Robb's actions. Yes, Mace can win in the end but he can do so while letting Renly try and fail first. Mace had no reason to believe things would happen as they did. Lannisters couldn't lose because Stannis had not marched yet. If Robb had destroyed Tywin Lannister's army then KL would be worthless. He is wrong. Robb was caught in a strategic bind as soon as he had to defend the Riverlands as its king. Holding a castle means nothing if it cannot stop an army from controlling everything else. In the Russian Civil War there was no joining of ofrces analogous to the Tyrell-Lannister alliance. Why would the Starks follow Renly and not Stannis? Mace does not have meta-knowledge like the readers do. Jon Arryn is a plot device to set things up. After sacking KL the Lannisters had no other option besides backing Robert. Renly has an even smaller chance. Never mind Renly bings no legitimacy. Read my original comment again. I was describing the situation before the Blackwater, hence the use of present tense and "now". Can you provide any textual evidence to make us believe that Renly knew about the incest? If he did why had he not raised the issue before?
  13. I don't remember this. Please send me the quote. I agree.
  14. These are tiny issues to worry about. WW1 era generals' ancestors from Napoleonic times handled bigger objectives than medieval ones. Robb, a 16 year old, could handle it. Trained men will do far better. Medieval armies did not drag around their food supplies. Most likely Robb gets supplied by the local lord for a short duration of time, or troops have to take their food from their surrounding. WW1 is nothing like pseudo-medieval warfare.
  15. SL are not "allied" to the throne in a meanigful sense. After Stannis' defeat the place is in tatters. They are missing real leadership.
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