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  1. The biggest hypocrite is Walder Frey. Walder Frey was a vassal to the Tullys and he did not keep his word to serve them. He actively prevented the Starks from getting to Riverrun to help the Tullys. Then he flips out when Robb breaks his oath.
  2. I can't imagine why they would allow her to leave? It is very uncomfortable how Lyanna lacks agency in the narrative. I might point out though that her forced betrothal to Robert is her lacking agency *in her world*, not in the story. I just don't think it would fix the problems with Lyanna's agency if she was brutally stabbed to death instead? It doesn't get around the fact that the plot demands that she has a baby and dies, or the fact that she is a character with absolutely no interiority.
  3. No. How could they meet? Why would they? She will not leave the Riverlands and go North. That would serve absolutely no thematic purpose.
  4. I'm going to be pedantic and say: No, because Robb was never betrothed to Roslin. The deal was not originally for Robb to marry Roslin, it was for Robb to marry the Frey girl of his choice (though he never ended up choosing one). He had never even met any of the girls before the Red Wedding. It is only once they have changed the deal so that Edmure will marry one of the girls instead, that Walder chooses Roslin. Kind of a big point is made that Edmure is worried Walder will choose an ugly girl for him... If Robb had actually met his bride before he met Jeyne, would he have kept his word? Maybe slightly more likely. But I still think he would be overcome with despair at the news of Bran and Rickon's deaths and choose to sleep with Jeyne, and subsequently marry her to preserve her honor.
  5. I don't agree that many people hate Essos. I think a lot of people are very critical of the worldbuilding in Essos. Westeros just feels more richly developed in comparison, so a lot of people are much more invested in the Westerosi characters and plots. More importantly though, a lot of the writing for Essos depends on orientalist stereotypes, particularly the Dothraki. For some people, this can detract from enjoyment of the story...
  6. I'm really not interested in learning more about Rhaegar and Lyanna. I like that they are somewhat nebulous, mythic figures, who exist only in memory. I don't think we will find out the concrete details of their relationship.
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