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  1. True. Well, I hope he lives long enough to get a ride on Drogon or one of the dragons. I think he'd like that.
  2. lmao, yes. Welp, iz a good thing you can't change the First Amendment. Because it appears you'd outlaw religion.
  3. Then how would all three have brown hair and eyes? Her bed would have to be ten feet wide and twenty long.
  4. He helped take KL, his troops screwed up the Kingmaker..... Because Rhaenyra was definitely going to cut off Alicent and Helaena's ears. She at least didn't kill two hostages. One died anyway of apparent suicide, the other survived past the war. Whereas Aegon was going to slice of Younger Aegon's body parts one by one, was going to behead Lady Baela multiple times.....
  5. Well, at least he isn't at the Eyrie anymore. He might want to learn how to fly. But he had Sansa with him, so.....the situation is almost exactly like Cat and Mya.
  6. You're ignoring what said kid did.......
  7. Exactly when did I say that? I just reviewed my posts, and I do not seem to see that.
  8. Well, my tag is Jaenara Belaerys so I suppose: House: Belaerys, why not? They're dragonlords. Sigil: Golden dragon breathing red flames, on a field of green. Most certainly not canon Words: We Stand Above All. Technically true, House Belaerys has dragons. Colors: Green and gold, a little bit of red. Keep: Dragonstone, drove out the Andals who dared set foot in a keep made for the blood of the dragon. Ancestral weapon: Seablaze, a Valyrian greatsword. With the secret of producing dragonstone (the material) and Valyrian steel, Valyrian armor and swords are numerous amongst the house members. Kingdom: Western Essos, ruling the Empire of New Valyria. Liege lord: The dragon does not bow. Not even to another dragon. Blood line: Valyrian nobility, one of the greatest of the Forty Families. Traditional appearance and house traits: Valyrian silver gold hair, lilac, indigo and violet eyes, duh. Produces many great warriors and statemen. Helped destroy those pesky Rhoynar who dared lay hands upon the blood of the dragon. Founder: Lost to time, lived at the founding of the Freehold. Origin story: Founded in the Freehold, over the 5000 years the House of Belaerys rose through the ranks, to almost always having a triarch on the ruling council. Current state of house: Ruling, very populous, very rich actively breeding dragons and riders. Denying Volantene and Lyseni overtures for the rulers to grant dragons. Denying request on the grounds that if they had dragons, they would no longer need the House of Belaerys. Sacrilege.
  9. Blame @divica. This is not proving to be as entertaining as he said it would be, with Dany worshipers screaming at me. Weeee, "solving" Meereen's problems by being a stronger version of Aenys.
  10. What's the point of remembering if the knowledge is useless?
  11. How would you go from the death of a queen to a Great Council? Didn't Laenor die after Laena? Are they just going to leave Lady Laena's body out to rot?
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