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  1. He could have died, that's a way to go down.
  2. What is the point of this, may I ask? This thread is finished by now, its run its course by now.
  3. Some old dude who serves no purpose but to die. Eon Hunter is a likely option.
  4. Plus, the characters in Essos simply are not as interesting as those in Westeros. It's in Westeros (probably) that the fight against the Others will take place, and if anything, it feels like Dany will spend most of TWOW in Essos, since GRRM needs to tie up the threads and character arcs....which seems like it'll take a lot of time, Dothraki and slavery and all.
  5. In England, the lowest age for consummation was age twelve.....just look at poor Margaret Beaufort. Got pregnant at twelve, gave birth at thirteen and was so damaged internally that she never had another triangle. This I know because I had a recent obsession with the Wars of the Roses.
  6. I actually would like this, considering that most of the relationships Sansa has gotten into are either bad/toxic. I think that Edric would help Sansa out, and he's very sweet.
  7. Maybe D&D were just hidden geniuses? They supplied us with an abundance of cock jokes, and a fart joke or two......and look at what we're focused on: Jon's raging erection and Moonboy's farts.
  8. Tie this nut and throw her in a basement! I'm the volunteer!
  9. I don't actually mind fan service, if it's done well. Take Rogue One for example. Great movie, in my opinion, I loved the characters (especially Krennic, I have a thing for liking the bad guys. Plus, that cape looked so cool and it's not the idiotic sequel trilogy). Yet one of the critics called it fanservice (the full quote was "Rogue One is filled with fan service, but when it's done this well, it's hard to complain"). Season 8, while full of fanservice, was most certainly not as good as R1.
  10. A report I found on the internet said that about 43 percent of the fully vaccinated according to the CDC's information (they defined fully by the two shots, FYI) had the booster (the information was for Feb 15). Here's the link: https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/pharmacy/states-ranked-by-booster-rates.html But then, that only counts the boosted people, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people just thought that two shots was good enough. Plus, isn't the booster only technically "recommended?" It's not like you can drag someone into a clinic and force them to get the shot.
  11. I believe a pair of thirteen year old boys will have more knowledge about a good screenwrite, if they're obsessed enough. Barring that, they only need one good, solid nerd and some basic damn manners.
  12. Now, since the "Your Opinions" thread has gone off the rails, to temporarily speak of our favorite topic: Jon's pecker.
  13. Not as beautiful as Jeyne x Ramsay. So considerate of him, to keep his wife far from the horrors of the vast and icy north.
  14. What would that ship be called? Whoras? Loresbane?
  15. Bard got one right. R+R=D is Rhaegar+Rhaella. Duh. It's =D, and I never knew men had the anatomy to bear children. Even fantasy ones.
  16. Possibly, possibly (strokes imagination beard). Maybe Barbra did have a little bit of influence on Aegon. But no one compares to the humanitarian, merciful Ramsay Bolton ().
  17. For a second I thought you were talking about me......then I remembered the Jaenara from TWOIAF.
  18. If you've read any number more of my posts, beyond this one post, you would see that I do not spend all my time talking about the lot who despise the Starks. I suggest that if you're going to try and jump on my back, that you at least do a bit of research so that you don't look like an idiot. A thread of mine is on the first page of the General Forum, after all, with eight pages and nothing to do with people who hate Starks. Besides, that was a post directed at one specific person, who is most certainly not you, and I was saying my opinion as to why breaking the betrothal would be a bad idea. I already know that the Freys shed blood for the Starks, so please stop acting like a child about some post that wasn't even directed at you.
  19. Geez, that person must hate Elendil. But tbh, what's wrong with Elendil? He's the dad of Isuldur, so he's Aragorn's........great-great-great-great-great-great-however many "great"s it is grandpa, who led the (seven, I think it was) ships away from Numenor. Doesn't seem so bad to me.
  20. Of course. It's a darn shame, too, since I like Jaime (even AGOT Jaime).
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