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  1. It's an entirely idiotic proposition (but from the usual people, so not surprising). However, dumping the betrothal is a fairly serious thing to do, since the feudal system is built off of personal relationships and allegiances. If you broke a lot of promises, why would anyone want to enter into an alliance with you, or if they need you to swear an oath? That being said, it probably doesn't matter to anyone besides that prick Walder Frey.
  2. Put on your tinfoil hat and prepare. This lot of Stark haters is probably just the same person with an army of accounts. You'll note that they post a bit, then disappear, along with the vast majority of them having less than 500 posts, except for a few. Their posts also all cover the same format, and they all sound the same. Would you concur, @TheLastWolf?
  3. Vaccines are mostly intended to help prevent "serious illness and death", are they not?
  4. Won't it still cover Omicron, just with less effectiveness? It's still COVID, after all (I will admit, I don't know much beyond what I see on the news, so I could be very wrong).
  5. Do you want one, @Terrorthatflapsinthenight9? It's fine if you don't. If and/or when he says yes, EggBlue, I can post it. But not before.
  6. Ser Bronn of the fookin Blackwater. Him of the Thicc Pink Mast?
  7. The vast majority of the threads don't last very long and are inconsequential. Small Questions is good for his questions. Besides, this is just a magnet for the Never Stark team.
  8. That's an insult to R2D2. Artoo will have more character than the Stark fucker ("Why do you think I came all this way?") ever will, especially in S8. If you'll pardon my French.
  9. He's also warged into politicians. That's why they're all more dickish than usual.
  10. If you believe this lot, he'll be a wolf in an incestous/wolf relationship with Arya. Because Jon wants to screw his little sister now
  11. There'll be a Feanor showing up, mark my words. Tolkien had one in the First Age.......Silmarillion lore.
  12. Sacrilege! Incest is Wincest! The author of The Witcher must be a Tolkien clone......soon he'll be having people like Ecthelion running around. Yennefer....*chuckles.
  13. "My disappointment in your performance cannot be overstated, General Hux Corvo." Cheesy dad jokes. Shoot me.
  14. The Vale and Dorne. The North and the Reach appear to be largely flat, suited to the Unsullied and Dothraki (who are substandard soldiers as explained by one of my rare threads here: The Vale (theoretically, IMO, the best place to live militarily, from external attack) can apparently produce its own food, and the Bloody Gate is hard to attack (no room to deploy troops, hard to supply for a long siege without the organization to purchase and ship it to the site of the siege). Troops can be concentrated at the ports and vulnerable places (to prevent, but probably not completely block a landing), though for a long term siege this might be difficult, especially since this is the feudal system. Dany needs better troops, and a lot of them, ASAP. Hopefully she'll pick some more up, and she does have her dragons.
  15. Who's the captain? Widowmaker? And what a fun job it is.
  16. He's got a temper that fluctuates when the wind blows. Makes him hard to deal with, and he's fairly good with a sword.
  17. The Others are a hivemind. Westeros and Essos have a primitive Internet with the glass candles.
  18. The Others are a hivemind. @The Bard of Banefort, I think we need to reopen the Baseless Basement again.
  19. The Internet exists in Westeros. A primitive version, but it does exist. With that, Dany will be able to conquer the world with robots.
  20. Oh, sweet summer child. It ain't over till the fat lady sings (and the end of the series arrives, a prospect that looks farther away, by the day) and even then it'll have some people whining. Exaggeration.....more like nothing.
  21. Whoever invented proofs and congruent triangles should be strung up. You'd think it'd be easier, but my brain is calibrated for equations, not triangles.
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