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  1. I think that Jaehaerys considers the velaryons as an exception among the other houses of westeros. After all the velaryons are a noble valyrian family extremely close to the targaryens. And her mother was a velaryon. I think if rhaenys had married a lannister, manderly, or tyrell. I doubt that jaehaerys would have let his children be dragonriders. He considers the Velaryons to be his family.
  2. Even if there are Addams. The red seeding was really stupid. Giving dragons to people they don't know is not good at all, it's way too much power. Logically Baela was supposed to take Vermithor and Rhaena Silverwing. But for some reason, those two only wanted newborns.
  3. It was written by Ramsay. And in my opinion this letter is the reason that will put Rose Bolton and his son in conflict. Roose often blames Ramsay for his impulsiveness and inability to foresee the long-term consequences of his actions and by playing with theon and jeyne poole the way he did, he just got it in the ass. Roose is not going to be happy to learn that farya and theon have escaped and even the will to wage war on the night's watch, they have enough enemies already, why add more unnecessarily just because of Ramsay's sadism? Because the whole north actually thinks arya is the real thing, it could go very badly for the boltons, if it turns out they lied about their identities, plus if they attack an old and respected order in the north like the night's watch ( ramsay is crazy ,jon snow a fool), the whole north will rise up against the boltons. The reason roose legitimized Ramsay was so he could marry farya To strengthen their power in the north. now that she's gone. Ramsay is no longer of any use except as a troublesome heir, plus fat walda's child is born. So either roose will kill ramsay or it will be the other way around. I think it is Ramsay who will kill him first. Rose's death will be like robb stark's. He was betrayed and stabbed when he least expected it. He is too confident that ramsay will always be his pet and that he will do nothing against him.
  4. They were absorbed by the free cities of essos. Their cultures in Essos died out after the great migrations. That was 4000 years ago
  5. I think it's somewhere in between. Even skinchangers have to gain the trust of the beast to facilitate the bonding. Some animals like dogs, because of their proximity to humans, are considered easier to control, than wolves, bears, lions, which are wild animals, whose control is a difficult or even perilous process. bran notes for example that the ravens in the cave with bloodraven are more easily controlled by him than the wild ravens outside the cave, which are not used to being controlled. The dragons work in this way.
  6. To say that the Targaryens are no longer Targaryens because they married into other houses is to say that the Lannisters, Stark, Tully, Baratheons, Manderly, Freys and all the noble houses of westeros are the same and have no distinguishing features. The idea that all these inbred families for thousands of years can develop genetic traits that distinguish them from each other makes no sense, from a scientist point of view.
  7. Why is it hard to understand after Tywin murdered the Targaryen children and Jaime killed King Aerys. There was no longer any possible alliance between the Lannisters and the Targaryens? Tywin may be the most powerful lord in all of Westeros, but he is hated by the world outside of Westerland. Even his vassals don't like him, he is only feared by them. He has no allies. The idea that he's going to support viserys, after he murdered his nephews and that jaime killed aerys is a lie out of jon arryn's ass. The objective at the time was to calm the dornians after the murder of ellia is these children. Who would sooner or later plot against the Iron Throne for a Targaryen restoration. It was thus necessary to offer arianne to robert.
  8. He was trying to protect Robert's fat ass. The death of the Targaryen children benefits Robert and his dynasty. That's why he didn't do anything against the Lannisters after that. Jon arryn and the other rebel lords (ned stark, robert baratheon, hoster tully) hate and despise the lannisters, the cersei-robert marriage is really a huge gift they gave to tywin (making his grandsons kings). Who didn't deserve it especially after brutally murdering the real royal children. These greedy bastards did not even punish Jaime who committed the most despicable act that can exist in westeros murdered the king he swore to protect, they even reintroduced him among the royal guard as if nothing was wrong. The punishment for the rebels is that they did not punish the Lannisters for their crimes. Now they are paying for it, because the Lannisters always pay their debts.
  9. Jon arryn was a liar when he said that robert should marry cersei. To keep tywin on their side if one day viserys iii decided to attack westeros. I mean tywin by murdering the targaryen children becomes as much a traitor and enemy of the targaryens as robert baratheon who kills rhaegar is usurping the crown. If viserys iii were to take the iron throne one day, he would destroy house baratheon and lannister. Besides, it was a Lannister who killed his father. So the Cersei-Robert marriage had no reason to take place, except perhaps to reward the Lannisters for killing the Targaryen children. At that time the real danger for the rebels was mostly Dorne, and Oberyn wanted to continue the war. To make Robert marry Arianne would have allowed to calm down the Dornians. Doran would have accepted.
  10. I always thought it was jon arryn who asked tywin to kill the targaryen children, to secure the new baratheon- lannister dynasty. Tywin had to kill the Targaryen children to prove by this act that the Lannisters were definitively abandoning the Targaryens, and thus be rewarded by Cersei marrying the new king. If Tywin had not intervened during the war, he would not have betrayed anyone by remaining neutral, except perhaps his kings. The martells, tyrells and then the greyjoys were never punished. Tywin had nothing to fear by remaining neutral.
  11. Robert who becomes a king. It is because martin does not consider the baratheons as targaryen.
  12. The fact that the Targaryens give birth to monstrous children. Shows that the Valyrians have done more than become friends with the dragon. There is something about genetic manipulation and blood magic that could explain it. In Gogossos the blood mages mate women with animals. To give birth to chimeras The Valyrians probably did something similar but on a much more sophisticated level to get that "dragon blood".
  13. In a royal progression, jaehaerys and alysanne traveled north with six dragons, four of them unmounted. It is therefore possible for a dragonrider to be followed by the unbound dragon in these trips. He just can't order them to fight. It explains how vaghar ended up in dragonstone when aemond claemed her.while he was in drifmark when laena died. Daenerys is the mother of dragons, it is also possible that she transcends everything we have seen so far.
  14. Fab revealed that thess rumours are completely false. Visenya considers aenys the son of aegon the conqueror, never would she and maegor have accepted the son of a fucking singer as their king. They only usurped the throne when aenys proved incompetent as a monarch. Nothing to do with the case of rhaenyra and the children of alicent.
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