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  1. Prince Doran took a jagged breath. "Dorne still has friends at court. Friends who tell us things we were not meant to know. This invitation Cersei sent us is a ruse. Trystane is never meant to reach King's Landing. On the road back, somewhere in the kingswood, Ser Balon's party will be attacked by outlaws, and my son will die. I am asked to court only so that I may witness this attack with my own eyes and thereby absolve the queen of any blame. Oh, and these outlaws? They will be shouting, 'Halfman, Halfman,' as they attack. Ser Balon may even catch a quick glimpse of the Imp, though no one else will." - The Watcher, ADWD I think Doran's informant is probably Vars. It has to do with Cersei's paranoia that the Myrcella-Trystan marriage is a plot by Tyrion to have her daughter murdered. She even accuses Darkstar of being Tyrion's cat's paw. Thus, killing Trystane is a way to thwart Tyrion's plan for a Myrcella-Trystane betrothal. Doran has no interest in increasing the bloodlust of the sand snakes who are already extremely bloodthirsty and vindictive. He is not the type to want to kill children.
  2. Doran knew about Cersei's plans to have Trystane murdered. On the contrary, he has more interest in supporting Faegon, to avenge the Lannisters and to piss off daenerys.
  3. Cersei will kill them, after they kill Tommen and Myrcella. I can see Cersei giving them to the mountain in memory of Oberyn. I think Cersei will lose the city to Aegon, but will get it back at the beginning of the long night. When Daenerys and Aegon's forces are weakened in the second dragon dance. Cersei will take the opportunity to kill Faegon, as well as his allies (Dorne) and will recover the king's landing. The sand snakes have chosen the path of injust revenge, they will end very badly.
  4. Thanks, I didn't really remember that part. Although the dance injuries surely contributed to wanting to keep women out of the succession. According to the laws of daena inheritance is these sister have a more powerful claim than viserys ii, later the blackfyre will use this to strengthen their legitimacy. This can be seen after the death of Prince Rhaegel for example. Aerys i designated his little niece Aelora as his heir, far ahead of his little brother Maekar and his sons. So the dance did not really change the laws of inheritance within the royal family.
  5. The contents of Samantha Tarly's letter asking if the king prefers men to women. The letter was destroyed. And the ship that was to escort Aegon and Viserys is called "gay abandonment." Martin likes to make insinuations about ships. It's like the Maiden's Fancy, Rhaena's ship and those <<favorites>>.
  6. I think Viserys II was the father of Aegon III's children. Aegon III was probably gay. There is some evidence in fab that suggests this, I find it hard to believe that he started being attracted to women at the age of 23. When larra rogare left, viserys 17 year old never took a second wife, this is because he got close to daenaera after his wife left, daenaera was not against it because his husband did not touch her. This explains why Martin completely removed Aegon III's line from the Targaryen royal family succession. No current Targaryen has the blood of Aegon III and Daenaera Velaryon. Their "children" are bastards. This also explains why Aegon III's daughters did not contest the ascension of Viserys II as monarch because they know he is their real father. Elaena even named her bastard Viserys.
  7. In a royal progression, jaehaerys and alysanne traveled north with six dragons, four of them unmounted. It is therefore possible for a dragonrider to be followed by the unbound dragon in these trips. He just can't order them to fight. It explains how vaghar ended up in dragonstone when aemond claemed her.while he was in drifmark when laena died. Daenerys is the mother of dragons, it is also possible that she transcends everything we have seen so far.
  8. Fab revealed that thess rumours are completely false. Visenya considers aenys the son of aegon the conqueror, never would she and maegor have accepted the son of a fucking singer as their king. They only usurped the throne when aenys proved incompetent as a monarch. Nothing to do with the case of rhaenyra and the children of alicent.
  9. You get the impression that Tyrion is a good guy, because he's surrounded by people like Joffrey, Tywin and Cersei who are really mean and despicable people. But the bottom line is that he killed his father and the woman he loved because he felt betrayed. He didn't have to, but he did it anyway. Shae has the right to fuck whoever she wants, she's a whore. She doesn't just belong to Tyrion.
  10. Already Gaemon (G+aemon) is a Targaryen name. When was he named like that? Is it after his birth? If so by whom? Why does essie a low dornian whore who got knocked up by a lysian rower give a targaryen name to her son, when she has no link with them. We know that Aegon II was a very promuscuity person and sired several bastards. The fact that this cruel and vindictive person could spare the boy's life and even take him as a ward. This may suggest that Aegon believed or at least suspected that Gaemon is his son.
  11. Being beautiful and blonde does not mean that you have Valyrian blood. Andalusians are known for their blond hair. One thing that has always puzzled me is that blonde hair tends to be more prevalent in areas with little sunlight. But the Valyrians are originally from the "Lands of the Long Summer" but yet they are pale like albinos. They would normally be dark-skinned like the summer islanders.
  12. She is the most beautiful of the wild women and has all men at her feet. From then on, it is not necessary to have noble origins to have such a haughty attitude.
  13. Joanna is a staunch pro-Lannister and an extremely ambitious woman. It's not for nothing that Tywin is in love with her and takes her advice. I don't see what they have to gain by having the bastard from Aerys. Except to humiliate Tywin even more, so house Lannister. Aerys himself sees Tyrion as a punishment from Tywin's gods for his arrogance. So even if he is Tyrion's father, he doesn't know it.
  14. Arianne will blame daenerys for her death. Just as she does with viserys. Dorne will side with Aegon on this. Even if they know it's a fake.
  15. No need, daenerys is not an ordinary targaryen, she hatched 3 dragon eggs in incredible conditions, she is their mother. The dragons will allow her to access her legitimacy as a true targaryen against the faegon pretender who will be rejected when he will try to claim one. They are much too young to be destructive in a battlefield, as it could be during the dance, with monsters like vaghar or vermithor who could melt stone. Afterwards it is possible for jon snow to ride a dragon, so that daenerys finds him incredible and can fall in love with him. And finally confirm his filiation. One of the dragons can also fall during the battle against the white walkers, and become a zombie dragon and finally have the third dragon head that is not a targaryen.
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