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  1. The Clone Wars makes the Clone Troopers interesting and there's lots of ethical quandaries with them. I would suggest starting there.
  2. Damn. Final Fantasy's development cycles are something else. And some of the ideas seem interesting too.
  3. No one doing a certain quote from The Young Pope? For shame!
  4. The Bad Batch is great. But damn, does it need to start being interesting.
  5. Okay, I'm @Crazy Old Guy. I hang out at: https://famiboards.com/ ^ That's a forum that split off from ResetEra (which, as you all may know, split off from Neogaf). So, if you like video games and maybe Nintendo in particular, that's a neat place to hang out at. Send in a good word for "Crazy Old Guy" or merp (which is my username there). Not much else to say. I was once here under a really old account back in... 2008? 2009? I may have had two in total before this one. I remember the old days when it was just Stannis fans and Daenerys fans taking potshots at each other in the main forums. And then the infighting got really bad after Stannis' popularity went up after the fifth book and Daenerys' popularity went down with the release of that book, for reasons we generally know or assume. Those were the days... I loved 'em. Well, they were frustrating too, to be honest. People say they "loved those days" but sometimes they forget the frustration. But... that's sometimes what makes them good, I suppose. I'm currently re-reading the books for the second time. First time was in, I believe, either 2008 or 2009. Other than that? I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but that's why I'm watching The Bad Batch currently and getting caught up on season 2 (currently on episode 8 of that season). I'm listening to this audiobook narration right here: If you want an audiobook that's different from Roy DeTroyce's own narration of A Song of Ice and Fire, then choose this one instead. It's much better than that one, in my honest opinion. No offense to Roy DeTroyce, but I just feel that this narrator does the books much more justice (and he's doing The Hobbit right now, which I'm reading for the first time ever). Other than that? Currently getting back into reading fictional books instead of non-fiction so I would like some suggestions in that regard. But the fiction side of things are also welcome, if anyone has anything in that regard. I take politics too, of course. Not sure what else to say, but it's good to be back. I promised a friend in Famiboards that I'd give a shout-out to that place so check it out. Let me know what you all think of it. It's easy enough to make an account and grow the community, maybe make a post or two, maybe three. Other than that place and this place, I've been on a few other forums such as the Jedi Council Forums here and there, but it's been a while. I hope everyone else is doing well and I hope things have calmed down now that the blasted TV show that I hate is over (lol). Take care!
  6. Just watching some shows before I do anything else (well, specifically The Bad Batch right now).
  7. Oh damn. I just got a notification for this post. Thanks. I should probably get to that introduction sometime...
  8. What's the best board game y'all can think of? I'm trying to pick one with "learning as a point" to it.
  9. At best, I just call the Inquisitors in Star Wars "Big Brother" or "Evil Sister" in general.
  10. Oh, I meant to ask: Anyone else here played the original first game? Jedi Fallen Order?
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