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  1. What? I don't know that's why I'm asking. I always thought that feudalism just ending in a fantasy setting would be too unrealistic and sappy for me; I guess I prefer dark endings or bittersweet endings.
  2. Yeah, but I hear that her fantasy books always end with feudalism ending or something. Is that true?
  3. Solitude is underrated, if you ask me.
  4. Yeah, honestly, given what I have, it doesn't seem that far-fetched to note that Stannis himself is probably neurodiverse in some way. But yes, I still to this day love Maester Cressen's chapter; sets the mood for the whole story arc perfectly.
  5. My thoughts are that she definitely has PTSD from her childhood (technically, she's still adolescent). But other than that, she definitely seems more oblivious than anything, though willfully so.
  6. On Maester Cressen's chapter, the "Stannis being neurodiverse or autistic" thing, or both?
  7. Especially the Dothraki. Hate 'em. Worst Mongol stand-ins I've ever read about.
  8. Eh, I guess. Honestly, it's fantasy, so anything goes. That includes magical fantasy genetics.
  9. Hi. I just got here. But hey, I like it so far.
  10. I replied to this in an "Edit" up above, but I... get the sense that we're either being mislead or we simply don't know. The "author" of the work on the Dance of the Dragons basically brushes the notion aside that you don't need Valyrian blood before quickly moving on, correct me if I'm wrong. But again, it's been a while since I read these books and I'll probably do a re-read eventually.
  11. Why would you need Valyrian/Targ blood to ride a dragon? They're not even fire-proof. Edit: My apologies. I'm just not sure if there's much backing this up. At the very least, it could go either way, but it's most likely that, at best, people only think that you need Valyrian blood to ride a dragon. Even GRRM seems to hint at this where, I think, in his supplementary books, the "author" or narrator always brushes aside the notion that you don't need such a thing before moving on, a bit comically, imho. Though I'm going by memory right now. Thing is, if there's no reason to think that that's what you absolutely need to ride a dragon, isn't it more likely that literally anyone can? I don't know. Kinda seems like we need more confirmation on this point. But eh, I only just got here.
  12. I do have to wonder if GRRM thinks this far ahead; it's most likely that while he is quite adept at using foreshadowing and hinting at things, it's more probable that he doesn't, well, always do that and sometimes his foreshadowing could quite simply mean anything. Well, I don't want to be too off-topic so I'll just say that the parallelisms you cited are interesting. I think that this could be a case of GRRM simply using his motifs at this point.
  13. Oh, hey, it's @Stannis Eats No Peaches Long time, no see. I immediately recognized your username after... 10 years, I think?
  14. Yeah, I loved Dany, regardless of how I feel about her character now. But I must say: the characters that I only heard about in the first book were incredibly interesting to me. Stannis Baratheon is a good example. So is Jon Arryn. And all the side characters got me in because the setting was quite populated. Also, Bobby B helped in this regard; his presence was always entertaining.
  15. Stannis is autistic. As someone who's got that sort of thing myself, among other things, it seems... so obvious. Not that that explains everything about him, but it would explain, for example, some of his mannerisms and what not.
  16. Wait a second, you don't really need Targaryen or Valerian blood to ride a dragon.
  17. Well... The last time I was here: whenever Stannis was brought up, there would always always be discussion on whether Stannis was "bad" or not.
  18. Maester Cressen's chapter made me love Stannis and even Davos. "The boy who never learned how to laugh" is a line that always stuck with me. (I also believe that Stannis may be autistic or neurodiverse in some ways, but whatever)
  19. Not sure what to say, but I had a rough couple of days. And I just thought to myself: I don't have to think about this stuff if I don't want to. I shouldn't force myself to think something to "toughen myself up" or anything. I don't know, just something that I knew, but really hit me recently. I know I'm being completely vague about what my thoughts are, but I used to think that if you were deliberately not thinking about something, it was because you were kinda weak, even if I didn't say it in those terms. Definitely not something I really internalized growing up as people said that, so I was told, that one shouldn't "hide" thoughts from yourself. Well, I feel like while it's good to not turn away from the truth or turn away from the reality of a situation, it's perfectly natural to just... stop thinking about something after a moment or two and move on. Again, just had a personal matter that I dealt with recently, but it's all fine now. But my biggest problem during it is that I would dwell on it, I think. Welp, not much more to say, but honestly? Think however you want. And don't verbalize your thoughts so much. That's what I think, anyways.
  20. I'm writing a novel. This is the thread for this sort of thing, right?
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