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  1. Do the "appendices" come with most versions of the book?
  2. Not to sound like a fanboy, but Stannis has never really been all that centered on *ahem* "traditional values" (his lack of religiosity and the fact that he doesn't seem to give much of a shit about his own marriage). I... could kinda see it. Of course, the problem with StanStans like myself is that we lean too much toward: "WOW! Stannis is a fookin' badass!" Which usually connotates to him being manly in some way. ...No. Seriously. Think about it. Can you ever imagine Stannis Baratheon without that signature deep and gnarly voice of his in the books, the way he carries himself, and his badass one-liners? I would say: no. (Err, not saying that Stannis Baratheon's snarky one-liners are inherently "masculine" but people have an image in their heads about how he delivers them and what they signify.) Daenerys Targaryen is an interesting one... I could easily see people flipping their shit over her being revealed to be transgender (because, again, we usually think of Daenerys being kinda "feminine" in appearance and manner, correct me if I'm wrong). I mean, I would hope that nobody goes full "J.K. Rowling" over a character like Daenerys being trans or genderqueer, but what I'm saying is that it goes against the fandom's "image" in their heads about the character. I hope I'm explaining myself right.
  3. I mean, does it matter either way? This is fantasy. If they are transgender, the author would probably let us know. Besides, just because you don't go through the process doesn't mean you're not trans.
  4. Thanks. I didn't know.
  5. Disney Star Wars is great. Love it. Much better than pre-2012 Star Wars.
  6. I'm going to read The Hobbit and then Lord of the Rings for the first time. Suggestions?
  7. I would say that I've been looking for a while. And they kinda repeat themselves.
  8. Yeah, it definitely shows in his chauvinism. I kinda forget that he was quite racist and that that reflected in his background.
  9. Yeah, but at least he knows what a "two days' sail from Pyke" is.
  11. What the hell is Dragonlance?
  12. I'm starting a gym work-out next week. Anything I should expect? An hour. Lots of weights. Apparently guy's pretty good and it's near where I live, but I haven't done this in a while.
  13. Okay, so, watch these two videos and tell me you're not amused:
  14. @Teng Ai Hui Okay, err, random question: Your name... Wade-Giles or Pinyin.
  15. To be honest: I'm barely here that much. I tried to do some preliminary searching, but I ultimately decided that nothing new under the sun has been asked by this point so, err, yeah. I'm sorry...
  16. Like, I could genuinely see people flipping over Arya Stark being transgender. It would be A-OK with me and I would honestly approve it... but honestly, I could see Daenerys and Stannis' fanbase taking a major hit. Dunno what would happen if Robert Baratheon were trans all along. Idk. I've been thinking: This is essentially a 1990s fantasy "grimdark" (I mean, kinda over-stated in Internet discourse, but eh) novel series where most of the cast is, well, white (except the Dornish, some Arab stereotypes, and maybe the Baratheons or at least their ancestors) I mean, the best we can say is that Stannis is perhaps (maybe) autistic and that the Dornish have a mix of brown and Black characters (and people seem to want Sansa to be lesbian or something), but that's not saying much when you put it side-to-side with other fantasy novel series out there. Really gets you thinking: what if GRRM started thinking of certain characters as genderqueer or transgender (which is totally acceptable and I don't see the development process being statis DESPITE what the fans have to say about it) Thoughts? (Also, it should be noted that A Song of Ice and Fire isn't really all that realistic, even if it tries to emulate certain characteristics of feudalism, despite common discourse surrounding the series so there's that to consider) Really, I wouldn't even mind something like this happening, but I doubt it would happen because GRRM would be accused of "going against the script" (which fans repeatedly say that he won't do and bring up past interviews with him saying so) or because it would genuinely cause an outcry (because 12 years of no Book 6 means that the fandom has too many rigid ideas about characters that haven't budged since, well, 2011). Both those last two are probably the bigger problem, imho, aside from the very real reactionary mind-set that you might see nowadays.
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