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  1. I get that. Even so, there are a lot more Hollywood hacks that will never get this backlash.
  2. Thanks! It's been a while since I've been here and so I didn't look down. I assumed it was just for show discussion. Anyways, my apologies.
  3. I hope I'm not just reading "copium" but thanks! Yes, I find something odd about the wording regarding D&D and GRRM's comments (at least, whenever I'm presented with them). Again, thanks, though I'll keep my expectations in check.
  4. My bad. I was talking about the books and what makes them different from the show, but I wasn't sure where it belonged.
  5. I understand. But Stannis is a person with pent-up anger and knowing all the horrible shit that Cersei has done would probably set him on a tangent. Maybe... The other other theory that I have is that it's Davos that does it, but that's kinda a crackpot theory of mine.
  6. Actually, I always thought that he was kinda bad to the core in terms of just being a person that's self-serving and doesn't care about the realm at all. But of course, it could be that I'm wrong and the sixth book, whenever it comes out, will reveal a more, err, "understandable" (you know what I mean) Varys. We'll see in time. Probably won't see the seventh book though! (I kid, I kid.)
  7. I just realized that Stannis could be the Valonquar that Cersei speaks of. He's the brother-in-law to Cersei. Jaime could probably never go through with choking her to death no matter what.
  8. @Daenerysthegreat I would change Shireen's death (as in, not have her die at all) and have her marry Rickon Stark. Also, I would stop Daenerys from destroying King's Landing because I feel that she should be a good person in the end. Really, I feel that Stannis and Daenerys shouldn't do what they did in the Game of Thrones TV show like they did at the end of their respective storylines. Planetos needs more life and light in this world. But D&D have apparently confirmed that they both end up doing those acts. And people keep showing GRRM quotes confirming those acts. It may be the case that Martin is not giving all the details or context or whatever, but I feel that's it's not that big of a possibility. So that's what I would change. I like those characters a lot. It would suck if they hurt themselves while hurting other people and then die shortly afterward.
  9. Well, I agree and disagree; I think the show went bad during season 3, tbh. But I'll say this: D&D are in a way kinda victims. They were new to the whole thing... and they were given something more than they can handle. They'll probably never be given a show again while other screen-writers and show-runners will be given a show.
  10. I agree with everything except Varys, but that is probably my own bias against the character. With that aside, you are absolutely correct.
  11. I like the Stannis x Sansa ship. But I'm also the only person I know that wants a Stannis x Daenerys ship. What gives?
  12. What I noticed (when I stopped liking the show completely at around season 3) was that it became very... stereotypical of the series main strengths (and sometimes weaknesses) as well as its characters. Some examples: Daenerys Targaryen? She was first something of a "Mary Sue" (untrue and overused word, but it'll suffice for now) throughout the show despite not being one in the book series (in spite of what some anti-Daenerys fans may say, I feel). In the end, she "goes crazy" (or... something, idk) and suddenly she's everything her detractors said she was (a person that had a good streak and was basically a "hero" to everyone up until she goes bonkers). Tyrion Lannister is the "funny one." He's witty. They even have a few books and merchandise celebrating this fact. Also, he's the "Good German" of the Lannisters. Again, he's still technically done better compared to everyone else, but he is whitewashed (even his actions against the Stag Men and the dealing with the waterfront (regardless of whether it was justified or not) is kinda brushed over or not present. Also, he's pals with Varys. And Varys is good and "for the realm" like he said in the epilogue of A Dance with Dragons (and he literally goes back to advising another Targaryen monarch despite his reputation). Cersei Lannister is bad, but she cares about her children. Deeply, in fact. This is what I remember certain fans in real life saying during the lead-up to the show's premiere in 2011 (she's bad, but she loves her children!). Also, she seems to really (more or less) care about Jaime in the show. She's a better example of a character "done right" in the show (because, let's face it, Book Cersei wasn't much better, imho). But even then, they play that interpretation straight. Cersei is not seeing her children as an extension of her will and she's not abusing Jaime throughout, well, much of her life. In all fairness: I do find her, at least at times, something of a Disney villain in the books, but I'll drop that for now. Stannis Baratheon (I remember many years ago when the pro and anti-Stannis people couldn't shut up about this bloke and every thread was derailed that mentioned him so let's try not to do that here lmao) is a "no-nonsense" military commander and so they take away his snarky humor and most of his dialogue, especially some of the superb dialogue between him and Davos (which were the best parts of the Davos/Stannis storyline), often truncating the few lines that survive at the exact parts that may turn viewers' heads and make them say "Well, he's more human than I imagined." He's a cantankerous king with a hammy voice (he seems to not know how to chill throughout the books, which is pretty heart-breaking when you think of it, but his funny interactions with Jon Snow are nice). He's everyone's favorite orphan (well, something of a "cult character" and a "popular character" with controversy here and there), but we barely know his backstory. Euron Greyjoy was jokingly called an "anime villain" by someone I know (specifically, we were talking about the books). But in the show, this is taken up to the nth degree. I wouldn't even know how to describe the escalation. It seems that it's in part due to the Ironborn being portrayed as... somehow worse than they are. I mean, the, err, bravado (which basically serves as Euron Greyjoy's inauguration speech) at the Kingsmoot is pretty much how he wins the Ironborn over. It's kinda sad because the Iron Islands are a poor place with many of its inhabitants worse off (poor soil too). I've seen many people compare them to the Dothraki (which I think is wrong and pretty silly, but it's just a fantasy series so whatever). Euron and even the Ironborn are cartoon caricatures of what they are in the book. Basically, I feel that D&D may (and it's not like we'll ever really know, at least for now) have had popular conceptions of the characters they were dealing with in mind when they were running the show. They also seemed to include comedic moments or moments that were there simply for the "wouldn't it be cool if this character did that" sense. Also, "honorable mentions" go to: Ramsay Bolton Renly Baratheon (oh God, I hate the, err, "gay jokes" made about him) Loras Tyrell (same) Sandor Clegane Sansa Stark (There are more and honestly these characters should be put there with the rest of the others up top, but eh, I'm tired and didn't sleep well last night lol) Anyways, I'm probably preaching to the choir. I've barely been her since I made an account and only ever lurked here many years ago. So, err, sorry if I'm just repeating what's been said; I'm kinda coming to this conclusion now and decided to air my thoughts a bit. Anyways, please discuss.
  13. Solitude is underrated, if you ask me.
  14. Especially the Dothraki. Hate 'em. Worst Mongol stand-ins I've ever read about.
  15. Hi. I just got here. But hey, I like it so far.
  16. Not sure what to say, but I had a rough couple of days. And I just thought to myself: I don't have to think about this stuff if I don't want to. I shouldn't force myself to think something to "toughen myself up" or anything. I don't know, just something that I knew, but really hit me recently. I know I'm being completely vague about what my thoughts are, but I used to think that if you were deliberately not thinking about something, it was because you were kinda weak, even if I didn't say it in those terms. Definitely not something I really internalized growing up as people said that, so I was told, that one shouldn't "hide" thoughts from yourself. Well, I feel like while it's good to not turn away from the truth or turn away from the reality of a situation, it's perfectly natural to just... stop thinking about something after a moment or two and move on. Again, just had a personal matter that I dealt with recently, but it's all fine now. But my biggest problem during it is that I would dwell on it, I think. Welp, not much more to say, but honestly? Think however you want. And don't verbalize your thoughts so much. That's what I think, anyways.
  17. I'm writing a novel. This is the thread for this sort of thing, right?
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