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  1. I think you forgot the original Rhaenys and Visenya. Rhaenys was kind as Visenya was bold.
  2. Sweetrobin is too young for Sansa, not to mention he's her first cousin. A Royce would be a better match; Starks and Royces have been unified with a marriage or two over the years.
  3. Possible guesses: Willas Tyrell (let Sansa get a chance to be with him) Theon Greyjoy (maybe, but not entirely sure) Patrek Mallister (good friends with her uncle Edmure, hails from a high-ranking Riverland house) Jojen Reed (same age as Sansa, would also connect Houses Stark & Reed and strengthen ties with the Neck) A young Frey Another high-ranking Northern house to strengthen ties with them (Manderly, Cerwyn, Tallhart, Glover, etc.) One of Tytos Blackwood's sons (A Blackwood married a Stark at one point, plus Blackwood is another high-ranking Riverland house) I'd probably suggest someone from a Dornish house, like Dayne or Yronwood, but I don't know what Ned's relations with Dorne is actually like.
  4. The wiki says they're bannermen to the Starks (originally). One Cerwyn took a Stark girl to wife, and the Condons are sworn to them.
  5. This would be one hell of a twist. Also this would mean Jon was named after his mother (Jon/Jonelle). But even so, she could still have been bride material for someone, anyone. Since she went to the Riverlands with her dad, she could have been married off to a Riverland lord or heir to strengthen the North/RL alliance, and there's plenty of good houses to choose from—Mallister, Blackwood, Bracken, and Vance, to name a few. She could've been a Frey wife. Piper or Mooton, perhaps? Smallwood or Shawney? Maybe she could've been Edmure's wife had Robb kept his word and wedded Roslin.
  6. My ideas: I like the idea of Sansa actually marrying Joffrey then having a kid by him. It would have made her situation more desperate as she tries to be a good wife to her abusive, psycotic husband while also trying to protect his child and heir. Then when she has to run away to the Vale, she’d have to figure out what she has to do to protect her child, who would be heir to the throne under regular circumstances. The catch behind this is what would become of the child. If the Joffrey/Sansa kid is a girl, then she could be betrothed to Robert Arryn. No clue on what a boy would entail. The Purple Wedding involves more than one spoiled rotten king dying from poisoned wine. That would have amped up the shitstorm in King’s Landing and serve as a wonderful parallel to the Red Wedding. Plus, anyone could've drank the same wine Joffrey drank. Theon’s message from Robb spreads across the Iron Islands and divides them in two. Some families still hate the North and want to seek revenge, while others are tired of the Old Ways and want to improve their lives by joining up with him. Someone on here mentioned that Edmure should’ve been a widower. Let’s give him a couple of children as well, and then have one reason for his reluctance to marry Roslin come from how she’ll treat them. Give a little more backstory to Skagos. Like, why are they so detached from the North? Did they raid their settlements and steal women or something? Why did Osha choose this place to hide Rickon? Is she actually a Skagosi living amongst wildlings? Harry the Heir should be a Gulltown Arryn instead of hailing from some random lower ranking house. Doesn’t matter if he’s Jon Arryn’s great-grandnephew or an eighth cousin twice removed, I doubt a lot of people would’ve supported his claim to the Vale if he was a Hardying. It’s the Vale of Arryn for a reason. Add in more female characters (I said this before on another post). Noblewomen like Catelyn should’ve had some handmaidens with her. Have Arya actually get to Riverrun and reunite with her mom and brother. But Red Wedding still happens and she has to run again.
  7. Perhaps the Cerwyns, since they’re closer to the Starks (they’re like, next door neighbors or something).
  8. Husband: Lord Aladale Belmore of Strongsong Wife: Lady Darla Grafton of Gulltown Son: Garlan Belmore Son: Malcolm Belmore Daughter: Alayne Belmore Daughter: Helicent Belmore — Son: Garlan Belmore of Strongsong Wife: Lyarra Lydden of the Deep Den -Son: Tommen Belmore —Wife: Alyssa Grimm of Greyshield —Son: Arthur Belmore ——Wife: Jeyne Gower of the Stormlands ——Daughter: Daeryssa Belmore ——Daughter: Denyse Belmore ——Son: Sylas Belmore —Daughter: Rylene Belmore ——Husband: Tallad Fregar of Braavos ——Son: Tommen Fregar ——Son: Rhogoro Fregar ——Daughter: Lyarra Fregar ——Son: Vortimer Fregar —Son: Jasper Belmore ——Wife: Alla Redwyne of the Arbor ——Son: Steffon Belmore ——Daughter: Alysanne Belmore ——Daughter: Rhaenys Belmore ——Son: Mychel Belmore ——Son: Edric Belmore -Daughter: Cerenna Belmore —Husband: Creighton Waxley of Wickenden —Daughter: Janyce Waxley ——Husband: Jon Shett of Gull Tower ——Son: Garlan Shett ——Son: Dorian Shett —Daughter: Elyana Waxley ——Baseborn Son: Joffrey Stone ——Husband: Petyr Nayland of Hag’s Mire ——Son: Geremy Nayland ——Daughter: Cerenna Nayland -Son: Josmyn Belmore —Wife: Perra Lynderly of the Snakewood —Son: Osbert Belmore ——Paramour: Mellara Qoherys of Harrenhal ——Baseborn Daughter: Elissa Rivers ——Baseborn Son: Josmyn Rivers ——Baseborn Son: Ilyn Rivers —Daughter: Larissa Belmore ——Husband: Lonnel Harte of the Crownlands ——Son: Cedrik Harte ——Son/Son: Beron & Jaime Harte ——Daughter: Trianna Harte —Daughter: Emilia Belmore ——Husband: Lyonel Connington of Griffin’s Roost ——Son: Franklyn Connington ——Son: Bonifer Connington —Daughter: Megette Belmore ——Husband: Willem Stout of Goldgrass ——Son: Brandon Stout ——Son: Jorah Stout ——Daughter: Alarra Stout ——Son: Gregor Stout — Son: Malcolm Belmore of Strongsong Wife: Dyanna Woodwright of the Reach -Son: Rufus Belmore —Wife: Alys Swygert of the Stormlands —Daughter: Annara Belmore ——Husband: Roderick Shepherd of the Iron Islands ——Daughter: Dorea Shepherd ——Daughter: Jennelyn Shepherd ——Son: Samwell Shepherd —Daughter: Dyanna Belmore ——Husband: Karlon Knott of the northern mountains ——Son: Balon Knott ——Daughter: Wylla Knott ——Son: Malcolm Knott —Son: Terrence Belmore ——Wife: Brella Burley of the northern mountains ——Son: Rickon Belmore ——Daughter: Serena Belmore ——Daughter: Betha Belmore ——Son: Talbert Belmore ——Son: Vaemond Belmore ——Daughter: Joanna Belmore -Son: Orryn Belmore —Wife: Aregelle Farwynd of Sealskin Point —Daughter: Alannys Belmore ——Husband: Julian Chelsted of the Crownlands ——Husband’s Baseborn Son: Waymar Waters ——Husband’s Baseborn Daughter: Jirelle Waters ——Son: Ellard Chelsted ——Daughter: Melessa Chelsted ——Son: Aurane Chelsted —Daughter: Karolyn Belmore ——Husband: Axell Jast of the Westerlands ——Daughter: Ellaria Jast ——Daughter: Berena Jast ——Son: Tyrek Jast ——Daughter: Aregelle Jast -Daughter: Cedra Belmore —Husband: Yorick Vaith of Vaith —Son: Harkon Vaith ——Wife: Lynora Brownhill of Dorne ——Son: Jojen Vaith ——Son: Walgrave Vaith ——Son: Rhodry Vaith ——Daughter: Cersei Vaith ——Daughter: Falena Vaith ——Son: Timeon Vaith —Daughter: Aelora Vaith ——Husband: Humfrey Gargalen of Salt Shore ——Son: Khorane Gargalen ——Son: Symon Gargalen ——Daughter/Daughter: Cerissa & Cedra Gargalen ——Daughter: Mariah Gargalen —Son: Parmen Vaith ——Wife: Leonella Stackhouse of the Reach ——Daughter: Jezhene Vaith ——Daughter: Tysha Vaith ——Daughter: Delena Vaith —Son: Khorane Vaith ——Baseborn Son: Glendon Sand ——Wife: Barsena Hawthorne of the Westerlands ——Daughter: Lysa Vaith ——Daughter: Sarella Vaith —Daughter: Nymella Vaith ——Husband: Eggon Blackmont of Blackmont ——Son: Yorick Blackmont ——Daughter: Harra Blackmont ——Daughter: Jynessa Blackmont ——Son: Ollidor Blackmont -Daughter: Gwyneth Belmore —Husband: Unwin Butterwell of Whitewalls —Son: Walder Butterwell ——Wife: Ursula Peckledon of the Westerlands ——Daughter: Perrianne Butterwell ——Daughter: Gysella Butterwell ——Daughter: Rhea Butterwell —Son: Jory Butterwell ——Wife: Myrielle Shawney of the Riverlands ——Son: Luthor Butterwell ——Daughter: Wynafrei Butterwell ——Daughter: Jeyne Butterwell ——Son: Benjen Butterwell ——Daughter: Serra Butterwell — Daughter: Alayne Belmore Husband: Eddard Norridge of the Reach -Daughter: Falia Norridge —Husband: Robert Breakstone of the Vale of Arryn —Son: Waymar Breakstone ——Wife: Elinor Hersy of Newkeep ——Daughter: Alayne Breakstone ——Daughter: Branda Breakstone ——Daughter/Son: Sylva & Rennick Breakstone —Son: Edderion Breakstone ——Wife: Olene Vance of Atranta ——Wife’s Baseborn Daughter: Mirri Rivers ——Son: Yandel Breakstone ——Son: Arron Breakstone ——Daughter: Xanda Breakstone ——Daughter: Priscilla Breakstone ——Son: Harrold Breakstone —Son: Jonnel Breakstone ——Wife: Belandra Lonmouth of the Stormlands ——Son: Dontos Breakstone ——Daughter: Sabitha Breakstone —Son: Roger Breakstone ——Wife: Catelyn Erenford of the Riverlands ——Daughter: Ravella Breakstone ——Son: Aubrey Breakstone ——Son: Garin Breakstone -Son: Harwin Norridge —Wife: Desmera Brune of Brownhollow —Daughter: Lysa Norridge ——Husband: Jason Pyle of the Crownlands ——Son: Edmund Pyle ——Son: Harwin Pyle ——Daughter: Marsella Pyle —Daughter: Ceryse Norridge ——Husband: Regenard Wendwater of the Crownlands ——Son: Varly Wendwater ——Daughter: Desmera Wendwater ——Daughter: Amerei Wendwater ——Son: Mycah Wendwater -Son: Lester Norridge —Wife: Aglantine Manderly of White Harbor —Daughter: Sansara Norridge ——Husband: Tommen Penrose of Parchments ——Son/Daughter: Joffrey & Jeyne Penrose ——Son: Gareth Penrose ——Son: Edwyle Penrose —Daughter: Emphyria Norridge ——Husband: Orton Goodbrook of the Riverlands ——Daughter: Samantha Goodbrook ——Daughter: Leana Goodbrook ——Daughter: Ceryse Goodbrook ——Son: Theomore Goodbrook ——Son: Janos Goodbrook ——Son: Humfrey Goodbrook —Daughter: Beatrice Norridge ——Husband: Nyles Dondarrion of Blackhaven ——Daughter: Falyse Dondarrion ——Son: Helman Dondarrion ——Daughter: Cassana Dondarrion —Son: Ygon Norridge ——Baseborn Daughter: Alysanne Flowers ——Baseborn Daughter: Manfryd Flowers —Son: Eldred Norridge ——Wife: Gretchel Kenning of Kayce ——Daughter: Darla Norridge ——Daughter: Lucinda Norridge ——Son: Thaddeus Norridge -Son: Endrew Norridge —Wife: Janeya Mertyns of Mistwood —Daughter: Cyrenna Norridge ——Husband: Lysaro Tawney of Orkmont ——Daughter: Darlessa Tawney ——Son: Erryk Tawney ——Son: Wolmer Tawney ——Daughter: Leonella Tawney —Son: Zachery Norridge ——Wife: Arianne Cordwayner of Hammerhal ——Daughter: Sybell Norridge ——Son: Wynton Norridge ——Son/Son: Lewyn & Leobald Norridge — Daughter: Helicent Belmore Husband: Malwyn Cafferen of Fawnton -Daughter: Raya Cafferen —Husband: Hobber Wydman of the Vale of Arryn —Son: Stafford Wydman ——Wife: Hostella Greengood of the Neck ——Daughter: Meera Wydman ——Daughter: Jorelle Wydman ——Son: Halys Wydman ——Son: Benedar Wydman —Son: Norren Wydman ——Wife: Elenei Farman of Faircastle ——Son: Jon Wydman ——Daughter: Teela Wydman ——Daughter: Mylenda Wydman -Daughter: Mhaegan Cafferen —Husband: Brandon Lowther of the Reach —Daughter: Shyra Lowther ——Husband: Umfred Saltcliffe of of Saltcliffe ——Son: Urrigon Saltcliffe ——Daughter: Dalla Saltcliffe ——Son: Uller Saltcliffe ——Son: Raymond Saltcliffe ——Daughter: Mhaegan Saltcliffe ——Son: Oscar Saltcliffe ——Daughter: Gwenys Saltcliffe —Son: Tristan Lowther ——Wife: Elissa Serry of Southshield ——Daughter: Edyth Lowther ——Son: Timett Lowther ——Son: Joseran Lowther ——Son: Lucas Lowther —Daughter: Senelle Lowther ——Husband: Rafford Leygood of the Reach ——Baseborn Son: Roryn Flowers ——Son: Samwell Leygood ——Son: Alyn Leygood ——Daughter/Daughter: Leona & Maisie Leygood —Daughter: Brienne Lowther ——Husband: Cregan Flint of Widow's Watch ——Daughter: Floris Flint ——Son: Brandon Flint ——Son: Daemon Flint -Daughter: Tya Cafferen Drox —Husband: Petyr Drox of the Westerlands —Daughter: Hanna Drox ——Husband: Raymar Greenfield of Greenfield ——Daughter: Marna Greenfield ——Daughter: Tya Greenfield ——Daughter: Alayne Greenfield —Son: Malwyn Drox ——Wife: Wynafryd Corbray of Heart’s Home ——Daughter: Clarisse Drox ——Son: Qyle Drox ——Son: Adrian Drox -Son: Stanton Cafferen —Wife: Barbrey Glover of Deepwood Motte —Daughter: Malora Cafferen ——Husband: Emmett Wagstaff of the Stormlands ——Daughter: Helicent Wagstaff ——Son: Mathis Wagstaff ——Son: Jafer Wagstaff ——Son: Grover Wagstaff ——Daughter: Hollys Wagstaff —Son: Wendel Cafferen ——Wife: Aliandra Tarth of Evenfall Hall ——Daughter: Victaria Cafferen ——Son: Simon Cafferen ——Son: Boros Cafferen —Son: Daryn Cafferen ——Baseborn Son: Emmon Storm ——Baseborn Daughter: Lysa Storm ——Wife: Jocasta Tudbury of the Stormlands ——Daughter: Samantha Cafferen ——Daughter: Della Cafferen —Daughter: Jessamyn Cafferen ——Husband: Prentys Ashford of Ashford ——Son: Duncan Ashford ——Son: Stanton Ashford ——Daughter: Belandra Ashford ——Son: Harlan Ashford
  9. I'll post mine soon, so you can see how it's done. And it's pretty much all in 1 round.
  10. So my "Dice game" version of this didn't fly over with anyone for no other reason other than the fact NO ONE bothered to give it a try. Not even on the Forum of Ice and Fire! So I'm going to revise this with a namebank CAF. Hopefully this will be easier for everyone. Typical titles should be Lord and Lady, but the Targaryens will be our default ruling family. So for them, you can use King and Queen and/or Prince and Princess. Go here to see which house belongs where. You can also add in where the person is from, since there could be 2 different houses with the same name in different areas. Example: Steffon Mallister of Seagard or Desmera Royce of Runestone. Names are down below. Each region will have a "baseborn" name, so you'll have to look up the house names you're using in order to know which to use. Snow is for the North, Pyke for the Iron Islands, Storm for the Stormlands, Flowers for the Reach, Hill for the Westerlands, Stone for the Vale, Rivers for the Riverlands, Sand for Dorne, and Waters for the Crownlands. *** Husband: Wife: Son: Son: Daughter: Daughter: — Son: Wife: -Son: —Wife: —Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Son: —Son: ——Wife: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: -Daughter: —Husband: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Son: —Daughter: ——Baseborn Son: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Daughter: -Son: —Wife: —Son: ——Paramour: ——Baseborn Daughter: ——Baseborn Son: ——Baseborn Son: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Son/Son: ——Daughter: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Son: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Son: — Son: Wife: -Son: —Wife: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Son: —Son: ——Wife: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter: -Son: —Wife: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Husband’s Baseborn Son: ——Husband’s Baseborn Daughter: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Son: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Daughter: -Daughter: —Husband: —Son: ——Wife: ——Son: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter/Daughter: ——Daughter: —Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: —Son: ——Baseborn Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: -Daughter: —Husband: —Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: —Son: ——Wife: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Daughter: — Daughter: Husband: -Daughter: —Husband: —Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Daughter/Son: —Son: ——Wife: ——Wife’s Baseborn Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: —Son: ——Wife: ——Son: ——Daughter: —Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: -Son: —Wife: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: -Son: —Wife: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son/Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: ——Son: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Daughter: —Son: ——Baseborn Daughter: ——Baseborn Daughter: —Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: -Son: —Wife: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter: —Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son/Son: — Daughter: Husband: -Daughter: —Husband: —Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: —Son: ——Wife: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: -Daughter: —Husband: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Daughter: —Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: ——Son: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Baseborn Son: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter/Daughter: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: -Daughter: —Husband: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: —Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: -Son: —Wife: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter: —Son: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Son: ——Son: —Son: ——Baseborn Son: ——Baseborn Daughter: ——Wife: ——Daughter: ——Daughter: —Daughter: ——Husband: ——Son: ——Son: ——Daughter: ——Son: *** Male Names: Aberdolf Addam Adrack Adrian Aegon Aegor Aelor Aelyx Aemon Aemond Aenar Aenys Aeron Aerion Aeryn Aerys Aethan Aggar Agramore Aladale Alaric Albar Alekyne Alesandor Alester Alfador Alfred Allar Allard Allaquo Alleras Alliser Alton Alvyn Alyn Amaury Ambrose Amory Amos Andrey Andrik Androw Anguy Argilac Argoth Argrave Arlan Armistead Armen Armond Arnold Arnolf Arron Arryk Arson Arstan Arthur Artos Artys Arwood Asher Aubrey Aurane Axell Bael Baelon Baelor Balerion Balder Balmon Balon Bambarro Bannen Barristan Barth Bartimos Barquen Bayard Belwas Benedar Benedict Benethon Benfred Benfrey Benjen Benjicot Bennard Bennarion Bennis Benton Beric Beron Berrican Bertram Bessaro Bonifer Boremund Boros Borroq Borros Bowen Brandon Branston Braxton Bronn Brus Bryan Bryce Brynden Buford Burton Bywin Byren Caggo Caleotte Calon Casper Casso Cayn Cedric Cedrik Cerion Cetherys Chayle Chett Clarence Clayton Clement Cleoden Cleon Cleos Cley Clifford Clydas Colin Colmar Corlys Cortnay Corwin Cossomo Cotter Craghorn Cregan Cregard Creighton Cressen Crispin Criston Cromm Daario Daegon Dale Damon Daemion Daemon Daeron Dagmer Dagon Dalton Danos Daragh Dareon Daryn Daven Davos Dellono Dennet Denys Denzo Dermot Derrick Desmond Devan Deziel Dhako Dickon Dirk Domeric Donal Donald Donnel Donnis Donnor Dontos Doran Dorian Dormund Drako Drazenko Drennan Duncan Dunstan Duram Duran Durran Dykk Dywen Ebben Ebrose Eddard Edderion Eddison Edgerran Edmund Edmure Edric Edwell Edwyd Edwyle Edwyn Eggon Eladon Eldiss Eldon Eldred Ellard Elmo Elric Elwood Elyas Elys Elysar Emerick Emmon Emmond Emmett Emrick Endehar Endrew Eon Erich Erik Erreck Erren Errold Erryk Ethan Euron Eustace Eyron Farlen Fennesz Fergon Fergus Ferrego Florian Forrest Forley Franklyn Fredo Gaemon Gage Galbart Gared Gargon Garlan Galyeon Garth Gareth Garibald Garin Garlan Garrison Garse Gascoyne Gawen Gedmund Gelmarr Gendry George Geremy Gerold Gerrick Gerris Gevin Gilbert Gilwood Glendon Godric Godry Gormon Gormond Goren Gowen Grazdan Grazhar Gregor Grenn Groleo Grover Gulian Gunthor Gurn Guyard Guymon Gwayne Gyldayn Gyles Gynir Haegon Hagen Haggon Hagon Haldon Halleck Hallis Halys Hamish Harkon Harlan Harmen Harmond Harmund Harmune Harrag Harras Harren Harrion Harrold Harwood Harwin Harwyn Harys Helman Henly Herman Herrock Herryk Hilmar Hizdahr Hobber Hodor Hotho Hothor Horas Horgan Horton Hosman Hosteen Hoster Hugh Hugo Hullen Humfrey Humphrey Huzhor Hyle Igon Illifer Illyrien Ilyn Imry Isembard Izembaro Jack Jacaerys Jacelyn Jaehaerys Jafer Jaime Jalabhar Jammos Janos Jaqen Jared Jaremy Jarl Jarman Jason Jasper Jate Jeffory Jeor Jeren Jhaqo Jhogo Joffrey John Jojen Jokin Jommo Jon Jonah Jonnel Jonos Jonothor Jorah Jore Joron Jory Joseran Joseth Josmyn Joss Josua Jothos Julian Jyck Karlon Karyl Kear Kedge Kemmett Kennos Kermit Kerwin Kevan Khorane Kirth Koss Kovarro Kraznys Kromm Kurleket Kyle Laenor Lancel Larence Laswell Lenwood Lenyl Leo Leobald Leslyn Lester Lewyn Lewys Leyton Lharys Lodos Lomas Lomys Lonnel Loras Lorent Loreth Lorimar Lorimas Lorimer Lorren Lothar Lucamore Lucas Lucan Lucantine Luceon Lucerys Lucias Lucifer Luco Luthor Luton Luwin Lyle Lyman Lymond Lyonel Lysandro Lysaro Mace Maekar Maegon Maegor Maelor Maelys Mago Malentine Mance Maladon Malcolm Malegorn Malthar Malwyn Mandon Manfrey Manfryd Maric Marillion Mark Maron Marq Marselen Marston Martyn Matarys Mathis Marwyn Maynard Medger Medrick Meldred Mellos Melwyn Mero Merrell Merrett Meribald Meryn Mervyn Mikken Mohor Mollander Monford Monfryd Monterys Moqorro Morden Moredo Moreo Morgan Morgarth Moribald Morrec Morros Mors Morton Mossador Murmison Mycah Mychel Myles Narbert Nestor Norbert Norjen Norman Norren Nyles Oberyn Ollidor Olyvar Omer Ondrew Oppo Orbert Orland Ormund Orryn Orson Orton Orys Osbert Oscar Osgood Osfryd Osmund Osney Osric Ossifer Oswald Othell Othgar Otto Owen Oznak Parmen Pate Patrek Paxter Peremore Perceon Perkin Petyr Philip Podrick Portifer Poul Prentys Pycelle Pykewood Pypar Qalen Qano Qarl Qarlton Qarro Qavo Qhored Qhorin Qhorwyn Qoren Qos Qotho Quellon Quence Quenton Quentyn Quhuru Quillion Quincy Qyburn Qyle Racallio Rafford Rakharo Ramsay Randyll Ravos Rayford Raylon Raymar Raymond Raymund Raynard Regenard Regis Rego Renfred Renly Rennick Reynard Reysen Rhaegar Rhaegel Rhaego Rhodry Rhogar Rhogoro Ricasso Richard Rickard Rickon Robar Robard Robb Robert Robett Robin Roderick Rodrik Rodwell Roger Roggon Rogin Rolfe Rolland Rolph Romny Ronald Ronard Ronnel Roone Roose Roryn Rossart Roy Royce Rufus Rugen Runcel Runciter Russell Rupert Ryam Ryben Rycherd Ryk Ryles Rymolf Ryon Saathos Salladhor Salloreon Samarro Samgood Samwell Sandor Sargoso Sawane Sebaston Selwyn Shagga Sharako Sherrit Sigfryd Sigorn Sigrin Simon Skahaz Skyte Stafford Stannis Stanton Steffar Steffon Sterven Stygg Sylas Symon Symond Syrio Talbert Talbot Tallad Terrance Terrence Thaddeus Theo Theobald Theodan Theomar Theomore Theon Therry Thoren Thormor Thoros Thurgood Timoth Timotty Tion Titus Timeon Timett Tobho Togarion Tommard Tommen Torghen Torgold Torman Tormo Toron Torrek Torren Torrhen Torwold Torwyn Tregar Tremond Tristifer Tristan Tormund Torres Torrhen Trystane Tybolt Tymor Tyrion Tyrek Tygett Tyler Tytos Tywin Ulf Uller Ulrick Umar Umfred Ummet Unwin Urek Urrathon Urreg Urrigon Urron Urzen Utherydes Uthor Vaegon Vaemond Valarr Valerion Varamyr Vardis Vargo Varly Varys Vayon Veron Vickon Victarion Viserys Vorian Vortimer Vylarr Walder Walderan Waldon Walgrave Wallace Walter Walton Walys Warryn Waymar Wendel Werlag Wex Wilbert Willam Willas Willem Willis Wolmer Wulfgar Wyland Wylis Wyman Wynton Yandel Yandry Yezzan Ygon Yohn Yorbert Yoren Yorick Yurkhaz Zachery Female Names: Aelinor Aelora Aemma Aerea Aglantine Agnes Alanna Alannys Alarra Alayne Alayaya Alerie Alia Aliandra Alicent Alla Allyria Alyce Alys Alyse Alyssa Alysanne Alyx Amabel Amanda Amarei Amarylis Amarys Amerei Annara Anya Aregelle Argella Arianne Armeca Arra Arsa Arwaya Arwen Arwyn Arya Asha Ashara Assadora Baela Bandy Barba Barbrey Barra Barsena Beatrice Becca Belandra Bella Bellegere Bellena Bellenora Bellonara Beony Berena Bessa Beth Betha Bethany Beony Branda Brea Brella Brienne Calla Carellen Carolei Cassana Cassandra Cassella Catelyn Cedra Celia Cerelle Cerenna Cerissa Cersei Ceryse Chatana Chataya Chella Clarice Clarisse Corenna Corin Coryanne Craya Cyrenna Cynthea Cyrelle Dacey Daella Daena Daenaera Daenerys Daenora Daenys Daeryssa Daisy Dalla Dancy Danelle Darla Darlessa Deana Delena Della Delonne Denyse Deria Derwa Desmera Dirah Donella Donyse Dorcas Dorea Doreah Dorna Doshi Dyanna Eddara Edyth Elaena Eleanor Elenei Eleyna Elia Elinda Elinor Elissa Ella Ellaria Ellyn Elyana Emberlei Emilia Emma Emphyria Erena Ermesande Eroeh Esgred Ethelide Ezzara Falena Falia Falyse Fern Florence Floris Florys Frances Frenya Gael Galazza Gella Genna Gilliane Gilly Gretchel Grisel Gwenys Gwin Gwynesse Gwyneth Gysella Hali Hanna Harma Harra Hazel Hazzea Helaena Helicent Helya Henrietta Holly Hollys Hostella Irri Jaehaera Jaenara Janei Janeya Janna Janyce Jayde Jayne Jena Jennelyn Jennis Jenny Jessamyn Jeyne Jezhene Jhiqui Jirelle Joanna Jocasta Jocelyn Johanna Jonelle Jonquil Jorelle Joy Joyeuse Jyana Jyanna Jynessa Jyzene Karolyn Katrina Kayla Kella Kezmya Khiara Kiera Kinvara Kojja Kyra Lacey Laena Lanna Larissa Larra Layna Leana Lelia Lemore Leona Leonella Leonette Leyla Lia Liane Lianna Lily Lollys Loreza Lorra Lucinda Lyanna Lyarra Lyessa Lynara Lynora Lynesse Lyra Lysa Lysara Lythene Maege Maegelle Maerie Maisie Malazza Malora Mara Marei Margaery Margaret Margot Mariah Marianne Marilda Maris Marissa Mariya Marla Marna Marsella Martha Mary Marya Maryam Masha Matrice Meera Megette Megga Meha Mela Melantha Melara Melessa Meliana Melisandre Melissa Mellara Mellario Mellei Melony Meralyn Mercy Meredyth Meria Merianne Meris Mezzara Mhaegen Mina Minisa Mira Mirri Missandei Moelle Monica Morag Mordane Morgana Moriah Morna Morra Munda Mya Mylenda Myrmadora Myranda Myrcella Myrielle Myria Myriame Myrtle Mysaria Naerys Narha Nolla Nora Nymella Nymeria Nysterica Obara Obella Olene Olenna Ornela Osha Palla Patrice Patricia Penny Perra Perrianne Petra Pia Priscella Prudence Prunella Qezza Quaithe Ragwyle Randa Ravella Raya Regan Rhaella Rhaelle Rhaena Rhaenyra Rhaenys Rhea Rhialta Rhonda Robyn Roelle Rohanne Rosamund Rose Roslin Rowan Rowena Ryella Rylene Rylona Sabitha Saera Saffron Sallei Sally Samantha Sansa Sansara Sara Saranella Sarella Sarra Sarya Scolera Selyse Senelle Serena Serenei Serra Shae Shaena Shaera Sharis Sharna Sharra Shella Shiera Shierle Shireen Shyra Sybell Sylva Sylvenna Sylwa Taena Talea Talia Talisa Talla Tanda Tanselle Tansy Teela Teora Tess Theresa Thistle Trianna Tya Tyanna Tyene Tysha Tyshara Tyta Umma Unella Ursula Vaella Val Vala Valaena Valena Victaria Violante Violet Visenya Viserra Vivian Walda Wenda Wendeyne Willow Wylla Wynafrei Wynafryd Xanda Ygritte Yna Ynys Yrma Ysabel Ysilla Zahrina Zei Zhea Zhoe Zia Noble Houses (note: some of these houses are extinct in the books): Algood Allyrion Ambrose Antaryon Appleton Arryn Ashford Ashwood Baelish Ball Banefort Baratheon Bar-Emmon Bazanne Belgrave Belmore Bettley Bigglestone Blackbar Blackfyre Blackmyre Blacktyde Blackwood Blanetree Blount Boggs Bole Bolton Borrell Botley Bracken Branch Branfield Brax Breakstone Briar Bridges Brightstone Broome Brownhill Brune Buckler Buckwell Bulwer Burley Bush Bushy Butterwell Byrch Bywater Cafferen Cargyll Caron Cassel Casterly Caswell Cave Cerwyn Celtigar Chambers Charlton Chelsted Chester Chyttering Clegane Clifton Cobb Cockshaw Coldwater Cole Condon Conklyn Connington Corbray Cordwayner Costayne Cox Crabb Crakehall Crane Cray Crayne Cressey Crowl Cupps Cuy Dalt Dargood Darke Darklyn Darkwood Darry Dayne Deddings Doggett Dondarrion Donnerly Donniger Drinkwater Drox Drumm Dryland Dunn Dunwell Durrandon Durwell Dustin Dutton Edgerton Egen Elesham Eraz Erenford Errol Estermont Estren Falwell Farring Farman Farwynd Fell Fenn Ferren Fisher Flint Florent Follard Forrester Foote Footly Fossoway Fowler Foxglove Fregar Frey Frost Gardener Gargalen Garner Gaunt Glenmore Glover Goodbrook Goodbrother Goode Gower Graceford Grafton Grandison Graves Greenfield Greengood Grell Greyiron Greyjoy Grimm Groves Haen Haigh Hamell Harclay Hardy Hardyng Harlaw Harroway Harte Hasty Hastwyck Hawick Hawthorne Hayford Heddle Hetherspoon Hersy Hightower Hoare Hoat Hogg Hollard Holt Hornwood Hook Horpe Humble Hunt Hutcheson Inchfield Ironmaker Ironsmith Jast Jordayne Justman Karstark Keath Kettleblack Kellington Kenning Kidwell Knott Kyndall Ladybright Lake Langward Lannister Lansdale Lantell Leek Lefford Leygood Liddle Lightfoot Lipps Locke Lohar Lolliston Long Longthorpe Longwaters Lonmouth Lorch Lothston Lowther Lyberr Lychester Lydden Lynderly Magnar Mallery Mallister Manderly Manwoody Marbrand Marsh Martell Massey Melcolm Merlyn Merreq Merryweather Mertyns Middlebury Mollen Moore Mooton Mopatis Moreland Mormont Morrigen Moss Mudd Mullendore Musgood Myatt Myre Nakloz Naqqan Nayland Netley Norcross Norrey Norridge Nutt Oakheart Oldflowers Orkwood Orme Osgrey Otherys Overton Paege Pahl Payne Peake Peasebury Peat Peckledon Pemford Penrose Perryn Piper Plumm Pommingham Poole Potter Prestayn Prester Pryor Pyle Pyne Qo Qoherys Qorgyle Quagg Quazzar Rambton Rankenfell Redbeard Redfort Redwyne Reed Reyaan Reyne Rhysling Risley Rodden Rogare Rollingford Roote Rosby Rowan Roxton Royce Ruskyn Ruthermont Ruttiger Ryder Ryger Rykker Ryswell Saan Saltcliffe Santagar Sarsfield Sarwyck Sawyer Scales Seaworth Selmy Serrett Serry Shawney Shell Shepherd Shermer Shett Slate Sloane Slynt Smallwood Spicer Stackhouse Stackspear Staedmon Stane Stark Stokeworth Stonehouse Stonetree Stout Strong Sunderland Sunderly Suggs Sunglass Swann Sweet Swyft Swygert Tallhart Tarbeck Targaryen Tarly Tarth Tawney Teague Templeton Terrick Thenn Thorne Toland Tollett Torrent Towers Toyne Trant Tudbury Tully Turnberry Tyrell Uffering Uller Upcliff Vaith Vance Varner Velaryon Vikary Volmark Vypren Vyrwel Wagstaff Waterman Waxley Wayn Waynwood Weatherwax Weaver Webber Wendwater Wells Wensington Westerling Westbrook Westford Whent Whitehill Willum Wode Woodfoot Woodhull Woods Woodwright Woolfield Wull Wydman Wyl Wylde Wynch Wythers Xaq Xho Yarwyck Yelshire Yew Yronwood Zhak Zherzyn “Baseborn” Surnames: Flowers Hill Pyke Rivers Sand Snow Stone Waters
  11. Get in Edmure’s good graces after he weds Roslin and gradually turn him against Robb.
  12. My unpopular opinions: GRRM should hire some ghost writers to help him with the rest of the series Young Griff is the real deal as Aegon son of Rhaegar; not sure what'll happen when he comes to Westeros, but something's telling me that he's going to be the "valonqar" from Cersei's prophecy Victarion will end up becoming King of the Iron Islands Theon won't be killed (yet). On top of this, Melisandre will take notice of him somehow Daenerys won't invade Westeros, nor will she meet Jon R+L=someone else. Jon is not that someone. Robert Arryn is a warg Some houses should gain more attention (Celtigar, Velaryon, Bar Emmon, to name a few)
  13. Unfortunately, I think deinstitutionalization in the '80s caused the homelessness crisis to worsen, so while argonak's comment is harsh, he's not entirely wrong. Deinstitutionalization and the homeless mentally ill
  14. Really? Cuz I'm reading the stories people write for their mods and they've featured the bookmarks you're talking about. Here's the link if you don't know what I'm talking about. It's set in CK2, but I think they're working on a CK3 version.
  15. https://www.yahoo.com/news/miami-wants-allow-homeless-pitch-095507084.html Came across this on Oohay. Since the article doesn’t allow comments, I brought it over here. Homelessness is no way for anyone to live, but…would you consider this method as a way to fight it? Do you see more cons or more pros?
  16. So Arianne really couldn't wait until Myrcella got married to Trystane? My guess is that Robert got drunk then injured on a couple hunts before, and that she hopes this time will do. The things I consider unrealistic in Westeros? How the Ironborn seem to have a herd mentality. They never learn to read, don't do anything to build livelihoods outside of burning and pillaging and invading (some chose fishing, but that's beside the point), how eager they are to choose violence over everything else, how they'd rather keep to the Old Ways when it hasn't worked for so long....really, how have these people not wiped themselves out already?!
  17. I don't believe the R+L theory, but there have been Targaryens that don't have the typical Targayen looks. Baelor Breakspeak is one example, then there's also Rhaegar's daughter Rhaenys (who looked like her mother Elia).
  18. For the Ironborn, I’d have some houses, such as Harlaw, question the logic and ideals of the Old Ways, and whether it’s brought them more harm than good over the years. Have Rodrik Harlaw hear about the proposal Theon brings from Robb Stark, and decides to break away from the rest of the Ironborn along with some followers. Having the Ironborn divided in two would add an interesting conflict, since everyone there just seems to stick to the Old Ways without question originally. Create coats of arms for the houses that don’t have one yet (ex: Crannog houses except for Reed and Fenn, Longthorpe and Torrent in the Vale, Weaver and Ironmaker from the Iron Islands). Maybe give some sigils to noble families in Essos and other nations. More families in Dorne. Seriously, they have less houses there than anywhere else! They have 9 houses that are currently extinct. Not have the Targaryens be on the verge of extinction? Maybe they have a legit cadet branch that’s in another part of Westeros? A bit of a time gap between some of the books; AFFC and ADWD happened at the same time, I heard. Spare Dontos Hollard and maybe give him a chance to become a better knight. Feature the Skagosi. I really, really want to hear more about them, and whether they’ll help the North. More female characters, too.
  19. "I am the master of whisperers. Ho, ho, ho."
  20. I'd rather have Littlefinger take over the Iron Islands. lolz
  21. Perhaps Edric is going to be the R+L baby, and Ned gave him and Wylla to the Daynes along with Dawn. It hurt Ned to do so, and it caused him to mix up Jon's mother with Lyanna. Edric was then legitimized so as to avoid bringing further shame upon the family.
  22. Lord Quellon Harlaw of Harlaw Lady Lysa Belmore of Strongsong Lady Wendeyne Harlaw Lord Osmynd Ironmaker of the Iron Islands Shierle Ironmaker Alaric Ironmaker Norman Ironmaker Sybassion Ironmaker Armen Iromaker Lord Jason Harlaw Lady Lollys Wyl of the Boneway Edwyn Harlaw Loreza Harlaw Amanda Harlaw Emberlei Harlaw Norjen Harlaw Argos Harlaw Lord Gwayne Harlaw (twin of Raynald) Lady Roelle Yew of the Westerlands Tanselle Harlaw Yandry Harlaw Ryam Harlaw Igon Harlaw Osha Harlaw Nysterica Harlaw Lord Raynald Harlaw (twin of Gwayne) Lady Dorna Harlaw
  23. The number of you answer corresponds to the sample of names provided. So for question 1, for example, if you say your favorite color was green, your lord could be named something like Osbert Redwyne or Gerold Tarly.
  24. I think Robb should've sent an entourage with Theon to the Iron Islands. Roose alone would not have made things any better, and there's a good chance that Catelyn would've ended up as Balon Greyjoy's salt wife if she'd gone by herself. That would not a good day make.
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