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  1. Balerion is definitely a he. He’s referenced as a tomcat several times, which means a male. Genuine laugh out loud at KITN. We can go deeper. The Kitten in the North. KITN.
  2. I also forgot about the horses, great catch!
  3. As I was driving and listening to the Dotrice audiobooks for the umpteenth time, I heard the name "Prendahl na Ghezn", which Roy Dotrice pronounces as "PREN-dl." I happened to glance at my shifter and saw "PRNDL". Could the headless joint commander of the Storm Crows have been named after a transmission?
  4. I wonder how well-known the Black Gate of Mordor, err, excuse me, the Nightfort is among the NW. I’ve never considered a possible connection between Mama Direwolf and Gared. That’s so cool that you picked up on it. Maybe Gared is Varamyr’s long-lost cousin!
  5. Good point. That's a lot of walking.
  6. Great spot on visiting Craster. A possible source of tension would be Gared, as a seasoned man of the Watch, knowing to keep his mouth shut about Crasters and his "wives", whereas a lordling like Ser Waymar might have an inclination to pass judgment (literal or figurative) on Craster. I've long wondered how Gared gets south of The Wall. I've also wondered why, even though they kept him in the show, that they swapped the deserter Gared for Will.
  7. Could glass candles be electric lightbulbs? Quoth Leo Tyrrell: "The light was clear and bright, much brighter than any beeswax or tallow candle. It cast strange shadows and the flame never flickered, even when I draft blew through the open door behind me." It made me think about the harsh glow from the bluish LED lights, compared to the warm glow from a candle and how weird an electric light would be to someone who had only ever seen artificial light in the form of candles or torches. But the clairvoyance aspect seems like a lodestone resonator from His Dark Materials.
  8. @Ran I cannot see the wiki account registration forum you linked. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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