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  1. Dune topped Justice League in streaming. In addition to the 40 million dollars weekend domestic and 180 million dollars international total, the odds for a sequel are looking pretty good.
  2. It sounds very bleak. Out of curious, who would be happy with the bill in its current form? 2 trillion is an incredible amount of money, so who is winning here?
  3. I don't believe in objective good or evil. Good and evil, such as they are, are opinions. In my opinion, causing suffering is evil. Someone may disagree and say causing suffering is great. There is no mathematical or experimental way to verify which opinion is true. It's just an opinion.
  4. @Annara Snow I feel like we've taken a bit of an unnecessary detour here. At any rate, you were wondering about the reaction of those who had seen both Foundation and Dune, and I gave my impression. From everything I've gathered from your comments, my feelings of Foundation are much in line with your feelings of Game of Thrones. Or how most people felt about Game of Thrones season 8. I don't want to make this thread about Game of Thrones; I'm simply using it as a reference point that is easily relatable to most people. My feelings about Dune are much better. Dune has problems with how it's structure, but I otherwise found it to be very good.
  5. No, I mean season 8. Earlier than that, I thought there were some missteps in GoT, and they certainly increased with season 6 and 7, but season 8 was comparable to Foundation the show. Critics and most of the audience clearly didn't think much of Game of Thrones was bad writing. It was a worldwide phenomenon, and it was one of the most critically lauded series ever. Most Emmys, for a prime time show, etc. It once was the highest rated non-documentary show on imdb. People clearly thought it was a well done show. So when that stopped being the case, people made their displeasure known on that count, which was when season 8 arrived. I looked through some of the threads on the show on this forum, and I think the boarders here were unusually harsh in their judgment. Certainly more so than most audience members or critics. I thought the first 4 seasons of Game of Thrones were impeccable, seasons 5-6 mostly excellent, season 7 was a mixture of highs and lows, and season 8 was a disaster. That is my opinion. Clearly your opinion differs, which is fine. Neither of us are absolute authorities on what must constitute adequate entertainment for everyone. Enjoy what you can, and if you can't, then there's plenty of other works out there.
  6. My experience for both is as a reader of the original material. For me, the Dune experience was seeing a good plot minimalized for the best visual and atmospheric representation of the story. It was a beautiful movie and a good experience. The movie is very loyal to the book. The Foundation experience is like seeing season 8 of Game of Thrones. A great deal of potential squandered for insultingly bad writing. Even in a vacuum and apart from the original material, Foundation the show is low-brow and pedestrian storytelling. The characters are uninteresting, and the plot is often nonsensical. It is aggressively mediocre, regardless of its pretty CG package. When taking the wonderful original material into consideration, the show really is like having salt rubbed into a wound.
  7. Sand and sand plankton don't seem like they would provide sufficient energy to sustain the biomass and method of locomotion for a creature like a sandworm. The teeth of the sandworm would offset some of the energy required to burrow, but I don't see how it would be enough to make the sandworm a remotely plausible scenario. Hundreds of meters in length? No. Also, I'm not a Dune scholar, so please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the life cycle of a sandworm as follows: sand plankton -> sand trout -> sandworm? The sand plankton feed off the spice, the sand trout encapsulate water, and the sand worms feed off the sand plankton, if I recall correctly. So a closed, cannibalistic system. And the sand plankton don't operate off of photosynthesis, so the system is sustained by its self-supplied energy. I guess one could say the mystical properties of the spice allow it to side step any energy conservation laws. But really, I don't think Herbert cared to address this on a deeper level. Anyway, I really liked the movie. I agree with others that the movie had structural weakness. The point from which the Atreides arrived on Dune and then the invasion occurred felt too abridged. It should have been developed more. I hope there is a director's cut. Other than that, I think this was about as good an adaption as one could hope for. It was certainly better than the previous attempts by a country mile. I don't mind that a lot of the detailed politicking was jettisoned. While fun in the novel, it wasn't exactly deep stuff. I think it would have made the movie boring. Where Villeneuve excels is visually compelling cinema. And with Dune he could run wild. And so he did. I loved the atmosphere and experience of Dune. Much of it was evocative of 2001. I'm glad Villeneuve went this route instead of spending a dozen minutes having the Baron monologing about outplaying the Atreides. I really hope there's a part 2!
  8. Going by the definitions that atheist means belief that there is no god(s) and agnostic is lack of knowledge or a lack of belief that there is a god(s), I consider myself agnostic. From my experience of the world, a secular model is a working model and no divine presence is required to explain phenomenology. At the same time, it's clear that our understanding of reality is profoundly limited, and so really we don't have any idea how bizarre things may be. Transcendent godlike organisms/AI? Maybe, but there's no way to know at this juncture. I hope not, because the one good thing about life is that it ends: there's a way out. If some being created this world and our limited existence, it's terrifying to think it will rule us beyond. This idea of a divine being, strangely, appeals to many people, but that is because they believe this being likes them and agrees with them, so they think god(s) would have a positive interaction with them. I find this unlikely. I know some people give atheism a different definition than I have given, which is why I wanted to be clear what I mean when saying agnostic. Anyway, I feel somewhat guilty about life. Life is a destructive hunger, constantly feeding itself until it reaches some Malthusian limit. Hunger overrides all other concerns for life. On Earth, humans are the most significant source of hunger, and our hunger is vast and nearly unchecked, as is our destruction. We are the Bakker-esque demons of the world, growing and consuming everything. We cause nearly unfathomable suffering to all around us to sustain our growth. I don't believe there is such a thing as good and evil. But to my frame of mind, causing suffering is evil, and so the logical extension is that humans, in their current dominance, are the pinnacle representation of evil in this world. But I don't believe in free will either. We are all cogs moving down our predetermined path in the machinery of reality. Given this context of beliefs, I don't fear death. I kind of look forward to it, to alleviate my guilt of living. I feel somewhat bad when those with whom I have an emotional connection die, because part of being human is developing these weird community connections - its part of our programming. But the sadness is mitigated by a kind of relief. The primary contribution of a person's life is consumption of all that is around them, and the waste they leave behind. By dying, that person is no longer consuming, but rather contributing, as other organisms consume them.
  9. The cartoon is great! But I don't know if that trailer is a good recommendation to the cartoon. To me the cartoon seemed tonally way different than what the trailer was going for. The cartoon has this unique, strange yet cool vibe. This seemed more like some weird fan made 50s sitcom parody with special effects thrown in.
  10. I think the problem is that it was shot at all. What kind of acting is that? I recently watched Wandavision and this felt like acting from the pseudositcoms in that show, without the self awareness. It seemed like they were trying to go with a sort of Wes Anderson mix of style and wit. Which works if you're Wes Anderson. I can't say that I was impressed here. But so it goes. History was against this show. There has never been a successful live action adaptation of an anime, so the odds were long anyway. It's a shame, but at least Attack on Titan's final season starts up soon, so there are still anime related things to look forward to.
  11. Well, yeah, of course it's hard to make a broadly appealing show that also appeals to OG fandom. It's not impossible though. There are good adaptations out there, even ones that make significant changes to the original material. This show is not an example of a good adaptation. What it comes down to is execution. Virtually any concept could work if the execution is right. Even the strange, meandering path Goyer chose for the show could have worked if the writing staff was a good writing staff. Unfortunately Goyer demonstrates his reputation of mediocrity once again.
  12. I agree with this. It's a dying empire in turmoil. It's incredible that writers can't make that into something watchable. If this story needs padding, pad it with with stories that are actually interesting. Develop all of these worlds and show the gradual effect pschohistory has on them pre-Mule. It allows you to develop the path for the rise of the Mule. And it doesn't feel like a Deus Ex Machina because it's from the perspective of those who feel the terrifying effect of psychohistory, as this small community exerts its power over everyone else. Terminus doesn't need to be center stage. Just follow the original material with Terminus. Anyway, I haven't watched since episode 2, but it is fun to keep up with this thread. It was expected that Goyer would drop the ball here (adapting Foundation is not an easy task), but it's too bad all the same. At least there's Dune!
  13. I'm kind of in the same boat. I guess I'm being Ms Stick-in-the-Mud because I want this to be good and it's looking to be another disappointing, uninspired fantasy. With fantasy, there are plenty of good books, but very, very few successful adaptations. I really, really want to enjoy this. But so many signs are pointing to it going into the bin of unwatchably campy fantasy. You know, I agree. I don't want another GoT clone either. If you are going to adapt a story, adapt the story. Don't make it into something else. However, the approach that the creators seems to be going with (aesthetic, changes, etc) make this seem like it will be a poor adaptation. But we'll have to see. I guess I need to stop raining on everyone's parade. We're a month away before we have sufficient context to judge the quality of the show. No use fretting until then.
  14. No, the Logain clip and the Darkspawn clip both look cheesy on a deep, profound level. This is shaping up to be the kind of series that you really need to like Doctor Who degree of camp in order to enjoy. I'm not such an individual, unfortunately. Seeing this does make me appreciate even more what was achieved in GoT. Sure, the ending crashed and burned, but every fantasy series that has followed can't even achieve lift off. It staggers me that the people who can be derisive of that show are able to look at these clips - which putting it frankly, are incredibly dumb - and say this show has promise. I mean, it's all subjective. But I guess I'm not creative enough to empathize with that mindset in any way. To me it's like someone declaring Apocalypse Now an awful movie because of its flaws, and then holding Rambo 3 as the gold standard.
  15. Yes, and I think season 3 was one of the best. Season 5 suffered a little from having too many episodes, in my opinion. It would have been much better to have season 5 be 10-13 episodes comprising books 5 and 6. I don't know what to expect of this final season. It could work as a "pause" while the showrunners try to shop for another company to fund the conclusion, but it could go incredibly awry too. I hope they don't try to wrap everything up. 6 episodes is not enough for it to be done well, I think.
  16. I don't generally watch these clips, so maybe you are right. Out of curiosity, I checked out some of the preview clips for Game of Thrones. One is linked below. Good production values, excellent acting, and overall well done. In a very brief time it develops the characters and story, and is straight up endearing. If I saw this without being familiar with the material I would certainly would be interested. Wrt Wheel of Time, I'm only interested because I'm familiar with the material. What we've been presented with so far is extremely cheesy. Game of Thrones season 1 clip.
  17. It's best to wait until the series is released before rendering judgement, but that clip was kind of a cringey mess. Everything is so dramatic. It felt like a spiritual successor to The Shannara Chronicles. Fairly smooth production value attempting to mask awkward directing and acting. I mean, I still am hoping for the best. But Amazon released that clip with the impression that it would encourage people to watch the show. Not a good sign. On another note, why are people opposed to platonic relationships? Elaine and Aviendha had good chemistry as friends communicating across cultural barriers. It was good as presented. Sex is not going to make that relationship more interesting. On the contrary, it will probably nuke the relationship into a soppy mess.
  18. Congratulations, Starkess! I don't know if this will work for you, but have you tried a similar template to Tuf Voyaging? Have short stories that connect in a novelistic fashion? Asimov did it with Foundation and King did it with The Gunslinger. It turned out really well in both cases.
  19. I wish they would drop every romantic relationship in the book, or leave it mostly to inference. It was a weak point for Jordan and I have every confidence that it will be a weak point for this show. But I fear that it will be an even more significant part of the show than the books. Sex sells, even in the form of hackneyed romance. Although the writers may be able to do something interesting with Mat and Tuon. That was less of a relationship and more of a power play driven by the inevitability of fate. As opposed to a vanilla romance flavored by non-stop moments of couples harranguing each other over gender expectations and differences.
  20. When I read the series my impression was that the folks of the Two Rivers (like many characters written in Wheel of Time) were so suffocatingly Puritanical that maintaining eye contact for a beat longer than average effectively made you a couple. Just inputting my token for the voting lot. Mostly I'm intrigued but largely confused why something like this would be such a hot topic. There's a lot of room for personal interpretation, and it seems like such a trivial part of the series. But fascinating to see the rising stakes in what began as such an inconsequential discussion.
  21. What I think makes your case interesting is the magnitude of dedication exhibited here. You get on this ride knowing that it is one that you are almost certainly not going to enjoy, and you know it is one of great length. A professional critic reading something they dislike is one thing. Remuneration in the form of (no doubt scandalously insufficient) wages serves as some mitigation. Or if you are one of those unfortunate compulsive souls that must complete a book, no matter how rancid to the taste it proves to be, and that compulsion overrides your will - that is another thing. Or perhaps you're with friends and want to kill a few hours and you mock a bad movie for fun. That, too, is something else. But in this case you are dedicating an irrevocable and significant chunk of your life (dozens, perhaps hundreds, of hours) to some emotionally aggravated plane of existence. You are anchored to this displeasure, a lot of which may stem from your incomplete understanding of the work in question (due to only having read a fraction of it), and you propose to proceed forth in displeasure. I'm not saying this is wrong at all. But to me it is an almost Dostoyevskian psychological idiosyncrasy to publically self-flaggelate in this fashion. In other words, I don't understand it. But if this is really something you want, I guess I hope you do get the most out of it. Have fun!
  22. I appreciate the masochistic act of throwing oneself in the breach to gain perspective of those antagonistic to your tastes. Carry on, stoic warrior. Suffer, and in suffering achieve the nirvana of hate.
  23. I am really curious why anyone goes about hate reading a series. I don't want to disparage a hobby, but do people find pleasure in forcing themselves through something they dislike? Anyway, I think Jordan can be fairly criticized for often poorly written characters and a highly juvenile approach to gender relations, etc. (although the premise is interesting enough). But he deserves a lot of credit for his intricate plotting and many subtleties. The man was very intelligent, and I think he shines in this area. I still don't understand why anyone who hasn't completed this sprawling work would attempt a debate on these matters with hard-core fans. Why not find another series that you actually like? Life is really short, you won't get to everything even if you tried. Might as well not focus on what you view as the chaff.
  24. @Ran That's a nice list! I don't think the original is for me, but I do appreciate the enthusiasm for it here, and I hope you all get the series you want with the reboot. I hope I like it too, despite my skepticism.
  25. Has CW ever made a show that is actually good? Hopefully a precedence of quality will be set with this reboot. I tried to get into some of the old serial genre series like Babylon 5 and Buffy. I found them to not be very accessible. My exposure was a bunch of awful special effects, poor dialog and general silliness. Poor special effects alone are not enough to put me off (I love I, Claudius, for instance), but if this is compounded by extreme cheesiness then I can't do it. I've read supporters advocate the show by saying that it gets better after the first season, but that's over 20 hours of suffering to get to the good stuff. Who has that kind of time? Plenty of shows out there start out great and stay that way. Even slow burn shows like The Wire aren't actually bad at the beginning, it's a matter of acclimatizing to a dense plot. What I saw of Babylon 5, though, was just...not good, however you look at it. Anyway, hopefully the creator will make improvements now that he's pulling a Hitchcock and remaking his stuff.
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