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  1. He's trying to make it the best story he can. It's not easy for him to hold himself to the high standards that made this story great in the first place. Big difference IMO.
  2. It's one thing to feel frustration, disappointment, and concern over Winds not being released as promised. And it's another to accuse GRRM of being an idiot hack liar. Guy is trying to write one of the greatest fantasy sagas of all time and he needs to make sure it matches the high quality he's put into the other books. There's so much for him he needs to do and I cannot blame him for struggling to wrap up all loose ends. And worse he was stuck with having to help out the show which I don't think did Winds any favors. I hate this mindset coming from the toxic fanbase and such things don't help GRRM through making it to the end.
  3. When I saw the update about one of the character's arcs being done, my hope for this book has been vindicated. This book won't be easy to write. But I am confident it will be released. Dream of Spring, however, is what I'm worried about the most.
  4. My guess is that the Brotherhood convinced Stoneheart that keeping him alive will have some usefulness. As I said before Jaime is on his way to get the hostages from the Twins. They get the hostages back from Jaime, they'll be free to wreck havoc against the Iron Throne.
  5. Ok I stand corrected. I think he's not telling the truth though out of fear of possibly spoiling his future work.
  6. Not exactly. He said "yes and no, yes and no" so there will be changes. Also knowing how he had way different plans for the story at first (one a trilogy and the other a five year skip), who knows what GRRM might change this time around?
  7. Gosh I hope not. And even if some things go like they did on the show, the author will have them done way better.
  8. I’ve said this several times but I envisioned the Others as having always coexisted with humans and the Forest Children who were unfairly scapegoated for the Long Night which began the conflict in the first place. And if I have to guess the Others are returning to their original homelands and to avenge themselves against their human tormentors. I don’t understand why the conflict of the human heart can’t apply to the Others as well.
  9. I like to believe that the Others were around even before the First Long Night and that they were scapegoated for the whole event which caused the conflict in the first place. The Others are basically coming down south to return to their homeland by any means necessary.
  10. I like to believe that both the Unsullied and the Dothraki will face serious challenges if they head to Westeros. Would make the plot more interesting and give Dany somewhat of a reality check.
  11. It'd be funny if the douchebag guy is the one who helps save the world lol.
  12. I really wonder which Dayne character will be there to help fight with Jon Snow. Edric was supposed to be one but GRRM planned for a five year gap where Edric got old enough to weidl Dawn but after realizing that wasn't going to work I think he's honestly struggling to come up with a good replacement storyline.
  13. They just killed Jon Snow. The man who has been doing his damn best to keep the group together. Also like I said if they really believe Ramsay is going to head to Castle Black they’re going to try to appease him knowing his reputation. And killing Shireen might be one of the things done.
  14. I think regardless of what happens Shireen Baratheon might die in the chaotic aftermath. Some NW members thinking killing her and her mother would satisfy Ramsay assuming they see the letter about Ramsay claiming to kill Stannis.
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