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  1. Yeah I have no idea why George just wanted to copy and past shit. What good does it do for him?
  2. Rhaenyra being the heir is enough to cause a conflict imo. That Strong storyline was completely unnecessary. Yeah George should’ve done better on that part.
  3. Yes? And of course Viserys would take the whole thing seriously since he can’t afford to piss of the Velaryons. And yeah, I don’t know what was in GRRM’s head when he came up with that storyline. I just saw that as GRRM not realizing that gay kings have managed to sire kids.
  4. ??? I mean Viserys could’ve forced Laenor to do something or break off the marriage. This level of stupidity is just straight up too unbelievable that it ruins the story. Also the whole plot line sounds like a cheap way of copying the Cersei/Jaime incest storyline.
  5. Plenty of gay monarchs were able to have kids. Laenor has no excuse. Plus I saw it as GRRM not being aware that gay men have been able to sire children.
  6. He should’ve forced Laenor to copulate with Rhaenyra and allow him to watch to make sure it’s happening.
  7. I mean sure? But that was just pushing it. And Corlys, who cares for legacy, will want his blood on the throne. Seeing Strong blood in the boys would make him livid. There's some problems with season 1 of HOTD (and Fire and Blood) and that is one of the many horrible story telling issues. Nah that's just straight up eating the idiot pill for no reason.
  8. Uh no because that requires a massive degree of stupidity that’s beyond Viserys’s character. Not to mention Corlys would be livid.
  9. This this this this and this. It is by far the only thing in the story that still wracks my brains. LIKE WHY?! (We discussed about this earlier but still the fact that this wasn’t properly addressed still bothers me)
  10. The Strong boys plot line in the Dance of the Dragons was utterly unworkable. Everyone and their fucking mom and dad could tell they’re not Laenor’s kids.
  11. That's true. I'm talking about other things like the Wall. Yikes. I say they're relevant in that they're fighting for their houses and that they're definitely impacted by the war that they'll make themselves relevant. Like there should be more Baratheons and Tullys trying to figure their way through the war when things go bad for them, there should be more Starks to conspire against the Bolton/Frey alliance, and there should be more Arryns to oppose Baelish and his choice of heir. Yeesh. Don't spend a lot of time in fanfics since many of them aren't workable.
  12. ? Agreed, though I've heard people create headcanons where the units of measurement vary across the world hence the real heights of buildings aren't what people claim to be.
  13. But issues like this weight the story down a bit because the worldbuilding issues just distract from the story overall.
  14. Yeah but before there should’ve been more than enough time for them to have at least a couple cadet branches. And before that there should be more than enough time for these dynasties to establish cadet branches. George can always kill them off lol.
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