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  1. As some had pointed out before me: Doing things with his own hands (swinging the sword for example) Punishing those who deserve punishment, regardless of who they might be Being strongly against what Jaime has done, requesting he's sent to the Wall Being fair to Theon (considering who Theon was, why he was in Winterfell in the first place, and who his father is) Just something from the top of my head.
  2. Dragons, magic surrounding her, her bloodline... there are many interesting and important things happening around Dany.
  3. As members before me said: Ned does not talk about the Tower. Ned does not brag. People talk about Arthur Dayne, about his skill, it's remembered as he was a famous knight, Ned was not famous in that way, nor he wanted such fame. I already see him leaving if someone made a song about his epical skills or something.
  4. Could we look at this in a different way - maybe Valyria went up in flames like a nuclear bomb or power plant would (for example), and now, the radioactivity (magic etc) is weaker than before, and trips to Valyria are safer than before (safer, not safe). That would explain how Euron made it out, or how someone else obtained the items, before they ended up in Euron's hands.
  5. Those names are natural and make sense, as in our world: Newcastle, New England, New York, New Zealand, Southampton, Northampton, West Ham... our names, names of our cities and countries... everything has meaning to it, and most of them come down to something basic.
  6. That's interesting. Never thought about the possibility Balerion and Aerea made a connection in the end. When you put it that way, Balerion is probably the only reason she even survived. Not just because he brought her back, but because of the scars. Balerion fought and protected Aerea from something big and strong enough to hurt a dragon.
  7. I'm glad we are getting a bunch of different opinions. That makes sense. Especially considering the stories and how people describe Valyria nowdays. Euron getting his armor from a colony, and not directly from Valyria could explain a lot. Because it's hard to believe Euron would make it back unscared from such a place, when even a dragon as mighty as Balerion couldnt. What confuses me is a bond Aerea and Victarion share through the symptoms of their illness. With difference being that it seems there are still no worms in Victarion's arm. They might be small/young. If they actually do have the same infection, and fire-worms end Victarion, what does that mean to us? That they can be caught outside Valyria? That they can be made up with magic, or carried like a biological weapon? Maybe even made.
  8. If Balerion took her to Valyria, then he probably took a similar route Victarion is taking. Maybe that's where both Aerea and Balerion got infected, somewhere along the line, not in Valyria itself. Or, met someone like Moqorro, but I don't see how anyone would be able to tame such a dragon, even for a short period of time. It definitely seems like Moqorro knows something, but back then, when Balerion flew, he got infected in a different way. So we know there has to be more than one way of getting infected. Sorry if my post is not clear enough, but years had passed since I read the series, and information from Fire and Blood is mixing with it.
  9. If Victarion is infected, and these parasites are dangerous to dragons... I'm just wondering what could be the connection between Victarion and Aerea. Maybe the destination? Geography they traveled through?
  10. It might sound generic, but I would go with Ned. It was years ago.
  11. This is one of the reasons I'll dig into a re-read of ASOIAF after the summer. I had completely forgot about description of Victarion's arm. It sounds like the exact same thing, which adds another layer to all of this, making it even more interesting. Victarion has never been to Valyria, as far as we know, so there is no way for him to directly get an illness, infection, parasite or whatever, from Valyria. Unless it was carried over by someone, someone who has been there. We are told that Euron is that guy. Then again, considering what happened to Aerea and Balerion, I'm in doubt that Euron is truthful in his claims. If not him, we have two possibilities, that someone else had carried the "illness"(?), or that it did not come from Valyria, and that Aerea picked it up somewhere else.
  12. I'm reading Fire & Blood for the first time (so this is where all your historical info comes from! ), and story of Aerea and Balerion really intrigued me, and the way in which Barth talks about Aerea's condition upon her return to King's Landing makes everything even more interesting. Considering that Aerea never rode a dragon before, and the fact that she chose Balerion the Black Dread, one could go on to say that she had no control over her "journey", as Balerion could go wherever he likes, and Aerea couldn't stop him. Also, as Barth says, Balerion is the only living dragon born in Valyria. Could it be that Valyra is where Balerion really took Aerea? And what kind of impact would that have on our story, as there are other characters who claim that they had been there (wink wink, Euron). Aerea was in a horrible condition upon her return to King's Landing, even Balerion the Black Dread, the strongest dragon of them all, the largest and the oldest, was wounded and had scars. Valyrian blood did not seem powerful enough to save Aerea, and, even as a Targaryen heat still took her. There were those... worm-like creatures as well. Considering everything we know about Aerea and Balerion, could it be that some of our characters lie about their travels to Valyria? Or, at the very least, if they actually did go to Valyria, they are lying about what happened there, and how they obtained certain items (wink wink, Euron's armor). What happened to Aerea really seems Lovecraftian, and it's strongly pointed that Balerion was wounded as well - what can hurt a dragon of that might? Other dragons most probably - or someone along the way, someone with enough experience to fight dragons. This is not a strict theory, I'm just thinking out loud, years had passed since I read A Song of Ice and Fire, and I'm still reading thought Fire & Blood, but this is the most interesting section of the book, for now. I'll just throw it out there, and I'm really looking forward to hear your thoughts everyone. P.S. English is not my native language, as such I do not read the books in English, so if I mix up certain characters, places etc, please point it out so it can be corrected.
  13. I wouldn't say his POV is unimportant. We see Dornish perspective in all of this, we see the offer of Dornish support through his eyes, and we see why and how it all comes crashing down. Later on, when it comes back to bite Dany, we'll have a much clearer picture. Also, dragons will have a part to play in the battle that's coming, and seeing through POV why and how they came to be released is an important aspect of it all.
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