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  1. Takes additional time to scroll when clicking through. Though I do agree with you re lovers.
  2. Yes but having it in the info box is a major timesaver to get through it all. For the body, you have to scroll through and find it. If you don’t know who you’re looking for, you have to read. And you still have to scroll for the bottom.
  3. As someone who goes through the orders and lists a lot YES. It's incredibly helpful to have that tab there when trying to find an era in time.
  4. Getting back on the topic of Jon’s parents, I also find this interview/panel very helpful on the topic. It’s a fan panel, but it includes the mods/owners of this very forum, who also have the honor of being the only approved non-GRRM authors in ASOIAF. Granted, Ran/Elio has previously said that he’s not going to change his public opinion based on spoilers he learns. Thus, if he’s read something that says Wylla is Mama Snow, he’s probably not going to voice that publicly until Winds is released. BUT I’d argue it’s very telling that he and Linda both support R+L=J.
  5. I was mostly just pointing out that D&D went with showing these three big moments that were likely in line with GRRM’s vision, so following his vision for Jon’s parentage is also probably likely. The way they reacted, I don’t think they were fans of King Bran, but they did it anyway.
  6. Having Targaryen blood didn’t seem to matter for the marriages of at least two of his children - Jaehaerys was betrothed to Celia Tully and Shaera was to marry Luthor Tyrell. If Aegon wanted blood purity, Duncan/Shaera would’ve been an approved match instead of marrying out. But he didn’t want to. By the time of Aegon V, support of the Blackfyres had dwindled enough that they didn’t need to worry about it as much, and there’s no indication the Tyroshi much cared about Westeros’ problems by that point.
  7. Because GRRM doesn’t care. Ned’s mother has never been mentioned in the core series and was only revealed with TWOIAF. Yet she’s mother to two of the most characters and grandmother to six of them. GRRM is renowned for not caring about mothers. Joanna Lannister was first named in ASOS; the Princess of Dorne, mother to Elia, Doran, and Oberyn, is still unnamed. Despite multiple books on the Dance, we still don’t know the name or house of Alicent Hightower. She’s the queen of Westeros for ~15 years, mother to a king and mother and grandmother to two other queens. Yet we don’t know her mother’s name even though we know her father. Mothers of major characters aren’t important enough to be named. So Olenna Tyrell’s mother not being named isn’t that odd. Especially since then we’d need an explanation for why Aegon V betrothed his son to Olenna, even though it would likely be known she was a Blackfyre.
  8. GRRM legitimately believed he would write and publish TWOW before the show got to covering it and revealing big secrets. And when people have asked questions that he doesn’t want to answer, he’s great at giving answers like “keep reading/watching” or “you’ll have to wait and see.” So again, the real question for any of this is: why would the showmakers run a plot that was against GRRM’s final plans and vision, when they were aware of what happens? They said there were three big moments that GRRM told them and had not written yet, all but confirmed as Shireen burning, Hold the Door, and King Bran. So why would they change the parentage of Jon Snow if they knew the truth?
  9. I expect we're going to see lots of kids die in the next book, just not those two. Dany's cupbearers and Missandei aren't looking to alive, Myrcella, Trystane, Tommen, maybe some of the sand snakes. There's others as well, but those are just off the top of my head.
  10. GRRM himself has said that D&D knew who Jon's mother was, and had answered the question correctly based on a close reading of the text, in an interview with Rolling Stone: The real question, then, is not whether or not the show used the wrong theory, but why D&D would use the wrong theory when they had postulated the correct one from the novel.
  11. Was digging through the wiki and I'm thinking the Tourney at Horn Hill is not related to Viserys' Ascension. First, Aemma was still alive then but it looks like Rhaenyra and Alicent are present. It's also notable that the women are centered, without the present man who is theoretically being celebrated. During her teens, around 112 AC book time, Rhaenyra did a tour that included a stop at Horn Hill. I would wonder if the tourney isn't some kind of tour for Rhaenyra to see the country as her father's heir, potentially to be courted and choose a husband. Since Alicent was aged down or Rhaenyra was aged up, it could be a really interesting character moments if they were friendly and gossiping about who they fancied, but later it turned out it was Alicent and Viserys. Maybe Rhaenyra even originally thinks Alicent was into Daemon, tries to set them up, and that explains the rumors that they slept together.??
  12. The first Sansa Stark, granddaughter of Cregan Stark through his eldest son Rickon Stark. Her half-uncle, more specifically, was Jonnel Stark.
  13. 1) what makes you think that the tourney is for the ascension of Viserys? 2) is there any indication Aemma will get screen time or do you think itwill it be like Jon Arryn, who drove events but was off screen?
  14. I just mentioned it since someone above me said there’s no mention of nan’s hair or eyes. I mentioned it to show there were, but that it’s ultimately unhelpful since she just looks old.
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