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  1. Oh, also tyrion is tywin and joanna, litterally.
  2. Daenarys = Hitler is the most GRRM thing I've ever heard lol
  3. It was a joke. lol. I was making fun of sir letchwick
  4. I thought Dany was Mance and Rhaegar? Is she also Jon?
  5. So there are a lot of parallels between Rhaegar Targaryen and the Night’s king: 1. Stole a queen of ice (Lyanna) 2. Was put down by a close relative (Robert was Rhaegar’s cousin) 3. Sacrificed children (Rhaenys and Aegon could have lived) But what does this mean, also what other parallels mater?
  6. If George forgets about Westerling like DND that would be a big loss.
  7. Probably one of the dragons which was out hunting riderless in the free cities.
  8. I think the adult firewyrms did. The baby firewyrms infected the ones that returned.
  9. Also I think she had some warging blood, so the horse could have guided the lance.
  10. I think we are going to get a golden horde scene in harrenhal sometime soon, revealing all of littlefinger's wealth which he stole during robert's reign
  11. This is where Firewyrms come in. They would be able to snipe the dragons, as they would escape the volcanoes as it erupts. Also I doubt dragons could be killed by the volcanoes anyway, there must have been some other creatures released.
  12. Sorry bout that, you right
  13. But no one calls ramsays eyes strikingly pale, just grey or pale.
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